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Nice I can see this as a good opportunity to play my oc character a god of souls
@Cyberpunk Vamp Can i have kid 3

James was the butler that had served the family since the very beginning, watched the rise and fall of her father as well. While many would proceed to think of demons as some awful and dangerous creatures. The agency really taught the demon that sometimes humans and everyone were not very different. He learned to be compassionate, caring, and kind. James by no means was any less dangerous though, he was a demon he produced some nasty fighting abilities.

James had been awake preparing and making food for everyone that lived in the agency, he finished putting out the food and had rested before hearing someone start a commotion and frowned.

"Settle down or-" was interrupted by the lady of the agency storming in and sighed gently "My sweet lady drink some tea it will help cool you off," he said handing her a cup of tea to her liking and smiled gently. He looked at the creatures to settle down or he would make them. They were rude to cause some a stir so early in the morning.
Pending For approval

My my I will place a talon on this
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@Archangel HadesI'll shoot a PM

Welcome :D Hoot!
Was thinking something along the lines for a Dracula x Daughter of Van Helsing Roleplay :D A classic Hunter vs King of the Vampires. Anyone interested? Timelines and different settings can happen.
Looking for someone who would liketo double up and Roleplay Dragon Rider idea

Whether it be

Dragon rider x Dragon Rider

Dragon rider x Knight

Dragon rider x King

Dragon Rider x Mage

Dragon rider x Vampire Princess or Prince

Happy to do either M X M or M X F

PM if interested or have ideas, happy to hear from anyone
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