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Some smaller rules :3 Please read!

The RP:

* Set after main anime-events, or during 100-years quest (or right before the quest). Time to stirr up trouble for them >3
* Romance is fine, as far as it isn't the friends-one second, "I love you lets marry" the next. My head can't handle this kind of thing. I like to build this stuff up.
* Ships I cannot get into Gray x Juvia, Loke x Lucy (but I don't mind finding Lucy an OC-kind of love interest), Natsu x Lucy (more neutral to this one and this may work out in our RP. But an OC would fit better than any canon character... buut I am not unreasonable XD )
*I have one main ship I am into. If you guess it, you will get provided a huge box of cookies :3
* gore doesn't scare me. If you want a horror-inspired RP, I'm all in!

I have a plot in mind,but if you have any plots as well send them and we may end up merging both plots together :D
Or we can figure out a new plot together, whatever fits our ideas best :3

All you have to do is to pm me and we can start planning :3
Sent an PM....I think XD Feel free to respond :)
Hi! Welcome :3
Hmm...we could use • friends with benefits and mix it with The vow plot :)
Nerd zone accepted <3
*throws confetti*
Thank you! And hi :)
Been roleplaying for years. Prefer to RP trough PMs rather than forums (rping in forums make me if everyone was stalking me o.o) or if someone prefers, trough doc. Fantasy, lots of drama, some amounts of romance added to spice up the drama is my main favorite mix for RPs. But I don't mind less fantasy-oriented RPs. English is not my native language but I am doing my best to make as little mistakes as possible. :3
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