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So reading through these posts, is this a slice of life RP? I'm going to wait for @Andronicus23 to reply before doing anything, but there doesn't seem to be a coherent plot.

Agreed, I kind of wish there was at this point.
Sara Weaver
Salem, Massachusetts

Waiting in her secluded booth Sara was becoming anxious. There were too many people inside the diner and with the arrival of a few more she couldn’t take it. She got up from her booth and fished out the pack of cigarettes she kept in her coat pocket. Unconcerned with what happened to the meat she brought with her Sara grabbed her backpack, and rifle before heading out of the diner. Ace was still busy with his other guests but Sara mumbled something to him while she fumbled to light her cigarette on her way out. “I need to step out for a minute Ace. I’ll be back.” She didn’t slow down to wait for him to answer her heart was racing and she needed to get out of the diner and get some space.

Outside with her cigarette finally lit Sara was able to catch her breath. “Why the fuck does everyone need to come to the diner at the same time!? Don’t these people have anything better to fucking do?” Sara whispered to herself as she paced outside the diner, even outside she couldn’t find solace. There was a woman riding a horse around the square that quickly drew her attention. Sara was initially startled by the site of a horse, and the fact that there was someone that actually knew how to ride it. She was too flustered by the crowd inside the diner to approach the woman though. Even the small amount of people that were outside were enough to keep Sara wound up so she headed further out of town, smoking her cigarette like her life depended on it.

Sara walked along the street leading north out of town coming to a brief rest by a large salmon colored building. She slumped up against the building’s foundation and ran her hands through her matted, greasy hair. In all honesty she was exhausted from the trip down here, she hadn’t been getting the rest that she needed and it was obviously starting to take a toll on her psyche. Maybe she needed to give this whole act up. Stop searching for Eliza, stop coming to this town. Just leave it all behind and keep heading north until she couldn’t go any further. There was no chance at redemption for her. She could never walk with the righteous, not after the things she had done. She was condemned to an inescapable hell either way, best she could do was just accept who she is, and what she’s capable of. There was a time when she would be proud to say that, to spit in the eye of anyone that disagreed with her. Now it just didn’t seem right. Not after she lost Eli. Her world was just not the same without him. She would give everything she ever had, and her own life if it meant that Eli could have a chance to live his. Sara clasped her hands together in one balled fist, her palms were sweaty as she squeezed her hands together trying to knead out the fire that was raging inside her.

She was fooling herself if she actually thought it would go away. It was too late for that, Sara snapped and spun around to face the weathered stone foundation that was supporting her. “FUCK!” She hammered her fists against the foundation as hard as she could, drawing blood that spattered the stone. After a few strikes Sara exhausted herself and she drug her fists down the wall after her final blow, scraping her skin and drawing more blood. Sara’s eyes were watery but she didn’t cry, she didn’t believe that she still could and she was probably right. She couldn’t feel anything anymore, even pain was fleeting. A quick rush, a burst of adrenaline to remind herself that she was still human was all she could get. Her heart had forgotten what it felt like to care, and she couldn’t remember if she ever did. Even in her memories of Eli she could only remember the times she hurt him, the times that she wasn’t the mother he deserved. She knew deep down inside of herself that she loved him more than she’s ever loved anything else, but she couldn’t convince herself to believe it.

“Ma’am, is everything alright?” A man’s hesitant voice came from behind Sara as she turned herself to face him.

“I’m doing alright, and you cowboy” Sara stood up and composed herself, her rifle and backpack had collapsed off of her shoulders and were now laying on the ground. She still had her pistol, but from the looks of the man she could take him. Even with bloodied fists she was confident that if things escalated she would come out on top, although the man’s voice was strangely calming. It was the sincerity in his tone that put Sara off. She wasn’t used to hearing it, that unmistakable kindness that only came from the heart.

“With all do respect Ma’am you don’t look alright.” The man was accompanied by another horse, and his clothes were soiled from dirt and grime. It was clear from the streaks on the man’s face and his puffy red eyes that he was recently crying. He didn’t strike Sara as the fighting type but something told her that he had seen his share. His face was younger than her’s but it was just as worn, his eyes were so innocent and stood out from the rest of his face. Almost like another part of him was trapped inside his body. “My names Dutch. I didn’t mean to come up on you like that. I was heading back into town.” He offered his open hand to Sara, hoping she would shake it and lighten the mood.

“Dutch? That’s a good name for a cowboy.” Sara firmly accepted his gesture with her sore blood soaked hand, shaking it firmly and sneering at the pain.
Sara Weaver
Salem, Massachusetts

Sara awoke early, well before the sun. She had a trip to make today and it would be a good 3 hours south. It was her hope that by leaving as early as she planned to she would miss everyone but the person she intended to meet. Her camp-site was situated well to the north of Salem, she figured it was around 12 miles. Salem was the closest settlement to her campsite but it didn’t matter to her. She had kept to herself up in the woods away from everyone else, only coming back to civilization to trade off excess supplies or look for her sister. Something she had been doing for what felt like forever, and her spirit was starting to waver. Eliza’s trail vanished months ago since then Sara’s been chasing ghosts, she was just hoping they weren’t literal ghosts.

Regardless she was burning precious time. She had accumulated some extra meat and supplies from her hunts. Game was plentiful this far north, away from civilization but life up here came with it’s own sets of dangers. Anyone that lived this far away was on their own, there was no law and definitely no minutemen in this territory. That served Sara just fine, she was left alone and could socialize when she wanted to and she could hunt to her heart's content. With her contact in Salem to sell her excess to she had a pretty good set up, but she couldn’t lose sight of why she was out here. She couldn’t settle down until she knew for sure what happened to her sister, and her housing reflected that attitude. Sara had set up camp in a dilapidated house seemingly dropped from the sky and into the barren forest of skeleton trees. It wasn’t the sturdiest structure but it served it’s purpose.

Finally shaking off the chains of slumber Sara crawled out of her sleeping bag, exposing her lithe nude frame. She wasn’t able to clean herself that often so smears and specks of dirt and grime covered her body. Shambling up and off the couch she was sleeping on Sara grabbed a ragged t-shirt from her makeshift clothes line and pulled it over her bare skin. Her perky breasts clearly silhouetted through the fabric. She wiped what was left of the crust from her eyes and retrieved a pair of worn jeans from her clothes line as well. Clumsily hiking them up without trying to lose her balance. She then tucked her t-shirt into her pants, further accentuating what was underneath. Her pants sagged loosely under her hips, it had been awhile since she could find a pair that fit her. Without a proper fit she used her belt to hold her pants up before she grabbed a flannel button down shirt as well, rolling the sleeves up past her elbows. Her clothes were well worn, some had holes, others had patches were there used to be holes. Either way they were all faded and dirty. Life in the wasteland didn’t leave much time for cleanliness, at least not for Sara who was now comfortably dressed. She plopped back down onto the couch again, grabbing her leather boots and socks that were stuffed inside of them. Her boots had seen better days as well but they still held together, they were built to last and Sara could appreciate that.

With her socks on and her boots laced Sara started gathering her gear for the trip. Her backpack would be doing most of the work but she still had cuts of cured meat wrapped in burlap that would need to be carried. Fortunately she packed everything she needed to take with her the night before so she grabbed her bag, hefting the loaded pack over her shoulder. Her rifle was next, she slung it over her other shoulder. Before she grabbed the meat Sara ran her hands through her greasy hair, unsure if she had everything but she was certain of it. When it came to packing gear Sara was meticulous, all she needed now was her pistol. She ejected the magazine to make sure it was loaded, slid it back inside, pulled the slide back and put on her safety. Everything was in order except for her jacket, which she almost forgot in her rush to leave. She sat her gear down and grabbed her trusty leather jacket, the mornings were getting colder for her so she especially needed the jacket. Now one hundred percent confident that she had everything Sara headed down out of the house and into the forest, she had a long hike ahead of her but she’s walked it a dozen times before.

In about 3 hours time Sara was regrettably in Salem. She didn’t mind Ace and Barney, their company was a welcome change from the usual. It was everyone else that suddenly started moving into town that bothered her. Too many people, meant that there were soon going to be too many problems. Sara didn’t mind chatting with Ace, and the man was a pretty good cook but Sara enjoyed living alone. You couldn’t pay her to stay here, Salem was just a place to stop by and treat herself to some food, and maybe make a few caps. She couldn’t make it a home.

Wiping the sweat that had accumulated on her brow from the hike down Sara walked into Ace’s diner ignoring the sign on the roof and especially the people inside. She didn’t want to be bothered, and at first she contemplated just heading back home but she wasn’t going to waste a trip. Ace was inside and that’s all she needed, and it looked like he had a girlfriend now to. Sara wasn’t going to waste the opportunity to subsequently alert Ace of her presence and be a smartass. “You get a new piece of ass Ace!? I thought I was your favourite? Or did you forget about me?” Sara cracked a smile and moved to the booth furthest away from everyone before she sat all of her gear down and waited for Ace to come over to her. She didn’t want to be in the way, plus the further away she was from the others the less likely they would be to talk to her...hopefully.
Eliza Weaver
Salem, Massachusetts

When Eliza came to she had a hard time making sense of where she was at. Her head was still filled with an obnoxious haze that prevented her from getting a clear focus on anything. All of the events from the night before seemed like nothing but a lucid dream to her. With the only thing being certain was Shelby’s return, and that was only because she awoke to Shelby curled up alongside of her. Eliza was slow to rise seeing as how her body was still totally exhausted but she tried her best to shake off the shackles of her slumber. When Shelby and the doctor spoke to her she could hear what they were saying but it took her a moment to truly take it in. Unsure if she could form a coherent sentence in her current state of post sleep delirium Eliza found another way to signal to Shelby that she was still with her. She interlaced their fingers together and firmly gripped Shelby’s hand in hers. Eliza felt much warmer today than she remembered feeling the night before, but her pain still haunted her. It was not nearly as severe as it was before. Instead it transformed into a dull, lingering pain that didn’t seem to go away. Eliza figured that if she tried to move it would make the pain worse so instead of trying to re-position herself in bed she took a moment to wipe the crust from her eyes.

Feeling much more alert than she initially did Eliza was able to work up a response to the doctor. “I’m still feeling a little out of it doctor, so I don’t think a few more hours will hurt.” Eliza paused for a brief moment as she tried to regain her focus, before she continued. “No offense to you doctor but I don’t want to stay in this clinic any longer than I have to. I’m not really sure of who I can trust in this town and I’d feel safer at home.” Eliza started to sweat from the warmth of Shelby against her so she removed the blanket from her body, leaving Shelby covered. With the covers removed Eliza could finally realize just how much of a toll the last few months had taken on her body. In comparison to Shelby’s healthy and fit physique Eliza looked weak, and frail. She had tried to keep herself healthy but the months of constant stress and anxiety had clearly ravaged Eliza’s body. Eliza was ashamed of herself, she was always the one that took care of herself and now who was she? Her body was covered in dried grime and blood, she felt horrible. Fortunately for her Shelby was there and just her presence alone helped Eliza maintain her composure. “As long as Shelby stays I’ll be more comfortable here. Nothing against you doctor. I’m thankful for what you’ve done for me so far…..I’m just a little anxious around strangers.”

Eliza took a moment to work up the courage for what she was about to say. Just the fact that she had to ask made her feel like a child. “Do you think I would be able to get cleaned up?” I look like I just crawled out of a grave, and judging by how I feel. I think I might have.” Eliza’s spunk was slowly coming back to her but her strength was not nearly as resilient, and it tore her apart. It wasn’t in her nature to let someone else take care of her, but now she didn’t have a choice. She couldn’t bring herself back to the woman she was before…..she needed Shelby now more than ever.
Thomas Kater
Salem, Massachusetts

Tom looked at the ground for a moment before looking at Shelby again. He understood where her emotions were taking her but he was still caught off guard by the outburst. He placed his hat back on his head. Shelby was obviously a woman Tom didn’t want to cross, she reminded him a lot of Eliza when he first met her. Now he didn’t fear Eliza like he used to, he was worried for her instead. It had been so long since he had seen her but from what he had gathered over the last few months she had gone over the edge. Even her physical appearance was drastically different from what Tom remembered. She obviously lost a lot of weight, and she was not nearly as well kept as she used to be. The Eliza he remembered would be the cleanest person in the unit. Even if they were on campaign for months on end. Now he could see she hadn’t been maintaining herself nearly as well. He just hoped that when she came to that she would be able to cope with what had happened. Shelby appeared to be strong but Tom couldn’t help but contemplate her ability to help Eliza. He doubted himself and he had known Eliza for far longer. Tom contemplated saying something to Shelby about it but he held his tongue on the issue.

“I understand. I’ve hurt her enough already. I just wanted to make sure she was okay. I’ve already buried one friend today…..I don’t think I could bury another.” Tom made his way out of the room, he was defeated. Shelby obviously cared for Eliza more than he did, he had to trust that she would take care of her. He had come all of this way for something he’d never get. Eliza could never forgive him for leaving, the damage was done. All he could do now was move on and let Eliza do the same, he was just another reminder of how horrible things had been for her. She had the chance at a new life now and Tom didn’t want to deny her that. He opened the door and started to leave but he stopped and said something to Shelby. “Take good care of her alright? She’s not nearly as strong as she used to be.” Before Shelby could respond Tom was out the door.

He made his way to his horse and untied it before heading out of town and back to Bragg’s grave. Tom fished a musty bottle of whiskey from his saddle bag and collapsed into the dirt alongside Bragg’s grave. He popped the cork out of the bottle and took a long swig. “All of this way….and for what? I should have just stayed out west. All I’ve managed to do since I left was let everyone down.” Tom couldn’t help but see the images of all of the people he fought with. He couldn’t remember what they looked like before they died, all he could remember was their horrifying faces….their mangled corpses. Taking another swig Tom tossed the bottle and collapsed onto his back into the dirt. “She’s better off without me.”
Thomas Kater
Salem, Massachusetts

“Thank you sir.” Tom quickly headed out of the diner. On his way out it dawned on him that all of Eliza’s gear was on her horse. He stopped and unfastened the straps on the leather saddlebags. Inside were most of the things he would assume Eliza needed to survive, her hat, duster, underwear, revolver, ammunition. Something definitely wasn’t right, this whole thing reeked of a trap. Tom pulled his piece from it’s holster and checked the cylinder to confirm it was loaded, he placed it back into his holster and headed off towards the church leaving the horses tied up by the diner. He was keeping his hand close to his revolver, something wasn’t sitting right with Tom. It was like he was missing something, like there was another piece to the puzzle. Regardless Tom had a lead and he had to take it, the man behind the counter didn’t seem like the kind of guy to bullshit him at first glance but he was still on his toes as he entered the church.

On his way in he passed two people, a man and a woman. Both of them gave off bad vibes to Tom but maybe it was because he was on edge. He just walked past them acknowledging that he seen them.
“Evening.” Tom was short and headed towards the partially opened door checking over his shoulder to see if the duo was following him. He creaked the door open and he froze in his tracks at what he saw. Initially he recoiled at the sight too afraid to come to terms with what he might find, but Tom found enough courage to go inside. His voice was weaker than it normally was, and for a man of his pedigree fear was something he rarely felt but it was clear in his voice. “Eliza?” There was another woman knelt beside the bed comforting Eliza that drew Tom’s attention for a brief moment. He didn’t know anyone to treat Eliza the way the woman was, and he didn’t know Eliza to take to it. She must be in really bad shape, or her and the woman were close. “Eliza it’s me...Dutch.” Tom paused before he said who he was, still filled with the guilt of leaving her and the Riders behind.

Eliza and the woman slowly turned to face him, Eliza was having a hard time of it but she tried. She was obviously weak as her voice was severely strained and quiet. “Dutch?” He removed his hat and held it over his heart while he knelt down beside the bed, nodding to the woman and sharing a look of concern with her. Tom placed his free hand on Eliza’s shoulder. “It’s me Lizzy.” He tried to crack a smile as if he was remembering a better time, but tears started to gather in the corner of his eyes. Eliza looked at him with broken eyes. She hadn’t seen the man in front of her for years, and she was still having a hard time believing that it was actually him. “I can’t believe you’re here. I thought you were never coming back.”

Tom placed his hand on Eliza’s head, gently brushing her hair in an attempt to comfort her. “I know I rode off on my own path Eliza, but it lead me back to you. I just wish I had gotten here sooner.” Eliza grinned at his retort before she closed her eyes again and exhaled slowly, shivering in the process. She was obviously too weak to do much of anything so Tom turned his attention to the woman alongside of him. Her face was red and streaked with tears, Tom gently placed his arm around her shoulders patting her back. He didn’t really think about what he was doing, he was just acting off of instinct. “I’m Dutch. We used together. I take it you’re close to Liz...sorry Eliza? Sometimes I forget she doesn’t like to be called that.”
Thomas Kater
Salem, Massachusetts

This was it, the sleepy ruins of Salem where the trail finally ended. Thomas had been following it for too long with each sign of Eliza and her pursuer filling his heart with dread. He had seen so much death on his journey here, so many of his comrades gunned down and left to rot in the dirt. Out of respect he gave each one of them the burials they deserved in doing so he noticed that all of their dog-tags had been claimed. He had hoped that meant Eliza made it this far but how long could she run? It had been at least a year since he picked up the trail in Utah. Eliza was tough but a year in this country without proper rest would take it’s toll on anyone, even her. Now Thomas was just looking for bodies and with them answers.

Coming from the north side of town Thomas quickly fell upon the sign of a struggle much like the ones he found on his way here. Eliza was a fighter, and whoever was tracking her down was making her bleed for it. Spatters of blood littered the field he and his horse were standing in. His heart sunk as he assumed the worst. Thomas dismounted his horse and knelt down in the muck to better investigate the scene. There were two sets of footprints just like there had been since they crossed the Mississippi. Where the rest of the Rough Riders gave their life’s in an attempt to buy Eliza time. Thomas followed the trail and the blood towards the sea, a light wind blew in off the water and carried with it the all too familiar stench of death. Thomas dropped the reigns for his horse and bolted towards the shore, stumbling over his feet as he struggled to stay upright in the muck. His heart was beating a mile a minute, and he was afraid to see who he found at the end of the trail. After all this time Tom would’ve gave anything for it not to be Eliza. He regretted every day since he left his life with the Riders behind, now more than ever. He couldn’t help but beat himself up over the idea that maybe things would’ve been different if he was there when his comrades were attacked.

Here he was….if he found Eliza in this puddle of blood Tom wasn’t sure if he could walk away from her, not again. She was the only one that really cared for him, and he re-payed her with betrayal. Tom removed his hat and held it over his face in an attempt to shield himself from the stench before he slowly peeked out from behind it. It wasn’t her, it was August Bragg. They rode together when they were kids, busted rocks in the chain-gangs, and joined the Riders together. Finding Bragg laying in the mud was a blow to the gut. Thomas balled his fists in anger and kicked his old friends corpse in anger.

“You son of a bitch! After everything these people did for us!? Fuck!” Tom fell to his knees alongside Bragg’s corpse staring into his lifeless eyes, frozen in terror. He couldn’t contain his emotions and started to tremble and cry. “All these miles and I didn’t once think it would be you. What did I do when I walked away?” Tom scooped his hand underneath Bragg's corpse and lifted him into his arms. He carried him to the base of a tree with a broken limb and began to dig a grave with the shovel from his horse. When he was finished he gently laid Bragg at the bottom, closing his eyes, placing two caps in his hand, and laying his hat on his chest before saying some final words. “You were my brother. After all we had been through together I never thought this would be how things went down.” Tom paused for a moment as he grabbed a shovel full of dirt. “I just hope it was worth it brother.”

After shovel after shovel full of dirt Bragg’s grave was filled in. Tom grabbed a rock from nearby to mark the spot and grabbed his horse. He still had to find Eliza, she must have been the one that killed Bragg. After all this time he was still afraid to face her. He loved her desperately but never confessed it to her, it wasn’t his place. Things between them could never be like he wanted them to, and he had a feeling Eliza knew how he felt. She could tell when he got anxious around her, she was too smart not to know. Regardless Tom came here to atone for his sins, and Eliza was the only one that could absolve him. His quarrel was with her, not God.
When Tom got into town he quickly spotted Eliza’s spotted horse outside the diner. His heart began to race again as he wiped the sweat and grime from his brow, his hands trembled and his legs felt like they were about to give out on him. He still made his way to the diner tying his horse alongside hers, but he noticed the blood covering Eliza’s horse and immediately knew something was wrong.

“Hey buddy. You remember me right?” Tom gently brushed the horse’s snout. “What happened huh? What do you know?” The horse gently nuzzled Tom with it’s snout, recognizing him from before. Tom rubbed the top of it’s snout again before he headed inside for answers. Things seemed rather busy inside, it wasn’t Tom’s scene there were too many people and none of them resembled Eliza. He still headed inside and walked up to the counter where a man was scrambling to serve all of his patrons. Tom ignored all of the background noise and chatter, but politely waited until the man wasn’t busy.

“Excuse me sir!? You wouldn’t know anything about that horse outside would you?” Tom’s voice was friendly but his concern was poorly masked by his manners. "I'm looking for his owner. She would've been dressed similar to me, with her hat pinned on one side. She's not really talkative but you'd have a hard time forgetting her."
Prizrak, this is what you sent me yesterday right? I'm good with it.

I just tweaked a few things in regards to his past, but yes it's the same sheet.
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