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my dog isn't feeling well (he had to get his yearly shots) so I'm petting him with one hand, and writing RP responses with the other.
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Good morning to everyone except for the jerk who spoiled Infinity War for me.
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writing helps with my depression but when I'm depressed I don't have the motivation to write.
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Just woke up and I'm already ready for the day to be over.
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HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Remember, there is no age limit on fun or candy. Go ahead and trick-or-treat.
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role play information;

Limits: PG-13. Violence is fine. Romance, if any, would be limited. I like cutesy stuff, but nothing explicit.

Genres: Fantasy, Modern.

Fandoms: Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts.

Pairings: MxF.

- A Land of Wonder and Nightmare with Siaya Dragalorn

- The Shackles of Revenge with Siaya Dragalorn

- Sarah, Prompto and the Chocobos with SinfulSkills

- The Sickness with AutumnFrost

7/15: Feeling more motivated to write. Replies may take anywhere from a day to a week. :)

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"Okay, okay! You're fine." Ghent backed off, throwing up his hands in exasperated defeat. Either his help was demanded, or it was vehemently denied. There was no winning with this girl, she was completely and utterly impossible.
Distancing himself from her wrath, his attention was drawn to the peculiar bed of mist Margen had conjured in order to transport Drust. He hadn't taken the time to observe it closely before, but Ghent decided he wanted one too. He mentally added the bed to his Wonderland wish list, second only to the Mary Poppins bag.
Not long after he began to follow Margen, Ghent felt Elayra grab his shoulder. He stopped in his tracks, giving their surroundings a quick look. They weren't in any immediate danger that he could see, so he figured Elayra was going to chew him out or lecture him. Probably over the fact that he'd dropped her dagger.
Contrary to what he expected, Elayra did something he didn't think possible. She thanked him.
Ghent blinked. He didn't know how to react. His mouth dropped open, but no words came out.
“Oh, that...” Ghent cleared his throat, rubbing at his arm. He looked to Drust when she did, grateful for a reason to delay eye contact. He was glad there was barely any light, his face felt hot. “You did the same for me, so...I’m the one who should be thanking you,” he admitted with a side glance, feeling oddly charitable for once. If Elayra could play nice, so could he.
Spineless oaf? Ghent’s face scrunched in disapproval. An oaf, he was willing to let that slide. But spineless? At least he hadn’t fainted, or run away screaming, which is exactly what Mrs. Saxon’s son would have done. He shot her an unamused, 'really?' sort of look when she pointed out his stance. He knew it was bad, but did she have to point it out?
"Way to ruin the moment, Blondie," he mumbled dazedly, watching as she passed him by. Maybe she wasn't so impossible after all.
It wasn’t long before Ghent caught up and began going over what had happened in the Betwixt. He went into great detail, using crazy hand gestures when describing the tendrils. He covered everything, except for the part where he almost cried. That was unimportant.
He smirked to himself when Elayra expressed her disbelief. Apparently, his meeting with Smaya was more of an honor than he had realized. He gave a solid nod, feeling mighty important. “Yup,” he answered, straightening his shoulders. “It was kind of a big deal. For her, I mean." Despite his boasting, Ghent didn't want to be put in a situation that terrifying ever again. The memory of being torn apart by sheer emotion, coupled with the drop in temperature, made him shiver.
Just as he began to complain about how cold it was, Ghent stumbled, arms flailing for something to grab. His fingers snagged a low hanging branch, but it broke underneath his weight and he fell to his knees. The dizzying way the world around them seemed to distort and expand was both nauseating and frightening. As soon as it began, it was over, leaving him thoroughly baffled.
"What the heck was that?" Ghent took his time getting back up. He readjusted his pack, pleasantly surprised as the mini version of Margen came into view. It hadn't occurred to him that there was more than one tichari in Hollow Forest. He added a tichari to the very top of his Wonderland wish list.
While the two creatures conversed, Ghent checked back on Elayra. He was surprised to see she had fallen too. He began to ask if she was alright, but the words caught in his throat. Something was different about this place. There was no fear forced upon them, no sorrow sinking into their very being. The only emotions they had to worry about were their own. And maybe Drust’s.
“We made it,” Ghent breathed, venturing forward to get a better look. Visually, it wasn't anything spectacular, but after their journey it was the most beautiful place he ever saw.
He looked up as the tichari summoned the four spheres of light. He had to look away after a bit, blinking away the blotches in his vision. "Margen, if tichari get paid, you deserve a raise. And a promotion," he rubbed at his eyes, but that made the blotches worse, so he waited for them to fade and gave Margen two thumbs up. The creature more than earned it.
"Of course I do!" Scoffing at Elayra's question, Ghent plopped down near the stack of wood. It felt good to sit, but it also reminded him of how tired he was. He ached all over, especially where Drust had kicked him. “It’s just like Jenga,” he mumbled to Margen, grabbing two pieces of wood. “How hard can it be?”
While Ghent had the surprisingly ordinary task of stacking wood, he cast a nervous look in Drust’s direction. He didn’t like the idea of him waking up, Safe Zone or not. “Shouldn’t we tie him up?” he asked skeptically, purposely setting aside the largest piece of wood in the pile. He wanted something to club Drust over the head with in case he got violent again.
“Hey Margen, if Drust starts going crazy again, get ready to sneeze,” Ghent instructed their guide, adding another piece to his Jenga-inspired woodpile. “I don’t trust him. And you shouldn’t either, Blondie. I’d move away from him if I were you.”
That's a wonderful way of looking at it! I never considered a RP being like a big, fun draft. That makes me feel a bit better, since there are things I wish I had changed, added, or worded better. Especially in my earlier posts. Still, I remind myself it's for fun as you said, and I know we've been having a blast so far. :D

We are horrible, aren't we?
Oh, stop that. XD You're too kind. That made me smile, though. Thank you kindly! Gosh, I'd probably run out of tabs for yours if this was printed out.

I absolutely do. In my opinion, humor is one of your strengths. It's especially telling when you have a character that isn't of the humorous sort (Drust and Elayra) to have moments that are funny to the reader. You add just the right amount and the timing is fantastic.

An example:

Drust turned just as Ghent raised a hand for a high-five. His eyes narrowed and his pale lips pulled down in a knowing frown, but he made no move to return the gesture.

See, you didn't even need any dialog, just his reaction cracked me up. I would say humor is one of your strengths, because you somehow manage to have it with characters that aren't intended to be humorous.

I love that image. That's how I feel after I speak sometimes. xD

Wow! Those are awesome! I love the color (I keep forgetting they're blue!), and the shape of the kris one is especially cool.
"Since two seconds ago," Ghent joked, a hint of sarcasm in his tone. It wasn't far from the truth. He never took the initiative if he could help it. It was easier to have somebody else in charge.
He didn't say anything when Elayra opted for his wrist rather than his hand, he was just glad she accepted help for once. Rising, he allowed her to hang onto his wrist as much, or little, as she needed to. He waited until she was on her feet, and even then he didn't move away. He nearly expected her to collapse.
"All good?" Ghent tried to sound casual, as if Elayra had merely skinned her knee. Inwardly, he was panicking. What if she had a concussion? Was she bleeding? Head injuries weren't something to be taken lightly.
"You took a bad hit," he reminded, his indirect way of telling her not to overdo it. "So...if it's hard for you to keep up, just say so...and, uh..." he rubbed the back of his neck. "We'll...figure something out."
For the sake of time and personal safety, Ghent left it at that. As far as he could tell, Elayra didn't have a concussion. She seemed a little banged up, but well enough to move. At least nothing had been broken. He didn't want to think about what would happen then.
"Sorry about the wait, Margen," Ghent gave him a thumbs up, thankful their guide's patience hadn't run out. "Lead the way, we'll be right behind you."
Blinded by his eagerness to obtain supplies, Ziden began to walk in the direction of the fire. An irritable, disapproving snort from his horse reminded him not to be so hasty.
"Eh. Sorry, Missy." Ziden wasn't all that sorry for forgetting her. His bond with the horse was nothing special, but his belongings were still of use to him. Everything he owned was wrapped snugly in a bundle attached to the saddle, and the last thing he wanted was for her to take off with it.
Taking hold of the reigns, he led her in the direction of the fire until he came across a cluster of trees. He tied the reigns to a sturdy, low hanging branch from one and pressed a hand to her muzzle as a warning. “Stay here,” he held a finger to his lips. “And keep quiet! You’ve gotten me into enough trouble lately.”
Drawing up his hood, Ziden ducked into the shadows. He was alert to his surroundings, but didn’t practice caution until he was close enough to have a bit of visual as to who – or what, he was dealing with. Not only did the fire act as a beacon for him to follow, it illuminated the scene.
What he noted first was the fact that there was one horse. That usually meant one rider, which was perfectly fine by him. Due to his location, the rider was harder to see.
As Ziden crept closer, he kept an ear out for any others late to the camp and proceeded to advance, fingers twitching for the knife concealed underneath his cloak. With every step, the aroma of something being cooked increased. Stew, from the smell of it. At least, that was what he hoped. The luxury of stew meant his unsuspecting victim had vegetables and water to spare.
The setup felt easy. Too easy. Ziden craned his neck back to see if he had been followed, but he hadn't. He still didn't have a good look at the horses rider, but he didn't care. He was impatient, and he had the element of surprise on his side. It was time to make his entrance.
"Well, well..." twirling a knife in one hand, Ziden exited the concealment of the shadows, approaching the figure from behind. "Looks like I'm not the only one crazy enough to travel all alone out here. Hands where I can see them," he motioned with the knife for the figure to raise their arms. "I'll make this quick."
Oh, darn. Nope, that was my fault. You wrote the scene very clearly and I totally understood, but after reading my response, I realized I made it sound as if Drust tripping was the cause for his returning to unconsciousness, and not Margen's sneeze. xD Sorry about that! I was trying to explain what Ghent saw, yes, but I think I could have worded that better.

As for your comments: I like your psych teacher, because "freeze" is definitely an option I see for a stressful situation! And thanks so much, I'm super glad you think so! Fear is a fun reaction to write for, and this is the first time I really get to do that. So, it's quite fun. For me, at least. For him? Not so much. ;P

And thanks again for the phrases you picked out! I didn't realize I did that, so it's fun when you point them out to me! I absolutely loved Elayra's reaction when she first woke up, by the way. And then...this. I love your brand of humor.

- “You… actually… found one?” she asked incredulously, deciding to first address the easiest of the oddities before her. Her voice came out a bit weaker than she expected.

- “And… took out Drust?” She had to still be unconscious.

I mean...can anyone blame her for being disbelieving?! xD
"Whoa!” Ghent pulled his hand back, but wasn't quick enough to avoid Elayra’s grasp. When she reached for an invisible weapon, he grabbed her arm in an attempt to stop her. “Elayra, it’s okay!" he insisted, saying what he could to make her realize she was no longer in immediate danger. "It’s just me!”
Once released, he dropped down to a seated position, blinking once at the question. "Found one what? You mean Margen?" He followed her gaze toward their ghostly guide, a light smirk tugging at his lips. Smaya had been the one to summon the creature, but he didn't have to tell Elayra that. Not immediately, anyway. "Would you be impressed if I said yes?"
He was startled out of his smugness by the intensity of Elayra’s stare.
“I know what you’re thinking, but I didn’t use magic on Drust." Sensing the ever-present disapproval from her, he made sure to deny having any part in the knight's current condition. “Margen did."
With his name cleared and the blame foisted off on his rescuer, Ghent’s expression turned unusually serious as Elayra moved to stand, an action he didn't think wise.
“This is the part where I offer to help, but you get angry and turn me down," he sighed at her stubbornness, speaking as if they were characters in a film. Slowly, he shifted his position so he was kneeling again, but he didn't stand.
"Let me help you, alright?" Being quite stubborn himself, he offered her his hand. "You're hurt, and we don't have much time. I'll explain on the way.”
Prompto couldn’t believe their luck. In his eyes, this was an award greater than any amount of gil. “You mean…we get to ride them?!” he looked the chocobos over in delight, amazed at their ability to answer the whistle call from so far away. “This is the best day ever! Ignis, snap a picture of me on the chocobo!”

Noctis’ lip twitched in a smirk. Prompto was such a child sometimes. “Sure beats walking,” he commented, approaching the chocobo nearest to him. The chocobo stood by patiently, his golden feathers glittering in the sun.

“Can’t be that difficult.” Gladiolus didn’t require instruction. He slid his foot through the saddle’s loop and hoisted himself onto the chocobo without an ounce of trouble. The chocobo chirped and looked back at him, but didn’t seem to mind his newest rider.

Prompto, of course, was amazed. As usual, Gladiolus made everything look so easy.

“Couple of pointers couldn’t hurt,” Noctis responded, mounting his chocobo as well. Like Gladiolus, he made the action seem effortless.

Only Ignis and Prompto remained on the ground. Ignis adjusted his glasses, observing the large bird-like creatures with a hint of skepticism. “Agreed. Instruction would be beneficial,” he told Sarah, glancing at Prompto as he said so. Prompto had no idea what he was doing.

Prompto was barely listening. He reached to pet what he believed was his chocobo, but the creature snapped at him irritably. Yelping in surprise, Prompto drew his hand away. Something about the chocobo was oddly familiar. He didn’t realize it right then, but it was the very one who had tossed Sarah upon their arrival to the ranch.

“Prompto, pay attention,” Ignis reminded the blond. Chuckling meekly, Prompto apologized and faced Sarah, awaiting instruction. “So…what are we supposed to do, exactly?”
It does! Somehow we've managed to make it flow nicely. My post before this one was almost one of the shorter posts. I nearly ended it where Ghent asks Drust to listen, but then I figured...hey, if he talks really fast, maybe he can get his message across without me having to drag that into another post. xD

"A fight that takes four-ish pages to write about could be over in technically 30 seconds to a minute".
Wow. That's crazy to think about, but it makes sense, since there are so many actions to cover. Not to mention dialog, reactions, terrain, weapons, etc. Sounds like a good guesstimate to me. If you ever get around to calculating it, let me know your findings!

I will do that then. Usually I have a pretty good feeling where to stop a post, but I wanted to make sure I didn't overstep on this one. And absolutely, I'll do the same for you, should that ever happen!

I'm so pleased you liked it! Happy reader shivers is precisely what I got when reading yours. I loved every second of it. I'll add my thoughts below. :D

The silence was deafening, and the suspense was excruciating.
While the knight considered the words, Ghent stood rigid, his focus trained on where he assumed Drust’s eyes were. The shadows made it impossible to get an accurate idea of his expression, but the show of hesitation sparked a feeling of hope in Ghent. If he was lucky, he reasoned with what little sanity remained.
Please Drust, Ghent silently pleaded with him, his eyes flickering to Elayra again. Concern for her crossed his features, but he was quick to avert his attention. He didn't want to remind the knight of her presence.
Any remaining hope was shattered with two words.
"Adorable notion."
Ghent felt the air leave his lungs all over again. His mind screamed at him to run, but his feet were anchored to the ground. Shock robbed him of his senses and left him unable to react. In that heart stopping moment, he was convinced he would die.
Hollow Forest was denied another victim, thanks to Margen. The nimble creature showed up in the space between the males, acting as a barrier between sword and boy.
Ghent couldn't move. He acted as a useless bystander, gaping as the creature made quick work of their current foe. The tiny sneeze from Margen lead to Drust tripping, which ultimately ended with him falling unconscious again. It happened so fast and effortlessly, Ghent wondered if Margen was better suited to save Wonderland.
Silence fell over the group again. Trembling, Ghent approached slumbering knight and nudged his leg with the tip of his sneaker. The state of sleep hardly made Drust appear less threatening, but it was definitely an improvement.
"Margen..." Ghent whirled to face him. Overcome with gratitude and admiration, he knelt to be more level with his ghostly rescuer. "Good boy!" he praised the fox as one might praise a beloved pet. "Margen, you were incredible! You saved my life!"
Chuckling lightly at Margen's impatience, Ghent nodded and stood. His entire body felt shaky, but he didn’t care. His body was still in one piece. "Alright, alright, we're..."
His voice faltered when the realization hit him. Caught up in the chaos, he had forgotten about Elayra.
Quickly, Ghent turned around, hoping to see the girl on her feet. She wasn't. She remained where Drust left her, her frame looking smaller than usual against the tall, looming tree.
Without another word, Ghent dashed past the knight and Margen, inwardly cursing himself for not leaving the Betwixt sooner.
"Elayra?!" When he was close enough, Ghent dropped to his knees beside her. To get an idea of her condition, he reached to brush some of her hair out of her face.
Very true. Thanks so much again!

I'm so happy to hear that! And thank you for pointing that out to me, I just found the typo and fixed it. :D
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