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Current THERE.New wifi card in my laptop,the other of burned up? XD Time to suuurf baby >:D
5 mos ago
Apologies for slow replies. This little pandemic is a pain >.< and my wifi decided that this is the best time to start having serious issues.Replies should be in your PM boxes on friday the latest.
5 mos ago
Apparently toilet paper is the thing to hoard during apocalypse.Time to redo all zombie movies... food is a non-issue XD
5 mos ago
Me:*gets flu* Friend: OMG YOU DONT HAVE THE CORONAVIRUS DO YOU!? Me:no,I don`t. Friend: Oh you used mask when you were outside before you got sick ? Me: yea the one from Fallout 76 with mold in it.
6 mos ago
Weather: ***loads of rain and strong wind Wifi: Okay time to peace out :D *speed decreases* Me: *screams in frustration*


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25+-year-old RPer here. This is why 18+ rule applies to this thread :) I rp most of the genres and pairings... if you like some dark themed RPs, do hit me with a note. I RP trough Discord and PMs on this site (I prefer Pms. )

If anything hasn't been listed here, please pm me your questions :)

Do NOT respond here! Any questions and interests go to my PM box! :)

Genres & Themes
*fantasy, sci-fi, modern (note:RARELY), medieval, ancient greek,
* Slice of life
* MAture
* Gore
* I love magic and swords :3
* machines and robots are just... not my thing. Sorry.
* Apocalypse >:D
* I hate Twilight with passion. No, I won't RP this even if its the last acceptable topic in the entire universe.
*Would prefer original characters and setting we make up together in this RP.
*fxM is my main pairing.I would prefer to play F for once. M x M is usually my second-character pairings.
*I can handle multiple characters.
* I don't always reply. I have IRL ya know. I reply once I'm sure that the reply won't be a weird word-vomit response.
*Talking about RP 1-3 liner responses. Those usually kill my spirit. And Rp. However, quality over quantity!


* If interested, please respond.
*If not interested, for the love of all holy demons at least send me a "Not interested in those plots/that is not my thing" or "nah,not at this time".
I am NOT a mind reader. I won't know what you think about it until you use the basic skill of something called communication. Sorry if I sound annoyed but the number of people that expect their RP partner to know what they want and expect their silence to be read as a clear response is disturbingly huge these days. I sometimes poke you yes. If you ignore it a lot of times, the RP will end up in the black hole.
*Not a rule, but I usually have RP and OOC thread to keep things organized :) So we can either RP or chitchat.
*I don't RP F x F, or in the first perspective. Only the third view and past sentence.
* I am open to a lot of things. Don`t worry, I won't judge you for the things you enjoy to RP. As said this is just an RP done for fun, not to be 100000% politically correct or whatnot.
* No god-modding.
*character sheets are not a must! I am fine with knowing just the name and age of your character, but more fledged out sheets are okay as well.
* Do not use chat language when you write your post. Something like this: "He said: " went 2 d cafè 2 git a cop of Cofy" makes as much sense as dancing and talking with a zombiee in a disco club. Don`t know who invented the chat-language but... geeshush. It needs to die. The sooner the better.
* I am not a grammar/spelling cop, but at least try to keep your mistakes to minimal. :) Use commas, dots, citation m.m. Don`t send me the response as one long sentence (yes it has happened before XD).

The plot is not set in stone. I would prefer building the plot with my RP-partner :) And I am always up to making changes in the plot later on if we decide that current direction is off.

Interested? Pm,we can talk :)

There, info done. Now to work on the images, didn't find any that fit so... I will just make my own XD
*drops in*
Hi all >3

EDIT: Are our characters allowed to have a pet?
*peeks in*
Oo I may give it a shot... :3 As far there is a spot left? XD
Some smaller rules :3 Please read!

The RP:

* Set after main anime-events, or during 100-years quest (or right before the quest). Time to stirr up trouble for them >3
* Romance is fine, as far as it isn't the friends-one second, "I love you lets marry" the next. My head can't handle this kind of thing. I like to build this stuff up.
* Ships I cannot get into Gray x Juvia, Loke x Lucy (but I don't mind finding Lucy an OC-kind of love interest), Natsu x Lucy (more neutral to this one and this may work out in our RP. But an OC would fit better than any canon character... buut I am not unreasonable XD )
*I have one main ship I am into. If you guess it, you will get provided a huge box of cookies :3
* gore doesn't scare me. If you want a horror-inspired RP, I'm all in!

I have a plot in mind,but if you have any plots as well send them and we may end up merging both plots together :D
Or we can figure out a new plot together, whatever fits our ideas best :3

All you have to do is to pm me and we can start planning :3
Sent an PM....I think XD Feel free to respond :)
Hi! Welcome :3
Hmm...we could use • friends with benefits and mix it with The vow plot :)
Nerd zone accepted <3
*throws confetti*
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