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@The One@AllHollowsEve Personally I ship Kong and Wukong

Dose that have anything to do with how Wukong keeps man handeling Leval? if Leval doesn't say anything to him he could end up with a broken back by the end of the rp lol
Teacher Cs
Name: Abaddon
Gender: Female
Species: Nether Demon
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Demon Form:

Personality: Abaddon is incredibly old and as such she is also very wise but the way Abaddon acts and the way she speaks is a bit contradictory she speaks like a well mannered respectful woman but acts more sadistic drill sergeant she is though but not fair she will push hard in hopes it will drive them to improve themselves and if she pushes someone to far she just forgets about it and moves on believe if her training was too much for them they didn't belong at the school

Bio: Abaddon was one of the first demons created as and is not only the oldest but also one of the most powerful demons around but she's not only powerful but also wise because of this she is one of the highest ranking demons in hell although she doesn't spends much time there anymore because she findsit extremely boring after all the years she's spent there instead she prefers to explore the mortal world on her travels she met arken and found out about his magic school and found the school as well as the other teachers somewhat interesting not to mention the unusual students she eventually decided to take a job teaching at the magic school and she set up a portal to hell in her office this gave her the time to take care of her duties in hell while also allowing her to have some fun in the mortal world

No Power Needed (mostly because I can't think of a power she doesn't already have access to except Devine powers and then she would be way to op)

Nether Demon: Nether Demons are often both the most powerful and ancient demons beings of pure magic who draw power from Nether a source of magical energy that passes though the realms of life and death and is the source of many magical abilities as such they have access to a great deal of magical energy as well as a wide range of magic spells
Sentimental Attachment:

Pet Name:
Pet Age:
Pet Gender:
Pet Species:
Pet Appearance:

Pet Personality:

Pet Power 1:
Pet Power 2:

Saw Vixen put the demon inside Rika to sleep and soon the chaotic situation was under control after the that the head master showed up and took everyone to the grand hall she listened to him and decided to take a seat there was nothing for her to unpack because they was nothing she needed to bring with her


Vixen let out a sigh of relief when her attack hit and she had put the demon to sleep she then watch as Rika become an angel and help to subdue the heartless then tuned to thank her and asked her to take care of Rika but before she could respond they where all teleported to the grand hall she listened to him it seamed Rika would be her roommate she looked around until she saw him then walked over
"How are you feeling it looked like your transformation took a lot out of you?"


Continued to watch the situation he didn't see the point in getting involved there was to many people ganging up for it to be any fun to join in that was unless he helped the rampaging heartless but he knew that wasn't a good idea soon the situation was back to normal and they where all teleported to the grand hall once there he heard the head master give out room numbers and assign roommates he heard Leval was doomed with Shela he took a look around and saw him standing with a little girl was that Shela she had even less magical energy then he did how he wondered how all these weak humans where even getting accepted he then walked over and gave Leval another slap on the back
"Hay Level if that little girl is going to be your roommat you'll have to keep a close eye on her with all these dangerous mythical creatures around not to mention the students with attitude problems it's definitely not a safe place for her to wonder around on her own"


Suddenly a large number of people where teleported into the grand hall he stood up thinking finally they where going to get the assembly he was sick of sitting around then when the head master finished speaking he sat back down after realising he would have to wait even longer the only thing that made him feel a little better about the whole situation was finding out he had a room to himself


Saw the angel help deal with the heartless and soon they where teleported into the grand hall she listened to the headmaster and wasn't to happy about having being roomed with someone she didn't know but considering she didn't know anyone here that couldn't be helped she decided to take a seat since she didn't have anything she needed to unpack she only had her magic backpack and her entire collection of magic books inside it that she liked to keep on her in case of emergencies so she decided to take a seat and pull out one of her books about mythological creatures this one had a lot of information about the heartless and considering one was her classmate she thought it would be a good idea to know as much about them as possible


Watched as the situation was sorted out and soon after she and everyone else was teleported to the grand hall she listened to what the headmaster had to say but she stopped paying attention when he mentioned a forbidden abandoned building she was more than a little excited to go explore it he may as well of fun house or haunted house


Kat just watched the battle she knew with how many powerful people where helping to fight the heartless so she decided to simply watch thinking it would be good combat exuberance for Kuro but soon enough the battle was over and everyone was teleported to the grand hall she decided to take a seat and wait


Suddenly Sakemi was swallowed hole by a strange creature that then disappeared before her eyes Alex then began to feel really tired and had passed out on the ground she then woke up moments later in the grand hall unsure of what had happened she listened to the headmaster and it seamed she would be sharing a room with someone named Shade

Starfire sat in a golden and silver egg she was always restless sensing the dark energy coming from Zygins egg not to far from her she would constantly fidget and claw at the egg in an attempt to break though so she could create some distance between them she could hardly stand being so close to such darkness eventually as the egg began to weaken form her constantly striking it the egg broke apart forming a hole in the centre just big enough for her to clim out off once she was out she backed up away from Zygins while glaring at him she she saw a few dragons talking in the background it seamed there was another dragon deeper in the cave in some kind of danger
"if there in someone in trouble we should do everything in our power to help them"


Nightshade listened to his sister it seamed there was another dragon deeper inside the cave with something else something dangerous not that he pertinently cared what happened to this dragon he looked to his Sister
"lets just leave the cave we have no obligation to save that dragon or anyone else for that matter we don't know or trust then so why would we help them should just focus on ourselves"


Shockwave open his eye as he hear the words of his brother 'hello everyone' he sat up and took a look around he had no idea what was going on and he didn't understand why everyone was just sitting around talking he looked his brother before speaking
"I'm going to go exploring"
With that he began to walk away heading deeper into the cave


Boulder egg is a simple brown egg that sat a little deeper in the cave then the rest after an earthquake sent it rolling down a slope she sat comfortably enjoying the peace and quiet for a long time until her body grew to big for the egg and began pushing up agents it at that point the egg began to crack and the smallest amount of movement was enough to break it open she climbed out of the egg and soon realised she was the last one to hatch she could sense what was going deeper in the cave and when she closed her eyes she could make out vage shapes one looked small like another hatchling while the other three where far bigger she climbed up the small slope and looked to the others
"there is another dragon deeper in the cave and three big umm well i don't actually know what they are but there are big and I'm pretty sure they are dangerous we should go help the dragon before its to late"
I'm going to start my post now it will be up soon
@Weird Tales I didn't want to interrupt your plan a bunch or anything, so I just had Dawn get inside Alex's head so that way you can still take care of Ali like you wanted. I hope that's alright!

Also, @PharaohAtem, Dawn's intended to be a very strong character magic-wise, but feel free to have Alex fight the impulse and break through if you're inclined to do so. I don't want to force you to feel like you have to do a certain thing or not, haha.

Honestly that will probably work especially considering she is also being calmed down by a magic song
@PharaohAtem I have 0% confidence that Sekhemi would acknowledge that even if it were true and it seems like he just put all of anger in a numbered list rather than dividing it lol first murder that person than this person and so on so on XD

Your half right when anger was boosted by the nogitsune he was angry at so many different people he didn't know what to do so he just started shouting venting some of that anger then the song calmed him down stopping him from attempting to kill anyone but yeah he has a list and Alex and Leval are right at the top of it lol followed by Wukong
@PharaohAtem@The One I think Wukongs presence or actions have done nothing to sway Sekhemi from attempting to obliterate me. It's time to unleash Levals most powerful ability! Running away!

Not true he split his attention and divided his anger up between the two of them and making it clear he would have to fight them both if he chose to attack them and Wukong would obliterate him lol
@PharaohAtem Wukong slaps Leval on the back? *checks Wukongs muscles on char tab* okay imma check if Leval is dead lol. As @The One said earlier, " you damned, dirty ape!"

That being said he will be fine even if his back is broken there a more then enough people around who could heal him lol so long as he doesn't end up falling into and knocking Sekhemi out of the way and ends up taking Alex's attack lol
@PharaohAtem Wukong slaps Leval on the back? *checks Wukongs muscles on char tab* okay imma check if Leval is dead lol. As @The One said earlier, " you damned, dirty ape!"

Lol he would off gotten a lot worse from shkemi lol
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