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No worries.
Closest I can find is the NISA. It took over from the Siad-era NSS.
If any, I'll just take names from the actual Somali agencies out there.
Sure. Good luck.
Oh sorry. I thought I was told that you're interested to do something like this.

Ignore the prompt if you're not joining in. My bad. -_-''

But it's basically the result of what I discussed from here -->…
Aside from the signup sheet ready to go, I'm paging the following:

Putting an OOC interest check thread here.

You guys want to play it like SAC, some stuff related to an arc or just stand alone stuff?…

Basically (mostly) by the Ghost in the Shell series, especially by Stand Alone Complex that I'm trying something by mixing it up a bit with the Rainbow book/game series.

Hopefully it goes swell. :)

Some geopolitics in our RP world:

International geopolitics:

North America:

- Canada and the United States has been hit badly by the war, but not too seriously unlike in Europe. This resulted in the creation of several nations, which consisted of the former American states/Canadian provinces of Alaska, Hawaii, Quebec and Texas.

- Puerto Rico has voted for an independent country after a referendum vote was submitted thanks to a number of protests due to "Discriminatory redistribution" policies the United States implemented as a means of recovering from the damages of WWIII. It has a small defense force while it kept its police system.

- Cuba has undergone a change in government and is now a democratic country.

- Mexico has a security situation where the drug wars resumed after the end of WWIII when the Mexican military took advantage of the war in order to take down most of the drug cartels involved. As of now, only six cartels are left standing. It too has been affected badly similar to its American and Canadian neighbors.

South America:

- Aruba is an independent country with a small defense force, but they have strong ties to the Netherlands. The other islands throughout the Dutch Carribean have integrated with Aruba willingly after a referendum vote gave majority support. The United Socialist Party of Venezuela has protested the independence of Aruba, saying that most of its territory legally belongs to Venezuela. Some tensions continue to exist between the two nations.

- Guiana is now an independent country after a referendum vote showed an overwhelming support.

- Venezuela is dealing with renewed calls for an independent Zulia State.


- Ireland has unified with Northern Ireland under a referendum vote. Anti-unification violence by fringe elements of the Ulster Defense Association gave more conviction to the pro-unification camp after the British Army withdrew from Northern Ireland. UN-mandated police forces were deployed to the area to work with PSNI forces in order to quell the violence.

- The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus has unified with the rest of Cyprus after a peace treaty was signed between Cyprus and Turkey. Some hardliners in Turkish politics have protested this move.

- Kosovo's independence was fully recognized by all nations after years of UN-assisted administration with the exception of Serbia, aside from being under the stress of WWIII. Hardliners in Serbia have called for the occupation and integration of Kosovo under Serbian rule.

- Various de facto states in Azerbaijan and Georgia have been officially unified. To this day, there are strong yearnings for these states to be independent from the two ex-Soviet satellite states.

- Sardinia and Sicily have received greater autonomy from the Italian government, allowing them to greatly preserve their language and culture.

- The Azores still maintains full autonomy from Portugal, although there have been new political parties that have called for full independence.

- A state of emergency is proclaimed through Corsica as FLNC fighters have engaged French military units throughout the island in a renewed bid to gain independence.

- Chechnya has gained independence after spending years of conflict between Russia and various guerrilla forces.


- French Polynesia and New Caledonia are independent with 89% of the vote for the former and 78% for the latter, although they do not have militaries. Instead, they rely on paramilitary police forces.

- Guam has declared independence before the end of WWIII. It has a small defense force, but kept its police force system intact.

- Northern Mariana Islands has voted for independence in a referendum vote with 90% of the vote. The NMI also relies on paramilitary police forces.

- American Samoa has voted for unification with the rest of Samoa in a referendum vote with 99.7% of the vote.


- Renegade Chinese Communist Party officials took advantage of the Asian War to launch an invasion of Taiwan in order to prevent its leaders from gaining independence. The Hong Kong and Macau SARs reacted violently to the attempted invasion, declaring independence while being able to drive out PLA forces with urban guerrilla tactics before the city-states have achieved independence as well. An American-led invasion force drove Chinese forces from Taiwanese soil, which resulted in the country's official independence.

- West and East Timor has unified, keeping the official name "Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste".

- The Republic of Maluku/Republic of Moluccas has gained independence when Indonesia has been affected by the Asian War as direct rule from Jakarta ceased to exist at the time, allowing South Maluku independence groups to gain control over the area. Fierce fighting started after the end of the Asian War for 3 years before international pressure made Jakarta yield. This consist of all the islands in Maluku (or Moluccas).

- West Papua has seceded from Indonesia from a referendum vote that has overwhelming support, unifying with the rest of Papua New Guinea. It also keeps the official name "Independent State of Papua New Guinea".

- Japan has better relations with all the countries in the Asia-Pacific after a reformist LDP prime minister and his coalition allies have passed into law that it takes responsibility for its action during WWII. Radical right-wing factions and terror groups have called for the deaths of politicians, celebrities/media personalities, government officials and their families and diplomats who support the law. There are growing murmurs for Okinawan independence.

- An independent Palestinian state exists after WWIII, leading to better relations between Israel and various Arab/Muslim countries. Conservative Israelis in the government and to a lesser extent, in the public, have vowed to retake the state and make Jerusalem its true capital.


- Somalia has unified together with most of the fragmented "states", including Puntland and Jubaland after years of fighting resulted in the destruction of Al-Shahab. They were also given more autonomy over local affairs under federal rule.

- The Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic has integrated with Morocco after the Moroccan government allowed them full autonomy over their own affairs. Ex-Sahrawi People's Liberation Army forces have regrouped together under a new organization and fight for full independence for Western Sahara.

- Azawad's independence was not recognized by Mali or by the rest of the international community. Sporadic fighting continues to persist.



Name: Obvious
Image: Just what the person looks like. If you think an image can't help, describing person's appearance is fine.
Age: Obvious
Nationality: What's the person's nationality
Cyberized: If yes, to what extent (Partially, Fully, Only with a cyborg arms/legs, etc.)
Bio: Short History
Skills: What he/she is goo at (e.g. languages, explosives, electronics, surveillance, driving techniques, etc.)
Comments: Anything to note

- Guess I’ll drop the question on whether you guys want an action scene to start with first.
At this point IMO, this seems suitable for a GITS-inspired game.

We can still do a R6-inspired post-cyberpunk game though.
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