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Colab between myself and Honesty Crow

As Wedge and the rest of Rogue Squadron got ready in their hangar, a familiar figure approached. Wearing black robes and followed by three other Jedi, Luke Skywalker walked up to Wedge who was once again arguing with his droid.

"Still fighting with that droid?" Luke piped up, cracking a smile as he heard Wedge sigh.

"Yeah, it won't shut up about the foils." The two old friends chuckled as the droid beeped angrily and rolled away.

"So, what can I do for you?" Said Wedge, glancing at the Jedi Master and his two apprentices behind Luke.

"Let me introduce you. This is Jedi Master Kale and his apprentices Lahara and Aren." Said Skywalker, gesturing at the trio. Aren, a young Human from Sereno waved at Wedge.

"It's an honor to meet you." He said, giving him a smile. Wedge couldn't help but smile back. Seems he was inspiring more people than just pilots.

Lahana blinked at the squad of pilots. She'd heard they were good, but not much else. Luke had already introduced her so she really didn't need to do that, right? Aren spoke, apparently he'd heard of them as well. Was it an honor? She couldn't say she felt any reverence. She made note of how many there were, and their faces. She wondered for a moment just how well a pilot could fight face to face, but only for a moment. Kale told her such thoughts were... Problematic.

"I have heard a great many things about this squadron. I must say I couldn't think of a better escort." Kale said, giving a subtle respectful nod to Wedge.

"Honor's mine, Master Jedi. Couldn't have asked for a better group to get our people back home safely. We'll make sure you guys don't get blown up in space."

Wedge chuckled, giving Kale a wink before putting on his gloves. "I'll see you guys at the cruiser." Said Antilles as he turned around to climb onto the cockpit of his X-Wing.

Luke then led Kale and his two apprentices to a nearby shuttle where they would be transported to the cruiser in orbit.

Stepping out of the shuttle onto the Mon Calamari cruiser, Lahana anxiously fiddled with the blaster strapped to her hip. Her master didn't like her carrying it, but he relented when it became abundantly clear that it was important to her. She hadn't been more than a few feet away from a blaster for most of her life. And on more than one occasion it was the difference between life and death. "I'm... Going to prepare." She said in a low voice to Kale before walking into the hanger. She avoided eye contact as she spotted a tool box and began rummaging through it to find a hydrospanner to do maintenance on her blaster.

So those that belong to a faction are expected to work towards that faction's goals?
Do you have certain plans for the plot laid out?
"Amber, what's going on?" Thea asked as she was pushed through the halls of the school at a breakneck pace. She'd only come here to interview students, her line of thinking being that perhaps some of the younger residents would have some insights into the strange events occurring. Instead she was currently drifting through dark halls with her assistant, wondering why she could hear screaming from not too far away. "Maybe we should see if someone needs help?"

"That is none of our concern, your safety is my priority." Amber responded, its tone as flat as the floor Thea's wheelchair was skidding across.


"I refuse."

Thea was silent for a moment, until she rolled past a man crawling on the floor by the entrance. She pulled the brake on her wheelchair, which at the speed she was going resulted in her being flung from it. She slowly stood to her feet, the impact taking a lot out of her already. Amber watched her peer around the corner. "He's hurt really badly, we need to- GAH!" She screamed as a giant crustacean slammed it's body against the school entrance. Thea pulled out a small notepad with a pen and began shakily scribbling in it. She was mumbling what sounded like a summary of what was happening in front of her, like a verbal stenographer. She was a reporter after all. Amber walked over to her and glanced at her writing.

"You're just writing the word 'gross' over and over." Amber let out a sigh, a motion it had only recently picked up. The human form was so overly complex, it took days just to remember that blinking was necessary. "If it will ease your panicking, I will assist." Amber walked over to the man begging for help, she knelled down to his level and stretched her mouth into what one would assume was meant to me a reassuring smile. "You will be fine, do not struggle." She grabbed the man and put him into a sleeper hold. He quickly lost consciousness.

"How is that helping!?" Thea shouted, having already gotten back in her chair. Amber produced a syringe and stuck the man with it, his wounded leg began to rapidly heal. She then tossed him onto her shoulder. "Are you that paranoid about someone finding out about us?"

"Yes, now let us go."
I have an idea for a (non-canon) story that will take place on multiple worlds. An empire has recently lost it's leader, and much of it's power along with it. Now there is a power vacuum between forces in the empire's remnants vying for control over the few planets still under the empire's grasp. Opposing them is a rebel faction which has gained an upper hand due to the death of the emperor. Keyblade wielders were once rare under Empire rule, but with their influence weakened they are starting to show up in greater numbers.

You will play as a character (or characters) on either side, attempting to win a war of subterfuge and battles.

Twenty four hours after the events that took place in the scrapyard the Republic's only base on the planet was lively. The weapons brought by Surta were still being examined, and the woman she had brought in still refused to speak. The slaves freed by Anari were being taken care of in a makeshift camp set up behind the base, where they were given clean clothing and food, as well as a safe place to sleep for once. The investigation team sent to the scrapyard weren't able to find much. They were able to bring back one of the bipedal droids, and the only thing they were able to get from it was that it was a model they'd never seen before. Having been given a name for the organization they were dealing with from Anari Gallowin contacted Match. Apparently since that day the name had been spreading among different communities. Rumors spread but no solid information had been found as of yet.

The strongest lead at the moment was Flambe, someone had to get her to talk. Meanwhile the others were free to do as they pleased, no doubt some being tired after the previous day.
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