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The Fallen were never this silent. Even during a sermon, there would be hoots and hollers of agreement. But with the leadership declaring action against a lost member of the Family, there was an undercurrent of... something... in the audience’s eyes. Too many things, maybe. Excitement. Trepidation. Bloodlust.

Daisy Ripper was personally livid. This was the sort of issue she took to heart, and she didn’t want to be left out. She rhythmically tapped her gauntleted fingers on the side of a tree. To those less familiar with her, it might seem like a nervous tick. To those that knew her better, it was like she was playing with a loaded gun. Trigger-happy in all the worst ways.

She took a step forward as soon as she heard the word ‘volunteer’. Hopefully they would find her.

Whisper looked over the crowd, reaching out and laying a hand on Transcendent’s shoulder before jerking her hooded head towards the tree where Ripper stood.

Her voice reached over the growing murmurs as people stepped forward as volunteers. “Take the new one. She wants to volunteer? Great. Then let us see what she’s got.”

Dozens of eyes turned towards her, the crowd parting for her to move to stand with the other capes. She approached the group with a small smile on her face. It wasn’t the smile of emotionally balanced people, but it was her smile.

“I’m excited to join,” she said, “I would loathe to have my family run away from me again.”

“Good to have you, Sister,” Transcendent said in a jovial voice, slapping a hand on her shoulder. He was in a good mood as usual, it seemed. “I hope you brought your A-game, cause this is going to be a mostly undercover mission until we find her. You might’ve seen her around, actually. Edith? Eh, about yay high, kinda red lookin’ eyes? Purple-ish hair. She stands out, you can’t miss her honestly. Spends a ton of time down at ol’ man Kiln’s? Ah, I’m sure you saw her around. Can’t imagine what got into that head of hers.”

Daisy gave a nod, flexing her armored fingers.
Daisy Ripper

"Family is everything."
Daisy Ripper

"Family is everything."
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