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3 mos ago
Current I apologize to all my RP partners but I am going to have to put all RPs on a hold until further notice due to a sudden family emergency. I am so sorry. I didn't expect this. :(
4 mos ago
I wanna do a Fairy Tail 1x1 so bad it physically pains me
4 mos ago
I am back after covid caused my life to be hectic af, LF some 1x1's!!
2 yrs ago
Every and all replies are going to have to wait, just had an emergency come up that I must tend to.
2 yrs ago
I could totally go for a Criminal Minds rp right now...


Welcome Fellow Roleplayers!

Currently Craving:
Fairy Tail
Criminal Minds
Left 4 Dead
Harry Potter
Legend of Zelda

Always Craving:
Fairy Tail

You want to know about me? I am flattered! Truth be told, I'm not that great. My name is Nik, short for Nikolas. I am a 25 year old FtM transgender, and I'm also asexual and polyromantic. I think gender stereotypes are stupid, and I love Fandoms. Fanfiction is one of my favorite things, and I usually prefer writing Fandoms over original plots because... Well I just prefer it.
(I mean who doesn't want to live inside their favorite fictional world?)

I am terrible at talking about myself, absolutely terrible.

Uhm, I enjoy long walks in the park, sand between my toes, and sunsets.

Ha, okay that's not true, I hate sand between my toes but I do love sunsets! My OCD makes the sand between my toes thing rather annoying.

I hate Rollercoasters, anything involving falling, big bugs(especially ones with a lot of legs or ones with wings), and anything healthy.

4/20 Is my favorite day of the year.

I don't know what else to say, so hi.

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Bump with a couple slots still open!
I'm blind and didn't see the ask for pm my bad lmao I'm half asleep I'll pm you
Buuump and I'm back, currently craving LITERALLY ANYTHING
I'm definitely fine doing something more original, pm me with your thoughts. @HapCap
Updated and bumpity~
Pokémon, Fairy Tail, and possibly BoTW maybe I could go for.

More so feeling Pokémon though, as I don't have an rp for that Fandom going yet.
Dragon Age, ATLA, HP, or Percy Jackson?
I could be down for Fairy Tail?
Dragon Age?
Updated a bit and bump
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