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Current Every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes.
1 yr ago
Goddamn I wanna shank my past self for putting some dumb stuff in my "old username" fill-in. What the hell was I thinking?


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WHAT IS TOLERANCE? IT IS THE CONSEQUENCE OF HUMANITY. WE ARE ALL FORMED OF FRAILTY AND ERROR; LET US PARDON RECIPROCALLY EACH OTHER'S FOLLY - THAT IS THE FIRST LAW OF NATURE. I think the need for caps lock and Voltaire quotes have been met. At any rate, Voltaire was too tolerant, apparently. That or he never met folks like you.
This post is going to be diamond quality. I can tell.~
This has really spiralled out of control :/ Let's have everyone (me included) calm down, drop this and focus on having fun.
Gwazi Magnum
*gasp* You weren't having "fun" before? I'm simply shocked Gwazi. I believed you all along, and there you go and say you lied! I wonder what else you could be guilty of... The faith I had builded in you is completely shattered! I simply don't know whether to trust that large gro-- I mean, very vocal minority, or you!
In Resurrection? 7 yrs ago Forum: Spam Forum
At least I'm more resplendent than Holmshire.
I'd like to do the pokemon rp with you, if you're OK with that.

Oh, Icecream... is cookie dough a flavor? If not, just vanilla or mint is fine~
mdk said
I thought this was supposed to be humor.

In ---- 7 yrs ago Forum: Spam Forum
What's this about?
In don't 7 yrs ago Forum: Spam Forum

How many global warming threads is this now, mdk?
Giygas said
Well he's gonna be an assist atleast. That's something

Idiot, he's a stage boss. Get out.
Azarthes said
The same person who brought me good thrillers like

"I faked being a rape survivor"

"I cheated on my boyfriend with my best friend's boyfriend"

just dropped the line

"Some bitches deserve to get raped"

I love people.

Thanks for reading

Just needed to get that off my mind

I just now realized the title was sarcasm.
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