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Current Sick in the head, sick to the bone. Your body's in shreds, your sanity's unsewn!
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Stumped on a character name? Go visit a random cemetery and read the headstones! But make sure to be respectful about it, of course.
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It's interesting being the indecisive introverted leader of your group of very indecisive introverted friends.
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It's fun to think that play-by-post roleplays are basically just one giant rough draft.
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A quick thank you to Mahz and his minions for making this site into what it is! I've yet to encounter a RP site so aesthetically & OCD pleasing. You guys are the best!


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“I'm already twenty-two Ruby, practically at spinster age!”
Ruby paused long enough to point an accusing finger at Alex. “Oh, nuh-uh. Better a ‘spinster’”—she added air quotes to the word—“than a miserable wretch hitched to Mr. Wrong! Besides. I’m not that much younger than you. So shush!” She accentuated the order by placing a finger in front of her lips and shushing her friend.
She let out a contemplative, “Hmm,” to Alex’s additions to the ‘terms.’ Ruby ran her tongue over her teeth as if seriously considering how much they would foil her plans.
“Fine,” she said finally though a sigh. Her grin mirrored Alex’s as the other girl completed their ‘contract.’
She cleared her throat, straightened, and donned what she thought was a diplomatic expression. “Then by the power of Blood and Soul, thus the Contract is sealed. A gruesome death awaits any who dare break it.”
She pretended to roll the non-existent paper up, and pop it into her purse.
“Well, of course!” she answered Alex’s question, her voice altering in a blink to playful hurt at the mere thought that she wouldn’t be coming back to Alex's home. “I mean, it’s past midnight. Wouldn’t be a full ‘girls day’ if we didn’t start immediately after your shift, would it?”
She winked, then glanced to Alex’s hair. “I think I have a few hours of consciousness left in me. I could give your hair a touch-up tonight so we can go straight to the makeup tomorrow after shopping!”
She glanced to the door as the last few patrons left. A whiff of the fresh, sea air wafted inside, momentarily drowning out the scents of the bar she’d already adapted to. She cast a quick glance around the bar, only then just realizing how quickly it had emptied.
“C’mon, I’ll help clean up.” She took another swig of her icy drink.
She stood and stretched, waiting to follow Alex’s lead in closing up for the morning.
“So, I’m thinking,” she began, redoing her pony tail to recapture some of the escaped strands, “maybe we go with something sleek, in shades of black and blue.” She eyed Alex again. “And a dab of purple for me. But if we’re going to a fair, no heels. And something that’ll work with leggings. You’ll thank me later for that on the rides.”

Hmm. Those do sound like cute little scenes, but to be clear, if this drags on with supernatural slice-of-life/Hallmark movie with vampire boy courting oblivious, insecure girl for too long, I will get bored. I like romance, but if that romance doesn’t form in between the story’s action, it ends up boring me. Though, I do have something to add into the fair scenes that might help with that for me.

I’m in on the mall and makeup scene (we’ll see how the whole thing actually pans out, though)! But, really, I don’t much care for Vander and Alex being neighbors. That’s ultimately too cliché for me.

So, you’ve said that the only way to kill this version of vampire is to kill their maker, so I’m wondering: would beheading them leave them incapacitated for a while, or are we going into MIB territory there?

Or maybe more this?

Asking to know what, say, a group of human hunters would have passed down through generations, since they can't be killed. 😉 I figure someone would've had to figure it out at some point. I feel like it would make sense for them to be temporarily incapacitated. Like, their head would decay immediately or something, but regrow after a short time.

Once Vander discovers that there’s a prominent vampire already in town, how much would he be capable of finding out about Rose by asking around? He does have contacts to help with that sort of thing, he just prefers to avoid using them to help keep from leading Brahm to them. And less civil methods to get information if it becomes necessary, of course.

Since I realized that Alex would know most of Ruby’s past, and even probably the truth behind what happened to her arm (supernatural elements excluded), I wanted to let you know that I updated Ruby’s profile with her bio, adjusted her personality and occupation section a smidge, and added a mental weakness one! And Parker has a photo for reference now!
But there was a scene I thought of that I wanted to run by you! I thought it'd be fun if we made them neighbors, perhaps him overhearing her outside when she gets back from the bar with Ruby. It's only for a moment but it wakes him from a nightmare, and after that maybe he's trying desperately to find her voice again. Maybe they miss each other at the mall in the crowd, maybe a they narrowly miss each other at the circus, before he ends up seeing her at the bar singing. What do you think though?
Shadow Writer

To respond to that Discord message (stupid 2,000 character limitation!):

Ooh, if you're thinking along those lines, I'm guessing that karaoke night won't be when Rose strikes, and Alex finds out that monsters of nightmare are real? Anyway. That sounds adorable! But, I did establish that Vander's renting a place in a "rich" neighborhood by a lake. Would that put a kink in that? For the circus, I feel like that could have a better use if we held off even just a day or two in-story on them going to that. Part of why I had Ruby point out what she did bout Tom.

And I want to ask; how would you like to play out the mall? Normally, I feel like I'd end up doing a partial time-skip for something like that, since we've got some form of relationship between our girls established in a more fleshed-out scene (it's the type of thing I'd expect to flash by in more of a montage if it was a show/movie), but if you have something in particular you want to do with that, I'll follow your lead! The only thing maybe notable that might happen for Ruby is a call asking her about the fire in the dumpster at some point. Which, I mean, I could also use that as an excuse if you need/want our girls separated at any point. I could see Vander realizing he needs more shirts (blasted bloodhaze. If only wandering around shirtless wouldn't be so conspicuous for him), so would end up at the mall sometime in the late afternoon (you mention nightmares, so he's gotta sleep sometime!).

Gosh, with the driving, it's the same everywhere I've ever been. People are getting more stupid and worse at driving everywhere.

I reread the sentence, and you did phrase it in a way that connects it like it's something specific to bartending. So I at least see where I got the thought from. I don't feel like as much of a doof now, at least! xD Though, emphasis on "as much." xD
"A spicy noodle mukkbang challenge." You're awesome. 🤣 I had to look that up to see if it was an actual thing. Now I want noodles. And considering the context of this, I'm not sure if I should be worried that that's what I got out of this!

No shame in that! I have to agree, cars (and their drivers) can be quite terrifying, all things considered. And I swear, I have no clue how people are getting their drivers licenses these days. People are getting worse and worse.

True that! Ha! Yeah, I can understand that. Besides, pictures are just outright fun things to have.

... ... *Thunks forehead down on desk.* Someone grab me my crown; I'm the Queen of Overthinking.

Alex’s reaction to Ruby’s last comment was comedy gold. Though she knew that that had to burn, Ruby’s own laugh burst free of her best attempts at suppressing it. She thumped her mug on the counter to keep from adding to the mess. Her outburst turned into a not entirely genuine apologetic grin as she watched the other girl begin to wipe up the mess.
“Okay, we gotta make a rule that you can't be funny when I'm drinking!”
“Hey, it’s not my fault you have an easy humor!” Ruby jutted her lower lip out in a pout.
She followed her friend’s gaze to her now ruined shirt. She cringed guiltily. “I'll replace that doe you while we're out,” she offered.
“It's been a while since I had any man truly drool over me. Well, any man who's not a sleazeball anyways.”
“Pfft, Alex, we have to get you some glasses. Men stare…” She shot a discrete glare toward the nearest of the men she’d heard laugh at Alex’s drink mishap. “Sober men, even! And rightfully so!” She winked at Alex and picked her drink back up. “You just don’t look back at them at the right times.”
Ruby continued to sip at her drink, hiding her excitement behind a contemplative façade as Alex went on. Suggesting getting matching revenge outfits was one thing. But an entire makeover? That had to be painful for the other girl to ask.
She sighed, frowning, placed her mug on the counter, and met Alex’s gaze.
“Like I’d ever say ‘no’ to that?” she managed in a scolding tone. “This is gonna be amazing!” She did a little twirl with her barstool, catching herself on the counter as she came 360˚.
“But”—she bent her head, a couple stray locks of hair falling into her face as she looked at Alex as if peering over a pair of specticles—“if we’re playing Extreme Makeover, we’re doing it right.” She glanced sadly at her partially consumed drink. “Which means…” She did a quick shifty-eyed glance, then leaned in toward Alex conspiratorially. She lowered her voice so only her friend would hear. “We rush into the fray early for a full girl’s day, and save getting smashed for a celebration of Girl Power tomorrow night.” She leaned away again on her stool. “Trust me. The mall and a hangover don’t pair well.” Her lips pressed together knowingly.
“Does that get the Zom stamp of approval?” She mimed sliding a piece of paper toward Alex for the said ‘stamp of approval.’

From a Potentially Pending Roleplay

A small speck of relief lightened Nikita at the elf’s quick response. She almost laughed as she watched the realization of the implication of his hasty answer dawn on him. Her lips betrayed her, quirking upward as he tried to backtrack, only managing to dig the hole further.
Others could be looking for him. Alone for now, but for how long, she didn’t know. Nor, it seemed, did he. Her subtle smile folded down instantly.
Her hand subconsciously tightened at her weapon. At last, the elf’s gaze flicked to it. The speed with which surprise and fear replaced his childlike joviality startled her into taking a step back of her own, ready to draw the weapon, her heart pounding in her throat.
But still, the elf didn’t immediately attack, didn’t start muttering some sort of curse.
Do they need to vocalize a curse? The thought sent a shudder down her spine. She started to draw the weapon when he spoke again, but hesitated when she realized he was still speaking English. And he was only returning her question, displaying the same amount of fear as she’d fought to keep hidden.
Nikita eyed him, watching his emotions play with free innocence across his face. Slowly, she took a deep, steadying breath, and shook her head.
“I came out here alone,” she said grudgingly. “But hunters sometimes come out this way, and I have family in the village,” she added, hoping to instill the same sense of, ‘kill me, and others might come and avenge me,’ in him as his words had in her.
Not that any of the hunters would bother to help her if they passed by. Most of them would be happy to be rid of her. Nor would anyone but Nico really care if she didn’t come home. Only him and Penelope, and, for all the healer’s bravery, she wouldn’t risk her own skin to avenge Nikita.
But the elf didn’t need to know that.
She pried her hand away from her machete. She slowly moved her hands to the side, palms facing him, showing she held no other weapons. The tattered work gloves she’d donned to chop wood still covered them, practically forgotten in the rush of the morning’s events.
“I meant it when I said I mean you no harm. As long as you don’t mean me any harm. Deal?” With a silent prayer that his countenance wasn’t just a well-honed act, she met his gaze and cautiously reached out a hand toward him for a handshake to seal the statement.
Not that she thought that would really mean anything to an elf, but it felt like the right thing to do. Or, at least, it was something to do, even if it wasn’t the right thing.
There were at least a dozen different ways this could go wrong.
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