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I would love to join in when this is open for business, if I may?
I've never seen anything like this concept before, and absolutely nothing to this scale comes to mind. It's so detailed and exciting!


Because it is so difficult for Giants to conceive, Sethlon was doted upon before he was even born. Sadly, his being a Giant also meant he was going to have a rough go of it from the very beginning. Growing up, Sethlon was marked as a 'problem child' despite not having ever had a mischievous bone in his body. His many accidental hiccups were recorded as instances of vandalism. Any clumsiness resulting in the injuries of other children was marked as violence, inability to read homework was seen as rebelliousness, and his immunity to magic made disciplinarians wary of him. People knew of Giants, but were not at all educated in what is considered the norm for prepubescent gigantism, and nothing his parents said on his behalf seemed to convince those schools of his innocence. Parents were urging their children to steer clear of him, and the teaching staff could not stand him or his 'behavior'.

Worried for their son's declining mental health, the Kvalheims transferred their son from public schooling to homeschooling in the hopes that he might be safe from the constant judgment. He hated every second.

An old family friend came to visit at that time, a Giantess who worked as a salaried firefighter who'd recently moved back to her home country to work after some charity proceedings abroad. When she was initially told of Seth's issues, he'd been refusing to sit and talk with her because of how embarrassed it made him feel to be judged. It took months to coax him out to speak with Yahanna, but she finally got his attention; She told him countless stories about her job. Saving lives, winning medals, making new friends almost everyday... all things that had once seemed so incredibly far removed of his reach. That was the first time in his life that he'd believed he had a shot at being anything but simply a Giant, and it was also the first time he'd ever really aspired to become something. Yahanna quickly became a much needed pillar of support in his life, even encouraging the family to consider public school again so as to keep Seth from going back into isolation.

His life was still hard after that, yes, but he'd gone back into it prepared for the misunderstandings the second time around. He passed all of his classes, he tried tons of afterschool clubs, and even managed to make a few friends by the time he graduated. College was another hurdle that he'd managed to clear, having applied to two-dozen schools and having finally been admitted to one. It was practically ten times the work for the same education his non-dyslexic peers were getting, not that he minded pulling out all of the stops in order to pass. Preparation for his career in public service was a long road, to be sure, but Sethlon is FINALLY living his best life, with his dream job and plenty of friends. Work offers have taken him away from his hometown, so he does still have a bit of an issue with loneliness and anxiety when there are no other people around, but has managed to remedy this by moving into the Whitmore Boarding House. Can't be lonely in such a cozy place, right?

Seth is a firefighter and works on a 1:2 day schedule. (24 hours on, 48 hours off, repeat)
Horribly dyslexic, has a habit of asking the nearest ANYBODY for readings/translations.
Too small for most vehicles, Sethlon does not own a car or ride them to get places. He jogs almost everywhere. He also sits *on top* of fire engines while working.
There is not enough food in the world to fill his stomach in one sitting.
His last mandatory checkup still showed signs of growth, as is to be expected. Male Giants are not fully out of their growth period until around 30 years of age.
He has a history of unintentional mishaps because he's a graceless bear. He still pays for a lot of repairs, and often, at that.
Certified for CPR, the Heimlich, and a number of other paramedic/first-response procedures.
Sethlon is a third-year jūdan, or black belt, in judo.
Cutest bull in china shop™


24 Male European Mountain Giant
7'10" 279 lbs


(ミ ̄ー ̄ミ) I hope y'all cool for the quarantines. All the best. <3
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