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I'm considering founding a persistent world forum with its own dedicated lore. However, having been around on several of these types of forums, I've seen a whole slew of difficulties and challenges (as well as having participated in some amazing stories and met wonderful people). So I'd like to both hear about the experiences others have had (you don't need to name names or drop sites, just speak generally). Additionally, I have some questions/hypotheticals I'd like to throw out and see if I can just do things a bit differently from the beginning.

1. How do you feel about transparency between staff and players? Do you think things such as development projects/updates/reworks should be completely open and transparent? Do you think disciplinary actions should be conducted openly or privately?

2. How do you feel about structured systems? There's systems that reward skill points based on word or post count, some that grant those things in a more arbitrary way as determined by the reviewer/mod. Do you prefer more complex systems like that or ways to keep things more simplified?

3. Do you think lore needs to be completely established before it is used in a story? Or would say, if Bob wished to write about the Toadicorn monster, something that has never existed before, should he be able to do so, so long as it makes some sense? Should Bob be obligated to write it up and submit for development before/after the use?

4. Do you prefer places that have huge, wide sprawling nations, spread out from one another? This has often led to both more variety in unique locales to RP within, but simultaneously creates large ebbs and flows based on what mod might be overseeing it (and their activity levels), as well as increasing flow to more developed/established areas. Or might you prefer one really well fleshed out, but massive in depth location, so people's characters are all in somewhat close proximity?

5. What is a favorite feature you've experienced on a persistent world forum?

6. What is a least favorite feature you've experienced?

Any and all feedback is most welcome, and I hope to discuss this more with any of you who participate in this.

Thanks so much!
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