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Kagami wasn't supposed to walk alone.

He was a high value asset after all. Though only possessing a single ability, his Arms were the only one of their kind - able to completely disable another Arms Master. Of course that came at a high price to him but in the end, what didn't?

He walked down a dark alley between two shops, hoping to find something in the pitch black. Then, a tongue of flame came out from behind him, barely missing his right cheek.

"Kagami Shiroyama, what are you doing on your own?" A voice behind him hissed in a high-pitched voice. "One of the Operation's highest value members without any security at all. Why are you so special?" Another sound came from behind him, that of a metal clanking and a fire being started.

Kagami turned around and grabbed something from out of thin air - a dart. In a single quick movement, he launched the dart at his opponent. The man fell back, onto his back. The dart had found its mark and buried itself in his stomach.

"Why you!" The assailant made a throwing movement directed at Kagami but nothing came of it. "WHAT THE FUCK?!"

Kagami pulled out his gun and shot both of the man's two feet.

"We've got him!" He yelled. His subordinates ran into the alley, took hold of the man by his shoulders and led him out.

He pulled his communicator out from his belt and asked,


Would like to join...already sent GM a PM...will send charsheet once approved. Thank youuuu
Ahem... Happy New Year and all but er... this is getting a tad dusty
Sorry for the long entry guys... oops
The morning sun rose on the Harrigniad Institute Administratum, a large light brown building with rectangular stained glass windows and a large blue dome sitting at the very top. Hanging from the sides of the building were several blue banners bearing the golden insignia of the Institute - a candle and the halo of its light.

On one of the building's open rooftops, a raven landed bearing a letter. Immediately, a staff member stationed there ran over, grabbed the letter and replaced it with a pre-prepared response, "Received. A raven may follow with further correspondence." Back inside, the staff member handed it over to another staff member, who handed it to a secretary deeper in the halls, who entered the office of the man he served - the tall, thin, onyx-haired man who currently stood at the large rectangular window facing the rest of the Institute.

"Director, a letter has arrived for you." He said as he placed the letter on a nearby table, next to a pitcher of cold water.

"Read it to me." The man, Carnith Harrigniad said. "I doubt this is anything you need not know. Otherwise, I'd have known long before this letter came."

Carn listened to the secretary as he read the message aloud, nodding all the while. When the letter finished he stood for a short moment before finally replying,

"Hoh. A visitor from the south wanting knowledge..." He walked to his desk and tapped his finger on the wood. "Alright, prepare the dorm guest rooms and prepare the best meals for our visitors, they'll be exhausted."

"Shall I have the archives prepared for their selection?" The secretary asked.

"If you deem it proper. But I doubt it." He picked up another paper from his desk and began reading. "If they were searching for knowledge, why go this far north? Hm?" He grabbed a pair of spectacles from the table and straightened the paper out. "They could go half the distance to the capital instead. They have compiled stores of all our knowledge. Even everything we hide or are tasked with keeping hidden, they have copies of in one of their secret archives. They aren't here for knowledge...they're here for something else..."
BTW, @Claw2k11, I was hoping you'd write all the way to the point where your character(s) and mine interact so I could write off that... but meh. Though I would really appreciate having some action to respond to.

For now, I'll be writing a character intro...



Oops, forgot to notice that I could reply to @Claw2k11's message...
Sorry, just had a bit of overload from school work. Will get to posting ASAP
Question, when are we starting with the ICs?

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