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@Ozymandias I hope you read the "Story" part of the OOC, because even the hippie tribes are gonna have to do some fighting to survive :D

Well yeah, but that'll be more of a survival thing than conquest

The map looks great!
I'm a lot more interested in the hunter-gatherer aspect of the stone age than warfare :D

Saamalasailet (collective), Saamala (colloquial collective), Saami (singular).

Brief description:

The Saamala are nomadic people, preferring to stay near coasts, rivers and dense forests for their needs. They revere the natural world.

Main deity:

The Saamala revere all things natural. Whether animal or plant, all aspects of nature are revered as the deity of these people. Hunting is accepted, and encouraged, but disrespect shown during this process is extremely offensive to these people. For example, hunting an animal without using every part of it is considered wasteful and disrespectful, and it is thought among them that this will bring down the wrath of that animal in the future, or that it will not allow itself to be hunted. The forest and the sea are of particular reverence to these people.


There is no 'government' among the Saamala, but ancestor worship is prevalent, and the wisdom and experience of the elders is respected and often heeded. As such, the elders operate as a de facto leadership in the sense that they are considered to know best, but do not hold 'official' authority.

Inhabited area and settlements:

The Saamala live primarily in boreal forest. Large rivers, some running for thousands of kilometres, are used as the highways of these people. Boreal trees are used to make canoes to traverse these rivers, and flint from coastal areas is used for tools. The trees, rivers and all other aspects of the geography are revered by these people, and very little scarring by humanity can be seen (I.e no mass deforestation, etc.). The Saamala are somewhat nomadic.

They move during certain seasons so that their animals can feed on fresh growth, and so that they can take advantage of seasonal food (I.e rivers are more useful in the spring and summer because they are not frozen). Therefore, these people can be seen on rivers and coastal areas far more frequently during warmer months, and in land during the winter where herds of animals are more likely to be found.

Their settlements are an assortment of huts and shelters made of wooden frames and covered in animal hides sewn together to make a protective covering. Long-term settlements are constructed of wooden frames and covered with thatching made of branches and earth for insulation.


War is not a typical pursuit of the Saamala. Those who prefer fishing are familiar with frog-spears and the like, those who hunt are familiar with bows and spears, and so forth, and so the people are not unskilled with weapons, but very rarely will they take the lives of people. This is only done in defence.

Important people: TBA as story progresses.
Migrant crisis, basically
Ship shouldn't have been flown, especially at one guy, to be frank. In too deep by now, so we'll have to roll with it.
The ship doesn't have a shuttle, but you can be the pilot of your own small ship if you like. We have a few people who are doing that
You're more than welcome to play a scientist character. However, that description is pretty much Catharyn's (the other GMs) character down to a tee (scientist investigating the discovery, with an AI companion). You may want to review it a bit, or risk clashing
@Ozymandias last question. Could you maybe tell me what i missed over the few days this has been going? Cause umm there is alot of stuff i have to read through.

Don't worry about reading the entire IC. What's happened so far, in terms of main plot, is:

> A naval transport (called the Scythian) arrived on the moon (RX3248), delivering an agent to meet with the local governor. The interstellar government believes the scientists may have discovered something at a digsite of interest to them.

> Most PCs are currently in or around the ship, which is still dry docked.

> There is currently a large scale riot near the ship, perpetrated by seditionists. Most PCs are dealing with this at the moment.

> A few PCs accidentally triggered a once dormant race into attacking. They have yet to reach the colony, though.

Your character doesn't have to be anything involved with the ship. They can be from somewhere else and have arrived on the moon prior to the events, they can be working/from the colony itself, or they can indeed be part of the ship.
Don't worry about it, no one's a professional. Take your time
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