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Current Writing is creating both images and music simultaneously. Tangible, yet not. Good writing must flow, must sing. But above all, it must make us feel.
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Sleep schedule? What sleep schedule?
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Anyone else ever have to try really hard to not push loved ones away because you're in an inexplicable mood where you feel like you don't want friends, no matter how much you know you love 'em? :-/
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Fencing kinda looks somewhere between beautifully artistic and like two caffeinated praying mantises fighting.
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Dropped a jam jar on the floor, and it broke the floor. Smuckers must be taking notes from Nokia.


Time Zone? Mountain Standard Time (GMT-6).
Country? United States.
Gender? Female.
Age? How rude. But if it matters to you, I'm well over 18.

First thing's first: feel free to call me Siaya! I'm a nocturnal girl for various reasons, and have a deep love and appreciation of the night and dark. I love reading, writing, and most things fantasy and paranormal. I have enough collections to make a dragon jealous, and more hobbies than I can keep track of, including crafting.

For a fair warning, in my experience, I'm a child's humor with a teenage personality wrapped in a body occasionally required to masquerade as the adult it's supposed to be. It's a mouthful. I know. Possibly because of that, I tend to gravitate toward the Children's and YA sections in media and even in my own writing. Which, however, isn't to say I don't like anything geared toward "adults." I'm a sucker for tastefully dark stories, but we'll save that for the "Preferences" section below.

I've been an ardent servant to writing for well over a decade. But I'm far from the best, and am always looking for ways to improve. I highly encourage constructive criticism, both receiving and giving it, if requested!

On the roleplaying front, I've been involved in some form it for nearly as long as I've been writing, including play-by-post prior to joining the Guild. So, I have a decent feel for what I'm doing here, though there's always room to learn and improve!

If you want to chat and/or roleplay (again, preferences below), message me! Promise I won't bite. Too hard.

Because they always make for interesting conversation starters.
Some I've had since gradeschool, others are just budding.

~ Bladed weapons
~ Button pins
~ Vampire themed stuff
~ Books
~ Dragon figurines
~ Masks
~ Artwork
~ Media paraphernalia
~ Enamel Pins

Would take a lot to convince me to roleplay a fandom.
Another good icebreaker, through.
List in no particular order, eternally incomplete,
and subject to change.

~ Rise of the Guardians
~ The Flash
~ Nightmare Before Christmas
~ Merlin (2008)
~ Warehouse 13
~ Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir
~ Spirited Away
~ Howl's Moving Castle
~ Voltron (2016)
~ Trollhunters (Tales of Arcadia)
~ Jackie Chan Adventures
~ Avatar: The Last Airbender
~ Teen Titans (2003-'06)
~ Death Note
~ My Hero Academia
~ The Promised Neverland
~ The Rising of the Shield Hero
~ Yona of the Dawn
~ Stranger Things

'Cause it'd be a crime to not have this as a section.
Especially considering the profile theme and all.
List is a WIP. 'Cause I'm lazy like that.

~ Kingdom Hearts
~ Persona 5
~ The World Ends with You
~ Final Fantasy
~ Spyro
~ The Legend of Dragoon
~ Bendy and the Ink Machine

1x1: Depends. How patient are you with waiting for posts right now?
Group: Not my cup of tea. So no thanks.
PMs: I don't roleplay this way, but am always up for chatting!

~ Could always do with participating in a good, dark vampire story.
~ Been feeling kinda piratey lately. Cutthroat fantasy/horror adventure, anyone?

As of 11/22/19:
Between making Christmas gifts and attending family events, the holiday season tends to see me busy.
Expect posting to be delayed, and for sign-ins to be random and extended.

(Sorry, I know it's long. What can I say? I know what I like--and don't like.)

~ Character Gender: No preference. I'll gladly play a main male or female main character(s). No doubling necessary.

~ Multiple Main and/or Side Characters? Yes to both! Side-characters are a must--worlds are filled with people, after all. But I can be quite content with playing only a single MC.

~ Character Age: Under and over 18. My MCs tend to be (or appear) between 15 and 19 since I feel like my own mentality best matches that age range, but I can and do play characters 20+, especially with side characters. Even if 20+ in an MC is rare (but not off the table!) for me.

~ Usual/Favored Genres: Fantasy, paranormal/supernatural, horror, Gothic, fairy tale, superhero. With a Side Of: Adventure, suspense, mystery, action, drama, magic. But Not: Solely slice-of-life, purely romance-driven, erotica.

~ I Like: Naturally occurring romance/love, light themes, darker themes, torturing characters (physically and mentally), extensive character profiles, original stories, detailed posts, OCs…

~ I Hate: IC txt tlk (unless the characters are texting), godmoding without permission, playing canon characters, following cannon story lines, invincible characters…

~ Swearing: In IC, I'd be good as long as it's kept semi-infrequent and at a PG-13 level. That said, you won't find any swear words in my writing. I don't like swearing, and ask that a partner respects that in OOC/PM. However, I recognize that's not the way of the entire world, and feel like I'd be a hypocrite considering the books/shows/movies I consume to ask a partner to maintain the same standard in their writing. Quick-Look Rating Preference: Don't use it myself, but nothing above PG-13 requested of a partner in IC.

~ Sex, Smut, or Whatever Else You Wanna Call It: No. Not gonna happen. So don't ask, and keep your weird fetishes to yourself. While I've written for and don't mind flirtatious characters, I don't write anything more intimate than kissing. Which means I won't even lead up to a "fade to black" scene. I hate sex-based anything. In all media and RL.

~ But, Romance? Love Interests?! I do enjoy the presence of a REALISTIC love interest, and romance without the, well... see above. But I don't need it to keep my interest; it's all about story for me. And none of that, *girl/boy sees guy, girl/boy falls instantly in love because of invisible connection/super hot bod* crap. I believe in lust at first sight, not love. Yes, even polar opposites can fall in love, but that actual love still takes time to develop beyond that initial interest/lust. Quick-Look Rating Preference: PG. Maybe low PG-13--I'm not entirely sure how the rating for this content works. Needless to say, I never watch genre-romance movies or read said books.

~ General Nudity: Don't do full-fledged nudity. My line's drawn at bare backsides and non-sex related undergarments. Again, PG-13.

~ Gore and Violence: BRING IT ON! I enjoy physically (and mentally) torturing characters more than what's probably healthy, and like reading about/writing for/RPing with cruel characters. So, needless to say, I have no issues with--and even encourage--characters getting hurt, blood, angst, and violence. But too much of it still becomes distasteful. I like my bloodshed to be realistic and/or story/character-enhancing, not violence and blood just for the sake of it being there. Quick-Look Rating Preference: Could probably reach into R. But am good with anything above G. Writing G-rated violence bores me.

~ Eras of Interest: Medieval, renaissance, Victorian, modern, mixed, made-up.

~ Romance Potential Pairings: MxF only. Just Friends: Any pairing.

~ Writing "Level": Advanced, with the occasional casual/high-casual. See "Recent Posts" below for writing samples.

~ Usual Post Length: Depends on the situation and inspiration. Usually no fewer than 150 words, to 1,500+. You can always expect long loner and plot posts from me. And I do mean long. In general, the more you give me to work with, the more I'll give back.

~ Requested Partner Post Length: Depends on the situation. Sometimes, IC circumstances don't leave much room before you have to wait for your partner. That said, I don't deal with one liners or otherwise painfully short posts that don't give me much to work with, add to the situation, or move the story forward in even a small way.

~ Grammar and Spelling: I won't yell at you for occasional mistakes (I make plenty), but if I feel like I'm having to decipher my partner's every post like an ancient tome written in a runic language, I'm likely to drop.

~ Preferred Roleplay Medium: Exclusively forum threads. NO EXCEPTIONS. Though, my partners will get an alternate contact method, just in case, and I backup all my roleplays.

~ Posting Speed: Usually fairly slow, even when I'm online to reply. Some days I can do one or more, others one a week if I'm lucky. But with that said...

~ Partner Posting Frequency: As long as I know you're still interested despite absences, I really don't care. I've had (and have) some partners who post once or more a day, and others who post once a month. Life sucks. I know. Take your time. This is for fun, and not something that should be stressed over! If I like our story, I'm won't bail on you for slow posting.

~ General Posting Availability: Unpredictable. See the top of this section for current availability updates. I do my best to keep it fairly up to date, but regrettably fall behind in updating it. The only thing commonly consistent is that I'm more likely to post after ten-ish in the evening, MST since I'm on a nocturnal schedule.

~ Other: Admittedly, I suck at giving notices of disappearances, but I'll do my best to give them for planned extended absences. Lastly for now, don't feel shy to give me pointers with my writing! I LOVE feedback and discovering areas I need to work at.

Dang, you're still here after all that? You deserve a cookie. Heck, have a plate of cookies. That was pretty darn long. *Hands you a plate of cookies.*
Thanks for sticking around! Hope to year from you!

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Time seemed to slow for a split second around Elayra before the water smacked into her. Its chill flooded over her, plunging her into wet, airless darkness. Directions became a relative concept. Warmth radiated through the water, heated by the rock monster’s fiery core.
The beast’s howls and struggles vibrated through the rushing stream along with a slew of fuming bubbles. The vine tongue tugged at Elayra, loosening and tightening with the monster’s futile attempts to return to dry land. Yet still, it refused to give up its hold on the girl.
The stream’s floor bumped into her side. With the revelation of what was up and what was down, Elayra ground her teeth and pulled her feet under her. She tried to stand, but the beast’s tongue pulled taught, tethering her under.
Panic and fear flared inside her, sapping what bit of oxygen she still had in her lungs. She forced her eyes open.
Mere inches separated her from air. Sunlight streamed through the undulating surface, creating wavering patches of dirt-speckled light. The murky water did little to help her blurred vision. But no more than a yard from her, she could make out the glowing core of the rock beast. Its fiery light flickered and shifted as the water forced off its natural armor, eating away at the dirt keeping its rocks packed together. The rocks and stones protecting its vulnerable center.
Her lungs began to burn, screaming for a fresh breath. She couldn’t wait for the beast to die and release her.
She reached for the dark line of the beast’s tongue, the resistance of the water slowing her down. As if in response, the monster pulled her forward and down to her knees. Squinting to help shield her eyes from the bits of debris rushing into her from the stream’s flow, she brought up her dagger, thankful she’d managed to keep ahold of it.
The beast’s struggles grew more frantic as she sawed at its tongue. It jerked her around, making it more difficult to keep the blade on one spot.
Above the stream’s surface, a giddy rumble reverberated in Ghent’s rock monster’s throat when one of its tongues lashed around the boy’s ankle. Honing in on its target, the first vine-like tongue moved to wrap around him. The second made for the fallen boy’s other leg. But the boy tugged free before the first could fully clench around him.
Then came the splash and fizzle of the water. The beast’s attention snapped to the stream, a flicker of fear making its eyes glow a touch brighter. Then its fear turned into a panicked half-understanding.
The beast seemed to forget about its quarry as much as Ghent forgot about it. The creature leapt toward the edge of the water.
It stopped at the bank, keeping a safe distance from it. It let out a series of low, gravelly yowls. The unnerving cry echoed over the water, the element amplifying the sound.
I'm sure Elayra would appreciate that.

The only thing ever NOT enough for me to work with--as far as I've come to know--is nothing. No forward action of even the smallest type. And there's plenty of that! As I've said, you wrote for him well, though there's no surprise there. :-)

Oh my gosh. Ouch! Yep, if I wasn't sure before, I'm positive now that you've been completely infected by the writer bug. Us writers are crazy people who do even crazier things for the sake of knowing what our characters experience/do/etc. Know I've probably shared this before (it's kinda my go-to scene on this topic), but...

Oh, and quick side note, I added that OOC update addition to the zeroth post here! Nothing really there yet, but hey.
I did, thank you! Had a blast, and actually got to do things for Halloween. How about yours? You went out of state for a while, right? Aww, wedding! Hope you have a good time! As always, no rush. Not like I just made you wait a fricken' month or anything.
The rock beast gave a quick, yelping growl in delighted surprise when Ghent made a dive for his weapon. More importantly, toward it. It hunkered down and pounced at his apparent challenge. Its tongues lashed out ahead of it for the foolish arm it anticipated reaching for the staff.
Its surprised glee turned into a furious growl as it skid to the ground, its prey lost to the beast in Ghent's rush for to the river.
Meanwhile, Elayra slid to a stop on the damp ground, mud and grass stains streaking her back. Ignoring the sting of the slide, she hopped to her feet. She ran toward Ghent, ready to help him. But he’d somehow managed to hold his own, even beating her to the punchline of making for the stream.
She altered her path to join him in the race for the burbling water.
Behind Ghent, the leaner rock beast let out a grinding growl and leapt after the boy. Its tongues unfurled from its mouth again, what broken bits of thorns it suffered already regrown. The vines shot forward at calf-height, aiming to trip him before he reached the water. Both lashed out at different areas in an attempt at predicting where the boy would zag to next.
“Ghent! Behin—!”
Her words cut off in a strangled gasp as her own monster’s tongue wrapped around her neck. It tugged, hard, making her stumble back She half-turned and raised her dagger to cut the beast’s tongue.
The monster hurtled toward her in a lumbering, uneven gait. Its tongues, twisted together to form a single thick rope, reeled into its mouth as it neared like a fishing line. The rocks of its mostly missing leg tumbled after it in a dusty cloud to reform the missing limb.
Doubting she could sever the thick tongue in time, she gripped it with her free hand to give herself more slack, thorns biting into her palm. At the last possible second, she tossed herself from the monster’s direct path.
Its eyes glowed brighter in fear as it hurtled to the water rather than into its target.
Elayra rasped a gasp, tumbling forward and nearly dropping her knife as the beast tried to use its hold on her as an anchor to keep itself from the stream. But it was too little, too late.
The beast’s front foot caught on a tree root hidden beneath the earth. It tumbled head-over-heals with a loud, terrified screech, the sound a sharp stone scraping against a chalkboard. It fell into the water with a hissing splash like hot coals doused in a bucket of water.
Before she could free herself, the now short leash of its tongue dragged Elayra into the water behind it. The deeper center of the stream swallowed them whole.
I'm SO sorry! Things ended up getting stressful and busy once I got back from vacation. October through December tends to see me busy, usually because of making costumes and Christmas gifts, but in this case, life was just against me. xD
Arla watched the ringmistress stand. For a moment, she’d forgotten exactly how tall the woman was. She gave a nod of her own at Frieda’s light command and followed the woman. She kept her eyes on the ground ahead of her, trying to put her thoughts and worries in place.
Laughter, chatter, and music blended together in the night. It floated out from the awning covering the afterparty a few yards to their side. The scent of the incense filtered out beyond it, fighting against the night’s fresh air.
She took another breath, this one shorter and more careful just in case the wisps of smoke would be enough to reignite the worst of her reaction.
As they neared the back fence, Arla glanced up. A set of three chairs with mismatched cushions formed a tight triangle, but they were all empty. Her gaze fell instead to the ground where Rayth laid on his back in the grass against the fence, his eyes closed.
Arla took a deep breath, steeling herself as well as she could for her nearing encounter. An encounter with a vampire she’d willingly agreed to.
If it wouldn’t mark her a hypocrite, she’d call this whole thing crazy.
Trying to keep Frieda’s confidence in Rayth’s harmlessness at the front of her mind, she stopped with Frieda as the woman called the vampire’s name.
Arla's muscles tensed as his eyes snapped open, instinctively readying to fight or flee. She took another breath and curled her fingers into a fist to keep them from going for her hunting knife. Her brows raised slightly as Rayth groaned and stretched, a very human reaction to being disturbed during a nap.
He’s half human, she reminded herself. Curiosity sparked at the back of her mind, the concept of someone being only half supernatural a strange thought.
Arla held her breath as the boy stood. Though diluted with the smoke, she felt the fog from the incense slowly trying to creep back into dominance over her mind. She suppressed an irritated scowl. A clouded head was the last thing she needed right now.
She cast Frieda a quick, half-hearted smile in thanks at the woman’s final words, but instinct kept her from looking fully away from Rayth. Her heart quickened at being left alone, but she refused to let the fear of him own her.
She eyed him calculatingly for a long moment, mulling over what Frieda had said about him and what she’d seen of Rayth so far. She startled when he cleared his throat, making her realize she still hadn’t said anything.
She hesitated before answering. As reluctant as she was to be somewhere more isolated with him, it was better than staying out here, fighting an allergic reaction. Besides, as she'd told the ringmistress, she didn't need babysitting. And staying close to others was basically the same thing.
“Yeah, sure,” she said with a stiff nod.
She put her thumbs in her pockets, both keeping herself from going for her knife and keeping it close enough for a quick grab. If worse came to worse, it was at least something.
She moved so she stood between him and the partygoers, and strode back toward the Big Top. She kept a cautious distance between herself and Rayth, her eyes never straying from him. Her gaze flicked to each of his movements, watching him with the calculation of a rabbit eyeing a fox.
“So, a half-vampire,” she began, her voice lowered cautiously. She doubted the others of the festivities could hear her between the distance and music, but better safe than sorry. “In a circus.” Despite the unease in her tone, a smirk betrayed a hidden amusement at the concept. “I imagined circus performers would be colorful people, but that takes the cake.”
Just realized that I never thanked you for all that information! And all the thought you put into it. So, thanks much!

And hope you don't mind that I assumed Will followed. If you need me to erase or edit anything to better accommodate him, just let me know!
Official introductions complete, Taya released William’s hand with a nod.
“I’d prefer to have done this at the office,” Eli answered William’s questions through an almost growling sigh. “Fewer civilians.” His gaze followed a few oblivious passersby, eyes narrowing slightly.
Taya spared her partner a glance.
“But,” she drew out the word as she looked back to William, “I know a good diner near here. Usually not too busy this time of day,” she added, looking to Eli, “with a back room they’d probably let us use, so we could talk in private.” She turned her head back to William. “And good food, if you’re hungry.”
Eli sighed. “Very well.” He gestured with a gloved hand for her to lead the way.
Taya nodded, then headed toward a side road leading from the square. She walked quickly through the streets, eager to get out of the chill of the day. Eli followed, his posture and dour expression a ward against small talk.
Various shops lined the street. Displays in storefront windows added an extra splash of color between winter’s monochromes and the rust-colored bricks of the building strip.
She paused just long enough to open a door beneath a weathered sign reading, “The Flying Cow.” A bell decked in holly jingled as she entered.
Behind her, Eli eyed the sign’s cartoon of a winged purple cow crammed between sandwich fixings and burger buns. Frowning and brows raised skeptically, he followed Taya inside.
The aroma of fries and cooking meat filled the warm blast of air inside the diner. Taya took a deep breath, enjoying the smell she hoped would drown out Archer's herbal scent for a while. As she had promised, only a handful of people occupied the mismatched chairs and purple upholstered booths. A few paintings drawn by local artists hung from the beige walls.
A man in his early twenties stepped out from the kitchen, his shock of hair so red it had to be dyed. A waitress with a tray piled with drinks and plates of food balanced in her hands followed him out.
“Taya!” The man’s face lit up with a smile as he looked to her. “It’s been a while, doll—” his term of endearment cut off, turning into an awkward clearing of his throat as he noticed Eli behind her. “Er…”
“Hey, Alex,” she answered, unphased as she stepped toward the counter. “Think we could use your party room for a while?” She nodded to where one of the back walls gave way to a folding door.
He blinked and looked back to Taya. “Yeah. Yeah, sure!” His smile returned a bit tentatively. He quickly gathered three menus from behind the counter.
Alex cast Taya a curious, knowing glance, but said nothing as he led the way into the back room. He placed the menus on the table in front of three of the nearest chairs.
“Luce’ll be in shortly to take your order.” With a last glance to Taya, silently warning her to expect questions the next time he saw her, Alex left, sliding the door shut behind himself.
Well, I'm glad you like it, and that high altitude treats you well! Thanks, I appreciate it! It's kind of crazy, though. I have friends who travel here from lower altitudes (like three- to five-thousand feet lower), and they all end up dealing with altitude sickness. It's odd to think that something that seems so trivial can have such different effects on people!

Well, I certainly won't be the first to disagree with that! xD
Arla’s eyes narrowed in consideration at the ringmistress’ reassurance that Rayth had hurt no one. Which, she supposed, made sense; if he had, she doubted she’d be having this conversation with Frieda. But, then, wasn’t there a mind control thing lore said vampires could do?
She inhaled at Frieda's suggestion. Her hand twitched, as if ready to fall back to her hunting knife at the mere thought. But, Arla had to admit, the woman had a point. All the words in the world couldn’t stand up to experiencing something for yourself.
She took a deep breath, Frieda’s final offer making her proud side bristle. As kind as the offer was, she realized that, right now, she had to look like an untrusting, cowardly child.
She had to trust the ringmistress wouldn’t put her in harms way. Or at least give the impression she did. Besides, Frieda had done nothing so far to give her reason to do otherwise. A part of her wanted to trust her wholeheartedly. It nagged at her for doubting the woman in the first place. But experience still kept her on edge.
And, more pressing, Arla would not have the ringmistress—her boss now, for all intents and purposes—thinking she couldn’t handle problems on her own. That she needed someone to hold her hand while she faced her fears.
“No,” she answered firmly. “To the second bit, not to speaking with him,” she elaborated with a slight sideways nod. “You don’t need to stay. I can handle it. Besides, I’m sure you have more important things to do than babysit,” she offered a smile she hoped was more reassuring than it felt. But if he eats me or something, I’ll haunt you for the rest of eternity, she added silently.
Despite the joke, she shuddered inwardly at the prospect. She hated the idea of willingly presenting herself before a monster who could kill her before she could blink. If legend had gotten their enhanced speed right, anyway. But it was that and find the truth for herself, or figure out a Plan B.
“I’ll come with you so you don’t have to waste more time on the return trip.” She grabbed her backpack and shouldered it, hoping to demonstrate her willingness to overcome her own troubles.
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