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I'm 32 years old and I was lured into this forum because of our sick hobby. I come from a background of poetry and roleplaying starting in high school. I was a much better painter than I ever was writing, much less writing other than poetry. Today nothing has changed. I would love to become better and I welcome any critique.

I can handle 2 RPs at a time. I can guarantee at least 2 posts a week, typing 300-1500 words between dialogue and detail-oriented posts. I can't function without some of that sweet OOC chat.

If you're looking to start a RP, my only restrictions are based on site rules — of which I frequently forget — and I think that a 2 paragraph bottom-line is reasonable. I prefer original characters and original stories.

I'm good for medieval, fantasy, horror, sci-fi, space-faring, western, or especially military/war roleplays. I always have a tiny itch for traditional pirate RPs; however, I've accepted long ago that I can't do it and no longer pursue them. I like gritty settings, tragedy, fast paced scenes, crawling tense scenes and a drop of natural romance. Also, nonsense is always fun.

If you would like to know more or have roleplay questions don't hesitate for a second, send them over.

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External ballistic factors like wind are covered briefly in Ballistics section.
Terminal ballistics on/through targets touched in Ballistics as well.

You want that next level shit. I'll expand on both of those, then include a section on mil/mrad measuring in Parts&Mechanics soon. Thanks for the input!

I did graduate HS. Had to transfer to a different district though.

Classic motherly traditioncraft.
I was expelled from High School. That was fun.
Subnautica. Actually one of the spookier games I've played.

Did you exercise today?
I'm on a quest to find the ultimate spicy chip. The perfect balance of quality, sweetness, and spice. So far my top 3 are:
Route 11 Mama Zumas Revenge, Habanero
Boulder Canyon Jalapeno Cheddar
Sprouts Jalapeno
#2. Fuck'n Sailor Smelly Boots.
In The Reliquary 12 days ago Forum: Test Forum
In The Reliquary 12 days ago Forum: Test Forum
I'm am the unicorn.

Do you believe in me?
Banned for not al dente.
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