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The roll system is only intended for randomizing your start conditions so don't worry about that hahaha. Though yeah the action loop you have is a good description.

Btw a very barebones discord is up! Behold
It is pretty weird and I am having trouble thinking of the smaller things. But so far what I've thought of mrchanically is:

Anomalies will be taken from the SCPs currently on the wiki at my choosing and I'll introduce them to the world a bit at a time so it isn't a total free-for-all at the start. Some SCPs may also need to be modified to either fit with the narrative or to be more manageable such as by shifting dates or adjusting their anomalous properties, thus meaning some anomalies will not be 1:1 copies of their Foundation counterparts.

Each organization will be given rolls or starting parameters and numerical stats to characterize their capabilities in financial resources, manpower, influence, etc. Each may also be given a starting anomaly to play with at the player's behest.

Certain events will increase "heat" and it is in all organizations' interest to maintain the masquerade.

Containing anomalies will consist of the GM putting the news out there that "oh look at this weird thing that does x, y, and z" and interested organizations will have to ID each and then write up a containment narrative that fits with the description, prescribed containment procedures, and the resources available to the group.

The brainstorming process; however, is certainly still very open and I project it'll remain so for about a month. So what do you think?
In a distant star system, someone watches and waits for our return to the Planet of Hands. Where we will languish handless that they may live in luxury, in love with us fully, truly for our unwilling sacrifice.

In the American Northeast, a mahogany door hides broken chains and one last strained bond. An ancient god of burning red awaits to rule by blood, by concrete, and by the howling. One last child remains.

A plague of clockwork and of the undead waits to be discovered and unleashed upon man. A plague doctor is the last thing one would need, or want.

And somewhere, in an abandoned lair festering with slime and blood and feces, someone blinks and then feels cold concrete on their neck. The last thing they will ever know.

All of this, with no one there to secure it, to contain it, and to protect mankind from the knowledge. No initiative from anywhere willing to crush it. No market-competent deviants ready to capitalize on the opportunities. No one. No one yet.

A plucky militia could rise out of the shadows to deal with these paranormal threats, or better yet, incorporate them to fight for their cause. A scientific organization could dedicate themselves to researching these anomalies, making decades of scientific progress from one peculiar artifact alone. Maybe they could even make the surreal real or force humanity to come to terms with a new reality where they are comically insignificant and present themselves as the sole solution. Or maybe you could do the boring thing and sell them on the black market.

After all, no one's stopping you. No one but you, and your fellow pioneers.


An NRP set in the world of the SCP Foundation minus the SCP Foundation and accompanying GOIs. Basically a blank slate world of cosmically horrific fun and madness with me as your resident Mad God.

Players serve as burgeoning organizations (and their leaders) for containing/liberating/exploiting/marketing/researching/murderboning the anomalous with limited reach and (human) resources at the start. It is generally understood that you will need to maintain the veil.

Game Master will serve as regulator of the anomalous and governor of normalcy in the world.

Disclaimer: I am not very deeply-versed in more obscure SCPs myself, though I am familiar with some of the bigger ones, including several 001 Proposals. I apologize if I'm an idiot. I am also not affiliated with the SCP Community at large aside from being a member of it. I am also a relatively new GM, though I have some experience under my belt.

I'm aiming for 4 players at minimum. I'll open a Discord on first engagement with this post or a few hours from now, whichever comes last first.

Work in Progress

Dastria Rules the Waves

Actually, can the asteroid belt be claimed?
Looks interesting, is Io still up for claiming?
Transcript of the proceedings in the Chamber of the Titled,
500 DE (1851 PA) 79 Diandame (Q2)

Speaker: <Turns to the Ikalman Clerks outside the hall. SQUEE HE LOOKED AT ME> The clerks may begin their transcription. <Transcription begun> All rise.

<The Chamber rises, all 30 titled members are in attendance. Listrans and their allies, the “easterners” are noted to sit on the right. Dastrians, Glass Islanders, and Calians sit on the left, “westerners”>

Speaker: The election for Grand Chancellor has concluded. Among the competing candidates, Adante del Cassono of the First District of Listra, Martina Ossovolo of the Lone District of New Alkadion, and Marcio d’Casta of the First District of the Glass Isles,
<The speaker unfolds the paper where the Chamber Secretaries inscribed the result. Wasting little time in doing so, and with very little enthusiasm>

Speaker: Marcio d’Casta, Hereditary Titled Governor of the Glass Isles, has been elected Grand Chancellor by the grace of the Sea Saint and the Confederation’s Titled.

<The chamber applauds, the right notably throwing glances amongst themselves>

d’Casta: I’d like to say a few words.

Speaker: Signor d’Casta is given the floor

<Silence. The left is tense.>

Seven years ago, Marcio made a promise with a dear, close friend. Seven years ago, he arose to his father’s seat as Hereditary Governor of the Glass Isles. Seven years ago, he swore that he would one day rise to become Chancellor, to rule the world that he felt so small in, to fix it with his friend by his side. To make things right. To rebuild the world, with that friend, in their image. Where the Confederation stood for something instead of being dragged along by the trade winds to wherever it would be brought. Where the Confederation was built upon ideals, not upon the wealth of its elite, not upon the goods that passed through their straits, not upon cities, not upon their fleet, but upon a singular ideal, a singular dream.

They never really figured out what that dream would be.

Time flew by, the old Grand Chancellor died, the Listrans made the mistake of letting their vote be split, and he found himself the youngest Grand Chancellor in history at the age of 31. Here he found himself, before the chamber he swore he’d rule one day.
The chamber that held all the power in this little world he knew.

“Fellow colleagues, our Confederation, nay, our world, stands at the brink of a new age. Revolution after revolution continues to rock our fellow nations, as monarchies of old die in the fire that seems to be consuming our world. Our order, the world order which Dastria has taken advantage of, and flourished upon is under threat! Though we may act as if we are invulnerable from these peasant uprisings, from these violent revolts by the downtrodden and abused, we most certainly are not! The foundations of our very Confederation are at stake, whether we recognize that fact or not.

And yet hope remains for us and our world yet, brothers and sisters. Hope remains, and shines bright as the sun upon our Dastrian Fleet! The great powers of our world are vulnerable, with the Quat’i being smashed against the waves and the Anyueva consumed by the turmoil of change. We will rise to the challenge, and we will take our place in this new world!
In conclusion, Dastrians, this new age will belong to those that take it into their hands and make it theirs! And we will make it ours! Vive la Confederassione! Vive la Citta! Vive Dastria!”

The chamber applauded him and sang his praises. Well, the Western half more so than the Eastern faction.

This was his moment. His moment to build his world. And now the choice that would define this new world sat squarely in his hands.
Twenty years ago, the Dastrian Navy had been found to be inefficient, and was infested at all levels by the plague of patronage. Titled Citizens were known to have their sons emplaced in high levels of the naval command. Nepotism ruled and the once-shining navy was beginning to show its cracks. The Freemen Chamber, for the first time in decades, ordered an investigation into the corruption, making their findings known to the public. The Admiralty was then stormed by the public, and all officials therein were publicly humiliated and beaten, with the Provost-General himself dying of his wounds.

The Titled were horrified, yet some in it - liberal reformists, found opportunity. Through deft and careful manipulation, liberal reformists were able to keep their colleagues from forming a military intervention, and in 483 managed to lead negotiations to enforce wide-sweeping naval reforms with the Chamber of Freemen. Those reforms were barely enforced; however, as the reactionaries were able to strike back by delaying its implementation for years on end. Meanwhile; however, the liberal reformists grew in power, with Marcio’s joining its ranks being one of its greatest victories. But in 499, on the eve of an order being emplaced for the bill’s enforcement, the great Catastrophe occurred. In a desperate effort to procure more resources from Listra to aid in reconstruction, they compromised and gave Listra enough seats among the Titled to control half of the chamber. The Listrans; however, proved to be fierce reactionaries, almost returning the reformists to square one.
Until now.

d’Casta: For my first actions as Grand Chancellor, I am ordering this chamber to enforce the Naval Reforms of 483 through the College of the Adiralty.

<Del Cassono, an Ikalman, rises from his seat>

Del Cassono: I rise to oppose.

Speaker: The chair recognizes Adante del Cassono of the First District of Listra. Raise your opposition.

Del Cassono: These reforms are outmoded, and given the time that has passed and the new circumstances between the Cities of Dastria and Listra, do not represent the desires of the common folk of the Confederation. These reforms were passed by collaboration between the upper and lower chambers in 483, let them be remade by collaboration in this present year!

Speaker: The chair recognizes this motion as valid, objections?

<No objections are raised, Del Cassono resumes his seat>

Speaker: The motion to discuss the Naval Reforms of 483 with the full Citizens’ Assembly in attendance shall be put to vote by voice. All in favor?

<The ayes from humans and affirmative clicks from Ikalman alike are resounding from both sides of the hall. The motion appears to be final.>

Speaker: All against?

<No ‘nays’ except for a few from the Western Faction, noted radical reformists>

Speaker: The ‘ayes’ have it, all discussion on naval reforms is tabled until both chambers are assembled in full.

<d’Casta rises>

d’Casta: I move to adjourn this meeting.

<Del Cassono rises, glaring at d’Casta for a nigh-imperceptible moment>

Del Cassono: I second the motion

Speaker: The Assembly is adjourned.

<The Assembly is adjourned>

[This transcript brought to you by the Assembly Secretariat. SQUEE THAT'S US]

Later that day, d’Casta would order a letter brought to a certain Arrigo Cancolo, a tall, lithe tanned young man of the Mercadores Class with light brown hair, and bright, piercing golden eyes. He laughed, and with a wide grin on his face, immediately mounted his horse and rode for the Golden Hall of the Freemen’s Assembly.

Seven years ago his mother, one of the most influential Mercadores in the country, jumped off their villa’s balcony. The result of pent-up frustration, and fatigue.

That year, on the last day of La Fiera, she finally reached the end of the long lines at the Dastrian Registry and applied for her family - the clan that gave the world Edante Cancolo, architect of the Dastrian colonial age - to finally be granted the privilege of the Titled. A year prior, she had been diagnosed with an incurable ailment that would certainly kill her in time and she wanted her last act to be granting her family the rights they had so long been denied.

She was denied yet again. They were denied yet again. She entered a feverish delirium that only came to an end by her hand.
Arrigo’s mother was a harsh, strict woman. Arrigo’s mother was definitely among the best people he knew. But she knew what she wanted. She knew to reach out, to run after what she wanted. She knew to dream, and to chase that dream to the end.
And in the end, she was denied that right.

When he wept for her, he did not weep for the woman who raised him. He did not weep for his mother.
He wept for a strong woman, a woman who had dreamed. A woman who had reached to the stars from the windowsills and fallen onto the cold hard ground.

He wept for the death of ambition.

He wept because she was denied the right to dream.

And that night, a dear friend he had not seen for a long, long time came to him. They spent the night under the moonlit sky. They spent the night as two childhood friends, looking up to the stars.

That night, they made a vow to reach for those stars. To reach as far as they could. And even if they fell onto the cold, hard ground, they would not stop reaching.

They would give Dastria the right to dream once more, together.


The Right’s motion to hand the matter over to the Freemen was a desperate attempt to delay any passage of the naval reforms, made under the assumption that the Freemen’s Assembly, what they thought to be a giant disorganized flock of mindless shepherd-less sheep, would spend an eternity deliberating the matter. They couldn’t even decide on a Premier-Elect until now, much less to restructure the wide-reaching Naval Reforms.

This was where they were wrong.

500 DE (1851 PA) 13 Triandame (Q3)
Arrigo Cancolo is elected Premier-Elect by the Freemen’s Chamber

500 DE, 15 Triandame (Q3)
The Naval Reforms of 483 are reopened for deliberation by the Freemen’s Chamber

500 DE, 15 Quarandame (Q4)
The Naval Reforms of 483 are modified, with the reforms themselves being made even more radical, such as the insertion of several new slots in the Titled of Dastria

500 DE, 21 Quarandame (Q4)
The Naval Reforms of 500 are sent to the Titled Chamber, where they fail by a narrow majority. Protests begin in Listra and in the Naval Headquarters in Dastria. Violence breaks out between the Titled and Freemen.

500 DE, 22 Quarandame (Q4)
The Freemen’s Assembly votes with a 3/5 majority to overrule the Titled, and the Premier-Elect issues the order to enforce the Naval Reforms to the College of the Admiralty

500 DE, 30 Quarandame (Q4)
Several Admirals resign from the College. The Naval Reforms of 500 are enforced nonetheless.

500 DE, 31 Quarandame (Q4)
The first non-titled and first Ikalman Admiral in Dastria’s history is appointed by Premier-Elect Arrigo, with the approval of the Grand Chancellor.
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