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I'll flesh out her sheet right away. I probably shouldn't have worked on it so late in the night because by the end of the sheet I was just trying to finish it so I could go to sleep.
@The Bork Lazer

Feel free to PM if you want in regards to your further comments. I’m more than willing to tweak and further expand upon things.
It's not anything spectacular but I'm proud of her. She's gone through a lot of renditions and tweaks but this is the version I've settled on. I wrapped most of this sheet up in the wee hours of the morning in order to make the deadline and not interfere with the plans put in motion so please forgive the rough edges. I'm 100% open to any input so feel free to let me know how you feel about her.

@OppositionJ Did you get my PM? Your approval is pretty much all I’m waiting for at this point?
If be interested. Do you have any ideas for the theme?
I’ll have my sheet finished tomorrow afternoon.

So if my character would happen to have served in the military and is now an enforcer that would be okay?
Another question. What is or was the state of the military? Are they still around, were they just recently proven obsolete, and could there be veterans of past wars and services say in their late 20’s early 30’s?
Very well then I’ll handle the enforcer. I’ll continie to work on the car throughout the day.

Would an enforcer have any use to the campaign or would that relegate my character to their own story away from the direction of the RP? I'd prefer the later if we could swing it.
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