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Current Replies will come when I don't feel like a complete and total failure.
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Welcome to the Salty Spitoon, how tough are ya?
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Penelope Garcia is a cinnamon roll this world does not deserve.
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Waiting for a roar Looking at the mutating skyline The city is my church It wraps me in the sparkling twilight 🎶
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Queen is the best, been my #1 favorite band for years.


Genderfluid little bean, they/them pronouns.
Fandom trash.

If you know of these series I automatically love you and want to rp with you:
If you don't know them, CHECK THEM OUT THEY'RE SO GOOD OMG.

The Pendragon Series by DJ McHale
The Oran Trilogy by Midori Snyder


I am ALWAYS down for a Slice of Life roleplay always....especially if I get to play the female.

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Bump--craving Fairy Tail!
Your Homecoming Fairy Tail plot has me intrigued. I'm in if you are, pm me.
Hello! As you can tell from the title, I'm currently searching for a Criminal Minds roleplay. Recently, I've had a couple roleplays similar with original characters and they're great (I love them, and my partners OK? OK) but there are two Canon specific pairings that I am looking for, and have been craving for quite some time. But first, some stuff about me:

And now to the two pairings that I am looking for!

1) Morgan x Garcia--with you playing Morgan and me playing Garcia, my OTP on the show, I can never find anyone to roleplay this with me.

2) Reid x Prentiss-- with myself as Reid and you playing as Emily Prentiss. I had someone for this, but their starter was barely anything and I'm really wanting a lengthy novella style for these with detailed cases, and angst etc.

3)JJ x Will-- with me as JJ and you as Will. I love this ship tbh, they're so cute. I'd love to do this.

3) Also down for Reid x OC: I'll play either role here.
°Prentiss x OC with you as Prentiss, I can double for this.

So yeah, if you're down to play these specific Canon pairings with me (I know it's a long shot), hit me up. I'll be around.
Accidental double post, so bumping this I guess?
I have several plots on my 1x1 search that could definitely utilize PoC and ethnically diverse people. You're free to check it out and pm me if you like :)

Bump with some changes made!

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