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I'd be on board with a discord.

So I was thinking about having a character that lived on the outskirts of town in their families home. Although there are plans of there being some sort of mystery behind her families disappearance that relates to the mystery of the town itself. Was just wondering if a character that lived in the outskirts would be accepted?
I would be interested as well.

Totally understand. I'll have something submitted to you by your deadline.
I'm certainly interested and am working on an Engineer sheet currently. I'll try and post a WIP version before the deadline if that's acceptable?
@Prizrak Happy to have you! You are still in the discord?

Yes I am.
I honestly thought I put my hat in the ring for this when it originally came out. Oh well at least I found it again. If you'd take me I'm still certainly interested in partaking in this.
I had intended on my character being pro-emotion but only because they feel like their entire life subsists on it.

You’ve certainly made this sound a lot more appealing to me
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