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ive been an on and off roleplayer since about 2010, but not on this site. i joined this site kinda hoping for a more interactive community? idk, the last one i was on just seems to have gone downhill over the last couple years.

im into a lot of different things, so if you just wanna pm me for a rp (or just to talk) im down! could use another handful of friends lmao

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hi ^^
okay soO i dont have any particular thoughts in mind, buut im pretty friggin new here and i just wanna roleplay but i dont know where to start :T
anyone have a rp they need more members for?
okay will do, thank you!
ooh im into it
ill make a character and stuff after i finish typing up a short essay im working on :))
ill check it out! ty!
hey, yeah so i didnt know where to post this? and i figure this might be as good a place as any?
well im new and i already posted my "hey im new" kinda post and like
i have no idea where to start

im totally open to anything, so if anyone wants to throw their threads at me id be grateful lmao
In hiiii 6 mos ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
ty c:
In hiiii 6 mos ago Forum: Introduce Yourself
hey, so, while im not new to roleplaying, i am new to this site ^^
ive been on and off since 2010 in the whole rp business, on another site, but i feel like recently its just kind of... meh. idk. feels dead to me.
anyways, hi, annnnd im looking forward to being apart of this site!
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