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“Always better to be early to things than late,” Pike repeats to herself. Sagely words of wisdom from Abuela- or just some pretty damn good advice. Rather than checking out the campus or chatting with student volunteers, Pike walks along the path directed straight to the auditorium. Sure, she MAYBE could have taken a second to see if there was a place to put her several bags, a decision that is totally weighing on her, but she is dying to get started. Besides, getting there early would present its own gifts, maybe she’d make a friend or two before the orientation meeting. Finally, she reaches a concrete staircase that seems to lead right to her designation.

Glancing up at the towering building ahead, she reminds herself to take a few deep breaths. She couldn’t help but be in total awe at it’s sight; she had never seen something with such decadent architecture. There must be a thousand different windows, huh. Must mean that inside is something more special than just an auditorium.

Growing up on a small island had its perks, sure, but when introduced to a new environment like the one in front of her, she finds herself completely disoriented. This would definitely take some adjusting to. Pike had always been accustomed to a hot climate surrounded with colorful buildings and beautiful creatures. This was a whole other level of new. Kids with gifts like her… a school that would help her harness that gift… not feeling like a complete abomination. Despite it’s foreign nature, this was where she belonged.

She skips up the steps to the building and enters it’s heavy doors. Being an hour early, it wasn’t crowded at all. Sure there were a couple of stowaways like herself, but there was some time before the orientation and before it started getting crowded. Pike plops down in the very front row, pulls out her journal from one of her various duffel bags, and begins writing frantically. Just something to do while she waits...
I submitted a character sheet, let me know if you have any questions! :)
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