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*Chloe Wong gazed up at her new house, anxiously chewing on her lower lip, wondering if she'd been given the right directions. "This is 2814, right?" she asked, peering over at her new husband. A mere stranger. A stranger who she was expected to live with. To cook for. Wake up next to. To please. For the rest of her natural life. At the moment though, the couple had bigger problems than their lack of warmth for one another.
The house that stood in front of them. It was shockingly large. A two story colonial with a wraparound fence, plush green garden and more windows than the average person knew what to do with. Surely the agency wouldn't have assigned them such a lovely home.
Newlyweds were usually placed in apartments. But if they were lucky enough to come from a revered family such as Matt's, then special treatment was received and you'd be placed in a small bungalow, with just enough room to expand your family. Matt's family only owned a few stores, so surely the agency didn't feel that they deserved all of this. Did they?*

**Hello everyone! I just posted the starter for my arranged marriage plot and am looking for a partner to play Chloe's husband. Basically, this story would focus on the two of them getting to know and trust one another, as they are basically strangers, who have been made to spend forever together. If this strikes your fancy, please dm me! :) Oh, I'm also semi-literate and hope you can write at least 300 words per post. I won't respond to messages simply saying hi and I only write in third person. Please send a writing example, that way we can see if we mesh beforehand. I'd prefer we rp here but don't mind Discord.**
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