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I figured. I've seen other forum boards that have that feature.
It's just more of a button that you click on and marks all forum boards/threads read from my perspective.

From looking at the updated forum, the exclamation point (green) means that I haven't read that forum thread yet.
In short, it's an experiment for me to do a CYOA RP (Not sure if casual/freeform will work) with characters associated with a voice actor will be involved in some sort of plot being started by bad guys associated by the same person.

No title yet since I have to determine the characters to draw from, associated from a certain voice actor.

For this case, I'm starting with three people.

Namely Akio Otsuka, Koichi Yamadera and Toru Okawa. Haven't chosen one yet, but I listed them down here since the first time (Bear with me on this) was when I was able to watch anime in the Philippines in Japanese when I was in high school (at the time, anime shown was dubbed in Tagalog or Filipino-based English). These three guys were from GITS SAC, the second anime I watched first in Japanese next to Area 88 via Animax.

Not sure which plot to use, although the characters I'm thinking of using would start with linking up to each other and work together in a group or maybe someone who can call a group of characters together to investigate something that leads to a major plot.

If anyone likes to read along while I do this, let me know.

I'm open to turn this into an RP.

Was wondering if I can suggest something like this?
I used to be in the old site doing an RP before the site went kaput IIRC.

Decided to come back since I wanted to use this to experiment on some CYOA RPs that I want to try out.

I'll have to explain it in an interest check later on.
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