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Current What's a wall? I only have holes around me.
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It's Nerf or nothing.
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I have no sense of direction. I've turned into Zoro from One Piece.
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Guys, I don't know what sleep is. Can someone explain this to me?
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I have officially given up my life for video games.


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The city of Haco was once a normal city filled with lots of life. That was before the invasion. One day an unknown other worldly race invaded earth and began destroying everything in sight and enslaving every human, rounding them up like herds of sheep. These mysterious beings created a complex game show/video game type contest and forced all humans to take part in it. In this “game” humans have to kill monsters and other grotesque monstrosities to gain points. They can then use these points to get weapons and gear, upgrade their gear, gain powerups and abilities, and much more.

It has been ten long years since the invasion first began and somehow humanity as still managed to cling to life. You will be playing as a new batch of people that have just been thrust into this deadly game and will have to fight for your survival. Work with your fellow players or go at it alone. It is your choice. There is only one goal that all of you will have in common, don’t die.

This is an interesting idea I have for a roleplay. I'm hoping that some people will find this interesting so we can get this thing going. I have a lot of ideas that I will use to keep the roleplay fresh and interesting and I hope to find people that will be as dedicated as I will on this. Leave a message below if this interests you.
Anything Goes

Liam and Gabrielle stood a fair distance away as they watched Shina and Ji-Eun fight off the possessed Scarlet Emberlee. A man that was apparently sleeping in the garbage approached them. He looked very odd and unpleasant to the siblings and so they ignored him for now. They both witnessed Shina freezing Scarlet’s limbs and Ji-Eun sticking her needle weapon into the possessed girl’s shoulder. Gabrielle went to step in but was stopped by the mysterious individual next to her who she didn’t know was Liam yet.

Just then, the assassin in the robotic suit had made its way up a building and out of the area. Liam could also sense the interaction between Chris and Maggy that was happening a ways away, not paying too much attention to it at the moment.

The siblings watched Ji-Eun, Shina, and Scarlet as they came back to reality, Scarlet now no longer under Ver’Tiel’s control. However, they were both surprised when they witnessed Scarlet disintegrate right before their eyes.

Gabrielle grabbed Liam and aggressively pushed him against a wall, holding one of her daggers to his throat.

”Who are you? Were you working with that thing that possessed that girl back there? Why did you stop me from helping?”

Liam didn’t say anything and just stay there, looking at Gabrielle. Gabby was mad at his quietness and went to slash his throat but when she looked back at him, he was completely unharmed. She then heard a voice speak inside her head and it was a voice that was so familiar to her. It's me.

Gabrielle took a step or two away from Liam, a wide eyed expression on her face for a moment before it disappeared. She went down on her knees and let out a breath, trying to calm herself down. She thought that her brother was dead and here he was, standing right infront of her. She eventually got up, finally reassured, and they both looked back at what was going on behind them. The masked guy that was sleeping in the garbage had gone and now someone in a suit that looked pretty young was talking to Shina.

The siblings now began making their way home as there was nothing else they could do to help regarding the Scarlet situation.
I'd love to join if this is still going to be a thing.

Hey, how's it going? I have an interesting idea for a roleplay I want to make. It's going to be a Discord only RP based in a medieval fantasy setting. It will be very open and free for players so I suggest you check it out and see if it's your style. I'm always open to suggestion or criticism so feel free to message me anytime.

@Default Good to go.
@Nightknight Join away!
@Lord Kugath Accepted.
Anything Goes

The siblings were among all the other strangers that had escaped Hell with them. They were both observing the others when a mysterious girl in a hoodie walk up to the group, neither of the siblings could figure out why she was walking down this lonely alleyway. The mysterious girl was talking to them, specifically Scarlet Emberlee from Dashwood Workshop and Smith. Liam noticed the woman in the dress had begun walking off away from everyone with a slight limp, he ignored her after she left.

Both of the siblings turned their attention to the blonde girl who started writhing in agony on the ground. When she got up, she punched the mysterious stranger that was thanking her. A demonic voice came out of Scarlet’s mouth as she introduced herself as Ver’Tiel. She was possessed. The girl’s eyes now started glowing orange and she manifested wings made out of flame. Gabby knew she couldn’t do anything to this demon as she didn’t have her daggers with her and fists aren’t going to do a lot against a demon like Ver’Tiel.

Liam watched the whole thing play out, his expression never changing from his usual blank stare. He could easily use his telekinesis to restrain the possessed Scarlet but he wanted to see how this played out first. If anything bad were to happen to anyone he would step in immediately.
@hagroden Accepted.
Anything Goes

Two days have past and Gabby still hasn’t found her brother yet. She lay in her bed, distraught at her inability to rescue Liam. She opened her eyes but found that she couldn’t move a single limb, not even a finger. There was a shadowy figure with red eyes in the corner of the room, staring right at her. The thing looked evil and Gabby was starting to fear for her life.

Several moments pass and she began to feel movement in her body again. Still with her eyes on the mysterious creature, Gabby blinked, and the thing was gone when her eyes opened again. She was confused about the whole situation. Did she experience sleep paralysis? It didn’t matter to her, it was time to leave this place.

She got everything she needed when she got a text from Death, telling her where the meeting place was. Everyone soon arrived at the meeting place, the eerie train station that everyone arrived in on the first day. Gabby saw an unusual costumed individual among the group of people, he had an weird but familiar feeling to him. Was he a friend of Death or something? Everyone got in and the train started moving. It sped up to impossibly fast speeds again before they all found themselves on the streets of Ring City once again. They survived Hell.
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