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Not sure if my eye is twitching because I'm deficient in every possible vitamin, or if I'm just irritated with life in general.
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On the rare occasion that I socialize, it's never for fun. It's to save face.
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Kind of a crappy week...getting back into writing more frequently now.
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Merry Christmas!
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Finals are done! Now to focus on what is really important. By important, I mean role play.



The older I get, the less I like to talk about myself. I'll just say I'm in my early 20s, and writing/role playing is a huge part of my life. It's my escape, my hobby, and addiction all at once. I've been writing with others since I was 12. I'm still trying to improve, so I'm open to feedback.

RP status: tentatively open, but not really looking. I can handle three at max, and I'm in two right now.

Limits: I am not overly picky with violence as long as it makes sense for the story. For romance, nothing past kissing.

9/19 - tired and busy with a lot. working on replies!

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Inspired by Drust, I'm going to start writing down the memorable quotes that pop up during the RP. xD
Oh, right! We never discussed the year, did we? I always envisioned it was present day too. Then again... we could always go 90s and change Ghent's clothes wear to those horrible multicolored windbreakers and lightblue denim jeans.
I'm kidding!

Glad you like that about him! xD I think feeling the magic so strongly went to his head.

:D It took me another watch of seasons 1 and 2, but I think I've decided that Lance is my favorite. He's just ridiculous in the best way. Still need to see season 3, though.
Your avatar's perfect for the upcoming month! I've been meaning to tell you -- if you haven't already, go to Hobby Lobby and/or Michaels for the full Halloween experience! They've got some of the coolest stuff. Seeing all of the skulls, roses, and other spooky items for sale made me realize that October's the best month for our role play theme.

I thought the gate sounded familiar! It's so beautiful in a haunting way. I really enjoyed your description of it. I also loved reading about your character! But, I'll address that in our PM so I don't give anything away by accident.

That image hit me in the feels. That's a really sweet message, I shall be saving that. :)
Here's a cute one for you that I stumbled upon the other day!

"You're probably right." This was one of the rare moments where Ghent and Elayra could agree on something without arguing beforehand. The bandwagon of denial was going along smoothly until Drust hit them with the cold hard facts. "Or...not."
Doubt began to creep its way back into Ghent's thoughts. He could feel the sensation of magic gradually weaken, which only helped to chip away at the confidence he built for himself. Alright, so maybe a few magic classes wouldn't hurt.
Concerned that he was already losing his powers, Ghent attempted to read Elayra without making it obvious. Could she feel the magic fade too? He couldn't tell. Danger lurked around every corner, he needed to make sure he still had a way to defend himself.
"Hey, guys? I couldn't help but notice that...woah." Ghent's words caught in his throat when the gate came into view. He couldn't deny the familiarity of the sight before him, he had seen this place countless times before. This was the setting for many of the nightmares and dreams he experienced as a child.
"I don't think I could forget this if I wanted to." Ghent looked on in awe, taking in every detail, mesmerized by every heart and weathered stone. To stand in the place that haunted him for years was a surreal feeling. Seeing the gate no longer frightened him, it reassured him that he had been right all along.
"I used to have the same dream...but it always ended here." Ghent stopped alongside of Drust and Elayra, his eyes never straying from the intricate metal doors. “The three of us were always in it, and it always ended the same way. After I stepped through the doors, I'd look back...and you weren't there anymore."
Moving his backpack so that it rested evenly between both shoulders, Ghent nodded to the knight. "I guess you've found the fountain of youth, Drust. I know I've said it before, but you've barely changed.” 'Barely' was accurate. In age, Drust looked about the same as he did, but Ghent knew the curse took a heavy toll on him. The darkness threatening to take over his eyes was evidence of that.
“You've changed more though, Blondie.” Ghent used his hand to measure the distance from his knee to the cobblestone ground. “You were just a bit shorter than you are now,” he teased, amused by the memory of Elayra as a cute little toddler. Fourteen years later, here they were again. It didn't feel real.
"Wish I remembered more." Sighing softly, Ghent ventured a few steps closer to get a better look. In the grand scheme of things, he knew remembering an old rusty gate wasn't all that impressive or helpful. "It's weird. I never forgot about you two...but I can't even remember my own parents."
That was pure magic to read, all of it. I love the concept of the knights so much! Their designs and history? Just brilliant.
I really like how Hatter played a part in being responsible for their coming to be, and the fact that Drust is different from the rest in his own wonderful way is spectacular. *slow tear* I absolutely love everything about this guy. He's fantastic!
As for the Sorceress...yikes. You've succeeded at making her terrifying without her actually being in the story yet, which is remarkable. Just the description of her and the mention of some of the things she's done (and the things she's capable of) is haunting.
This right here made my entire week: “This isn’t Harry Potter, boy." YES.
And look at that, you've inspired me to get started on my characters. I'll try to have them posted before the week's over!

Yeah? Hey...I did better than I thought! This is all very exciting, at least for me. Ghent's kind of freaked himself out, but it may work in their favor. :P

When it comes to clothes, black is my favorite color. I highly approve. Aw, well thank you. I appreciate the offer, anyway! Very sweet of you. Hm...maybe everyone in our little club has to wear a cloak.

Ooh, feathers. I'm a fan already! My mind automatically jumped to when Howl transforms later in the movie.
I'd love to read about her, and I promise I won't steal her. I'll just admire from afar. xD
As always, take your time. I know PM's always take an extra boost of motivation!

I'm glad you like the idea! I'll let you know how it's coming...if my supplies ever arrive. *impatiently waits for the mailman*

Edit: I recently realized I could add you as a friend on here. Took me long enough. xD
Ghent gawked at the man. "Did you just..." Yes, he did. Drust just referred to Harry Potter.
"Only one of the greatest wizards ever." Ghent eagerly answered Elayra's question when Drust did not. "Do you think..." No. He wouldn't say that out loud. Even though the ground beneath their feet belonged to a supposedly fictitious world, it was too silly to ask if the portal could take them to Hogwarts.
"Never mind." Childish as it was, Ghent allowed himself to entertain the idea in secret. The world seemed so much bigger now. Magic existed, and he could use it. He could feel it. He didn't need a magical school, a magical school needed him.
An arrogant smirk crossed Ghent's face. Maybe being in Wonderland wasn't so bad. There were dangers, of course, but wouldn't anyone risk it to have the power he possessed? Just when Ghent started to feel rather full of himself, Elayra mentioned the possibility of hearing her mother.
Reality had a way of kicking him down when he least expected it. Careful not to show his sympathy, Ghent dropped his gaze, fearful his expression would betray him. How could he have been so quick to forget the White Queen? Not only that, but he had managed to forget Elayra was of noble blood herself. She certainly never reminded him of the fact.
Your head is mine, little queen.
Ghent shuddered. He may have forgotten Elayra's title, but the pure evil in those words was something he would never forget. If the voice did indeed belong to the Sorceress, she could have been threatening Elayra's mother. Ghent's thoughts fell back to when Elayra told him about the siege. The White Queen was murdered that day.
"I guess we'll never know for sure." For Elayra's sake, and also his own, Ghent slipped into denial. It was easier than facing the reality of what might have happened to her mother. "It's probably better that way."
Things were quiet until Drust offered more insight into how the voices could come from any moment in time, even if the moment hadn't happened yet. This made the identities behind the voices all the more impossible to figure out.
Ghent froze as Elayra fell into his line of vision. A jarring feeling came over him, one which made his heart drop. If the voice came from the future, what if the Sorceress was talking to her?
" that case, who knows what we heard." More denial, followed by a nervous laugh. "Could've been anything. Or nothing." Ghent's attempt to shrug off the events did little to calm his nerves. It could have been nothing, but it also could have been something. If the latter, he needed to prevent that. He had to.
Strangely, the Sorceress' threat served as a push in the right direction. Ghent remembered why he agreed to come to Wonderland in the first place. He wanted to help Elayra, Drust, and the rest of Wonderland. Lives had been ruined, others were taken. They had suffered enough at the hands of the witch.
Before Prompto got the chance to encourage her to try a second time, Sarah shot the rifle again and succeeded in hitting the target.
Breaking into a grin at her enthusiasm towards the achievement, Prompto nodded. "Sure did! Looks like you shot it right in the center, too!" Teaching Sarah was a breeze. She was a fast learner and didn't seem to get easily discouraged. If anything, missing her first shot motivated her to try again.

From the sidelines, Prompto took notice of her setting the gun down. He couldn't figure out why, as the cans were already set up and she had a few more bullets available. "Something wrong?" The day had been filled with plenty of surprises, but being hugged around the neck so suddenly caught him completely off guard.
Instinctively, Prompto's arms rose about half way, but he was frozen in place after that. The girl he'd been too shy to ask for a picture with had hugged him! What had he done to deserve this? Face flushed, he opened his mouth to reply, but no sound came out.

Thankfully, a response wasn't necessary. Sarah returned to the gun again while a dazed Prompto tried to figure out what had just happened. The girl proved herself capable by taking out the rest of the cans in an impressive show of newfound skill, giving Prompto the chance he desperately needed to collect himself.

"Nah, it was nothing." Prompto was the one who felt indebted, being thanked was hardly necessary. "You're a quick learner!" He paused, conflicted whether or not he should ask about the picture. This would have been an opportune time to ask, but he didn't want to make things awkward. Was it a weird thing to ask? He didn't know.
"So...did you want to go back?" At the last minute, Prompto lost his nerve to ask. At least the sun was low enough to hide any evidence of his reddened face. They were close enough to the ranch to be safe, but some daemons were more gutsy than others.

Prompto stood by, giving Sarah time to hold the gun as she thought was correct. She was rather off, however, and he secretly thanked Ignis for suggesting they didn't set out right away. If they had, Prompto wouldn't have known just how much help Sarah needed.

"Well...not quite." Prompto admitted with a chuckle. "You'll want to hold the handgrip with your trigger hand," he showed her where to place her palm, careful to move slowly so she'd have a chance to practice herself.
"For this type of rifle, keep the end of it balanced in the pocket of your shoulder, and you'll want to rest your cheek rest against here," he helped her guide the weapon to a firing position. "There! It's kind of complicated and might feel awkward the first few tries, but after a bit of practice, you'll be a pro in no time."

After double checking that all was in order, Prompto stepped away to give her some space.
"Oh, and one more thing...remember to breathe," he added, sensing that Sarah may have been a little nervous still. "If you hold your breath, you'll get tense. Trust me, it makes aiming a lot more difficult." This was said from experience.

"When you feel ready, you can take aim...try for the middle can there." Prompto nodded to the largest of the cans. It stood a little taller than the rest, and he figured it would be best to start off easy. "Don't worry, you'll do great!"
"You wouldn't be in the way. Running's just as important as fighting...kind of wish Noct would remember that sometimes." Prompto joked, glancing towards where his friends had left. When Sarah made the request, he looked back to her, heart skipping a beat. Did she just ask for help? She did.

" want me to teach you?" Prompto couldn't believe his ears. He'd pestered Noctis and the others plenty of times to practice shooting together, but it usually only happened if he agreed to swords practice with Noctis, cooking with Ignis, or combat training with Gladiolus. Needless to say, he seldom asked Gladiolus anymore.

"Don't worry, there's nothing to be nervous about." Recovering from his shock, Prompto was quick to reassure the girl that practicing wasn't something to fear. The fact that she was nervous about using the weapon shouldn't have surprised him, but it did. Something about using a gun had always come naturally to him, so he forgot it could be a daunting task for a newbie.

"There's more than enough daylight left, and I've got all the time in the world. Prompto smiled kindly, wishing to reassure her that it was no inconvenience. This was the first time he'd been asked to help teach, being asked flattered him to no end.

"Just lead the way." Prompto slipped the camera strap off his neck and set the device atop a few empty crates. Aside from them, no one was around, so he figured it would be more than safe there. "Cans will work, as long as they're empty," he laughed, nodding back towards Ignis. "I made the mistake of using his ingredients for practice once...should probably avoid that."
Nice! Haven't played that one, but I've heard a lot of it. I really like the style of the character in your avatar...(Joker, I believe his name was). He'd be fun to draw. Hope you had fun playing! I finished the Assassin's Festival two days ago, so now I'm working on Fire Emblem Echoes.

Heh, no worries. I'd never kill off a character without permission!
I don't actually do the whole...fade to black bit, just 'cause it never gets that far.

Wasn't it great? So sad, too. The episode really made me love Aranea. The episode helped to develop her character a lot more, and I enjoyed her interactions with Prompto.
Ignis' episode will cover that, I'm sure. Did you see the teaser trailer for it?

Question about the RP: would you rather they set out now, or wait until morning? I had it so that they'll leave the following morning, but I can change it if you wanted them to leave that evening.
"Looks like we'll have two marksmen on our group." Noctis looked the weapon over with approval. "Or...markswoman," he amended before nodding towards Prompto. The blond appeared awestruck by the sight of Sarah with the the rifle, much to Noctis' amusement. "If you need any pointers, ask Prompto. I'm sure he'd be happy to help...when it comes to guns, he's our expert."

Prompto's eyes widened when he realized what his friend just said. He could hardly believe it. Being paid a compliment, and in front of a pretty girl, no less, was more than he could ask for. Once again, he felt unworthy of the praise and could scarcely speak.

"I believe it would be wise for us to leave in the morning." Ignis polished the lens of his glasses off on the hem of his shirt. "We have been traveling for most of the day and would benefit from rest beforehand." After offering his input, he looked towards Noctis.

"Can't argue with that." Noctis locked his fingers behind his head, stretching a little. "Tomorrow, then." He looked to Sarah, overhearing the sigh of relief from Ignis. " the morning, there's no rush to leave right away. It tends to take us a while to get ready."

Prompto chuckled lightly, finding himself able to speak again. "Y'mean it takes you forever to get up."

Noctis shrugged, dropping his hands to his sides. "That too."

Gladiolus gave a nod of approval. After the day they'd had, they would benefit from sleep. "Sounds good. I'll talk to Wiz," he offered, spotting the man near the chocobo corral. Noctis decided to go along with him, and that left Prompto, Ignis, and Sarah.

Finally, a sensible plan. Ignis was indeed thankful that Noctis agreed to spending the night before setting out after Deadeye. "If you'll excuse me...I would like to see the camper for rent," he explained, as he was mostly curious whether or not a kitchenette was included inside.

That left the two of them.
Prompto rubbed at his arm. Somehow, it was easier to interact while the others were still around. They carried the conversation when he could not, and he felt less self-conscious when Noctis was there.
"Well...I guess you're all set, huh?" He managed a smile, nodding towards the rifle Sarah carried. "...You're really sure you don't mind coming?"
Absolutely! Let me know when you do, too. ^^

Hmm. I suspected the first voice was the caterpillar, the second voices…those are more difficult. I’ll say those were the Duchess and her cook. Third voice, Hatter. Last but not least, The Red Queen. Was I close, at least? :P

"Sisters from another mister." Yes! XD <3

Oh my word. That picture plus the caption made me laugh so hard, "'Twas I that set the house ablaze!!"

That's perfectly fine! Pinterest used to be fun, but it's not so great anymore. I use it for reference pictures. It's handy for keeping things in one spot without having to fill up my camera roll.

You've just earned yourself some extra cool points! If I had a cloak, I'd do the same! Cloaks are awesome. Period. The green one with the dragons, correct?
Yay for gifs! And double yay for a costume! Any hints as to what it is, or is that a surprise?
Well, if she's anything like your other OC's, I know she's fantastic. If you ever post her bio someplace, I'd love to read it!
I love your enthusiasm for Halloween, it's contagious. Shortly after reading that, I placed an order for a few things I needed to get started on my Ladybug costume. I've been putting it off, but she's the most simple of the costumes I had planned and I'd like to have something done for Halloween. The more I think about it, the more tempted I am to make an apocalyptic version. I think I just want an excuse to make fake blood. x'D
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