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Super tired lately, not been eating nearly anything and feeling all around horrible.



Whatever anybody else says I am NOT, I repeat, NOT a potato.

As somebody who is not a potato I enjoy rping, I guess you could say I am high casual and med advanced depending on my intrest and what I am given to work with. I always enjoy worldbuilding and always have an idea or two at hand so just let me know if you are good for up.

Not sure what else to put here, Always looking to make new freinds so if we rp together and enjoy talking I have succeeded. I also have a discord I use to chat sometimes. I play a lot of videogames, my favorite pass time other than reading/youtube/rp

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Alright then hello there! I am looking for somebody to fill the role of Nemirwen's new master. Gender does not matter but I would like humanoid characters please. Also, I have had bad experience before with characters whose profiles are based almost entirely off sexual encounters. It has never lasted long when I rp with characters like those, so I would love it if your character was reasonably thought out in other ways than their genitals.

I would love somebody who can post once a day, though once every two or three days is still good. Let me know if something happens and you won't be able to post.

I would hope you can push the rp forwards as well, I am honestly tired of having to force the rp forwards when my partner is either unwilling or unable to add anything to it. If i wanted to write a story alone I would do so in a word document.

I prefer characters who work on the more dominant side, even if adult themes don't present themselves, this is of course due to my character's nature. She is very unwilling to lead, and often leaves choices up to the person she is bound to. This stems from her race, and the fact that for thousands of years until their dissapearance, Low Elves had lived safely under the rule of those who command them, they have never had to truly make their own choices.

Last but not least, I may sound kind of like an ass, but I am fairly laid back and pretty lenient, so if you want to try out one of your characters with Nemirwen either pm me or say something here.
"Yeap, I met the lone wanderer, cute little naive smooth-skin she is, was. You hear stories about these people, supposed heroes of the wastes, dangerous for one reason or another. What you don't hear is the truth, the people they spoke with, the friends they made... the traders they met. So yea, I'm a pre-war ghoul and I would like to think I really did meet some of the most influential people in the wastes, but I think that these old rotten bones have one more adventure left in em, just gotta find the right protagonist, right? "

Hello there, this is a fallout based rp set in post-war Boston set around the same time as, or near the same time as, the adventures of Fallout 4. I am looking for somebody willing to bring in their character and make a companion out of Ajax. This is not really a romance rp but if an interested party wishes to make it a theme I am alright with that, just try not to make it the huge main focus of the rp, Ajax is an old ghoul with stories to tell, not every-bodies cup of tea and he knows it.

For this journey any kind of character would do, evil or not, but be reminded that even if Ajax follows an evil character, He does have limits. Turn out too evil and he will refuse to speak with you, save your life, or even decide to leave your company entirely ( no doubt ending the rp a bit sooner. ) In this way I would like to think of Ajax as a real companion, following your character around and commenting on things or helping around, but still with his own sense of morality.

Hopefully this will follow whatever plotline your character takes, whether it be Brotherhood/Minutemen/Railroad or Institute, though Ajax may need some convincing to go with an institute ending, perhaps if your character genuinely believes that the institute is the last true hope for humanity? I am also good with putting Ajax with a true OC instead of the game protagonist, but it may not last as long as it would with a main character oc.



Normal stuff here, only 18+
I prefer people who can post at least once a day, but I understand life gets in the way.
For those of you who clicked, welcome, you either have no idea what Charisk is or you are a shameless shipper like I am :)

At any rate, to clear everything up just in case, I had an idea for a 1x1 based on the characters Frisk and Chara from the game Undertale. It won't be set in the game universe and keeping the names is not a must. My idea is as follows, an x-men kind of world where a fraction of humans mutate and develop abilities, though this world is much less friendly and a bit darker. Chara and Frisk would be childhood freinds, growing up together and being nearly inseparable until they were attacked in an allyway and chara's mutation surfaced. It could be something along the lines of unnatural speed and branching off that being precision, based off her apparent favorite weapon being the knife. Needless to say Chara would end up killing the attacker, and dispite what just happened Frisk would do their best to keep Chara's secret safe.

This is all a rough idea, and the characters don't need to be exactly the same, characters that are based off the two original character's main traits would be good as well. It may end up slightly yandere-ish due to Chara's personality, but I seriously doubt I would want it getting to the level of Gasai Yuno from Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) Especially since I would like to play as Chara ( I am flexible though, just adding my prefrence. )


For a few rules/expectations

1: 18+ is a must, I hope to bring in some dark themes as well as develop their freindship into a romance in one way or another. If there is anything that you would prefer to leave out when it comes to something that may be brought up please say so.

2: Posting at least once every 3-4 days is good, once a week at the slowest and once a day is GREAT.

3: I understand that things happen so let me know if and how long you need to dissapear for if you can't post for a week or so.

4: I like to talk ooc with the rp going on, especially when it comes to where we could take the story next, meaning I would love for my partner to have a grasp on the story and help develop it instead of being drug along like a dog being taken to the vet.

5: I love a good cliche if it's used well, mostly when it comes to the romance themed ones because a well placed cliche romance scene makes me smile ( sometimes giggle uncontrollably if it's really good. ) #Fangirling-as-a-dude?

6: I can play male or female, though for the more fluffy stories and romances I like FxF pairings the most. ( As I put in the title, the story may end up having fluffy moments >.> )

I normally post 2-3 paragraphs on average, more depending on the scene and what I got to work with.

Sorry for my horrid excuse for a interest check, I swear they normally end up better organised than this.
It started in a way nobody expected, one by one people started acting strange, though The Blogger was one of the few who understood the signs, though if it was out of paranoia or genuine facts not even she knew. Nobody understood the dead look in people's eyes, the unnatural wooden lurching motion as the infected went on with their lives, nobody knew it was happening until it was too late. Loved ones, neighbors and co-workers all suddenly and violently attacked, they were not the zombies of stories and legend, they knew everything they did in life but it was as if something was corrupting their minds and making them more like cannibals than zombies, something that transmitted through bodily fluids such as blood or saliva from a bite.

The Blogger had been preparing for this, but keeping out people was different than keeping out zombies. She made base in an abandoned field that only she knew, a bunker created from saved money made through publishing books and running her own radio station. Nothing on planet earth could find her now, but how long can one woman run a radio station alone before insanity takes hold, or before the infected find her?

Hello! A little change on the regular zombie apocalypse theme. When first created zombies retain nearly all of the abilities and memories that they did in life, save the tainted hunger for human flesh driven by the need to spread. Nobody truly knows where and how it happened let alone what or who caused it. In one day 30% of the uninfected population of the world was slaughtered. In two days 50% of the population of the earth is infected. A month later and only 5% or less of the Earth's population is uninfected, most residing in government and military run forts inhabited by veterans or former servicemen alongside important government officials. At the time of the RP the only surviving countries are the USA and Russia as well as a small amount of people in Europe. What is left of the three governments keep in close contact on their cure efforts but they have yet to be able to capture a live specimen.

This will be more of a psychological horror, the virus takes advantage of it's host's memories and speech and will often use this to break down would be attackers mentally, a husband unable to shoot his wife and children, an old man unable to tell the difference between the uninfected and the infected, ect ect ect. The large groups of people live in walled off cities where entrance requires a blood sample that they can use to quickly determine if the person requesting entrance is infected or not, infected are shot on sight. Infected often are pale, their eyes are cloudy and grey and they sometimes have trouble moving quickly or precisely, but many can fire guns and most can run fast enough to catch up with most people and even lay traps or sieges upon the strongholds of the uninfected.

This would be a 1x1 but I would be willing to have two other people join to make this a 3 person group, I was never good with large amounts of people. If you are interested either post here or pm me if you wish.
Haven, the last bastion for the human resistance, the other races stand at their doorstep. Dwarf, Elf and Orc all stand together, a feat never before repeated in history. A group of three humans stand before the nearly infinite armies who stand against them, quiet resignation in their eyes as they stood as the final barrier against the annihilation of the human race.

The battle ended poorly, a single human champion standing bleeding and alone in the middle of the mixed army of his enemy, trying in vain to staunch the flow of blood from his body. He stumbled, barely able to catch himself. " I will never give up, what gives you the right to slaughter an entire race for exacting their vengeance? You are all fools, they will betray you in the end, when you are alone and scared and have nothing to protect you save your ignorance. " The Champion's words were soft, but his message was heard when he stood tall. Blood flowed from his wounds as he raised his spear in defiance. Elven archers, spell-casters and Dwarven ballistae all fired upon the Champion, and as the dust settled a single deafening voice echoed, as if rebounding off the very sky. " You might need to try harder than that. "

The Elven queen was first, her scream of terror and pain cut off as quickly as it began as the Champion tore through her army and cut her down. The Champion no longer seemed human, his body seemed immaterial, the air around him shimmering and stretching as if reality itself struggled to contain him. As the Champion tore through the armies many noticed he eventually began to slow, where he would have cut down hundreds in a single blow he barely managed fifty, and soon enough he was overwhelmed, his body turning to ash as whatever strength he held now fled him, a small smile on his face as his eyes refused to focus. " " Don't blame them, for their fight for survival. "


Alright so, small idea here that I've no clue where to take it. Alright so this is based off my idea of a fantasy world where humans were never meant to be a prominent race. No aptitude for magic and by far the weakest of the intelligent races they were nothing but a cruel byproduct of their gods who only lived as long as they did because they amused them. As humans fought to be recognised as a major race the other races put them in the same category as goblins or other nuisances, simple creatures meant for nothing but slaughter.

Treated like animals for long enough the human race banded together, creating unnatural abominations that they called Champions. Champions were the first known instance of humans using magic. Their bodies were unfit for containing magical energy and they themselves were unable to produce it, so they experimented, creating artificial " Hearts " Used to contain and focus magical energy. The humans first started their fight for survival with their gods, who by this point began to interact violently in an effort to crush the humans before they became a nuisance.

The humans killed their gods, creating three new hearts from the remains and creating three Champions who would bring them to an era of peace with the other races, or die trying. For the other races, the actions the humans took were horrible, disgusting acts of savagery only befitting monsters who required immediate slaughter, so for the only time in recorded history the three most powerful races banded together to end the human race. The champions proved more than a match for the armies, each could handle themselves alone against thousands but it was not meant to be. Eventually human strongholds fell, reducing a population of nearly millions to only a few hundred cowering within the walls of a city known as Haven. The three Champions fought to the end to protect and bring vengeance for their fallen, to simply survive, and in the end the final Champion fell, leaving nothing between the humans and their destruction.

Destruction seemed sure if not for the twin Elven princesses, though distraught by the loss of their mother they never agreed with how the humans had been treated and refused to allow the elves to slaughter them or even to stand idly by. For years political and physical battles raged with what was left of the human race at it's center, most of them living with sympathetic families or nobles, a good amount of them living in slums near Elven cities. Humans were now little more than frightened animals looking for nothing but to survive, a few groups of nobles and royalty owned one or two like slaves if only for the rarity and the topics they brought up at parties.


SORRY FOR THE LENGTH x-x But if you are still here it means you must be at least semi interested. I am looking for somebody who can post at around advanced level, 2-5 paragraphs depending on what is going on in the story and how well we both can manage. Obviously I require somebody above the age of 18 because of the 18+ tag, this rp may mention dark themes of all sorts depending on what I and the interested person agree on.

So, I currently have a few ideas as for " pairings " and half plots. The genders are by no means set in stone as I am more than willing to play any gender pairing at all.

Bold, as normal, means the role I would like to play, this is also not set in stone, I am a very flexible person.

- Twin Princesses x Human -

- Noble/person in power x Human slave -

- Human thief x Somebody in power -

You may notice that they all have something to do with a human and somebody of the other races who are in power. This could be one of those tragic romances, " Romeo and Juliet " kind of stuff you know? Though hopefully with less suicide and poison, though that depends on how evil we want to get with our characters >3> Anyways go ahead and PM me if you are interested or have any ideas, would love to hear them.
Sorry for how short it is, I feel like total shit right now.
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