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@ouTland01 yeah sure you can pm me your cs and i can answer any questions and point out anything you may have and let you know if its acceptable. However i won't actually approve your cs since i have not officially been co gm yet but i have helped the one with more then a few rps even co gming a few and know what she looks for in a cs. So even though i can't actually approve your cs without @The One permission unless she officially makes co gm i can tell if it will be accepted.
@Hammerman thanks also with the storm powers with this rp just keep in mind that only the chosen one of each element and or their pets can manipulate their elements. So with its weather manipulation it would’ve be able to manipulate lighting or wind at most it could generate it by creating blizzards or creating and controlling a water based tornado both would generate wind and and you can easily do them by controlling different aspects water. With lighting clouds however you would be able to generate storms clouds and that could create a thunder storm but you wouldn’t be able to target anyone with the lighting and could potentially get struck by it yourself if your character wasn’t careful.
@Hammerman alright I've just noticed the pet power section is missing from the character sheet template the one posted. If you plan on giving you pet a unique power just add a per power section under its appearance picture. However if you pet is going to have water manipulation powers you can leave it as is if you'd prefer. As for your new power that's fine and an interesting choice it could even prove quite useful in the rp for locating the chosen ones.
@Hammerman oh also just so you know you can imbue any pet you may want with portion of your elemental powers or give them an entirely different and unrelated power just in case you want that little creature in your picture as a pet.
@Hammerman ok that’s what I thought you meant. just so you know with the water element you can already shot out Ice based attacks for raged combat or use water cannons with hundreds or even thousands of PSI that could easily cut tough metal. So if that’s all you want from that power then you can pick a different power and still do all of that and more but with supernatural swordmanship you would also gain some of Zoro others abilities like being able to cut though rocks with just a sword and physical strength alone and using your sword to block deflect attacks that most people wouldn’t be able to react to or the ability to cut things that typically can’t be cut like lighting or fire. But you could gain abilities and powers like that with other powers as well. It’s still your choice ultimately if you decide to stick with that power.
@Hammerman what do you mean by water based swordsmanship? Cos depending on what you mean thats either a none power since you can create swords out of water a or Even ice already. Or an ability if you mean Sword Proficiency so your character is just naturally skilled with any type of swords. Or a power if you mean something like Supernatural Swordsmanship where your basically Zoro from one price.
@sassy1085 alright then but i noticed you listed your element under the power section if you don’t want a power you can leave it blank powers are optional for elementals. If you do decide to have a power it can be literally anything you could go with something completely unrelated like DNA manipulation for example or you could go with something related to your element like energy manipulation. However if you decide you don’t need an extra power you could chose an ability you think would be fun like the ability to talk with animals like a Disney princess you could even go as far as being able to control them ultimately though it’s up to you and if you decide you don’t want a power that’s fine.
What’s going on with your character sheets we have 8 elements yet only 3 people have finished their characters and only one other has posted a wip character sheet. Are you still working on them if so that’s fine just need to know if your still interested in the rp?

@The One

As the chosen ones, what's the difference between being in control of the element and the powers? Do they have to be thematic with our abilities or is it kinda just a freebie ability?

Normally I let the one answer these types of questions but since she’s been busy the last few days and hasn’t been able to be on much in that time I’ll answer it for her. The main difference is the elemental chosen ones are not simply in control of their elements they embody them they where given their powers by elemental gods. Because if this they are not strictly speaking humans any more they can do everything an elemental sprit could do including transforming their body into their element meaning control of their element would come naturally limited only by their imagination and their skill with their element. Their powers are more akin to mutant abilities like in X men or something like that a random power they are born with and control of this power would take practice but yes it can be anything it doesn’t have to be linked to your elemental or have any particular theme but it can do that if you want. Sorry it took so long for you to get a response.
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