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4 mos ago
HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Remember, there is no age limit on fun or candy. Go ahead and trick-or-treat.
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4 mos ago
Tomorrow will be my 1st anniversary on here! I wasn't sure what to expect, but I truly love this place and I met someone {@Siaya Dragalorn} who quickly became one of my best and dearest friends. ^_^
7 mos ago
Not sure if my eye is twitching because I'm deficient in every possible vitamin, or if I'm just irritated with life in general.
11 mos ago
On the rare occasion that I socialize, it's never for fun. It's to save face.
11 mos ago
Kind of a crappy week...getting back into writing more frequently now.
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This lovely graphic and matching headers were made by my dear friend, Siaya Dragalorn. Thank you so much! ♥

Hey! Welcome to my profile. I have been role playing since I was 12. Remember Neopets? That's where it all began.
Writing is my escape, my hobby, and my addiction all at once. I still have a lot to improve on, but I'm always eager to learn and I welcome constructive criticism.

Aside from writing, I am a big fan of Final Fantasy, and just fantasy in general...oh...and I may be a little obsessed with Alice in Wonderland for certain reasons. I adore my friends, and I'm always willing to help if you need it.

- A Land of Wonder and Nightmare with Siaya Dragalorn
A dark twist on Alice in Wonderland. The plot and thought behind this continues to blow my mind. As if that's not enough, the the chemistry of the characters is amazing. I can't say enough good things about this role play. Feel free to read it!

1/24: Posts will probably take 1-5 days. Been a lot more inspired to write lately.

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No rush! Take your time. I can't quite remember what we decided...I'm fine either way! Really just been winging it this entire time. Heh.
*grins* Sweet! Yeah, I'm glad too. Had a lot of rough family stuff to go through.
Sounds like a plan! ^^

Heh, no worries! I mean, who am I to judge? I still haven't won the game yet!
I think you'll really enjoy it when you watch it. I know I did. Lots of feels...I may have cried.
The four followed close behind. Prompto kept up alongside of Sarah, keeping an eye out for any potential dangers. While the girl talked, he listened intently, aware that the information could be vital to their mission.

When they came to the clearing, Prompto slowed. His eyes scanned the rock formation that wrapped around to create the quarry, silently marveling at the sight of it. Jumping at the boom, he spun around to find the source. Sure enough, there was Deadeye, oblivious to the hunters tracking him down.

"That's him alright..." Noctis observed the monster, arms folded across his chest. "Sure you don't want to sit this one out?" he questioned, glancing sideways to Gladiolus.

The tallest of the group snorted lightly in response, watching as their target disappeared from view. "Not a chance, princess."

While his friends bantered back and forth, Prompto's eyes went wide. Despite a through description of the beast, seeing Deadeye in person startled him. "Oh, no..." his heart dropped when Sarah grasped the fallen feather. If they didn't do something, there would be more casualties. The thought melted away the fear he felt. Deadeye had to be stopped.

"Sarah, don't worry. We'll take him down," Prompto told her, his expression one of solemn determination. "This won't happen again..." his lifted his eyes away from the feather, resuming eye contact with the girl. "I promise."

Noctis didn't intervene when he heard his friend make the promise. It was something he agreed with, for he had no intention of leaving without taking the monster down for good. "Lets make this quick," he waved for them to follow, itching for battle. It had been too long since their last hunt. "If we're lucky, we'll be back before nightfall."

"Wait! We should not run into this without some sort of plan." Ignis held an arm out, his expression grim. He didn't usually have to worry about Gladiolus -- but Noctis and Prompto were another story. "If he is indeed missing an eye, he will have a blind spot...we would do well to use this to our advantage."

"Iggy's right." Gladiolus loved a good fight, but he wasn't cocky enough to charge after Deadeye without the beginnings of a battle plan. He turned his attention away from the last spot Deadeye had been spotted, his brown eyes locking onto Sarah. "Last call...are you coming in with us, or do you want to stay here?"
Heya! -hugs-
So, I was just checking in to see if you'd still be up for this, or even something else. Admittedly, I kind of lost interest for a bit since I had a lot going on and motivation was really low. Been feeling more up to writing lately, though!
Anyways, hope all is well. Did you enjoy Episode Ignis?
Glad you liked it. xD I figured he would be tempted by it, especially when he's scared.

I can too. They'd be at the height of fashion!

Hah! I've been debating getting rid of my Care why not re-purpose him?

I have a couple apps and around three games, but they use up a ton of space. I don't have much music since I've been using YouTube a lot for that. Especially lately, with our playlists.
And...YES. I believe Cheshire Cat would approve of our loyalty to him. =^^=

Oh, sweet! Yep, I definitely forgot about those too. I love gauntlets, and those ones are especially cool. Drust just got even cooler in my book, if that's possible. Yay for photo references!
...I also forgot that Ghent packed a bunch of junk food along with him. I wonder how much of it has survived through the abuse the backpack has gone through.

Aw, I never thought you were long-winded with sentences. But, we are our own worst critics.
"I’m also starting to think that trees are Drust’s worst enemies." Oh my gosh. Wait. Is this the second time he's hit a tree? The first time was with Elayra, right? x'D I gotta read back on this. If that's the case...his worst enemies are trees, and also the two children he's sworn to protect...
Ghent tensed underneath the chill of wind. He bit his bottom lip, his grip on Drust tightening.
It's just a trick, he used Elayra's words to reassure himself, desperate for his inner voice to drown out the whisper he heard drift so dangerously close. A harmless, little trick.
When the wind died down, Ghent exhaled with a weak sounding sigh. He would never get used to Hollow Forest.
Fighting to keep his body from trembling all over, Ghent turned his attention back to Elayra. He guessed she would snap at him, but she didn't. To his shock, and perhaps to the shock of any ghosts secretly present, she agreed.
The look of disbelief on Ghent's face was almost comical. He was so used to bickering and being turned down, he didn't know how to react. Unwilling to give her time to change her mind, he set Drust down and moved to swap places with her.
"As you may remember, I used to work at a book store." While Ghent spoke, he slid his hands underneath Drust's armpits and hoisted him up from the ground. As expected, the knight's top half was heavier.
"Drust weighs about as much as a shipment of books," Ghent rambled, as if she would care. The forest's silence disturbed him. Talking was the only thing he could do to cancel out the quiet.
After becoming satisfied with his grip, Ghent nodded to show Elayra he was ready to move.
Keeping his eyes and ears alert for the slightest movement or sound, he did his best to match Elayra's pace. He couldn't see her feet, he could only feel each time she took a step.
"A shipment of hardcover books, though...definitely hardcover," Ghent mumbled, readjusting his hands so they locked across Drust's chest. The last thing he wanted was to drop their guardian.
You're the one who challenges, and also inspires me, me to do my best! We're a good match.
And...this killed me.

"She gripped the bridge of her nose and took a few deep breaths, as she had seen Drust do to try calming himself"

I just...I feel so sorry for Elayra and Drust.

Hah! So true. Don't ask, but I envisioned them wearing matching shirts. Ghent's would say 'I'm with Blondie' and Elayra's would say 'I'm with Featherhead'. I'm greatly amused by this.

I like our version better as well! Maybe I'll donate my Care Bear to the cause...*eyes scissors*

It was a pain, but I love my new phone because I have so much storage space. I'm enjoying it, thank you! Haven't gotten to the point where I need to purchase the full version yet. I said it once, I'll say it again. I love their version of Cheshire.

True, and true. Never a dull moment with us. XD
"Okay, okay! I was only asking." Grimacing at the stink worm comment, Ghent stepped around Elayra and approached Drust. This was the first real look Ghent had of the man. Before it was either too dark to see, or he was too intimidated to stare.
Ghent's heart thudded in his ears as he studied the motionless figure. Seeing Drust without his katana was unusual, but it brought him little comfort. The knight appeared perfectly capable of killing them both, with or without his blade.
Seeing Elayra turn in his peripheral vision, Ghent's breath caught in his throat. He looked over her head and grit his teeth together, refusing to repeat the same mistake twice.
Magic will make it worse, he scolded himself, or it could save you, the second thought scared him. It scared him because he was truly tempted.
Thankfully, nothing was there. Not that it meant much when ghosts were involved.
Wishing to avoid being snapped at again, Ghent followed Elayra's newest order. He slid his hands underneath Drust’s legs, lifting once he had a good grip. Drust wasn't as heavy as he expected, although this was only a portion of his weight. Ghent doubted he would get far trying to move him on his own.
“Great,” Ghent huffed, readjusting his hold. The forest wasn’t limited to human ghosts, now he had to worry about the ghosts of animals too. He waited for Elayra to get into position, but then he realized something. Not only was Elayra taking the heavier looking pack, she was lifting Drust from the heavier side.
"We should switch,” Ghent told the girl, his expression serious. “He's lighter from this end, and..." his eyes lingered on her shoulder for a split second, but he stopped himself from voicing his concerns. He knew better than to point out she was still wounded.
"How the heck was I supposed to know?!" Ghent moved back, flinching at the brandished sword. He hated it when Elayra wielded anything sharp. Which was always. "You guys should've warned me!"
At the mention of allergies, he cocked a brow and sniffled once to make sure his nose wasn't running. It wasn't, but his throat still felt scratchy after hauling William around. Dumb cat.
"J-just calm down, okay?! Maybe he won't remember what happened," Ghent offered weakly, his troubled gaze flickering to the unmoving figure. The mere thought of Drust waking sent a cold shiver down his spine.
Just as Ghent started to wonder if they were better off leaving the man, Elayra mentioned the Safe Zone. The name itself was like a breath of fresh air, and he nodded to show he understood and wholeheartedly agreed.
"I like that idea," Ghent told her, watching as she relieved Drust of his katana. The boy was foolish enough to hope he would be given the weapon, but it was packed away into the very bag he envied.
“What about me?” Ghent hated being unarmed, especially with the possibility of Drust waking up. “Don’t I get something?”
As if to answer his question, Elayra had tossed him her pack.
That’s not what I meant. Ghent caught the pack by one of the straps. When in hand, he was surprised by how light it was compared to what he carried.
Slipping out of his backpack, Ghent stiffened when the threat reached his ears.
“I won't lose it,” he mumbled quickly, irked that Elayra thought him to be that incompetent.
Dropping the backpack to the ground with a soft thud, Ghent crouched down next to it and brought Elayra’s pack with him. Until that moment, he hadn’t realized how badly he was trembling. His hands shook uncontrollably as he found the flap, pulling the material back to allow him a glimpse inside.
To Ghent's disappointment, there wasn't much to see. The opening of pack resembled the mouth of a cave; dark and uninviting. He was tempted to try getting a better look, but didn’t dare with Elayra standing a few feet away.
Still shaking, Ghent pulled his backpack closer and attempted to shove it inside of the pack. The grinning skulls seemed to taunt him as his efforts were in vain. The backpack was too wide.
Undaunted, Ghent unzipped the backpack and shuffled a few items around. After that was done, he set the backpack on the ground and pushed down on it to help flatten the contents.
Satisfied that the appearance was slimmer, Ghent tried again. It took some effort and a bit of twisting and turning, but the pack finally accepted his belongings.
"Well, that's done..." Ghent didn't have time to be amazed, he was too busy worrying about Drust waking up. He slung Elayra's pack over his shoulder, looking disapprovingly at the pack she swapped hers for. Rather than comment, he turned his attention to the knight. Moving him wasn't going to be easy.
"Er..." Ghent glanced sideways at the girl. "You wouldn't happen to have a spell that would make him a little lighter, would you?"
Whew. For some reason, that post did not want to be written. I haven't had writers block this bad in ages. Again, that twist at the end was brilliant. I never expected for this to happen! *^*

And...noted! Thank you for elaborating on that. Hm...are you telling me that Ghent's nicknames actually serve a purpose now? XD

Heck yes. I can't decide if I want to be Funshine Bear or Grumpy Bear. I am a mixture of both. Or...maybe a made up bear. A Scare Bear? Is that a thing yet? If will be.
Could cut off a leg of the CB and hop around with both legs in the remaining leg hole.


Wasn't it? Everything about it was great. I often find myself thinking back on that game with fond memories. I never did buy the full demo...I had to get a new phone, so I lost my data. I don't mind, me a chance to replay it. I'm downloading it now.

A robe! Why couldn't I think of that word?! Thank you! That makes total sense. In that case, you should get matching robes. And that gif is a little too perfect. xD
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