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WOWZA! Thank you for that!
Why hello there! I am new to this website, but not to roleplaying! I am itching for some juicy 1x1's currently, so let's crack into it!

||About me & Expectations||
-I am a college student. That being said, I can usually answer once a day, sometimes more, but sometimes it can be a day or two between for replies. I expect the same from my partners.
-I don't like carrying a plot all by myself, if you are gonna roleplay with me, I expect you to carry your weight.
-OOC chat isn't required but appreciated!
-Please PM me if interested
-I am 18+ and want my partners to be too. I like including various mature content including sexual content, violence, cursing etc.
-I don't ghost and just disappear from RP's and don't want you to either! Please let me know if you are going to be absent.
-I tend to write 6-10 paragraphs and would love to have a partner that can consistently write at least 4 paragraphs.
-As for characters? I don't like doing character sheets, I primarily play female but can play male. I am interested in MxF or an occasional FxF, but romance isn't needed. If there is going to be romance, it needs to grow at a natural, reasonable pace.
-I love me a good historical or medieval plot and would dig it if my partner did too.
||Current Cravings||

Hey there!

I am Plant Queen. I am a 20-year-old college student who has been roleplaying for around 7 years. I create all my characters and their backstories just for the particular roleplay I am taking part in, as it is something I really enjoy. I enjoy literate roleplay, with long posts and layers to them. My preferred genre is historical, although I am willing to branch out.

Outside of roleplaying, I enjoy yoga and running. I also love cooking as well. Roleplaying serves as a catharsis for me, a way to escape my daily life and delve into new worlds, free from my stress.
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