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Cesar feels hands make contact as he sits against the door frame, still blinking the stars from his eyes. Fortunately they don't attempt to go for his throat, and he realises who they belong to as the well-educated French voice gives away their owner. Esme doesn't even finish his sentence before he pushes past and away from Cesar. Not that Cesar is totally ungrateful for the sudden peace that he is granted.

He rubs at his eyes again, now seeing stars, but at least able to make out the shape of the room and the dim light coming from the window. Once his vision is more completely returned he crawls forward towards the prone form of Nakala. She's unconscious and Cesar can't blame her, her hair is no longer on fire, but he pats at the few smouldering sections of hair that seemed to have survived the blaze.

Her skin is raw and red from the fire, most of it looks like might just be first degree, but there are some sections where the heat was clearly fiercer. Looking around, he spots the bottles of water in the corner. Thankful for the stockpiling that has already gone on, he starts opening as many bottles as he can, once he has about a dozen he begins pouring them gently on the worst wounds. It's not as good as say, a shower would be, but he's doubtful of his ability to carry the Amazonian woman without help, she's several inches taller than he is, and a lot of those inches are definite muscle.

Swinging his bag around to his side, he starts hunting through it for something anti-bacterial and some sterile dressings. Finally finding what he needed at the bottom, he sets about properly cleaning the burns as carefully as possible. There was a good chance that the treatment will end up waking Nakala, so he sets some painkillers on the ground beside him. Though he hopes she doesn't wake up, he's not sure of the chances of her not attempting to kill him when she realises the pain he's inflicting on her. "Please don't kill me."

FAMA just had to show up at this moment. Right after the actual problem had long since disappeared and just in time to clean up the people who hadn't done anything wrong. Apart from blow up half the street that is. That one was on Frankie.

Turning to speak to Yoko, she shrieks in surprise at the awful sound, clutching at her chest while she gets herself back under control. "That…" she says, extending a finger towards the dragon like creature, "…is unnecessary."

Regaining enough of her senses to realise no one had yet responded to the agents, she sticks her head over the edge of the roof. With a wave, she calls out, "Yup, on my way down agent."

It takes a couple of minutes for her to reach the ground floor, the elevators had stopped working weeks ago, so she has to take the stairs. Somehow she manages to avoid the mess that was Nakala's room, probably fortunate, as the realisation of the destruction she has caused would probably slow her down at least a little bit on her way to the ground.

She reaches the ground floor uneventfully, cracking the door of the building and checking the exterior before emerging. Her brief time in the darkness of the unlit building leaves her squinting against the sun. Her headache flares up again.

The Boyz are long gone, leaving only a few charred corpses as evidence of their attempted attack. She eyes those corpses uncomfortably. She was OK with killing people who were trying to kill her, but she hadn't intended to do this much damage. She rotates slowly, observing all of the damage she has inflicted upon the surrounding area. It looks like someone has fired an RPG, here and there flames still flicker, while a huge scorch mark spreads out from the centre of the road.

Eventually she turns around to take in the monstrous form of the FAMA agent that that has called her down to the ground. She blinks, slightly surprised. Had she taken something other than Cocaine? He was huge, scaly, and certainly not a normal human.

By comparison, Frankie is skinny and unintimidating. She's located a hoodie at some point, throwing it on to conceal the needle marks on her arms rather than because it's cold. Her skin has a relatively healthy colour, though it's obvious that the only thing keeping her from pallor is California's uncompromising sun. Her hair is greasy, thanks primarily to the lack of functioning showers in their building. She's also wondering why FAMA have bothered showing up here. Screwing up her face, she gestures vaguely in Olin's direction. There's something about him that's scratching at the back of her brain, like she recognises him or something.

"Could you step two feet to your right?" That sun was really bright…
No worries, I thought he had been, but I wanted to be sure :D

Cesar's bag is stuffed with as much medical equipment as he could find. Having raided at least one empty hospital, and taking as much as he could from a field hospital he was pretty much a walking pharmacy at this point. It was helpful, he could trade a lot of the pills, and had already had at least one woman hovering around as if she was going to ask for something. The dark-haired woman with needle marks on her arms hadn't, but he'd made a note to keep an eye on her in future. Definitely someone with a problem.

She's nowhere to be seen right now, presumably out and fighting the Boyz. She might look like a junkie, but she also looks like she could kick his ass in a heartbeat. Most of the women here look like they could actually. Not that it's that surprising. Cesar has never considered himself a particularly tough guy, he's short, and he's never been in a fight that he's won.

Then something explodes. Cesar's in the corridor, so he avoids the worst of it, but he still ducks instinctively. He won't be the only one, the tinkle of shattered glass fills the building, and worse, as people scream and try to move away from the violence. He can only hope, as he scrambles up the stairs, that no one on his side got hit.

That hope is immediately dashed as a flash of light grabs his attention from a door. Nakala's room, but her lightning is red, not white. Running to the door way, he skids to a stop before going through. It could be one of the Boyz' Deltas, or it could just be a blown bulb. Carefully, wary that he might be about to have his head blown off, Cesar peeks around the door.

The vicious Deltahuman he is convinced is lying in wait absolutely fails to blow his head off. Or exist. The room is scorched black, particularly around the window. His nose wrinkles, the room is filled with the scent of burnt hair and charred flesh. Not that he has time to think about that as his eyes are drawn to the two people scrabbling on the floor.

The poncy blonde French guy is clearly the worse off of the two. Cesar can't say he'd have been doing much better if Nakala had her hands around her throat. "What the fuck?"

At the same time, Nakala is still on fire. Literally. Dropping his bag Cesar rips off his hoodie, intending to use it to put out the flames and hopefully help him pull Nakala off Esmé. Right as he pushes the hoodie over her head to try and extinguish her hair his world goes white.

"Fuck!" He staggers back, hitting the doorframe hard as he blinks. He's blind. What the hell has gone in here? Leaning against the door, he's relieved as his vision slowly starts to return.
Aaaaaand, done

@Nosuchthing After my run I'm going to give him a really fucked up power.

Can't wait :D

Would be interesting to see what power you choose for Cesar :)
Frankie dives to the ground a moment after the Asian girl. Clearly the hangover hasn't done much for her reaction speed. She swears at the sudden cold sensation across the side of her pants. Surely she hasn't..?

She glances down, relieved to see that the wetness in her jeans is from the spilled water bottle, not any lack of self-control on her part. Her mind is torn away from that quickly however, as Yoko starts to twist, writhe and roar like an animal in pain. The cause of that pain grows swiftly more evident as her body begins to change shape. Frances backs away, scrambling awkwardly over the rough surface of the roof until her back hits the wall at the edge. She stares in panic at Yoko, then ducks, swearing loudly as a barrage of bullets tears through the parapet above her head.

Right now Yoko is going to have to look after herself. Frankie has brought her pistol, but it won't be much good from here, not with the amount of firepower the Boyz have brought with them. Instead she fumbles at the shotgun belt, eventually pulling out a small clear plastic vial filled with a white powder. As carefully as she can she taps a line out onto the back of her hand.

The ridiculousness of this flashes through her mind for a brief moment, and she has to suppress the chuckle to stop herself from blowing away a line of the purest cocaine she has. She's pretty sure everyone already thinks she's a crazy junkie, this is not going to help that situation. Too late now anyway. Lowering her head to the back of her hand, she snorts the white powder, feeling the rush almost immediately.

Shaking her head, she widens her eyes as the coke kicks her system into overdrive. It's one of the better abilities she has, at least she stays mostly in control, albeit wired as fuck on this stuff. She realises things have only gotten worse while she gets high, so she should probably start doing something useful before they start thinking that she's nothing more than a crack addled junkie. Cupping both hands, she conjures white fire into them, gathering as much as she can before turning and standing above the parapet.

Flattening her hands out she pushes the flames towards the biggest gathering she can see, a group now divided by a sudden outburst of plant life amongst them. The twin streams almost reach them. Almost.

The centre of the street goes off like a bomb, the shockwave blowing Frankie off her feet. She lands hard the air rushing out of her. Stunned, she lies there for a second before eventually managing to roll to her hands and knees. In a strange echo of earlier that morning she crawls to the wall, using it to haul herself to her feet. The centre of the street is now a blackened scorch mark, with several very dead members of the Boyz lying charred and unmoving the flames. Most of the plants are alight as well, as well as a good deal of the surrounding buildings where the fire has managed to find purchase. Frankie stares at her hands in disbelief at their apparent power. "What the fuck?"

She dives to the ground again as a bullet flies so close it could have given her a haircut. Clearly the explosion didn't get all of them.
@silvermist1116 jack is flying

@silvermist1116 Frances is also on the roof, stood next to Yoko.
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