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Co post Pink and Ambrosia

Pinky listened to Ambrosia with a smile happy she has made a new friend while Mr rabbit look a little disappointed after hearing Ambrosia wasn’t much of a fighter Owlly noticed that Ambrosia suddenly started smelling like raspberries after eating them a simple fact that the others either didn’t notice or didn’t understand the implications of such small change. Pinky took a quick look around realising to see if everyone else was ready to head to the maze

“Of course you can call me Pinky silly after all we’re friends it doesn’t look like the others are quite ready to leave yet we could pack ourselves some lunch for later in case we get hungry we could even make a little extra for the others and have a picnic with everyone that would be so fun and a great way to make more friends but what would we eat”

Pinky then created a rune in the air next to with the elvish symbols for ingredients and manifestation in the center.

“I really like vegetables so we definitely need some veg maybe some pees and carrots, cauliflower is nice to umm there’s also cabbage and brussel sprouts ohh sweet corn can’t forget that umm potatoes are good to you can make so many tasty things out of them probably best to get old and new potatoes for more options we will probably need some meat to lamb is pretty popular chicken and turkey is nice to or we could have beef or pork or maybe some sea food like octopus for takoyaki or tuna for sushi or we could have something a little more fancy like lobster, oysters and caviar or maybe something a little more exotic like king crab, bear, bison, wild boar, ostrich or venison some countries also like to sure frogs and rattle snakes we may need eggs and cheese as well but there’s a lot of different types guess a better get them all kinds just to be safe oh I should probably grab some bread baps and tortilla wraps as well just in case”

Pinky continued talking as she did she pulled the ingredients out of thin air pulling out each and every ingredient that she mentioned. Owlly realised that they now has tons but nothing to cook them with and no one to do the cooking.

“Perhaps we could use the training room to create a fully functional kitchen although we will still need someone to do the cooking I wonder if it’s possible to use the training room to create a competent chef as well”

Ambrosia's mouth watered staring at all of the ingredients in front of her. Her endless stomach was near roaring with desire to try the delicious buffet. 'And all those potential abilities there just ready for the taking... The question became how quickly she moved forward with milking every potential resource she could out of Pink.' She shook her self and refocused her attention on Pinky.

"Wow I have never seen a power like yours before! It's incredible to be able to pull those things simply out of mid-air! We can definitely start doing some prep work in the kitchen for out trip. Given the huge variety though, it is probably best to make a large tasting collection. That way we can try all the food. And possibly have enough room for seconds. Or thirds. Possibly fourths." Ambrosia set up the kitchen in the training room and began to prep all the ingredients. For each ingredient, she tried a small piece of each under the curtain of a chef tasting her food. While many of the foods would not provide any new abilities several had incredible gains for her. She gained [Wool Generation] from the lamb [Horn Manifestation] from the beef [Enhanced Smell] from the Pork [Enchanced Strength] from the bear, boar and bison, [Lightning Reflexes] from the rattlesnake, [Chitin Armor] from the the king crab and lobster, [Enchanced Speed] from the ostrich and venison, [Bone Spurs] from the chicken and turkey, [Camouflage] from the octopus, [Enhanced Jumping] from the frogs, and even her [Fish-scale generation] ability improved.

Ambrosia was thrilled and poured that enthusiasm into her cooking until she had gathered a large picnic basket that would keep their small group more than well fed.

Pinky watched in amazement as Ambrosia started prepping the ingredients and began cooking she went to work with the skill and speed of a master chef as Ambrosia was finished making some tasty treats and placed them in a basket Pinky brought the basket to life granting it the power to keep all the food fresh to preserve the tests Pinky also increased the basket storage capacity making it possible to put a seemingly limitless amount of food, plates and cutlery in the basket. Pinky then began adding plates bowls a candle stick even a large table and chairs she then created an enchanted menu that would automatically add all the different food options in the basket onto itself so everyone knew what they could choose from. Pinky then realised they had sorted out a load of food options but didn’t make any drinks so she reached over to the rune she made earlier and pulled out multiple types of juice as well as milk and a few different kinds of pop and added them then added a tea set cups in as well in case someone wanted a hot drink Pinky then looked up to Ambrosia.

“Ambrosial is there anything else you think we may need for the picnic? this will be my first picnic with such a large group in the past it’s just been me Mr rabbit and owlly so I want to make sure we have everything we need and enough for everyone if you think of anything you can were missing you can grab it out of the portal it’s really easy to use just reach inside it and think of whatever any ingredients or drinks you want and it’ll appear in your hand.”

Ambrosia flicked her gaze from the picnic basket and portal and back again. Years of coaching her expressions were not enough to totally conceal the animalistic, ravenous hunger from her expression. She could try so many foods and gain so many different abilities. Never in her wildest dreams could she have imagined it would be so easy to gain access to this massive stockpile of food. Her hunger pushed her to reach through and grab more food and more power in devotion to her patron sin. But she held back.

She exhaled slowly and brought herself under control. She was not a slave to the hunger inside of her. It was her tool to use. To power her forward in this new realm to the very top. She would delight in her new freedom on her own terms, not the demons. She felt the tension begin to ease out her jaw and looked over at Pinky.

"Maybe a nice bottles of wine for the older students. Possibly barrels if some of the dragons come with us. I will grab them in a moment." Ambrosia imagined and set up sound blocking wards and tech surrounding them so the room would add them. Once they were secure and she was certain no one could eavesdrop, she leaned forward to Pinky. "Pinky, you have been such a good friend to me. I feel there is something I should tell you. If you and your friends promise not to tell anyone, I would like to tell you a secret about me."

Her powers would be revealed at some point and it was possible that this incredible resource she had found would dry up if it felt betrayal. However, if Ambrosia were to bring reveal the truth now, a much more profitable long-term relationship would emerge. By getting Pinky invested her Ambrosia's development now, she would have a useful ally which was far better than a short term boost.

Owlly was watching Pinky and her new friends prepare a feast while calling it a picnic. Owllys suspicion that Ambrosia was hiding something confirmed when she told Pinky that she would like to tell her a secret about herself. Owlly noticed Ambrosia attempt to prevent others from overhearing their conversation and decided to help by using her aerokinesis Owlly created a small vacuum around them preventing the sound from their voices from reaching the other students. Pinky looked to Ambrosia with a look of curiosity and confusion while Mr Rabbit looked a intrigued.

“That’s a silly question Ambrosial we’re friends now, Friends can tell each other anything and shear secrets with each other of course we won’t tell anyone.”

Owlly then hoped off Pinks shoulder landing in front of Ambrosia Owlly then used her aerokinesis increase the amount of steam generated from all the cooking Ambrosia was doing creating a makeshift smoke screen to reduce the chances of anyone reading their lips.

“Am I correct in assuming this is about the true nature of your powers?. If so I can assure you that neither I nor Pinky will care that you weren’t entirely honest during your introduction. Even Pinky understands that some people are not comfortable sharing information about themselves to strangers, and although none of us will revile anything you tell us in confidence.“

Ambrosia appreciated the steps Owlly took to better conceal their conversation and gave him a thankful nod while also wondering if she what owls tasted like. His ability looked quite useful after all. 'This one is more clever than I had assumed. Good to know.'

"The truth is my powers have nothing to do with the water. I actually gain abilities from things that I eat." Ambrosia demonstrated by putting her hand on the counter and activating her new ability [Camoflauge] to cause her skin to shift color to the same metallic silver of the countertop, making it difficult to discern where her arm ended and the counter began. "This is from the takoyaki you gave me earlier, for example. My power is new so I don't have many quite yet. I didn't want to tell the group yet because I am nervous about being targeted without a good means to defend myself, but I think I can trust you, my friend. And your friends are my friends. Can you forgive me for deceiving you Pinky?" She said this last part with smile that suggested uncertainty and cautious hope?

Pinky Mr Rabbit and Owlly listened to Ambrosia Mr Rabbit Jumped onto to counter with an excited smile

“That’s an amazing power does it have any limitations like how much do you need to eat before you gain any abilities for example if I game you some of my blood and you made blood pudding out of it would that allow you to copy my powers? If so that would be awesome.”

Pinky was a little curious about the full potential of Ambrosia powers as well as she watched Ambrosia demonstrate her new ability. Pinky let out a little giggle when she realised Ambrosia thought she would me mad at her for some reason.

“Forgive you for deceiving me? When I don’t remember asking you about your powers so how could you of deceived me about them. You never asked me about my powers either so have I deceived you by not telling you exactly how they work? Or because I have told you I am an Usamimi?. I have super human speed and agility I am skilled in enhancement magic and rune magic and I can create life in any thing given it any power or ability I want.”

Pinky paused for a moment as she did the mouth on her hood as well as the little bunny on her cloak and the two bunnies on her gloves and shoes and even the basket spoke up all in unison.

“Pinky brought all of us to life and gave us all powers. She based our personality of her own so we our like an extension of her so we work better together since we know what each other are thinking.”

As they were speaking Pink lifted up her hood reviling her black bunny ears tucked into the ear hole in her hood and once they where done speaking Pinky continue speaking.

“I didn’t mention all this in my introduction say all of this in my introduction because it’s a long and boring explanation I prefer to demonstrate my powers is faster and more fun does that mean I deceived everyone?. You don’t have to be nervous about being targeted anymore Friends look out for each other protect each other we may not look like it but we are all pretty strong.”

Pink paused once more as she thought more about how Ambrosia was nervous about being targeted before she could defend herself as she had an idea that may help but before she could say anything Owlly spoke up.

“you said you gain abilities from things that you eat so could you eat anything and gain it’s abilities? Could you eat something Pink brought to life and take the powers she gave to it? Could you eat fire and gain fire powers? do you think you could eat some of Pinks runes if she made them solid and gain abilities from them? Could you eat some of my feathers and gain my abilities? or like Mr Rabbit asked gain some of our ability though our blood or would you need to eat a piece of us like a foot for example? And for that matter can you take multiple abilities form one sauce would it even be possible for you to copy all of our abilities or could you only take one from each of us?”

Ambrosia, pleased at the positive response, answered Rabbit first."I need to eat at least one full mouthful of whatever it is I want to gain the ability of. Usually I am able to only gain one ability from what I eat, but if I eat the same thing multiple times but from different sources I can gain different abilities or strengthen pre-existing ones."

”Well I did lie to you all about my abilities during my introduction, rather than not talk about them like Wakefield did. I just wanted to make sure that you knew I trusted you and that I didn't abuse your trust by gorging myself from your portal." Ambrosia gave her Happy Smile #6. "I am glad we are friends too. I do have a question: what is an Usamimi? I am not very well informed on the more 'magic' things of the world."

Answering Owlly's questions took some thought but she gave honest replies. ”Well I could probably gain your abilities if I had enough of your feather and yes some blood would probably increase the chances of gaining a better ability from you. The fresher the material the higher chance of gaining a more powerful ability. I would be limited to one ability from each of you. However, with objects enchanted with an ability it is extremely likely to gain that enchantment rather than an aspect of the base material. Objects tend to be more simple, though I am not sure how it would work with objects you've brought to life. I couldn't eat anything intangible like fire or magic because I don't currently have a means to bite into that. I don't think runes would work either unless the enchantment were solid and currently active."

The three listened to Ambrosias answers while considering the best way to help her get stronger. once Ambrosia was done Owlly flew over to the ingredients portal as she hovered in front of it she placed both her talons then flew back over to Ambrosia with fresh Rabbit and owl meat placing it in front of Ambrosia.

“Eat that then me Mr Rabbit will give you our feathers fur hair and blood to consume that should increase your chances at gaining one of our powers and not just a simple ability. Pink please Make a rune and a living doll with the power to solidify anything with no physical form. Then enchanted a peace of candy or something with the same power and we will see what works.”

As Owlly finished speaking Pink created a living doll and a solidly rune made out of solid air and a mint enchanted with the same power. while Mr Rabbit and Owlly plucked out some of their feather and fur while cutting themselves slightly to fill a small shot glass each then once they where done pinky did the same. While they waited to see the results of their little experiment Pink spoke up to answer her question reciting all the lessons on the history of Usamimi that was drummed into her head at school in a rather disinterested tone.

“Usamimi are a magical race that evolved from humans gaining traits of rabbit such as superhuman leg strength. Over the course the evolution process Usamimi also became exceptionally skilled at enhancement based magic combined with their leg strength the average Usamimi can generate enough force with one kick to shatter a full grown dragons skull. Now Usamimi are known for their high agility speed and enchantment magic making them one of the most swiftest magical races easily surpassing the speed of creature such as unicorns and pegassi.”

Ambrosia took the rabbit and owl meat from Owlly. Neither seemed particularly bothered by the meat of their kin in her hand, nor with the fact that she was going to eat part of the bodies. Ambrosia made a mental shrug and dug into the meat, quickly devouring them with ease. 'If it doesn't bother them, no reason to hold back.' She felt the now familiar hum of power course out from her stomach as she absorbed two new abilities. From the rabbit she gained [Enhanced Jump] and from the owl meat she gained [Enhanced Head Rotation]. Ambrosia was pleased with the first ability, but the second... 'Why didn't I get something actually useful like the ability to fly?'

Ambrosia then followed Owlly's suggestion and took part of the pieces from Mr. Rabbit and Owlly. The quality of the flavor was totally beyond what Ambrosia had ever eaten before. Ambrosia's eyes widened in delight as the her taste buds exploded with joy. However, all too soon the flavor was gone and disappointment combined with craving. On the plus side two new abilities appeared: [Sugar Empowerment] and [Enhanced Hearing].

"Well thank you both! I did manage to gain two new abilities. Owlly, I think I got your sense of hearing rather than one of your powers. However, Mr. Rabbit, I got your ability to become stronger when eating items with sugar! All in all a great success!"

Eating the rune did not seem to trigger any resonance in her stomach, but the living doll granted her the ability they were aiming for! She had gained the ability to solidify non-physical forces! Ambrosia gave them a thumbs at that point. The candy slightly increased the efficiency of the ability, but she also allowed her to feel the new temporary strength from ingesting the sugar on top of her newly enhanced strength.

Finally, she drank the glass from Pinky and it was like she had taken a true piece of ambrosia, the food of the gods. The incredible power that raced through Pinky's veins was mind-boggling. Her stomach roared with the desire for more, but all too soon the taste was gone. Ambrosia stood still for more than a minute trying to taste the faint echo of that godly favor. Her legs began to burn white-hot as she felt the musculature shift and grow inside them. She grabbed the countertop and used her enhanced strength to keep her body from collapsing underneath her. The smallest whimper escaped her lips as she tried to keep it together. The pain finally began to fade and she was left with her new ability [Usamimi Leg Strength].

Ambrosia gingerly lowered herself to the floor and took an experimental step forward. She flew forward with unexpected speed and her arms whipped forward using [Lightning Reflexes] to wrap around Pinky in what would appear to be a tight hug. Ambrosia decided to simply roll with it and released her with a smile "Thanks for doing all this guys, I feel a lot stronger already! And thank you for telling me about Usamimis, it was really interesting for me! And please, you just let me know whatever you might need help with soon!"

Pink watched as Ambrosia eat the Rabbit Owl and then the blood, hair fur and feathers they had given her as well as the rune living doll and the mint Pink made. It was easy to see how much Ambrosia enjoyed eating the blood fur and feathers form Owlly and Mr Rabbit however when drinking the hair and blood from Pink for a moment it looked like she was enjoying the it far more then the others but then it looked like she was experiencing a lot of pain in her legs having to hold on to the counter to stop herself from falling over. Suddenly Ambrosia tried walking forward but since she was not yet use to the speed and power that came with an Usamimi leg strength she flew forward faster then Ambrosia expected Pink could see the look of surprise on her face as Ambrosia flew at her wrapping her in a tight hug. Owlly lowered the smoke screen and void she had made after Ambrosia finished thanking them. Pink smiled at Ambrosia happy her she could help her friend.

“You don’t need to thank me that’s what friends are for to help and support each other whenever they can. We should probably finish packing up the food and head back over to the others who are heading to the maze. Has the rest of the food finished cooking?”

Owlly then flew back over to Pink and landed on her shoulder once more as Pink pulled out a few different types of wine from the portal then placed it in the basket like Ambrosia suggested. Pink then saw as the heat from the stove started to die down assuming thi s meant the food was ready so she packed it up and added it to the basket she then dispelled the portal rune. Pink then waited to see if Ambrosia was ready to rejoin the others before walking back to the group with her new friend.
@EurmalEye ah ok lol I was just making sure since the opponent Danielle is going to face is pretty op but with her magic she can and would set up a portal/ protective barrier around her room creating a kind of home point that she can use to teleport herself Manta and others to if needed although in this case she wouldn’t go herself since she has history with Kiola and Danielle that if she left as well Kiola would just hunt and kill one of the other students so her plain is basically send manta back to the school then fight Kiola and hold off long enough for for Arken and the teachers to show up and save the day lol
@EurmalEye@DarkShadowWolf@The One so I guess that means leval Shela manta and Danielle are going to be in the maze together? Or will they be separated by that point cos Danielle is gonna end up fighting Kiola and I don’t see how leval and Shela would deal with that banshee? I mean the plan was originally to teleport Manta to safety and have Danielle fight it alone since manta wouldn’t stand a chance against her so I guess I could do the same with leval and Shela
@The One well so far She gained [Enchanced Strength] from the bear, boar and bison, [Lightning Reflexes] from the rattlesnake, [Chitin Armor] from the the king crab and lobster, [Enchanced Speed] from the ostrich and venison, [Bone Spurs] from the chicken and turkey, [Camouflage] from the octopus, [Enhanced Jumping] from the frogs, and even her [Fish-scale generation]

That is a direct quote from what has already happened in the co post but she will probably also gain wool generation form the lamb and horn manifestation from the beef thats just form the basic ingredients but Pink will also offer Ambrosia some fresh rabbit and owl so she can gain the basics abilities form them so Ambrosia has a higher chance of getting the powers of mr rabbit owlly and pink when she offer Ambrosia her own hair and blood along with Mr rabbits hair and blood and owlly a feathers and blood to help her gain some of their abilities as well as offer her a solidified runes with the power to solidarity none solids so she can eat things like fire after that she will try creating living dolls with powers one of which will also have the power to solidify none solids in case Ambrosia can’t gain powers from runes however if Ambrosia can get power from living dolls or runes she will start offering her other powers and abilities she may like by literally asking Ambrosia what kind of abilities she wants
@EurmalEye your just lucky we didn’t use Pinks full power cos if we did Ambrosia would have to be a hole lot more carful about trying to manipulate Pink since her actually power is she can control anything with an face as well as put a face on anything that doesn’t have one while giving it a power of her choice so if we used her full power she and Pink found out Ambrosia was just using her could take control of Ambrosia and take her revenge assuming she felt betrayed/ pissed enough lol although admittedly it’s doubtful she would do that but then again Darkshaow and the one know this character better then I do so I guess it’s possible lol
Y'all @PharaohAtem is using Pinky to majorly power level Ambrosia. They have a really good power synergy lol

In my defence Ambrosia gets stronger by eating anything with abilities and pink can not magically produce ingredients for her to eat but literally create living things with power for her to eat and it’s something she would do for a friend so I kinda have to do it or I would be going against her CS and acting out of character lol
@EurmalEye we will most likely be doing a collaboration post during the maze since pink will want to stay with and explore the maze with Ambrosia since their now friends Owlly will want to keep any allies close by since there is strength in numbers and getting trapped in a living maze could easily prove dangerous and Mr rabbit would be interested to see how she uses her powers and how she fights so the minute the maze starts to move they will react and make sure they are all close enough to Ambrosia that they won’t be separated unless something happens before then to force them apart but unless blake starts attacking kids again I can’t think of anything that could percent them from teaming up in the maze lol

Other then that though they are just having a conversation atm so apart from Ambrosia and Mr rabbit having a sparing match I can’t think of anything for us to collab over unless you have an idea for a collab?

Actually thinking about I suppose we could use Pinks and Mr rabbits powers to make them a little picnic with those two conjuring up ingredients and the help of Ambrosiaa choking skills we could probably make one hell of a tasty feast lol thinking about it that’s definitely something Pink and Mr Rabbit would be up for and it would be an interesting if now wired way to bond and it would even give Ambrosia a chance to stockpile a few extra abilities ready for her big fight at the maze if your interested in that idea or have a better idea for a collab let me know and instead of posting pinks response in the IC I’ll Pm it to you and we can get started on a collab
@EurmalEye damn the facepalm emoji would be pretty operate now lol I completely forgot about how she introduced herself and how she would of Seamed excited I probably should of reread your previous post admittedly I kinda assumed based off how she analysed the show the smiling and clapping would come across as fake to those who are perceptive kinda how you can sometimes tell when someone is putting on a happy face when they are bored or just pretending to laugh kinda thing but based of what you just said she would be pretty convincing so that’s definitely a lot less suspicious and Owlly wouldn’t begrudge someone for hiding the true nature of their abilities since she would’ve preferred It if Pink did the same since that information can easily be used against you if someone was so inclined

Anyway thanks for the clarification
@EurmalEyeoh ok that changes things I thought she went from calmly analysing the other students to machine pinks leval of energy and excitement which would be a pretty big shift in demeanour so in that case just so I am clear on how her attitude and demeanour changed from when she was watching/ analysing the show to pinky approaching her can you tell me what she was like before and after pinky came to speak to her like how she was acting or her general attitude since it seams I miss read the situation

And yeah being suspicious of others powers is definitely a good thing with some of the students in this class lol
@EurmalEye ah ok thanks just wanted to make sure because while Pinky Is a little naive and overly trusting and Mr rabbit may be a little is pretty much your average knuckle head battle obsessed anime MC Owlly is smarter a lot more observant and a lot less trusting so while the others will dismiss the fact she now suddenly smells like raspberries Owlly will notice that and the fact she suddenly marched her leval of excitement so Owlly will probably be watching her pretty closely from now on since it’s not to much of a starch to realise she may be hiding the true nature of her abilities since it not normal to suddenly smell like raspberries after eating them

I’ll start on pinks response sometime tomorrow since it’s pretty late now i should be able to get up by tomorrow night
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