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Ahem... Happy New Year and all but er... this is getting a tad dusty
Sorry for the long entry guys... oops
The morning sun rose on the Harrigniad Institute Administratum, a large light brown building with rectangular stained glass windows and a large blue dome sitting at the very top. Hanging from the sides of the building were several blue banners bearing the golden insignia of the Institute - a candle and the halo of its light.

On one of the building's open rooftops, a raven landed bearing a letter. Immediately, a staff member stationed there ran over, grabbed the letter and replaced it with a pre-prepared response, "Received. A raven may follow with further correspondence." Back inside, the staff member handed it over to another staff member, who handed it to a secretary deeper in the halls, who entered the office of the man he served - the tall, thin, onyx-haired man who currently stood at the large rectangular window facing the rest of the Institute.

"Director, a letter has arrived for you." He said as he placed the letter on a nearby table, next to a pitcher of cold water.

"Read it to me." The man, Carnith Harrigniad said. "I doubt this is anything you need not know. Otherwise, I'd have known long before this letter came."

Carn listened to the secretary as he read the message aloud, nodding all the while. When the letter finished he stood for a short moment before finally replying,

"Hoh. A visitor from the south wanting knowledge..." He walked to his desk and tapped his finger on the wood. "Alright, prepare the dorm guest rooms and prepare the best meals for our visitors, they'll be exhausted."

"Shall I have the archives prepared for their selection?" The secretary asked.

"If you deem it proper. But I doubt it." He picked up another paper from his desk and began reading. "If they were searching for knowledge, why go this far north? Hm?" He grabbed a pair of spectacles from the table and straightened the paper out. "They could go half the distance to the capital instead. They have compiled stores of all our knowledge. Even everything we hide or are tasked with keeping hidden, they have copies of in one of their secret archives. They aren't here for knowledge...they're here for something else..."
BTW, @Claw2k11, I was hoping you'd write all the way to the point where your character(s) and mine interact so I could write off that... but meh. Though I would really appreciate having some action to respond to.

For now, I'll be writing a character intro...



Oops, forgot to notice that I could reply to @Claw2k11's message...
Sorry, just had a bit of overload from school work. Will get to posting ASAP
Question, when are we starting with the ICs?

Basic Info:
Name: Carnith Harrigniad
Pronunciation: The last name is closer to ‘Harriniad’ since the ‘g’ is almost unvoiced in their dialect
Nickname: “Carn”
Carn is a tall, slender man with shiny straight black hair that just barely reached his shoulders. Though the trail of achievements he's made seems like one built over many decades, he still retains a youthful, if androgynous complexion.
When not at work, he can typically be seen walking discreetly around the fields or town in his blue robes, green shirt and white trousers. When at work, one can find him in his office, hard at his duties while wearing his Institute’s white hooded cloak.
Age: 28
Sex: Male

Skill Info:
2 - Learning: Essentially his ability to soak up new knowledge and process it. Can be applied to learning from ancient artifacts, etc
2 - Info Gathering: Basically the intrigue skill of being able to pick up on rumors or notice the minutiae. Limited in that he has to be actively using it to notice every detail and even then there are things he can’t realistically know. This skill kinda also covers observation and eavesdropping.
1 - Daggery: Due to the things he’s done in the past, Carin knew he had to find some way to defend himself. He found safety in knives. Though he isn’t ninja-level skilled, he’s at least skilled enough to defend himself and be somewhat terrifying if he ever was alone in a room with you. In fact, he keeps a few daggers on or near him at all times.
2 - Persuasion: He’s got a slippery tongue. Though not good enough to make you believe an enemy army’s right outside the gates when there’s only about a handful, he can make you believe someone’s probably out to get you with some evidence even if there’s none. This skill also extends to allowing him to get his way with other people.
1 - Toxicology: His tendencies, his paranoia and his ambition have led him to study poisons. He knows enough to identify and cure the more common ones and to brew a few lethal toxins.
Magic Skills:
None as of now
1 - History
1 - Politics
1 - Human Anatomy

Driving Info:

To leave a legacy.
Though marrying and having kids is anything but a priority for him, leaving something in this world is. He wants to leave something behind. Something that he knows will stand after he dies. Something that will remind people “I was here and I was alive.”. Something that will be strong enough to withstand the world he is so afraid of. This is why he seeks to protect his work. Because he knows that will be the only thing he’ll leave behind.
He's very willing to protect that legacy no matter what it takes and seeks to gain more power to do that and build himself as great a legacy as he can

Beliefs/Motto: “In life there is nowhere to go but forward”
Drive: Legacy

Power Info:
Allegiance Owed to:
The King Emmund Pennikis of Cobsterra, The Duke Yssi Tamad of Cses, The Count of Cseskhill
Allegiance Due from:
The Harrigniad Institute.
Debts Owed:
Debts Received:
Past Commendable Deeds:
Reestablishing the Harrigniad Institute as a respected and renowned place of learning bested only by the institutes of the capital in the 9 years he’d served as Head Scholar/Director. Wresting control of the Institute from the incompetent House Yuonard, who had seized the institute from his own house a few years prior.
Also, ending the widespread corruption that had plagued the Harrigniad Institute under the previous administration.
Past Condemnable Deeds:
In the past, Carn had to do some...less than morally acceptable deeds in order to reclaim his family’s institute and to bring it to new heights. These ranged from arranging for certain falls from grace to outright murder.
Here is a chronological list of his dirty deeds:
Killing a former ally-turned-enemy who threatened to expose his true motives to the then-Director Kheuon Yuonard. Victim died in an accident involving a very dangerous experiment-gone-wrong that may or may not have been arranged to go wrong by Carn (Age 17).
Arranging for a horrific scandal to occur right under the then-Head of Life Studies’ nose. Said Head proceeded to resign and was later found dead in his residence. Carn took up the said position (Age 19).
Secretly siding with then-Director Kheuon Yuonard’s enemies and orchestrating his arrest and stripping of titles in collaboration with the Count of Cseskhill. Carn was handed the title of Director of the Yuonard (immediately re-renamed to Harrigniad) Institute (Age 19).
Covering up an experiment gone wrong involving a very dangerous and very rare species of plant. Said experiment resulted in an undisclosed number of deaths. The cover-up was able to dissociate the institute from those deaths, claim that the experiment was carried out by leftovers from the Yuonard Administration and make the Count of Cseskhill look the other way (Age 21).
Using aggressive tactics to absorb other nearby Institutes (Age 21-23).
Arranging for the disgrace of a rival director (Age 23).
Secrets: Refer to condemnable deeds. Also, this character has lost most of his sense of guilt and regret due to all these horrific acts.
Titles: Head Scholar/Director of the Harrigniad Institute, Earl of the Harrigniad Estate
Marriage Ties: House Harrigniad (as far as the character knows) is composed of 9 members (inc. himself). He is also family head.

The House is tied to the following by marriage ties (House - Affiliated Harrigniad member):

The Counts of Hallkh’s Hill - A female cousin married to the Count by the name of “Ynina”.

The Counts of Syouje - A male cousin married to a female member (the Count’s niece).

The Duke of Tra - An aunt married to the Duke Teuoy’s brother.
@Dinh AaronMk (Auclaire)

The Victorian Diplomat, Sohare Mandryll stood at the prow of his ship, took a deep whiff of the stinging frosty air and sighed. He took a spyglass from inside his coat and used it to look ahead of their expedition - the Capital of the Auclairemon. He smiled as he gazed upon the marvelous sight of another nation - the first diplomatic contact their country would make in its almost 3 decades of unification. The fact he was to be the representative of his proud nation, the person who would lead this 'first contact'. With him and the great envoy ship - the VIDE Cerpaline were 2 other ships and numerous gifts. He felt giddy as his fleet approached the city's harbor and could barely contain his excitement. Nonetheless, he stood firm, ready to show the Auclairemon what the Victorians were - calm, composed, proper and stoic.
Good Day

I'm opening a diplomatic channel with Auclaire...

If anyone else wants contact, please inform me via OOC...
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