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12 mos ago
Current Every and all replies are going to have to wait, just had an emergency come up that I must tend to.
12 mos ago
I could totally go for a Criminal Minds rp right now...
12 mos ago
@ICanBeAnyone so sorry to hear that :/ though I'm sure you will find something better.
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12 mos ago
Actual replies for roleplay will have to come tomorrow, I'm just too tired.
12 mos ago
All I do is work work work work work work *insert Rihanna song*
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Welcome Fellow Roleplayers!

Currently Craving:
Fairy Tail
Criminal Minds
Harry Potter
Legend of Zelda

Always Craving:
Fairy Tail

You want to know about me? I am flattered! Truth be told, I'm not that great. My name is Nik, short for Nikolas. I am a 25 year old FtM transgender, and I'm also asexual and polyromantic. I think gender stereotypes are stupid, and I love Fandoms. Fanfiction is one of my favorite things, and I usually prefer writing Fandoms over original plots because... Well I just prefer it.
(I mean who doesn't want to live inside their favorite fictional world?)

I am terrible at talking about myself, absolutely terrible.

Uhm, I enjoy long walks in the park, sand between my toes, and sunsets.

Ha, okay that's not true, I hate sand between my toes but I do love sunsets! My OCD makes the sand between my toes thing rather annoying.

I hate Rollercoasters, anything involving falling, big bugs(especially ones with a lot of legs or ones with wings), and anything healthy.

4/20 Is my favorite day of the year.

I don't know what else to say, so hi.

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I'm definitely fine doing something more original, pm me with your thoughts. @HapCap
Updated and bumpity~
Pokémon, Fairy Tail, and possibly BoTW maybe I could go for.

More so feeling Pokémon though, as I don't have an rp for that Fandom going yet.
Dragon Age, ATLA, HP, or Percy Jackson?
I could be down for Fairy Tail?
Dragon Age?
Updated a bit and bump
SAO or Marvel/DC would be good
Disney turned into real life sounds intriguing.
Left 4 Dead or Legend of Zelda
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