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Hello! I write fanfiction for another site (Archive of Our Own) and was wondering if anyone would be interested in Beta reading my works? As of right now, I've written ESO fanfiction and FMAB fanfiction, though I have been working on more ESO and some Witcher (TV). Fair warning, it would be labeled either Mature/Explicit for most all works, as I usually write PWP.

PM if interested!
The shuddering figures screeched as a wall of fire blazed before them, effectively trapping them. Their swords and armor clunked and clattered together as they struggled against the heat of the flame. The leader, adorned with a broken crest on its breastplate, lurched forward toward the group, its jaw coming unhinged as the fire licked at its shredded arm.

Elra inscribed a circle in the dirt, using her magic and knowledge in order to try and capture one of the undead monstrosities. The leader shuddered and took another lurching step before coming to halt. It let out another unholy screech, the sound garbled as it tore from the ripped throat.

The other two advanced, wielding their rusted blades. Whatever magic held their leader in place did little to stop them.
Sorry I've gotten so far behind. It looks like there are a couple people who haven't posted yet. I'll give another day before I put up the next post.
I had a very vague idea, but yes. Within this RP, especially as the characters progress farther through the story, there will be quite a bit of necromancy. These "broken figures" are reanimated people (I was thinking barbarians, but soldiers might fit better if that's what you all think).
Rynn rode in silence, the road to Rosebriar stretching out before her. She left the others to talk amongst themselves if they wished, but she doubted they had any desire to speak with her. It seemed they weren't all too fond of her or her presence. Then again, she hadn't been the most accommodating. It mattered little. There were two reasons for her coming on this journey: To find the Dark Dagger and to save Callin from whatever fire he'd gotten himself into.

The sun had long since reached its highest point and was now starting its decline. Rynn had hoped they would reach the village before nightfall, but that was becoming more and more unlikely. Shielding her eyes with a gloved hand, she looked forward to see something blocking the road. "Hold," she called to the others, coming to a stop. "Is that a cart?"

She spurred her horse onward, just enough to get a look at what sat in the path. A cart, laden with goods. She looked around as if to find the merchant or owner, but there was no one around. "Perhaps they decided it was too heavy?" she said.

It was at that moment that a bone-chilling holler rang out over the rolling fields. The horses whinnied, kicking and bucking as if they'd seen Ahnera herself, the Lady of Destruction and Chaos. Over the crest of a nearby hill, three shapes emerged. Their lumbering, broken forms heaved down the hill. The tattered remnants of what once might have been clothing fell from their bodies as they raised broken, rusted shields.

Rynn's horse bucked hard, throwing her from the saddle. She hit the ground with enough force to knock the air from her lungs, rolling out of the way only seconds before she was trampled beneath the horse's hooves. Another cry rang out, even more terrifying than the last, and Rynn scrambled to her feet.

"Dhiasis save us," she whispered, watching as they drew shattered swords. "That's not right."
Just wondering if anyone wants to post, or if I should write up the next and we can move on from there?
Rynn turned her nose up at Arin. "Fine. Maybe knowing someone isn't enough, elf, but I'm not going to go around and accuse people - good people - until I can say for certainty it was them who played a part in the theft of the dagger. Say what you will, I may be protecting them but that's my job." Her hands were fisted at her sides. "Until we reach the Underground, until we exhaust every other possible clue, I am not going to start pointing fingers at my people."

"We set out for Rosebriar in an hour. I suggest you start packing your things, because I am not going to be as lenient with extra time as I was before."

She stepped back into her room. Her hand was on the door. The frustration that had welled in her seemed to calm. She opened her mouth, closed it, opened it again. "If you must know my real thoughts on the matter, I'll tell you." Rynn bit her lip. "I don't want to believe it was him, but my brother was in a bad way when they . . . when he left. Callin is a good man, and he isn't stupid by any means, but I've known my brother to get himself caught up in things he has no right to be caught up in.

"That's why I've come with you all. In the end, if it does end up being Callin . . . I'm not going to lose my brother a second time. Not when I can actually do something about it."
Alright. I have classes tomorrow until a little after noon, but once I'm free I'll try and move this along to the next point. Everyone, keep that in mind as you make your next post. Again, the next village is Rosebriar. If you can't think about anything to write while I draft the next post, you could write about your character packing, buying more supplies, etc. These are just suggestions. If you have anything else in mind, feel free to write it!
Rynn stood in front of the grimy mirror, half crouched in order to see as she braided her hair. If sleeping on such a lumpy cot didn't give her a backache, trying to do her hair certainly would. She huffed as her fingers once again slipped. Frustrated, she pulled half her hair out in an attempt to start over again. She figured that if she had managed to get the first half near perfect, she would eventually do the same for the end.

She was halfway through the first motion when there was a knock on her door. Sunlight had crept into her room nearly an hour ago, despite having said they would be leaving early. Her braid had got the best of her, and she was certain it was one of her companions coming to rouse her. Leaving her hair as it was, she opened the door, only to find the elf - Arin, she corrected herself - half-standing, half-leaning against the doorframe.

His hand wrapped around her arm as he stumbled. Without thinking, she grabbed ahold of him, struggling to keep him from falling to the floor. "You've certainly looked better," she huffed, bracing her feet apart in order to gain some sort of hold. "Do tell me if it was the breakfast, as I'd rather not fall ill myself."

Moments passed and he seemed to regain his thoughts. He blinked, closed his eyes, took a few breaths. Rynn was looking at him, almost afraid that he would begin to fall apart again. When he finally was able to stand on his own, he moved away from her. Quickly, like he couldn't stand to be so near her. "Many apologies," he said, and Rynn bit her tongue.

I wanted to report to you my findings. Though… now that I think about it, maybe I should have waited until breakfast when everyone is around to hear it. ” He sighed and straightened himself, “Well, I might as well tell you now seeing that I have your attention and I do not want to make this a wasted trip.

Arin took a step away from Rynn, feeling that he was still too close for either of their comfort, “After analyzing what samples I could obtain in the allotted time, I came to the conclusion that magic was not used to break into the vaults. If some form of magic was used, it was the ones already in place.

He waited for the words, and the implications that came with it, to sink in. “I understand you want to believe your family and those who work in the palace took no part in the theft in any capacity… but unless the spells on the vault were public knowledge, we can narrow our suspects down from the entire population to those who are, or were at one time, close to the crown, whether by blood or not. At the very least, someone who has intimate knowledge of the castle’s architect was involved.” The name Callin crossed his mind. “I am willing to change my mind once we find evidence that proves otherwise, but with what we have, this is currently my strongest hypothesis.

Rynn shook her head. "No. No one in the castle would dare." She straightened, crossing her arms over her chest and taking a step back into her room. "I've known them all my life. Some of them only most of it, but long enough."
Rynn awoke to the sounds of snarling. She bolted upright, reaching for the blade she kept near at all times, but by the time she had readied herself, the hall had quieted. Still, to hear a snarling animal here in the inn . . . It seemed highly unlikely. Even a squirrel would not bother to sneak in through one of the cracks or crevices.

Carefully, she slipped out of the covers. Her bare feet were near silent on the wood floor. Her hand rested on the doorknob, but she was unsure how to proceed. If it truly were a danger, it would not be best to storm into the hallway with nothing more than her smallest dagger and nothing but her underclothes to protect her.

Voices sounded in the hall. Familiar voices. She pressed her ear to the splintery wood of the door and listened, straining to hear every word spoken. She could clearly tell the elf - Arin. He spoke so often to her that she knew his well. The other voice she knew to be from her group of travelers as well. It wasn't hard to figure out who, as there weren't many.

Swallowing, she opened the door and peered outside. But in the time it had taken for her to decide, the hallway had cleared. All that remained was a body, still cooling on the floor. His blood pooled around him, seeping into the small divots in the planks. Rynn wrinkled her nose. If someone didn't get rid of it soon it would start to smell.

Though she went back to her room, she knew she would not be sleeping any more that night. Perhaps when they left in the morning, her companions would be able to tell her more about what transpired in the hall.
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