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It's incredible how if you give someone just the tiniest bit of power over others they'll turn into the most self-righteous, selfish, impatient fuckers you will ever meet.
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How are some writers on this site still incapable of knowing how a comma works?! It's like the second easy piece of punctuation you learn about as a kid!!!
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It'll always be confusing to me when some people regard two or three sentences in an IC post as putting in effort with the writing, yet they consider themselves at a casual/advanced level.
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Scottish twitter is doin something right lmao



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Sami Rhodes

Location: The Bus
Skills: Power Sensing, Reactive Adaptability

Automatically returning the hug and squeezing Niah, he watched in discomfort as she let go and went to get ready. He knew where her worries were coming from, but he couldn't help but feel concerned about just how paranoid one could get in these situations. At least she knew she could trust him - or, was trying to trust him. It would depend on what they talked about, but as she aptly said, it would have to wait. Latveria beckoned, as did his personal assignment.

Amongst his personal equipment, Sami didn't have all that much to include. Keeping in mind the training from before, he retrieved an ICER alongside his own sidearm. A non-lethal weapon would definitely come in handy, and likely keep Fury from yelling at him again. Once again, he weighed up his options. Should he tell the others about his secret mission, or just not do it? What would the implications of von Bardas being brought in alive be? He couldn't work out if they were going to be any worse than the implications of him point blank killing her, and his gut wasn't telling much other than either option seemed like a bad idea. Thankfully, there were senior agents on this mission with them. Raynor had been around for years, as had Cassandra, and they were bound to have some experience in the area.

Finishing up his last few bits of prep, which included a hastily thrown in first-aid kit, Sami vowed to get an opinion from someone. At least he wouldn't be breaking any rules, right? The vague text message hadn't said to keep it quiet in the slightest.
Charlie Farrier

Location: Unknown

Charlie darted a strange look at Dean, wondering what the hell he was talking about. Nobody had "just said" what Charlie had, and then he said something about getting help. He had no idea what he was on about, but he sincerely doubted that anyone in the facility wanted to help them at all. They couldn't even care about Richard potentially bleeding out and dying, but much to Charlie's relief, it appeared the shape-shifter was recovering somewhat. The guy could even manage to flirt in his state, and Charlie quashed both a roll of the eyes and a smile.

He paused as Thalia tried to explain Jakobsen's actions, that he could potentially be reasoned with. Either that, or his girlfriend could. But they were really in no position to negotiate with either of them, unless the happy couple planned on a drop-in session. It would be down to however the meeting went with the others, but Charlie didn't have a good feeling about that either.

"At least we know the others probably worked out what happened. They can't have missed the blood we left outside the place." There were quite a few patches, and even when you hosed blood away it took a while to wipe it out completely. "Plus they'll know that we left not long after them, and Dean after that. We don't have our powers right now, but they must be able to find us somehow." They had plenty of powerful mutants in the group, including the world's strongest telepath. And of course, hackers like the Starks would make short work of finding any clue to their whereabouts. Or he hoped, anyway. They could have their own problems to deal with, but he doubted they'd allow their disappearance to go on for very long. Even moreso if future Thalia was feeling the effects of her past self. "In the meantime we either sit tight and wait for them, or try and bust out. But I'm not seeing anything nearby that could help. We might have to wait until someone comes to..." He trailed off, not wanting to finish the sentence. The heavy atmosphere and Thalia's injuries finished the thought for him.

Nina van Essenhout

Location: Stark Tower

Having backed away from the damaged Sentinel as it was attacked by others, nearly finished off, Nina scanned the room. Several of the students were missing, but they could easily have gone to take shelter elsewhere in the tower from the attack. Either that, or the Sentinels hadn't come alone. OMEN Agents had flanked the robots back at the mansion, so she wouldn't be surprised to see any more here. As she began to leave the room, she paused as Damon exploded, inquiring after Ayita. He sounded rather upset, which surprised her. She hadn't been aware that the two were all that close, barring their interactions at the facility mission.

"She may have been attacked with some others." She said calmly to Damon, echoing Future Carolina's explanation. "But there weren't any bodies, so we can assume she's alive. And trust me - finding them is next on the agenda once these damned robots are gone." It wasn't much hope, but at least he knew what the rest of them did.
Sami Rhodes

Location: The Bus
Skills: Power Sensing, Reactive Adaptability

"Sure, anytime." Sami replied immediately,wondering if there was anything other than all the deaths that was weighing on her mind. Not that it mattered to him - she could come to him with any problem that she was struggling with. He was surprised at himself slightly, having not expected to make this kind of bond in this kind of job. But now, especially with Antoine gone, he felt more responsible for Niah. She was a capable woman, but he wanted to be there for her.

And speaking of capable woman, a genuine grin split Sami's face as Tinley marched in and began chewing out Sparks and Raynor. He couldn't believe the balls - or stupidity - one would need to screw around in the CO's office, but somehow Raynor had convinced the fairly meek Sparks to do so. He couldn't blame Abercrombie for her anger - he'd be pissed if their relationship got in the way of the mission too.

As Tinley left the room as quickly as she'd entered it, and Sparks slunk away, Sami got to his feet, offering an encouraging smile to Niah. "Let's go get our stuff ready. I think if anyone else pisses off Tinley again she'll be leaving their asses behind in Latveria." He said with a laugh. The assassination order on von Bardas was still weighing on his mind, but Niah didn't need to deal with his problems. That was his job.
Charlie Farrier

Location: Unknown

Charlie couldn't help but feel a bit put out that Allison had ignored him in the van, but honestly, there was enough going on that he couldn't blame her for it. After speeding along the roads and probably running a few stop signs, the van finally screeched to a halt and the five were hauled out into a fairly normal looking building. Not the evil lair/dungeon/laboratory he'd expected, but the innards met his expectations a bit more. Medical looking rooms, empty corridors, and the clear-walled cells they were eventually thrown into.

The fact that they'd been thrown in together, only separated by sex, made Charlie think that this was a fairly impromptu facility. Not one built for hosting this many prisoners - it didn't make sense to put everyone together. A group meant solidarity and planning, which also meant hope. Even riddled with bullet holes, hope could still make a difference.

His attention was grabbed from mulling over their situation silently when the others began questioning Thalia. Or rather, not the Thalia that they knew. Obviously this was the present day one, the one who had no idea about the future she would suffer and the world as they knew it coming to an end. Shifting over towards the cell where the girls lay, he realised something that was either good or bad news, depending on how things went.

"We know you. The future version of you." He began, brow furrowing as he thought. "It's a long story, but you came back to this time to prevent... a lot of bad shit from happening. But your future version never told us about this meeting. It seems a pretty important encounter to not mention, which probably means that our past is already changing from their past." He wasn't sure if he was making sense, but hopefully the others would catch on to his train of thought. "So that means we can change other stuff from happening too. We just have to.. y'know, bust outta here first." Definitely easier said than done, but as he'd thought before, they had the numbers. Sure, Richard was done for the count until his healing powers came back, but the rest of them were in okay shape. Even Ayita's tranquilliser couldn't last much longer. Unfortunately he couldn't find anything within eyeshot that could potentially help them out.

Nina van Essenhout

Location: Stark Tower

Carolina's answer was a troublesome one, but as the group arrived at Stark tower, it was clear that they had bigger fish to fry at that moment. As the future counterparts' injuries had predicted, it was under attack by OMEN. Nina briefly wondered if the rest of the Avengers would get a distress call and come to help, but upon seeing Iron Man and the Hulk in action, she figured those guys had it covered. They were two of the heaviest hitters in the group anyway. And much to her satisfaction, Nina was a heavy hitter too. While the Sentinels were able to adapt against most powers, there wasn't much they could do against brute strength. That much was obvious by the way Folly was carving one of them up, and Marygold's vines had made short work of some of them back at the mansion as well.

Hanging onto the vine for support, Nina readied herself and picked her target as the group made it to the top. Almost immediately she flung herself at the back of the closest one, using her strength to propel herself through the air to clamber on top of its shoulders. Legs pinned to its back, Nina brought down her fists together against the side of its neck, smiling triumphantly as the metal creaked and gave way against the force of the blow. Digging her fingers in, Nina widened the hole, grabbing whatever machinery she could manage from within and ripping it out. The Sentinel flailed, and she jumped from its back, landing gracefully in front before it could even strike her. The head was still unfortunately attached, but it was clear she was nearly there in completing it's decapitation.
Sami Rhodes

Location: The Bus
Skills: Power Sensing, Reactive Adaptability

Despite the tumultuous thoughts going around his head, Sami still managed to crack a smile at Niah as she waved him over. Drink in hand, Sami slumped into the seat next to her, glad to see a smile on her face. She'd gone through more shit than anyone else here, as far as he was concerned. Dead boyfriend, dead friend, and every other issue that they were all facing. "Not too bad, sweet thing." He answered, deciding that dropping the whole kill order thing in the room would be a bad move right now, and he could leave it with his team leaders when the time came.

Still, it didn't seem like the room was carrying too many positive topics anyway, with potential HYDRA snakes still hiding in the brush. Everyone seemed to have their own theories, but he couldn't see Raynor being one. Sure, it was weird that he pretty much breathed on Theresa and suddenly they were fucking, but it seemed like an odd MO for a HYDRA. If they wanted to sleep around to get something useful, it wouldn't make sense to start off the bottom rung of Agents. Sami personally didn't have any theories himself... better to just have a healthy paranoia of most people he was working with instead, keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour. Looking back to Niah, he doubted he'd have any paranoid thoughts about her.

"How 'bout you? You ready for the mission?"
Charlie Farrier

Location: Bad-Guy van going... somewhere?

Sucking in air sharply as he was grabbed by one of the men, Charlie tried to avoid shouting in pain as his injured leg was jostled, landing on it painfully as he was all but tossed into the van. Richard was thrown in unceremoniously too, followed by Allison, Dean, and a very groggy looking Ayita. Underneath all the fear, pain and anger, Charlie still felt admiration for Ayita's fierce tenacity, even without her powers. Still, it didn't help that she'd been tranquillised.

Taking a quick look at Richard and relaxing only slightly upon seeing his chest continuing to rise and fall, Charlie re-opened the medikit and retrieved the bandages.Though his hands were cuffed and sticky with blood, he was able to wind some around his bullet wound, tying tightly with a quite growl of pain before gnawing off the end to move onto the next injury.

"'Hate Mary'? Jesus, don't be so dramatic. She's a leader, not a dictator. Last I checked we were allowed to disagree with her." Charlie replied wearily to Dean, shaking his head as he began shuffling over to Allison. "If you want to be unfair in pointing fingers, blame her. She was the one who took half the team with her to have a 'talk' with Jakobsen." Which in itself was an unfair accusation, but that was the point he was trying to make. Sure, it was an idiotic plan to start with, but Mary didn't know what was going to happen actually did, just as they didn't know what would happen if the left the Tower. At the very least their group were aiming to do something useful. He paused though, deciding that regardless of what they thought about the current leadership of the X-Men, Dean had done them a solid. "Thanks for trying to get to us anyway though, man. Sorry that you're stuck here, but it was pretty brave of you to come anyway." He definitely needed some recognition, especially when it came to avoiding the Sentinels just to check on their status.

Offering the bandages to Allison, he winced as he shifted his weight away from his injured leg. "Hey." He began softly. "We listened. That's gotta count for something, right?" He would have hated if Allison had gone solo on this mission. Being injured and kidnapped with a very uncertain future sucked, but at least they had each other.

Nina van Essenhout

Location: Leaving Jakobsen's Office

It was clear that if Nina was a part of Carolina's life in the future she was from, then she hadn't got to know her all that much. The last thing Nina would have done were she in Marygold's place would have been to bring this many people away from the rest of the group - in fact, she doubted she would have gone at all and spent more time looking at her other options. Even earlier she had vouched for Guin's idea; just one person going, with Nina volunteering basically as a human shield. Still, Carolina was injured, and the last thing they needed right now was an argument surrounding hypotheticals. Though, Nina couldn't quite understand Cassandra's comment. It sounded like something a mother would say to her child who was in trouble, without making a commotion in public. Did she honestly have an issue with Nina's fairly logical complaints against Marygold's choices?

Deciding to wait and see until later, Nina followed the others out, taking up the back to make sure nobody crept up on them with guns. As it happened, it seemed Jakobsen was pretty unperturbed at them leaving unharmed, which she couldn't work out. Was the plan to let them go to Stark Tower, only to be killed in the fight against the Sentinels? Whatever he was planning, stepping outside it seemed as though that a fight had occurred here regardless. Several pools of blood on the floor, but not a body in sight. Nina's blood ran cold as Guin voiced her concerns, and Nina couldn't help but silently agree. Although Allison had been mistreated earlier by Marygold and Folly, Nina was sure she'd show up if she thought she could help. A vision was entirely possible with her future sight, but the younger woman had certainly become more headstrong lately. Showing up just to provide backup wouldn't have been out of the ordinary for her.

"I think you're probably right." She said to Guin, looking at the pools of blood once more before turning to her, obviously concerned. "And if it was her, I doubt she'll have come alone. Ayita... Richard too, probably." That meant potentially three or more of their number injured and whisked away somewhere unknown. At that, she came to an uncomfortable realisation.

"Carolina, you mentioned experimentation on mutants, on Jakobsen's daughter? When did they start doing that?" She asked Future Carolina as she caught up to her. "Could they have taken someone now?" Part of her hoped she would answer with a nonchalant 'they don't start for another few years', but somehow she doubted the response would be so positive.
Sami Rhodes

Location: The Bus
Skills: Power Sensing, Reactive Adaptability

Despite the fact that they were now essentially living on a plane, Sami was settling in quite well in his new room. He'd never been a fan of moving, but the transition from the Academy to the Bus felt far more liberating than any other time. Even with the the newest deaths hanging over the group, finally being out on a mission together felt like things were finally coming to a head. All that pain, suffering and risk to get their powers was over with... replaced with a whole new one, but at least they'd have a fighting chance working as a group. You couldn't really do much against the mutations shutting down your body as had happened to poor Antoine.

Just as Sami was thinking that he should track down Niah for some TLC, his phone buzzed. Not recognising the number, he wondered very briefly if perhaps Fury had taken him up on his request and was keeping him posted about his Uncle. Unfortunately, the subject of the message was something entirely out of Sami's comfort zone. The vagueness of the message didn't help, nor did the unknown sender. He knew it must have come from someone high up, possibly even Fury himself. Thinking back, Fury had even mentioned von Bardas when they discussed killing enemy foes in battle... but still, this seemed too far. Sami had no qualms about killing people in self-defence or the defence of others, but being told to put someone down during the mission felt like an assassination. He hadn't signed up to be an assassin, and he certainly felt uncomfortable about the shady way they had gone about doing this. Why couldn't they ask the rest of the group, if it was so important? Was the threat of HYDRA still so abundant that they felt they could only trust the gay black guy who couldn't possibly be a Nazi? Or perhaps it was his relation to the esteemed Colonel Rhodes. Whatever the case, he didn't like it, but had no idea how to broach the subject with the others - or if he should even risk discussing it.

Leaving his room in a far dimmer mood, Sami made his way to the lounge, hoping he could get a bit of alcohol in before their mission truly started.
Charlie Farrier

Location: Outside Campaign Office

It seemed that once Charlie hit the ground, time slowed down. In an instant it appeared that Dean had randomly showed up, Richard had been pegged in the chest, and the girls each received a bullet for their attempted escape. He wanted nothing more than to run to them, and make sure they were okay... but there was a far more injured friend laying near by.

Scooting over to Richard as fast as his injured leg would let him, Charlie tore off his hoodie and balled it up, pressing it against the ebbing flow of blood emanating from Richard's chest. Blood was trickling from his mouth, and his eyes already seemed to glaze over. As more gunfire sounded out Charlie's gaze ripped from the ex-assassin's idle eyes, and he watched Ayita be gunned down once again. What were these men doing? Was the goal to kidnap, or to kill? Looking around wildly, Charlie clocked a bright red cross on a box within one of the vans. In the meantime, Dean had amazingly done something useful by taking charge one of the guns and turning it on their attackers, taking down two of them before being felled himself.

"HEY!" Charlie hollered at the closest man, his gun waving threateningly. "You want us alive for a reason, huh? Well if you don't help me here, this man is going to die." Well, he assumed so anyway. Charlie had no real experience in injuries or medicine beyond his high school biology and health classes. What he did hope was that the medikit both had something to help Richard out with, and some kind of weapon. Scissors, safety pins, even tweezers could take somebody's eyes out. Unfortunately, as the man tossed the kit uncaringly towards Charlie and he flung it up with blood-stained hands, he nearly threw it to one side in annoyance. Nothing of use, barring some bandages the rest of them could use. Keeping his pressure on Richard's chest steady, he watched the man carefully, hoping that dimming light in his eyes wouldn't entirely fade away.

Nina van Essenhout

Location: Jakobsen's Office

"Oh, sure. You bring a mentally unstable mutant to a mission of diplomacy and I'm the idiot." Nina retorted swiftly to Marygold before dropping the matter, utterly ignoring Folly's dark glare as she regarded the room. A madwoman's problems were not important, not with a whole group to get to safety. In fact, that in itself was a problem. Returning to the tower was their goal, and as they had overwhelming evidence by way of Pietro and Carolina, the tower was no longer safe. Clearly Jakobsen's aim had been to divide and conquer, and like any under-experienced leader would, Marygold fell for the bait. Totally halving her group to maximise injuries, and potentially, fatalities.

Rushing to Carolina's side with Cassandra, Nina noted yet another mass of scar tissue from burns. Were there explosions, fire at the tower? If it was the Sentinels, how much damage were they truly wreaking?

"Let's go." Nina said to Cassandra, looking towards the main doors. "I'll stay in front, try and make sure you don't get hit by anything." So far, there had been no signs of the forces they had encountered at the Mansion, but Nina wasn't taking any chances. She knew Cassandra would want to look after her sister - both of them, the future one here, and to get to the present one at their destination. At least she could focus on helping future Carolina out with her injuries - and any more that may appear - while Nina dealt with defence.
Sami Rhodes,
Agent Simmons
Agent Fitz

Rather than meeting in the training room, Fitz-Simmons had decided to take the pair to one of the teaching labs over in building four. They weren't here to impress upon them how to fight - how to hurt people and get information from them or just to eliminate a threat. Instead, their job was to try to impart some scientific wisdom. "Jemma, did you get the--" "demonstration kit? Yes I did," Simmons answered, giving her husband a smile.

The mere fact that the second training session was taking place in a lab and not a gym, led Sami to believe that this was going to be far less hands on. Normally he'd be itching to get out of a classroom environment, but after several broken bones, figured that whatever the couple were teaching would be useful, and less fracture-ridden. Nodding at Arc and giving him a grin, Sami looked to Fitz and Simmons curiously as they mentioned a demonstration kit.

"I'm guessing this is going to be a bit more complicated than my high school science, huh?" He asked teasingly, taking a seat.

"Given that in the United States, high school science is a farce, yes," Simmons pointed out with a sweet smile. "And of course, even your universities will try to pass of writing courses as counting for science credit, it's no wonder your scientific literacy rate is so low." Arcturus chuckled at this, before someone came inside the room and pulled him inside. They needed him to come take a look at some data they had received, meaning that he was excused from training for the day. He gave Sami and the others a salute, before he left the room.

"And then there were three..."

Sami had watched Arc curiously as he left the room, thinking it a bit of a shame they wouldn't get to train together, even if it was just in the area of science. Still, one less person made it less likely for him to suffer yet another fracture.

"Let's get this show on the road then. What tricks do y'all have up your sleeve?" He was still interested in seeing what this demonstration consisted of, though he'd be less than amused if it involved stone of any kind. Kennedy had shown him enough of that.

"No tricks," Simmons said with a laugh. "It's not like we're about to attempt to convince you of the Copenhagen philosophy, whilst you're a solid defender of locality and prescribe to Einstein's opinion that it's nothing more than regulated the quantum world to ghostly action at a distance - now that would be some trick." Fitz laughed, as if that was a completely normal thing for an individual to say.

"Oh, dear old Bohr would be rolling in his grave," he added with a chuckle.

"Maybe in this universe," Simmons chimed in with a wink.

"Maybe we ought to get a decaying substance, strap it to a geiger counter, and have the rigged to a doomsday device - and instead of a cat, we can use our new friend," Fitz suggested.

"Oh, that'd be cruel, and hardly anyone ever pursues that to the logical extreme, dear."

Sami watched the exchange between husband and wife, unimpressed and still waiting for an actual lesson to take place. Were they trying to prove a point by rattling off theorems and dead scientists or something? He wasn't sure if they were trying to act cute or if it was just something white people did to show off how clever they were. Whatever the case, he was missing Agent Kennedy's to-the-point demonstrations every second, broken bones or not. Before one of them could crack another chemistry joke that would just sound pretentious to anybody else's ears, Sami interjected with a grin.

"Maybe you guys ought to get on with the demonstration? Pretty sure Fury ain't paying us to be sitting round poking fun at... whatever the hell you guys were saying." He said jovially, though hoping they'd actually get the hint now and do their jobs.

Fitz-Simmons stared at him for a moment, frowning. Not everyone could appreciate the complexities of quantum mechanics - and the potential for faster than light signaling that could allow for messages to be transmitted into the past. They shared a look with each other that pretty much could've been interpreted as - typical Operations cadet. "So we thought it would be best to give you something that you might retain - a lesson in basic combat first aid. We'll start with CPR." Jemma said, pulling out a CPR dummy. Fitz then demonstrated the proper procedures, advising Sami to think of the song Stayin' Alive in order to keep the timing correct.

Sami had noticed the look going on between the married couple, but kept on smiling at them anyway. He was familiar with that look, having seen it plenty of times in high school. It was the look that popular girls shared with each other when a kid lower on the food chain didn't get the latest fashion trend, hairstyle or popular band at that time. It was the look the smart kids shared when a less talented or quick-thinking child struggled with a math problem at the front of the class when it came to them so easily. Even the Jocks would share that look when a kid who knew nothing about football tried to made conversation with them about it. Here, it was a pair of married nerds patronising a guy who hadn't taken science any farther than high-school for not knowing about wormholes or some complicated shit like that.

However, thankfully the nerds had actually started teaching him something. He was pleased to see something as recognizable as a CPR dummy, recalling the brief classes he'd taken in high school about the life-saving act. They'd also been taught the Heimlich manoeuvre, though most kids just saw the demonstrations as a chance to give their "choking" actor a bruised diaphragm for the next few days. He had too, but his buddy had dealt out just the same damage with a laugh when they had swapped over.

"Y'know, I saw an ad which said "Another one bites the dust" works for the tempo too." He said as he began his first 30 pumps on the dummy, hand over hand and applying as much pressure as possible. "Kinda fucked up right? A song about staying alive and one about dying, both for CPR." For the task at hand though, the former was probably more hopeful for the supposed victim.

"Honestly, it's quite appropriate for a situation where there best hope is an Operations cadet," Fitz said with a partial smile. There was a huge rivalry between SciTech and Operations, as was to be expected. Communications was like the Hufflepuff of SHIELD - they got along with everyone. SciTech was Slytherin and Operations was Gryffindor, two mortal foes destined to kill each other one day. "Good work on sticking to the correct pacing," Simmons encouraged.

Once again, Sami didn't comment on the snide remark made by Fitz, though Simmons' encouragement made the situation more positive. He had never understood the whole rivalry thing. Actually, that was a lie - he could understand two teams working together to the same goal having a rivalry, but that kind of shit was expected of kids and teenagers in high school. The fact that a bunch of adults between Operations and SciTech thought it was par for the course to regularly insult each other was frankly pathetic, in his eyes. They all had their role to play, and there was even crossovers between the two. He knew Operations folk who could hack with the best of them, and SciTech who could put you on your ass before you could say "truce". Hey, one of the people he got along with the most here was Niah, and she was SciTech.

Continuing several bouts of CPR through the coaching of his teachers, Sami recalled the grim thought he'd had when he practised chest compressions for the first time as a kid: hoping that he'd never have to do it in real life, especially on someone he cared about. However, with all the deaths that had happened already in the group, before they'd even started their first mission, he didn't hold much hope for the future about safe travels.
Charlie Farrier

Location: Outside Stark Tower -> Outside Campaign Office

The current state of things had devolved from bad to worse. After a fairly hair-raising horse ride, Charlie and the others had been subject to a far more personal inconvenience - that of an attack by individuals who were clearly anti-mutant, if their power preventing darts were anything to go by. All of a sudden Charlie felt the cool chill of the wind, something that his own internal power of controlling his body temperature had always prevented.

Looking towards the men with guns, Charlie froze as he had before under pressure several years ago. As Richard went about threatening and Ayita prompted them to run, Charlie only unfroze as Allison was struck and she began to flee with the shape-shifter. Suddenly launching himself between the sight of the running girls and the ends of the men's muzzles, he glared at them, willing his anger to overtake his fear.

"Who are you to talk to us like that? We haven't done anything wrong, and we sure as hell shouldn't have to do what you say without some kind of warrant." He doubted talk of legal issues would do anything against the armed men, but hopefully it would give Allison and Ayita enough time to get away. Unfortunately, it appeared that the men didn't like his backtalk. One of them raising his gun, a short blast was followed by a searing pain in Charlie's right calf, and he collapsed to the ground with a yell. The bastards had shot him, and as he clutched at his bleeding leg, Charlie realised that kidnapping wasn't the only thing on these men's agendas. Harm... and other less positive things, were more than possible.

Nina van Essenhout

Location: Jakobsen's Office

"Goddamnit, Folly!" Nina had growled as the woman marched forward and assaulted Jakobsen, only being followed by others in the room through various uses of their powers. Whatever Jakobsen had planned to do before, he had grounds for having them legally arrested for assault now. The idiots had just handed him a reason to detain them on a silver platter, all because Pietro had collapsed.

"Jakobsen, I'm telling you now - if you're innocent as you say then you need to go to Stark Tower! Then you'll know that we're not lying and we're all being exploited at this time!" Nina pleaded with Jakobsen, but it appeared that the man either didn't hear or wasn't interested in listening after getting his balls crushed by Folly. If he was innocent, he didn't care and was quite happy to see mutants dying.

"I knew this was a bad idea." She muttered under her breath before turning to Marygold. "We need to get everyone out of here! And keep a damned leash on your people - assault is the last thing we need added to our list of problems!" Her tone was quick, but hushed. They still had no proof that Jakobsen was behind the attack currently going on at the tower, and causing harm to him now was just foolish.
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