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Adam would just be waiting on something else to happen. He would check his phone again out of sheer boredom and start scrolling through the random messages he had received. Still sitting down, bored out of his mind when he heard loud thunderous noises coming from outside. In a state of confusion he would quickly run up to the door of the dorms and look up to see Koharu swinging Charles around.

"What the hell is goin' on? What's up with all the noise? Scared the crap out of me and probably everyone else inside!"

He would say looking up at the two huge students as Koharu put Charles down.
@Kalas Yep. Go ahead a write up a CS.
Sorry to say, I'm dropping out too. Good luck with the RP though.
Cool. I'd like to be apart of this if possible.


Anyone close to Adam's room would be able to hear shouting coming from inside. He would then exit his room with a rather angry look on his face. Deciding to walk downstairs back to the bottom floor he would come across Kiyoshi, Sora and Edith having a conversation about something. He would listen for a bit, noticing Kiyoshi asking Edith to get some soda for the party. He looked around some more and would notice Noru leaning against a wall with a Soda already in his hand.

He went to sit down at a seat close by, observing his surroundings once more. He would look out the door to the dorms and see a slight glimpse of Koharu and Charles talking among themselves. He didn't look at Noru, although he was probably looking at him. Kiyoshi, Sora and Edith were still talking but it looked like the conversation was about to end. Adam took out his phone again, scrolling through his messages when he gets another call. He angrily ignores the call and turns his phone off, stuffing it into his pocket and waiting for something else to happen.


Adam would see Kiyoshi walking down the stairs to the bottom floor where everyone else was.

"Yeah, I'm kinda resistant to that kind of thing a little. As for the party, sure, why not? I think that would be pretty cool. "

Adam would walk over to a seat and proceed to sit down while taking out his phone and looking through messages. He would suddenly get a call out of nowhere.

"Sorry, gotta take this. I'll be back down soon though."

He would then walk up the stairs to the male dorm area and enter his room, closing the door behind him.


Adam would be standing outside the change rooms, waiting for Noru. He would finally exit them and walk up next to Adam.

"Yeah, let's get outta here already."

Adam would follow Noru as they made their way back to the dorms. He didn't feel like talking as there wasn't a lot to talk about, so he kept quiet. They would eventually make it to the dorms. Adam would see Sora trying to rally people for something.

"What's this all about?"
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