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Dante was just turning into his when he saw a few government vehicles ‘great just what I need at this time in the morning another door to door search for bloody supers.’Dante pulled into his driveway and into his garage he climbed off his bike and locked the garage door behind him. Dante heard someone banging on his door he just wanted to sleep but he knew that wasn’t an option at least not at the moment. Dante opened his door to find two agents that suddenly barge passed him one began searching his hose looking in every room under every bad in every closet searching for anywhere supers might be able to hide while his partner was searching the other agent began questioning Dante.
John“have you seen anything unusual in the area lately?”
Dante looked to the agent and seeing name tag “no nothing springs to mind”
John stared at him for a second “you look a little nervous you wouldn’t be hiding something now would you? If so I suggest you speak up now and make it easy on yourself before my partner finds whatever it is l”
Dante “no officer I’m not nervous It’s just the middle of the night and I just got home from work so I’m pretty tired and would like to get some sleep”
John punched Dante in the face “don’t talk back to me just answer my questions all I need from you is yes sir or no sir understand”
Dante barely flinched when he was punched in the face but he was begging to get pretty annoyed a feeling that showed in his eyes and the way he looked at the agent but he gritted his teeth and simply answered the officer “yes sir”
John “good now wipe that defiant look off your face before I do it for you and tell me have any of your neighbors been acting suspiciously lately” Dante “no sir”
John looked to Dante again and kicked his legs out from under him “I told you to wipe that look off your face didn’t I Now I guess I am going to have to teach you a little respect”
Dante fell to the ground just as Johns partner returned he looked up to John trying to stay calm “sorry sir is there anything else I can do for you”
John laughed as he kicked Dante in the face “yeah you can do as your told and wipe that look off your face”
Dante was begging to get angry but he tried not to let it show to no avail
John “your lack of respect and that look on your face is really starting to lies me off” as he said this John gripped his baton as his partner walked up behind Dante.
Dante saw this and knew how bad the situation was getting these ass holes where just abusing their authority just a couple of grunts on a power trip but if he did nothing they would beat him senseless and if he was lucky enough would just end up in the hospital he began to think about his options to seamed to him his best option was to make a run for it. luckily he used a fake name to rant his apartment and since it was in a pretty rough neighborhood there wasn’t any cameras around and since he worked nights his neighbors never really saw him and when the did it was always as he was arriving or leaving his house he knew none of them would be able to give a clear description and he never met the landlord in person they did all their business over the phone or online. Dante wasn’t about to sit there and take a beating as John pulled out his baton and swung for Dante’s head Dante grabbed Johns wrist as he got to his feet and he threw John into his partner as he ran towards his garage but Johns partner pulled his gun and John fell into him knocking him to the ground and opened fire at Dante the officers out side heard the gun fire and came running to the hose Dante as Dante attempted to start up his bike John and his partner came running into his garage and opened fire once more Dante thought this was the end for him he had no where to run or hide. Dane was surprised when he realised that he was fine he thought that the agents might have missed until he saw the look of shock on their face and looked down to see multiple bullet holes in his clothes he realised there was something covering his skin it almost looked like scales but they where apparently bullet proof.
John and his partner looked at Dante in horror as two more officers ran into Dante’s garage John looked to them “be careful his a super and bullets don’t work on him” the four officers pulled out their baton as they did they flipped a switch and suddenly they where charged with thousands of colts of electricity. Dante looked to them now he knew supers where being hunted and he knew they had no intention of taking him alive his only option now was to fight his way out he pulled out his trench knifes and ran at the four agents. One ran to intercept him swinging his baton at Dante, Dante ducked and aimed an upper cut right at the officers chin as it connected the officers chin shattered and the officer spat out his teeth and went flying into the garage roof blood cane raining down around Dante the others three agents saw this and hesitated for a second but then the three tried to surrounded Dante and ran at him from all side Dante punched the one to his right crushing putting a pretty big dent in his face and he sent him flying back he then stabbed John who was to his left in his chest while the third agent rammed his baton into Dante’s side but it had no effect Dante simply turned around and John fell to the ground the last agent looked to Dante with fear “w what are you” Dante sung his trench knife and slit his throat he the started up his bike and opened his ya door and drove off not realising John was still alive John put pressure on his wound and gave a brief report about what happened over the radio while requesting back up.


Gale heard a voice coming from behind her “This isn't rugrats. Scooby Doo died long, long ago. Don't beat a dead horse.” Gale turned around and saw Kasumi she let out a little chuckle then turned back to Alfred who was just about to awaken the dormant power of the sleepers but before she could say anything she could hear screams of agony from all around her she dropped her light hearted facade for a moment she could sense a powerful generator in the mansion and she had a good idea what it was used for.

“Alfred I assume you do realise the government has was of tracking awoken and gathering so many in one place is dangerous enough without you forcefully activating the powers of multiple sleepers this mansion is in the middle nowhere meaning there’s nothing stopping the government form lunching an air stoke on this location or from sending in their drones to take us out. Not to mention you had no idea what their powers where for all you know one of them could of had a power that allowed them to generate radiation that could of caused a nuclear explosion or someone could of had the power to control earth that could of created a huge earthquake that could of collapsed the mansion if one of them could control the weather we could have a tornado tearing up the forest or a fire manipulater could of burned down the entire forest. you should of activated their powers one at a time so we could of dealt with any problems that was caused by their powers going out of control but fortunately their where no major problems. But don’t you think it would be a good idea to activate that barrier generator you have in that mansion right about now although I don’t think that barrier alone will be enough to protect us against the government it definitely couldn’t hurt but I will put up a barrier of my own to help defend this location for now at least but I recommend we find a more secure location that we can properly defend that is if we all plan on staying together”

Gale then held up her hand and as she did a faint white dome formed around the mansion and the surrounding area but only for a second then the dome would disappear from sight “that will protect us from any projectiles fired as us as well offer a little protection from a ground assault but we should still prepare to ever run or defend ourselves for when the government lunches their attack.” Gale took a quick look at everyone who had gathered with a nice smile retuning to her usual happy expression.

“Hello everyone I know you don’t know me or have much reason to listen to what I have to say but I think we should all introduce ourselves and tell each other what our powers are it would help us come up with a half decent defence plan for when the government inevitably attack us my name is Gale and I have the power to generate and manipulate all forms of plasma.”

Gale was almost at the Mansion she was gliding though the trees she could already see the Mansion as well as hear somebody complaining as she began to slow down and hop off her hover board she heard him say something about splitting up to hunt for clues
"why would we need to hunt for clues the ghost is right there we just need to unmask it and we're done well after whoever is underneath the mask complains about getting caught and calls us all meddling kids"

Cheetara, Larxene

Cheetara looked to Larxene and created two kunai out pure aura and ran passed Larxene she did she threw one at her Larxene lighting barrier couldn’t stop Cheetaras kunai since her aura didn’t conduct electricity as the kunai passed though her barrier Larxene quickly jumped back out of the way only to release Cheetara was now behind her she slashed at her with her kunai and Larxene made a few kunai out of lighting she easily deflected Cheetara attack and kicked her back as Cheetara was sent flying back she created a kunai out of oxygen and threw it at Larxene who simply moved to the side to evade the attack but as Cheetaras kunai passed though her electric barrier the pure oxygen caught fire and exploded Larxene was caught on of guard because of the explosion and was sent flying back as Larxene fell to the ground Cheetara took advantage of this and ran at Larxene intercepting her before she hit the ground and with her kunai she slashed Larxenes throat then Cheetara span around slashing her again and again she almost looked like a tornado with blades after a minute Larxene was sent flying as Cheetara began to slow down blood started poring out of Larxenes wounds so she quickly shocked her hole body sending lighting rushing though her body cauterising her wounds stopping the bleeding but she had already lost a lot of blood she stared at Cheetara keeping her eye on her enemy when she saw Xehanort and Pixie arriving on the battlefield it seams she had bought enough time so she disappeared into darkness and returned to their camp

Tigra, Vexen

Vexen hals out his hand and fired a ice blast at Tigra attempting to freeze him Tigra simply stomped on the ground and created and earth wall to protect him then he charged at Vexen at when to slash his throat with his claws Vexen created an ice was that Tigra easily broke though as Vexen jumped back out of Tigras reach suddenly Vexen created dozens of large ice spikes and sent them flying at Tigra who sung his Claw in the air creating and air slash that cut down the ice spikes while Tigra was distracted Vexen soaked his shield into the ground and created another ice shock wave ice spike rose up out of the ground and staged into Tigra but as they soaked against his stone armour they simply shattered Tigra the split in two a white Tigra ran to the left of Vexen while a black one ran to his right they both charged at Vexen who put up a huge ice shield around him both Tigras easily broke though and crushed Vexen in between them the the white Tigra punched Vexen in the face the black one kicked him in the back sending Vexen spinning around as his head slammed into the ground the white Tigra created a dozen earth spikes and stabbed them into Vexen while the black Tigra picked up a huge rock and soaked it on top of Vexen and the stone spikes just before the rock hit Vexen disappeared into darkness escaping the worst of the damage he returned to their camp to find Larxene there it seams that everyone else had left to join the battle he sat down and covered his wounds with ice to stop his bleeding

Lycan, Terra

Lycan and Terra teleporting to each other trying to land a hit and teleporting away from each other to avoid attacks never one being able to land an actual hit on the other until Lycan created a four clones that began to gang up on Terra putting him entirely on the defensive suddenly he had 5 teleporting wolfs constantly disappearing and reappearing to attack him Terra saw a hat he was outnumbered and outmatched Terra decided to jump in the air and rose his keyblade in the sky as he created a number of meteors he sung his blade down and the meteors creating a huge explosion around him forcing Lycan and his clones to back off for a few minuets witch was exactly what he wanted he took this time to tap into his darkness a black aura surrounded him as he focused some of his dark power into his hand as the five wolfs teleported back at him and slashed at him from all directions he punched the ground creating a huge dark explosion sending Lycan flying back and destroying his four clones as Terra looked up he saw Xehanort and pixie arrive he smiled knowing that this battle was finally over there was no way Jade and her group could beat all of them


Saw as Xemnas avoided the explosion and saw the enemies reinforcements arrive she saw Archer take a big hit and Faith Robin Rouge and Ennaliese in terrible danger with their attacks being turned against them and multiple opponents attacking them she saw the two attacks coming for her and heard the evil whispers coming from them she quickly created a decoy right in front her out out of her aura as she teleported away she
“Tigra attack the guy standing over archer”

She then created a portal under Faith Robin Rouge and Ennaliese and teleported them to her as the attacks came at them she opened a vortex to swallow up all the projectiles while she expanded her Nen barrier creating an inviable shield to stop the physical attacks

Tigra looked at Lexaeus and the two tigers ran at him from opposite sides Lexaeus saw this and held his ground waiting to see what they would do as the two charged at Lexaeus he smiled and rose his sword and sung it to the ground attempting to create a huge aura explosion the black Tigra jumped in the way of his sword and used all his strength to try and block the attack but the sword strike cut it in two but the Black Tigra managed to slow the swing of his sword down preventing the explosion as the Black Tigra disappeared its energy returned to the white Tigra returning him to his usual orange colour he was now right beside Lexaeus he kicked his legs out from under him and as he fell back he hit him with an uppercut that sent Lexaeus flying he smashed though a number of trees before landing by Xemnas

Jade then she created a new Nen book

“Komodo Mammoth Cheetara Taurus Lycan Tigra return” as soon as she said that the Nen beast disappeared and returned to her book

“Cheetara save Archer”
Suddenly the Cheetara reappeared with new orders Cheetara ran over to the unconscious Archer and picked him up and ran back to their camp while Jade opened up a portal as Faith Robin Rouge and Ennaliese stepped though they would reappear back in their camp a few seconds ahead of Cheetara Faith took Archer off her as Faith Robin Rouge and Ennaliese all took him to the medic tents with his mission complete Cheetara disappeared and returned to Jades book Jade then disappeared from the battlefield and teleported to the nimbat city
“Your intelligence was way off that Pixie is not alone she has recruited about 13 people all extremely powerful my strike team was completely outnumbered and outmatched”

Dante Was serving drinks while making sure the customers didn't case any trouble he looked at the clock and saw it was finally closing time.
"finish them if ya got um then get out"
As he said this the last of the customers quickly finished what was left in thier glasses and within a few minutes the bar was empty. Dante looked the door cleaned the tables and washed the glasses and just as he was about to leave he saw a letter addressed to him do by the door he open it 'if your reading this your in grave danger' Dante laughed as he read this
"what a load of shit" Dante crunched up the letter and threw it in the bin before switching the lights off and leaving the bar locking as he walked out. Dante walked around to the back to of the bar where he stored his bike he had a 50 minute drive home and if he was going to get home before the sun came up had better hit road now he hopped on his bike and headed home.


Gale was at her camp site sitting in front of her fire eating her breakfast when suddenly a letter appeared right in front of her eyes she rubbed her eyes for a second then took a second look she was a little confused but mostly intrigued she opened the letter and gave it quick read then looked at the map.
'suppers gathering in one place that could be bad' she quickly packed up her things and created a hover board out of plasma and flw off to the meeting location.


Sky was doing her usuall thing of floating around and patrolling different cities looking for people in some kind of danger she would always try to use her help people in need as this helped her learn to controll her powers while also allowing her to practice staying undetected anytime she accurately reviled her presence. Sky would always terrify people and attract the governments super hunters and it was just more trouble then It's worth but suddenly she received a telepathic message telling her to come to a mansion where suppers where meeting. Sky thought the idea of actually meeting other suppers or meeting anyone fot that matter would be pretty interesting and kinda fun. Sky's spirit form turned into a floating glowing orb as she flew off at an incredible speed she made it to the mansion in no time. Sky soon arrived at the mansion and saw an old man just standing outside she returned to her normal form and materialized herself in front of him making it possible for the old man to see her.
"hi umm my names sky It's nice to meet you"
Name: Sky
Gender: Female
Age: Died at the age of 17

Personality: Sky was always a kind and caring person who would always put the need of others before her own she would go out of her way to help complete strangers and would often volunteer at soup kitchens and charity shops. Sky was a pretty smart girl she had always planned to become a doctor her plan was to get a job at a free clinic where she could help those who needed it the most.

Bio: Sky has a relatively normal childhood she had a few good friends a stable home life and she did well in school her mother was always home and even though her farther worked long hours but always did his best to make time for his family. Sky’s farther was an ER doctor who worked at a local hospital he was always very generous to others he would donate to multiple charities and would always offer a helping hand to any homeless ever by buying them some food or just giving them a little money. When Sky was 14 she went on a school trip to France that lasted two weeks her farther took that opportunity to volunteer with doctors without borders witch he hadn’t done since Sky was born Unfortunately his camp was attacked by rebel’s and he never made it home. Sky was devastated over her fathers death but this is what shaped Sky’s desire to become a clinic doctor. Sky studied heard got good grades and she even did a lot of extra curricular activities she had a short list of colleges to apply to and it looked like her future was all sorted but when she was 16 her powers actived she found out she could astral project when she was asleep her soul would wonder out of her body she would use this power to travel and explore at night she could literally go anywhere but one night when she was 17 she returned to her body to find her mother crying over her body she realised that somehow she had died in the night she didn’t know what had happened or why but it was clear that she was dead yet she wasn’t dead her soul lived on she was confused and understandably confused and upset she hat to adjust to her new existence somehow she began to wonder around the world while she tied to figure things out and find the new limits of her ghostly powers.

Power: Spirit Physiology
Sentimental Attachment:
Name: Gale Tyrell
Gender: Female
Age: 20

Personality: Gale is energetic and outgoing she dislikes sitting around preferring to stay active. Gale is a cheerful optimistic person who tries to see the best in every one. Gale still has believes that one day supers and humans could live together in peace but she knows it won’t be easy to make that happen and she willing to do whatever she has to to make it work. Gales hope is that if she shows the humans that now all suppers use their powers for personal gain show them that some are be good people who use their power to help people that if enough people believe they will stop fearing suppers and put aside their heat that maybe they would willing to try living together.

Bio: as a kid Gale was always a very bright and responsible for her age she was also very active kid she always hated being cooped up inside and loved going the park or the beach she especially loved camping. Gale was the type of kid that even enjoyed doing her chores and other odd jobs as a kid she started mowing lawns for pocket money she even set up lemon aide stands in the summer anytime there was a heat wave knowing that people would need a drink to cool off in the heat. Gale managed to save up a decent amount of money over the years doing odd jobs for everyone in her neighbourhood and as she grew older she started hiking and rock climbing using some of her savings to pay for her gear. Gale decided to put off collage for a year after leaving school at 18 in favour of spending a year traveling and backpacking around the world her parents weren’t to happy about it but nothing they could say would change her mind she used the rest of her savings and packed her things and hopped on a plan. Gale traveled all around she saved money by camping rather then staying in hotels. Gale managed to save a lot of money that was however this plan would ultimately prove to be a big mistake when a pack of wolf wondered into her camp her looking for their next meal but her was food was hung in a tree out of the way one of the wolf wonder into her tent she woke up and screamed in shock soon she was surrounded by wolfs her powers awoke and she was able to fight off the wolf’s. Gales new powers allowed her to do amazing things but her life would never be the same she knew the government would hunt her when they found out about her powers now collage was out of the question she hat to focus on survival. Gale continued traveling all over the world camping in the wilderness and practicing to control her powers learning only going into twons and city’s to buy basic supplies. Gale eventually gained control over her powers after a full year of practicing and she became quite skilled her use of them she eventually started going into town more often and even started to used her powers to help people if and when she saw someone in need she began to chase off muggers save people form Hyde fires and even stop a few crimes because she had a few run in with government agents and hat to fight to defend herself while she found a way to escape but that didn’t stop her from wanting to help people with her powers because she believed that was the best way to convince people supers where not something to be feared.

Power: Plasma Manipulation (able to generate control and manipulate all forms of plasma)
Likes: camping, rock climbing. Swimming
Dislikes: the government. People who abuse their power or authority
Sentimental Attachment:
Name: Dante Drake
Gender: Male
Age: 23

Personality: Dante is a proud and stubborn person who always looks out for his own interests never really giving much thought to others. Dante has a bad habit of using his fist to solve most of not all of his problems he rarely even looks for a peaceful solution he relies on his strength and doesn’t really thinks things though before taking action. Dante is straight forward and blunt he always speaks his mind and doesn’t beat around the bush and if he has a problem with someone he will always let them know and if something or someone gets in his way he won’t look for another way around he will tear right though them but despite his violent and aggressive demeanor Dante is a pretty calm guy he rarely gets angry or loses his cool.

Bio: Dante grew up bouncing from foster home to foster home after his parents died in a house fire when he was a kid. Damien never had th chance to make any real friends since he was moved around so much and spent most of his alone resenting the fact he was always on the move unable never staying long enough to make any friends or any decent memories at all he started running away from his foster families when he hit his teens. Dante believed he didn’t need anyone and that he would be better off by alone but he was always found sooner or later and found himself back at the foster homes that was until he was 15. When Dante was around 15 he ran away one last time and it was around this time he fell into the wrong crowds he stared hanging around with punks steak things and wannabe gangsters started doing what ever he hat to to get by he would act as a drug mule pickpockets and eventually even help steal cars he soon became just another street thug and for awhile he thought that would be enough. Dante eventually got sick of criminal lifestyles and when he was 18 he walked away from from the his life of crime and decided to try to make an honest living luckily for him he had managed to avoid getting arrested in the 3 years he lived on the streets. Dante eventually got a job as a bartender in a shady biker bar although one of the main reasons he got hired was because of how he handled himself when a drunk customer and his friends tried to pick with Dante he quickly knocked them on their ass and threw them out of the bar after he was hired he basically acted as the bars security guard while making drinks for the customers.

Power: Adaptive Evolution (his body can adapt and evolve to survive almost any threat or environment)
Likes: Smoking, Drinking, Fighting, Tattoos
Dislikes: Cowards, liars, stuck up ass snobs
Family: None
Sentimental Attachment:
Weapon: he carries two trench knifes
@PharaohAtem True but he’d have quite a bit of trouble dealing with her too.

True he would have some trouble as well but his defence would be his best weapon against her so he would have a pretty good chance of beating her
@DragonKingUk@Dealdric That’s how I designed her. She won’t be easy to beat.

I don't know i think Dante would have a pretty good chance and with his ability to adapt to her attacks she would have quite a bit of trouble dealing with him
I was going to make a 3rd character that was going to be a ghost but since the one has made a Banshee I mite not make that character now since it could be a bit wired having two dead characters in this rp but I may change my mind.
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