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Angela listened to Julia and got up she followed her out of the city and into the wasteland as they walked she listened to Julias explanation of the enforcers as she cleansed her fist gripping the handle of her blade

"these so call law enforcers are no better then the criminals they claim to chase in fact they are far worse how could they go so far as to reduce an area to a wasteland just to punish a few criminals"

Angela looked around and could feel the earth shake she was already on guard ready for the enforcers to make another attempt on their lives so when Julia shouted to warn them she had already jumped back out of the way of the worm she saw everyone one attack and watched to see how the worm would react she looked to Vixen as she did Vixen gave a small nod she knew exactly what Angela was thinking Vixen looked to the warm as it reemerged and pointed her tails at the warm and charged up 9 plasma blasts and fired if they hit they would burn though the warms armour and explode meanwhile Angela called out 2 names Celestia and Aqua the two spirits appeared in front of her and she placed Celestia in her sword and Aura in the scabbard as the 2 began to glow large ice shards formed floating in the air next to her the shards began to light up and she used them to reflect and focus the light inside them over and over again making the light far more powerful once the warm pop it's head up she fired 6 light blasts at it
fair warning @The Ones definition of "tonight" is usually tomorrow... maybe lol
@PharaohAtemLeval likes sweet things best but you can simply make requests of the chef :P Turns out cooking is really easy when you can simply decide what it tastes like

That would make things simpler lol hell with that you would actually be able to get kids to eat healthy food without any trouble lol
@The One Yes it is almost as OP as running away!

@PharaohAtem Cool thanks.

Also all may come and have some food in Leval and Shela's room, they are having chicken and veggies that taste and smell
like chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon rolls.

Personally I would prefer if it tasted like chicken chips and curry but I guess I shouldn't be picky lol
@PharaohAtem Leval didn't whisper he used his magic to send a private message mate :P Also I won't stop if you if you say your voodoo magic allows your dolls, thus you, to see through illusion magic. But I warn you if Leval and Sabrina ever duke it out that you will force Leval to become ... creative :P

Oh ok lol I miss read your post but yeah the fact she uses magic to see would mean see can see though magic but yeah she won't be able to hear Leval if that's the case lol

Sabrina listened to Pozuzy an honesty thought that coming here solely to have fun was a bit of a waste of time since you could have fun anywhere sure she hope that her time here would be full of fun and excitement but she at least came to learn something they continued to walk to their rooms and once there she looked to Pozuzy a little confused when he asked if they had gone the wrong way she honestly had no idea what he was talking about she assumed he was attempting to pull some kind of prank on her

"Just so you know you will never be able to fool me with illusions like that because I have been blind since I was a little kid and I have had to learn to use magic to see i have linked my senses with my dolls so I can see and here everything they see and hear and since they see using magic they can naturally see though magic"


Rose listened to Kuro and was honestly a little surprised not by the size of his collection of spells although that was a little surprising and somewhat impressive in and of itself but because he actually took out his book and announced that it has a wide verity of spells as well as all the spells from marlin it would not be hard for someone to steal or destroy that book although she understand why a little more when Yoruichi explained he had memorised the hole thing at least he could replace it if needed

"Honesty if you have the ability to give Yoruichi her own powers and abilities why bother sharing your power with her it only weakens you and from what I saw down at the meeting spot this school is not a place where you can afford to weaken yourself"

Rose then stopped for a moment and pulled out a some books one on rune magic one shapeshifting magic on mind magic one on elemental magic one on spirit magic and finally one about merlin the books began to flout around her as she continued

"Honesty there a lot of spells that could do the trick with mind magic there are plenty of spells to give someone telekinetic powers but sprint magic can allow you to communicate with your mind by setting up soul links then you have shapeshifting magic you could give her the power to change into anything she wants with that she could grow human vocal cords that will allow her to speak as well as you or I as for defensive and offensive powers you have elemental magic that will allow her to tap into the forces of nature and bend them to her will or there's rune magic that can do all that or more or you could use some of merlins spells he had a few that could give his familiars more power because even he with all his power knew it was a bad idea to share your power with anything else because you never know when you might need access to all of your power"

As she mentioned type of magic spell the book containing that spell would flout in front of Kuro and turn to the relevant page but as soon as she mentioned merlins spells she passed for a second

"Wait that book contains all the spells of your ancestors right that mean your descended from merlin who was descended from the royal Neko blood line so that would make you a prince that's actually pretty interesting so it would be safe to assume that book contains the entire magical knowledge of the entire Neko Kingdom and if that's the case that's one impressive collection"

Rose paused yet again this time because she saw Grace bring out some files with the names of her and her roommate on them they looked quite big like they contained a lot more information you would expect to find in a school file she noticed that Graces was heavily redacted this peaked her curiosity she waved her hand in front of her face one again and like before her glasses flashed she took a look at Grace and her file thanks to the spell she casted on her glasses she could not only see graces true form but all the information in her file she then looked back to Kuro


Listened to Shade before responding

"I may have only just met you but I can say one thing for sure you are no monster you show regret and remorse when you do something wrong and own up to it and apologise for it a monster would give in to their darkest impulses willingly a monster wouldn't care who they hurt they would not feel the slightest bit of guilt and they would never apologise I have met my share of monsters but are not one by any definition"
@PharaohAtemlol you'd think wukong would notice the collapsing and the bleeding when he does that lol in any case leval is gonna say something about it next

To be fair their was a lot going on the first time he did it lol but yeah he would probably start to notice the pattern

Angela saw a large Crystal Phoenix headed over to her it she listened to it seamed to know who she was she figured it must of use some kind of magic she knew of a few spells that would allow you to identify someone you've never met before she looked up to winter in an attempt to meet her gaze before responding
"Yes I am Angela"
She paused for a second thinking about how big the room would have to be to fit them both completely before continuing
"Nice to meet you so what is a Crystal Phoenix doing at this school if you don't mind me asking?"


Vixen listened to Rika and gave him a soft smile
"It's nice to meet you to but you don't have to worry about losing control around me I have plenty of experience dealing with demons and no matter how powerful you may be a demon going berserk will never be able to get the better of me now if you where in full control of your demon that would be a different story"

After she finished speaking she noticed that the demon seal had been removed she wasn't sure if it was by his angel side or by Arken


Suddenly the sin demon flew over to her and introduced himself and started giggling by the grin on his face and the look in his eye it was pretty obvious he was planning something she had a feeling her school life would be pretty interesting with this demon as her roommate
"Well since you already know who I am and there's nothing better to do we may as well check out the room"
She then started walking towards their rom and stopped for a second and looked back to at him
"So what's a sin demon doing at a magic school?"


Suddenly the words on Roses book began to change and form the words 'look up' she waved her hand over her book changing the words back then she put the book back in her bag and looked up with an annoyed expression on her face
"You shouldn't mess with people's belongings even if the spell is relatively simple to reverse it's still very rude not to mention interrupting someone while they are reading a book is pretty inconsiderate"
She stopped for a moment taking another look at Kuro and Yoruichi
"So your a Neko from what I understand they have a high affinity for magic and it's obvious you know at least some spells"
She then waved her hand in front of her face and the rune for sight appeared her glasses then began to glow and the rune disappeared she took another look at Yoruichi she could now see the magic coming from her she then looked back to Kuro and could tell the magic energy coming from him was the same as the energy coming from Yoruichi
"As I suspected that's not your average cat or more precisely it's no longer an average cat but what you don't get is why infuse your magic into a common house pet? Wouldn't it be more efficient to enchant her so she can tap into the magic in the atmosphere or or draw power form nature or do you simply not know how?"
As she finished she waved her hand passed her face one more removing the spell she cast on her glasses


Suddenly a small dragon like creature flew over to her and introduced itself it seamed it would be her roommate she listened to what it hat to say before responding
"It makes no difference to me I didn't bring anything if I happen to need any thing I'll just open a portal back home and collect it so I have no need to go to the room nor am I in any rush to see it"


Suddenly a small strange creature came over to her and began speaking apparently this was her new roommate but she found herself more then a little confused when it apologised to her she had no idea what it had done wrong or why it needed to apologise
"I honestly have no idea why you're apologising but I really don't care what happened either anyway you already know who I am so there's no need for me to introduce myself"
@PharaohAtem Come on, everyone's thinking it!

Too True lol
@AllHollowsEve Before you know it, he'll be trying to kiss her, or worst....trying to plant his seeds. Xd.

You stole my joke lol me and dragon where discussing that possibility last night
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