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Current I.... LIKE TURTLES!
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Any one else ever question their strengths? No? Just me then? Okay...
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Sometimes you just got to give up, or shut the hell up... *shrugs*


Kage... You know, that one...

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Sorry but this is dead. You don't wait 30 days to start an RP, if anything it shows this RP prob wouldn't run very long anyway. Good luck. @BookGirl1993
Update on pics, that last one was two years old.
sorry cant actually just img it idt.
@WilsonTurner Actually Cali.


Quick Poem, Cause i can so deal!

Oh I'll take your hand and tell you ever things alright,
So lets begin, I want to know you all, even if its for tonight,
You say you got your demons, but don't we all my dear,
You say hes over shoulders scheming, for what you hold near.
So aint it clear, we don't have forever and more?
So break my heart, and take my breath away, if only just once more.
Will we ever meet again?

And while your near Polaris,
Ill be here on earth,
And all those cosmic waterfalls,
They weep tears like birth,
Will you catch us when we fall,
Will you weigh our worth,
And like sand we will fall,
Hours like Angels on this Earth.
This one I edited so it can be sang how I envisioned it. Very slow but melodic i feel.

While you're sleeping,
The whole, world, burns, down.
This love misleading,
God please, help, us, now.
While you were sleeping,
I learned of, right, and, wrong.
Open that door, we can all sing along,

If only, if life were just,
And for a moment, let me, sing, this, song.

While you were sleeping, my whole world burned around me,
This love of dreaming, please, you cannot, leave me, now.
This pain ain't easy, oh the temple just fell down,
and all the believers, they left this city without a sound,

Oh these hands of plenty, are they always empty?
this can't be our bout, fighting for, what we know not of.

What we know not of,

And Ive been through wars, not in plain sight.
No in my mind.
And i've loved before, but often times the times ain't right,
and we all face our demons, in our sleep or while awake,
I still see them.

Facing off a legion, how their hearts are shinning,
wish i wasn't so alone.

While you were sleeping, I let the, world, burn, down.

Idk what this ones called tbh.

Look at all the Angels round with badges on their wrists,
White lines, the red veneer, from lost battles with their wits,

And time and time, I hold them near,
The dearest often soaked with dread,
More often they disappear,
Zombies of the streets, they said,

And I meet an Angel, on an old blue park bench,
I saw the badges that she wore,
In her eyes, no regret.

I asked her "Why, do you not love yourself?"
She replied with a smile,
If a heart could, this one wept,

She said "They say follow your heart, what if mine whispers death?"
Me not understanding, as often is the case,
Id held a light to an Angel, who blew it out with haste.

It aint finished and idk if it ever will be... Dont judge me dammit...
I'm going to be moving soon, so I cant really get a solid posting schedule. Sadly I think I'm going to have to withdraw from this RP, good luck and happy RPing, feel free to kill Atlas off or whatever. Ill more than likely still be following along though to see how it progresses, I do enjoy the idea of this RP :)
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