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Ok, so I haven't been active here in years, I used to post a lot back in the day before the site changed everything. I'm experienced but rusty, so forgive a slow or rough start but we will get there.

Anyway, this is a pretty straight forward request. I want someone to play MC for a persona RP I want to play. Those familiar with Persona will probably get what I mean, but for those unfamiliar quick setup. Persona is a jrpg series where you general play a high school student and through various circumstances gain a manifestation of a spirit of some kind called a persona. You get more members with similar abilities, fight an antagonist of some kind, and that's the main plot. The twist is that as a high school student, you gotta manage your time in each day as well, like who to hang out with, or building up stats outside of combat stats for more future actions like more courageous or kind actions. The reason this is important is your allies and ability to summon stronger personas grow stronger as your relationships do as well.

So basically, I would be almost like a GM, moderating the session, and you'd be the MC of the RP. I'd through scenarios at you and such. I'd prefer PM's as they're just more direct.

If you're interested, hit me up, give me a link to an example of your writing average, not your best. I want to see what to expect normally from you.

Any questions and concerns? bring them up when you pm me.

Short explanation I know, but I figured most of the details would be worked out by actually being in direct messaging with one another. Have a nice day.
So here's my story before I get into anything.

Hi, I'm PhantomSekai, somewhat long standing member of this site. I've been around since before the wipe/reboot of the site, as I started on this site back in 2009. I haven't RP'd in well over a year cause to be honest, I haven't cared too. I've had school, managing a social and romantic life, work, and looking to become a real adult (In college and trying to get a real career, not just a job to pay bills). So until recently, I just didn't feel like RP'ing, however...I stumbled upon this site in my browser suggestions and nostalgia kind of washed over me. To keep this from being to long, basically I want to start RP'ing again, and figured I'd just try and find people willing to RP with me.

For those that have looked at the tags, yes I intend for this to be an advanced level RP. Basic rules are:

-Grammar: Just make it legible. I'm gonna make mistakes like "jsut" but as long as you get the point across and it's not a five year old's comprehension of spelling and writing grammar wise, we should be fine.
-Time: Keep it reasonable. This is an advanced RP, so if you wish, a day or two to write out a full response is acceptable, hell even 3 days is okay. After 3 days, I'll start bugging you though.
-Limits: Basically, I'm not gonna say "Don't be here if you can't handle gore" but I do like to use more mature themes. Not just graphic stuff, but also adult level story telling that poses moral dilemmas. If you aren't into concepts that involve making harsh decisions, handling "real" issues and such, then this probably isn't for you

That's basically it. This is an advanced level RP so you should be able to figure out what's appropriate and inappropriate for this type of stuff.

With that said, lets move on to the actual RP concept.

So, first off, the setting. This is a "post apocalyptic" world, as in, this is about 300+ years after WW3 has ended. It essentially destroyed about 60-85% of the world and has caused a lot of shit to go down. To keep things simple geographically, essentially there's a new Pangaea. This large continent is about the size of Asia, Europe, and Africa pushed together. In this continent, there are several major areas, and factions. We'll go in a list:

1. Zeline: This is the eastern quarter of the continent. The size of china and india combined, it is the largest of any of the other countries, and is a mechanically advanced nation. From the ashes of the world, rose a group that had survived the nuclear holocaust in an underground series of tunnels and shelters, and after 100 years, they rose form the dirt when the radiation settled and with their technology created a large imperialistic nation that spread throughout the continent. They took over about 45-55% of the land but were halted due to unforeseen issues (i'll go into later). They were halted and from then on simply increased their technology by leaps and bounds and are currently in the development of AI to handle their everyday issues. Essentially despite the apocalypse, they have done quite well for themselves.

2. Natram: of the 55% of this new world that is dominated by Zeline, the next 44.9% of it is occupied somewhat by the Natram. The Natram are not a single group, but instead a united front of different tribes. See, while the future Zeline imperialists were hiding underground, the rest of the world was fucked, or so it seemed. But out of the ashes rose a new breed of survivors. Some of them simple mutated to be immune to radiation. Others became monster like beings, from rotting bodies that couldn't die, to giants of misshaped muscle and bone. To cut this down, the natram are tribes of different beings that developed post radiation and became more than the Zeline could handle.

The Zeline and Natram tribes went to war, and basically they held a stalemate. Which is why it's split 55-49.9.

Now you might be wondering "what is this other .1%?" I'm glad you're curious. In the North is a town referred to simply as "Neon" due to the neon lights shinning from it. The North is a wasteland of cold and nuclear destruction. There's no snow because the radiation prevents it, but the cold stays there. The city itself survives thanks to the power of the "gifted ones." See, while zeline hid from the radiation, and the natram were turned into different beings completely from it, the gifted were people that developed powers. Using these powers, they separated themselves from both groups and formed an area free from the war between the two groups. Now, why don't zeline or natram take it and use the gifted? Well, the north is a terrible place to be. Even the most powerful natram warriors and zeline explorers die in their quest to find it. It's a having for the gifted beings to hide, and an escape for those able to find it.

This is the setting of our world. Why's it important? Cause your character is going to be an escapee from one of these nations trying to get to Neon. Whether they're simply trying to get away from oppression, want to find power, are secretly a gifted one themselves, or anything else, your character wants to get there.

The RP itself will be around your character getting to the city, exploring, interacting with people there, and essentially other than a few major "world arc" type plots I have in mind, the way you'll carve the story out is by choosing who to interact with, and how to interact with them.

For anyone interested, please feel free to post here or PM me with question, concerns, or just to say "I'm interested and want to play with you."
Hey quick post. Sorry that it's taking so long for me to put up an IC post. Dealing with trying to find and job and stuff since I finished my semester up two weeks or so ago. It should only take another two days, three max, to sort out my shit and get a post up. THanks for being patient with me.
AND I ALMOST FORGOT, if you guys want to work out character relationships (like friends, lovers, rivals, enemies, etc.) please PM or mention the other person here and work anything out with them. And a final note, we'll be starting at around the 3rd day of classes at the beginning of the spring session, with everyone being placed in the same class, so everyone will at least be aware of the others.
Oh, one other thing I noticed @NeoAC @SiliconColt your characters use the same type of weapon. I don't mind that, just figured I'd point that out to you guys if either of you want to change it up.
Cool, everyone's posted a CS now so I'll probably have an intro post up within the next couple of days, and then our adventure shall begin. I hope everyone's excited
The CS looks fine Ceira. The one thing I would like to point out is the age though. See, since the setting is highschool, based on your age your character would be in a separate grade from the rest of us. Now you don't have to be in the same grade, not even sure if I'm putting everyone else in the same class yet, but just a little heads up for you, not forcing you to change or anything.
So I'm gonna give everyone still interested another day to finalize anything they want for CS's (everyone that's submitted one looks good) so once that's up, if we go over the original limit I had in mind then I'll pick the 4-5 others I want to go with. If we don't get over 5 people submitting CS's, then everyone's accepted. I'll also PM everyone to remind them about the RP just in case some people forgot since some people aren't being very active in the OOC
I don't mind as long as you feel you can keep up to the standards of advanced here.
Cool I was starting to get worried we might not get enough people to even start.
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