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Marik said
I miss that guy. Maybe he finally got a girlfriend and no longer needs the babby blanket that is spam.

Can't say I have a girlfriend, that doesn't really matter to me anymore. Not more than it does to anyone really. I can say I don't need this baby blanket though.

Foxxie said
He lost his virginity before I did, so I assume he's got a real life and is now successfully enjoying the college experience and the prospect of having a real life. Nothing more we can hope for the guy.

Gotta say the college experience rules. Real life rules. I have friends, classes, work, personal projects. I create art and get drunk, live life.

Smiral said
remember that time Pally said that he, Nargle, and I should totally have a Homestuck themed threesome

Oh god I remember that now. I meant it as a joke but that's just so creepy and blech. Typical of younger me.

Anyway yeah fuck like 90% of the people in Spam at the time of my leaving. Necroing this thread just to piss you buttchuggers off.

Smell ya later.
In Leaving 7 yrs ago Forum: Spam Forum
Honestly I forget who they are fairly often.
In Leaving 7 yrs ago Forum: Spam Forum
So yeah, after spending a solid four weeks without posting and only peaking at Spam once, I decided I might as well let it be known I'm not coming back. And this isn't one of those things where someone says they'll leave and they just go right back to posting about 2 weeks later. I'm gone. I don't roleplay anymore outside my friends' Pathfinder sessions, I don't like talking with pretty much half of Spam, and I've found a great deal enjoyment in other websites. What's more I'm actually doing a lot more with my life these days. I paint, I write, I draw, I work out, and I have classes to worry about. I occasionally even go out and meet a girl.

This place is full of a lot of bad memories for me, and it's pretty clear I think that many people just think I'm more annoying than anything else. No hard feelings, there's plenty of other people out there to meet. However, there are a few people I do get along with fairly well here, which is the main purpose of this post. If you want to stay in contact with me, just PM me and I'll give you my Skype or Steam name.

That seems to be just about it. This Paladin's outta here, off to find new lands and new quests. Smell ya later, dorks.
Hahaha my university got 2 inches of snow and temperatures in the mid teens and they cancelled classes for the entire day.
I can't.
Doivid said
Never from me, and if I was a dick to you it wasn't intentional. You have annoyed me/bothered me a few times, but nothing to warrant any real hostility from me. What I have gotten are some pretty defensive, dismissive responses from you. They're understandable, but it does mean you're not the hapless victim here. Whatever you've gotten from spam (since before I even posted here) has made you p. guarded and shit, but you shouldn't use that as an excuse to never hear anyone out.And let's be real too, you share stuff. You could have kept all that shit to yourself and been judged much less often. To some degree you have opened yourself up to the negative responses.But like I said in my post, I don't think they're necessary or wholly deserved.

I appreciate you being nice enough to not just riddle comments with insults at the slightest opportunity, and I'm sorry if I bugged you a few times. I understand there is a lot to be gained from criticism, and I have been making an effort to take some of it to heart(mainly criticism from people I know in real life). However, just as there are right and wrong ways to take criticism, there are right and wrong ways to give criticism. One of those wrong ways is to make someone the butt of every other joke you mash out on your keyboard, and occasionally spice it up with downright abuse.
TP said
go to tumblr to vent. or befriend some of these people, not everyone is a dick when you get to know them.

I've been here for quite some time, and the majority of what I've gotten from you all is condescending "advice", outright insults, and petty jokes about how much of a loser I am. I have met a few really kind people here, but for the most part you're all just a bunch of selfish jerks who make themselves feel better by belittling inexperienced people on the internet.

Kindly fuck off.
Yeah I know I'm a piece of shit. I'm working on that okay? I use RPG to vent my insecurities, and pretty much all I get for it is shit, I might as well not even come here anymore, you people actually bring out the worst in me.
Captain Jordan said

Guess where I'm never going?
Current conditions where I am: 18 degrees Fahrenheit, colder than any place I've ever lived before. I've only visited places this freezing before, fuck.
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