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On the rare occasion that I socialize, it's never for fun. It's to save face.
4 mos ago
Kind of a crappy week...getting back into writing more frequently now.
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Merry Christmas!
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Finals are done! Now to focus on what is really important. By important, I mean role play.
8 mos ago
When your RP partner/friend suddenly ditches you after 2yrs with no cause or warning. Is this what a breakup feels like?


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Not sad at all! xD I love how he says it, too. I saw an advertisement that said season three comes out next week. I have no comprehension of time, so this came as a shock to me. Can't wait to watch it, and possibly discuss it with you after!

Ooh, vacation. Aside from the temptations of food, you having a good time? Considering what you've been through these past weeks/months, you deserve it!

Soooo true. Blankets, pillows...pause, it's official. I hate the theater.

We're thrilled that you like it! Their expressions are my favorite part about it. *laughs*
Forgot about the alias. I asked her, and she said "ImagineBaggins" works. :D
"I wouldn't joke about that!" Ghent's shrill response turned into a yelp as Elayra pulled him out of view. Believing his nemesis had been spotted, he sank down to hide, his back pressed against the dirty brick wall. "What? Is she coming?"
Impatient for an answer, Ghent stood on his tiptoes to peek over the bags of garbage. Seeing the sedan, he gasped and dropped back to his normal height, just in time to receive a much needed shake.
Ghent stared at the girl from underneath his hood, rain dripping down his face. The suddenness of the action shocked him back to his senses and rendered him speechless all at once. This wasn't at all like the comics.
Some hero, he chided himself, regretting his foolishness in ever agreeing to this madness. He started to protest that he had every reason to panic, only he never got the chance to explain. One shove later, Ghent was back on track.
"Okay, okay!" Amazingly, Ghent regained his footing using nothing to stabilize himself. A dumpster lid was within reach, but he didn't want to grab onto it. There was as much filth on the outside as there was on the inside.
Fueled by fear, Ghent fled the scene, his imagination running with him. As much as he feared the horrors of Wonderland, he feared being caught by the police even more. It didn't help that the Book Barn was several blocks away. There was plenty of time to be caught before they reached the portal.
Inwardly cursing Miles for choosing the boutique as their distraction, Ghent lead Elayra through maze of buildings. The alleyways were pitted with dozens of potholes filled to the brim with water, none of which Ghent bothered to miss. His sneakers were soaked clean through, as was most of his clothing. There was no point in dodging what he'd already failed to avoid.
"It's just up ahead!" Ironically, they'd arrived to the same alley William was discovered in the day before. Without a second thought, Ghent started to dash past the last dumpster when he was jerked to a rough halt. Out of nowhere, a hand had latched onto his backpack.
"Slow down, boy!" Miles pushed Ghent backwards, extending an arm out to stop Elayra if necessary. "You want to get us caught?!" As if to prove his point, a car sped past.
"Miles!" Gasping for breath, Ghent moved his hands to his knees. "You didn't," he panted, wishing he'd taken his former gym class a little more seriously. "You didn't shoot anyone, right?"
Miles lowered his arm, cocking a brow. "Unlike you, I'm not an idiot." He pat his side, the pistol concealed by his smoke infused coat. "Created a distraction. So did you two, by the sounds of it." He hacked a laugh, eyes glistening with revenge. "Old bat running that place got me a ticket for loitering."
Ghent straightened, taking the words like a slap to the face. "Are you freaking kidding me?" He threw his hands up, pacing in a line between the two Wonderlanders. "You had us run across town and bust a window over a TICKET?!"
Miles shrugged with one shoulder. "It's my last day here. I wanted revenge." Shoving his hands into his pockets, he looked into the street, confident that the police were scattered and nowhere near the Book Barn.
"Alright, girl...your turn to lead." The drunkard looked behind his shoulder, reverting back the skittish behavior he'd displayed upon first meeting the blonde. "Where's the portal?"
No need for thanks, my friend!
Ahh, what did they call themselves? I wanna say traders or something, but I may be confusing them with the "high risk traders" (aka, pirates) on Avatar. Wow, I didn't even realize the similarities of those episodes! I want to check that out now! I had only thought the art style was similar (and Lance's expressions in particular always remind me of Sokka) but now I need to hunt for plot similarities, too.

Junk food + Netflix + good company...that's a recipe for yes!

You've got the right idea. The theater experience is usually a nightmare. I much prefer watching movies from the comfort of my own home, but we were a little desperate to see this one. I have a few movie recommendations for you that might tie you over while you wait, but I'll include those in our PM.

Right?! I love them so much! Everything's going downhill fast...and I don't see things improving any time soon. XD

Glad you like her! Absolutely, add away! I'm very happy because my sister just finished this for us, so you can add it too if you'd like! I think it's quite adorable. :'D

Right?! Someone save the poor guy! When I first saw Pidge, the first thing I asked was "is that supposed to be a boy or a girl?" She's fun, I like her interactions with Shiro the best. Seems like Shiro is a big brother figure, which is adorable.
You should totally watch the third season with your friend! I bet season 3 will be just as good, if not better than the previous ones. One of my favorite scenes is when Hunk was on a mini rant to himself after no one else believed him about those space pirates. I still laugh about that.

I went and binge watched 10 episodes of Trollhunters in 2 nights with my sister. I am about to watch 5 more. I think it's safe to say that we like this show. A lot. Each episode is interesting, great characters, story's good, and it's really funny, too. I couldn't ask for more than that. (I got excited when I recognized the scene from your avatar).

Aw, thank you so much! I truly appreciate that, and the same offer goes for you, of course. I feel a lot better today. :) I did indeed see Spiderman, and I loved it. This is by far my favorite adaption of him, and new favorite Marvel movie along with the Captain America ones. Are you planning on seeing it?

I read your reply really early and I couldn't sleep after because it was so exciting. I loved it very much, and I'm thankful to Elayra for her quick reflexes. Oh, and her nicknames for Ghent made me laugh. At this point in time, all are fitting.

edit: I promised this months ago, but here's the first ever chibi charm for our RP!
I will make more chibis when I can. I am behind on everything, as usual. Heh.
I love her character so much -- I tried to do her justice! ❤︎

Either his magic had a mind of its own, or Ghent was standing too close to the target. The window never got a chance to crack as he expected it to, it exploded, putting him into immediate danger.
Before he could register what was happening, Ghent felt himself hitting the pavement. The ground's impact was mostly broken by his backpack, the articles of clothing packed inside helping to cushion the fall.
From where Ghent lay, he could only stare at where the window used to be, fragments of glass hitting the shield Elayra so wisely summoned for them. Her magic held up well, nothing was able to touch them, not even the rain.
Underneath the safety of the shield, Ghent remained frozen in place. His blue eyes were wide with fear, and he was very well aware of the disaster so narrowly avoided.
Inside of the shop, the tallest mannequin tipped over into the ones beside it, resulting each crashing to the ground in a domino-like effect. Ghent cringed to see the destruction, pained to envision the cost of damages.
"You alive?"
The question and sudden pour of rain brought Ghent back to his senses. "Y-yeah, I think so ... " Face paler than usual, he looked himself over to check for injury. Finding nothing new, he turned his attention towards Elayra, fearing that she'd taken a hit to save him. To his relief, she appeared unscathed, and -- to his delight -- perhaps even worried.
"Why?" Forgetting how afraid he was two seconds ago, Ghent smirked widely and propped himself up with his elbows, inches away from her face. "You worried about me?"
The teasing didn't last long. Right after he so obnoxiously asked, the alarm in the boutique went off, alerting the surrounding shops that something was amiss. Terrified of being caught or spotted, Ghent scrambled to his feet, offering Elayra a hand up.
"I can't believe I'm guilty of vandalism." Adding to Ghent's stress, the unmistakable sound of a gunshot sounded several blocks away. "And murder! Come on, we have to get out of here!"
Without a second thought, Ghent broke into a run towards the alley right as a car rounded the corner. It wasn't just any car, it was a sedan. A black sedan. A cold feeling of dread sank in. Ghent didn't need to look, he felt it in his heart. The driver was Mrs. Saxon.
Keeping his head down to avoid identification, Ghent continued to run as fast as his legs would carry him. When they neared the alleyway, he found that it was crowded with dumpsters and much too narrow for a vehicle. For that, he was immensely grateful. "Did she see us?!"
Elayra wouldn't have had any idea who 'she' was, but Ghent was so caught up in panicking that he hadn't thought to explain. "She'll be the first to rat us out!" Police sirens sounded. "My mom is going to kill me!"
This is one of the many reasons we're friends. Who is your favorite character? I've been having trouble deciding. I'm leaning towards Shiro, but I like Lance too. They're all great in their own way. Season 3 is just around the corner!

Sweet! I'll watch a couple episodes tonight. I've gotta unwind. My stress levels are off the charts.
Oh, and I think I'll buy a dozen of those jackets with zipper hoods. I saw a Spiderman themed one a few weeks ago, which would be rather perfect for me.

Ahh, I can hardly wait! I don't believe you'd mentioned who it'll be, but if you did...I've forgotten. My memory has been so bad lately.
"Right...sounds simple enough." Ghent tried to hide the fact that the task ahead scared him silly. He barely had the nerve to break a window, let alone kill a sorceress capable of destroying an entire world.
A low rumble of thunder sounded in the distance. At the mention of Drust being under extra stress, Ghent swallowed uneasily. If he wanted to help prevent the Curse from possessing the Knight further, he realized that he would need to watch his mouth and learn to follow orders.
  "Hope he's in a better mood when we show up ... " Ghent halted as Elayra put a hand to his shoulder, thinking she'd spotted something. After a look around, he found that this wasn't her reason for stopping him. They were alone, the few pedestrians they'd passed were nowhere in sight.
"Let me give it a go first."
"Be my guest." Ghent didn't object in the slightest. He scoffed at the mention of blowing up the shop, believing the comment to be a joke while wondering if there was any truth to her words. His magic was as much of a mystery to him as Elayra was.
While Elayra prepared herself, Ghent paid special attention to her stance so that he might copy her when his turn came. If at all possible, he wanted to improve and get in a bit of practice before they were faced with the dangers of Wonderland. Skilled as she was, it didn't take long for the magic to answer Elayra's call. Ghent watched, amazed as she sent a force of air towards the window, raindrops shooting from the glass upon impact.
"Not bad." The window was still in one piece, but Ghent was impressed by how quickly the magic connected with her. "Guess you need someone with a little more strength, though," he smirked at her, stepping forward to be in position. "Don't worry. I'll take it from here."
Ghent closed his eyes to focus, grimacing as the nickname reached his ears. "Couldn't you think of something a little more flattering, Blondie?" He sent her an unamused look over his shoulder, straightening when she asked him to repeat the focus word.  
"Oh, yeah...good idea." Remembering his failure from earlier, Ghent repeated the word in his head a few times before speaking it aloud. "In-ex-us," he echoed her. " Inexus. Got it."
Looking both ways to ensure no pedestrians were in the near vicinity, Ghent exhaled shakily. Focusing never came easily to him. "Here goes ... "
  Eyes scrunched tight, Ghent attempted to empty his mind as Elayra advised. One thought jumped to the next, and before he knew it, he began to focus on the fact that Elayra watching him. A full minute ticked by without so much as a spark. 
Finally, Ghent gave up, sighing in defeat. "Nothing's there," he admitted, ashamed to face her after the bragging he'd done. An idea dawned upon him, and without explanation he stepped towards Elayra, clasped a hand to each of her shoulders, and turned her to face the opposite direction. "Sorry. I think you're making me nervous."
Back in his place, Ghent closed his eyes, giving himself a second try. "No peeking," he warned, repeating the focus word a few times more in his head. "I'm like an artist, I can't be watched."
  With his mind better at ease, Ghent remained still, tuning out the sounds of the city. Half a minute went by when out of nowhere, he felt a surge of energy shoot through his finger tips into both hands. It was a familiar feeling, one he recognized from the first time he'd reached out to the magic.  
  Eyes snapping open, Ghent didn't hesitate. Just as he'd seen Elayra do, he shot his hands towards the window, eager to prove himself. "Inexus!"
Yeah, it was! Wish they hadn't taken it off. Last I checked, it wasn't there...but I think they had the movie.
If you're in the market for something to watch on Netflix, I'd recommend the new Voltron.
The art style is really similar to Avatar ...

... and it's a lot of fun to watch.
Speaking of Netflix, I recognize the character in your avatar. I have that saved in my "to watch" list. Trollhunters, right?

Hah! That made me laugh. A zipper to shut out the world...that sounds perfectly ideal to me.

Low res wallpapers drive me insane, too. Sometimes I have to settle if the image is really cool. I can't believe it's 2017 and low resolution wallpapers are still a problem.

You're welcome! Up until I read that, I hadn't given too much thought as to how their lives must have been before the fall of Wonderland, but now I can't stop thinking about it. So much would've been different, yet here they are reunited again. :D
Also, I'm very excited. Wonderland's just around the corner!

Ghent noticed how overly alert Elayra was. Not a sound or person went by without her being aware of them, and more than once she'd spun around to face a nonexistent threat. While Ghent would have found this funny a day ago, he didn't poke fun at her. He couldn't fault Elayra after hearing about the conditions she was brought up in. Being alert was key to survival.
As they made their way down the sidewalk, Ghent walked alongside of the blonde, listening intently as she responded to his question. He felt successful to have avoided her wrath, plus he struck up a conversation without being sarcastic. This was a progress for an otherwise terrible morning.
The mention of the Forsaken succeeded in piquing Ghent's curiosity. It also put him on edge. Before Elayra could continue, there was a noise from the alleyway, one that sent him into a panic.
"What was that?!" Ghent looked around wildly for the culprit, only to find that a stray mutt was the source of the clatter. Keeping calm was impossible with Wonderland's inhabitants on the mind. Embarrassed, Ghent mustered a weak laugh, wishing his heart would get a chance at returning to a normal pace.
"Ah, dogs are always hanging around here," he nodded towards the alleyway, remembering Elayra's questions about William. "But don't worry. They aren't spies or anything."
Doing his best not to allow his nerves to get the better of him, Ghent listened as Elayra explained about the mysterious beings she'd mentioned earlier. When the Forsaken were likened to zombies, he slowed, taking on a look of disbelief.
"Wow ... " Rain dripping down his face, Ghent stopped underneath the last awning in their path, gaze downward. "That sounds awful." The words were quiet, almost inaudible underneath the rain hitting the pavement around them. The more he learned about Wonderland, the more he pitied Elayra and the people affected by the Curse. At the same time, he regretted his compliance in accompanying the two from his past.
"Is that what'll happen to Drust?" At the memory of the White Knight, Ghent began to walk again, keeping an eye out for an object heavy enough to break the window with. "I know you'd mentioned him being affected by the Curse...or, at least partially," he added, as he hadn't a solid idea of how much hold the Curse had over the man. "Will he get worse?"
Up ahead, the currently-closed boutique was impossible to miss. The shop appeared misplaced among the others; it was lavishly decorated with plenty of expensive, modern looking clothing modeled by faceless mannequins behind the large window. The surrounding stores looked pitiful in comparison, and Ghent found himself wondering why Miles chose this shop in particular.
"You got a spell that'll break glass?"
Hey Arnold is hilarious! Ironically enough, I'm wearing a shirt of it right now...did I mention I'm really into fashion?

True. xD And thanks! Today's been good, and I'll add that I did get my lemonade after all. How can I complain?
As far as the communication goes, take all the alone time you need. As you know, I totally get it. I made my cousin wait...*squints* two...weeks...before I responded to a Facebook comment. Why am I like this?

Glad you like the gifs because I am in love with this wallpaper! Wow...that's really beautifully done, and such a fun concept of their costumes. So much yes! The resolution is perfectly crisp...the colors are great too. *stares in contentment*
I just set it as my laptop wallpaper. I'm touched that you thought of me, thank you so much! *hug*

Edit: I meant to bring this up around five posts ago, but can I just have a fangirl moment over your write up for the Whispering Woods? Little Elayra, little Ghent...picnics,'s too precious for words! ❤
Apologies, but it pulled on my heartstrings. xD Especially since it's so tragic as to what happened later on with their parents and Wonderland.
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