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Sparky noticed that the zebra was backing away and before he could ask why, the doors on the castle suddenly flew open, which slightly startled him. A raging gust of wind blew out of the castle and the inside of it was almost completely pitch black aside from a little moonlight. Just then, something horribly frightening walked out of the castle and Sparky hid instinctively. The look of this new monstrosity was extremely scary to Sparky, mostly because in his world it would be impossible for the night to manifest into anything at all. The beast’s mouth opened and Sparky could see it had what were supposed to be sharp teeth, a light coming from within it’s mouth.The zebra that was with them had ran away and it was just Sparky and the alien. The nightly monstrosity was only paying attention to Shael, completely ignoring Sparky.

Sparky was still hiding, only peeking out a little to see what was happening, and he didn’t know whether the alien would be able to fight something like this. After much consideration, Sparky reluctantly decided to try and help. Stepping out from his cover he moved over to Shael’s side, activating his combat mode. ”Sparky will help!” He said, part confident, part skeptical. A wrist-gun came out of Sparky’s right hand’s wrist and a blade replaced his left hand. As much as he wanted to run away and hide, he had decided to help fight the scary night monster. Sparky knew he definitely wouldn’t be doing something like this again for a while.

Sparky was observing the ruined castle hoping to find something that could help him. As he was looking, a voice called out from behind him and he instinctively hid behind the nearest object, obviously a little frightened. The voice that had called out to him was unintelligible so he decided to peek out of his cover just a little to see who it was, noticing that there was some sort of creature with the appearance of a zebra approaching him. Sparky was hesitant to come out from behind his cover as he wasn’t sure if this thing was dangerous or not. The fact that he couldn’t understand what it was saying didn’t help.

Sparky slowly crawled out from behind his hiding place, obviously still a little frightened. Upon closer inspection, the zebra-thing seemed to be carrying bags of something he couldn’t quite see and had various golden rings on different parts of its body. Sparky tried scanning it but his systems still seemed a little rattled from his crash. ”H-hello? I don’t understand.” He said with a nervous tone, still slightly hesitant. It seemed that this zebra-thing wasn’t dangerous and wouldn’t hurt him, maybe it was friendly.

Just then, Sparky heard a noise to his side. Startled again, he flinched, stepping back as he noticed another weird creature. This one didn’t seem to be dangerous either and looked quite friendly as it danced around him. Sparky definitely liked how friendly this thing seemed. The creature was making noises and assumed that it was speaking some other alien language. Sparky waited and then tried to copy the creature’s language so he could communicate. It took him a little bit and he hadn’t got much of the language yet due to his systems still being a little iffy from the crash. ”Hello. I am Sparky.” He said, hopefully in the creature’s native tongue.

Sparky still wasn’t sure what he would do about his current situation. He was still stuck in a place he didn’t know and his ship was still too damaged to fly. He tried speaking to the zebra again, hoping it knew anything about this place. ”Can you understand Sparky? Do you know where Sparky is?”

Sparky activated his built-in light to see better in the night. He could hear something big stomping around in the distance and decided to stay away from the big, scary noises. He continued making his way through the forest, his scanners faintly noticing what looked to be smoke trailing through the sky but he wasn’t quite sure. Sparky was just wandering around the forest at this point in hopes that he could find someone or something that would help him find someone.

This forest was not like anything Sparky had ever been told about, he had a feeling that this one was special in some way. After a while of walking, Sparky could see some sort of building that looked like it had been destroyed in the distance. Sparky decided to get closer, being careful as he did so. That loud stomping earlier had frightened him a fair bit and he didn’t know if there was any other sort of danger around. He hoped that wasn’t the case and instead there be someone to help him.

Sparky slowly reached his destination. The building he was walking towards, upon further inspection, looked to be a ruined castle of some sort. Sparky was confused by this, in his time there were never anything as ancient as castles. He wanted to know where he was and how he got here, so he did some searching around the ruins. Maybe he could find a clue of some kind.
Because I'm bored and have nothing to do I'll get a post out. I might go ahead and run into Shael as well if that's alright.
Damn, now I feel the need to create another character but I don't think I should.

It was finally time for Sparky to go out into space. He was given his own small one-man spacecraft that he would be using to venture out to space with. It wasn’t long before Sparky was off and up in space. He would fly through space, exploring it like he was designed to do. That’s when something unfortunate happened. He had been caught in a sudden out-of-nowhere asteroid field.

Sparky tried maneuvering his ship to avoid the asteroids but he was ultimately unable to. Before his ship could get hit, he tried jumping into hyperspace when something seemed… off. What should of been hyperspace changed into nebula and stars. Flowers growing out of said nebulas and floating gears, Sparky had no clue what was going on. He saw what looked like a stone wall that he was rapidly approaching and he was prepared to hit it when it disappeared before he hit it. He noticed his small ship had entered into an atmosphere and prepared for an actual collision this time. Before he knew it everything went dark.

Sparky rebooted himself and managed to stand. He turned and looked at his crash site. He seemed to crash on the edge of a river and looking at his ship, he knew he wasn’t going to repair it anytime soon. Sparky observed his surroundings and saw that there was a forest in front of him. After some thought, Sparky reluctantly decided to enter the forest. Hopefully he could find someone to help him.
Have we decided on where in Equestria all the characters will crash at and if we will be crashing close to each other or not?
I’m okay with coming across whoever. I do like the idea of Sparky meeting Shael first though.
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