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I can’t speak for the pathfinder version but it’s anything like the 3.5 version.. even starting at level 3 won’t save you from the ever present danger of a TPK lol

Unless it’s vastly different than 3.5 (not very likely I would think) then this is one heck of a player killer dungeon at any level and under any circumstances. Like seriously.. get used to the idea of your character not even making it to the dungeon proper lol

I can’t request to join myself due to my knowledge of the dungeon and because I have no pathfinder books, but I imagine I will keep my eye on this one if it gets off the ground.

Can’t say much else but “good luck.” You’re going to need it lol
It may very well be, I’ve simply never tried it plus I am far too financially invested in my collection of 3.5 books, supplements, modules, etc.

Even so, I am not particularly interested in edition wars. Just like to play D&D
I have a little experience in this area having gotten a couple different games together that were comprised of mostly new players.

Besides that, my personal preference for style of play has always been the classic dungeon crawl - kick in the door, slay the monsters, loot the treasure chest (after disabling the trap), keep going deeper into the dungeon to face the dragon at the bottom.

I’d consider running something like that for 3.5
I would be interested in doing something like this as well, although it would be my very first game of Saga.

I bought a hard copy of the core rule book not all that long ago and I've had a hankering to play a scoundrel.. one that rolls great big fist fulls of sneak attack damage dice haha. Willing to fill any roles we would need to get the game going too.
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