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I’m interested if you’re still planning on doing this RP.
Like what? I'm willing to play along with whatever plans you guys may have for them.
Hey everyone so sorry that I’ve been gone for so long. I just made it to my job school this week so I’m able to actually sit down and have sometime to myself. If you guys are willing to take me back in once I get my laptop in the mail tomorrow I’d be more than happy to jump back into the story.
Sara Weaver
Sandy Coves Inn, Salem, Massachusetts - morning

Sara awoke yet again but this time it was from a terrible nightmare, she rolled over hoping that Celeste was still asleep to set her mind at ease but the impression left from her body had grown cold. Her nightmare left her paralyzed in fear and uncertainty, her body and mind to crippled to force themselves out of bed. She didn’t want to think about what she dreamt of. Her subconscious toyed with her most impactful fear, weakness. Even though she tried her best to move past it and brush it off as nothing more than a dream, she couldn’t. It felt all too real, to the point that her body aches as if it was mimicking the pain from her nightmare. Sara felt even worse because her first instinct was to seek comfort in Celeste, to her that was weakness, no one looked after her, and to her no one needed to.

After nearly an hour of lying in bed suffering from the torment of her subconscious. Sara finally peeled herself from her bed, the sheets well dampened by her sweat. Even now that she had worked up the strength to sit on the edge of the bed Sara still felt so vulnerable, as if everything she dreamt of actually happened, or was about to. She wanted to seek out Celeste, maybe she would be able to take her mind off of what happened? No! That’s not how these things work. She needed to stand on her own two feet and power through this bullshit on her own. After all she was a badass, people didn’t fuck with her. With just the use of the word fuck Sara’s mind was taken back to her nightmare, and her attempt at mentally pumping herself up was dismantled at its core.

Standing up from her bed Sara shambled towards the window, still open from the night before. She couldn’t explain how much she loved the smell of the ocean, and this morning seemed like a perfect time to just sit on the shore and take it all in but she didn’t want to go alone...not after what she had dreamt about, or at least not until she got past it. With the morning still being young Sara tried her best to maintain a normal routine, like she always did. Before anything else she started with her exercises. They weren’t anything too complicated just your regular calisthenics, push ups, crunches, squats, stretches, etc. It helped her clear her head and work up a healthy sweat.

After she was finished and her body genuinely ached she headed into the bathroom, filling the tub again to clean herself up. Once she was finished she began to feel a substantial improvement in her mood, although she still couldn’t shake the images from her sleep. Regardless she tried her best to act like nothing happened, she got dressed in some ratty jeans, a tank top, her flannel, and a pair of white socks that had started to turn grey from use. Unsure of where Celeste went and almost too afraid to go looking for her after what had happened, or more because of what Sara wanted to happen the night before. She chose to stay in her room, door open in the hopes that Celeste would come to her. So in the meantime Sara tinkered with her gear. Checking to make sure that it was all operational and accounted for. She marveled over her new sword, cleaning the blade with an oiled rag while she sipped water from her canteen.

All the while she was still trying to act like she wasn’t shaken by something as mundane as a nightmare, no matter how vivid and horrifying it may have been. Even though Sara said that she would be satisfied with finding out that Eliza died. It was in moments like these that she secretly aches for someone like her to stand by her. Maybe that’s why she let her feelings for Celeste spill out. She was more afraid of being alone, than she was of being rejected.
I updated Sara's picture in her sheet. How she looks in it is how she looks in the RP currently, it took me a little longer than planned to swap it out so I apologize for that.
I’m still here!
Eliza Weaver
S&W Weaponry, Salem, Massachusetts - morning

Eliza awoke to the faint morning light trickling through the curtains of Shelby’s bedroom. She was alone, and the room was eerily quiet but as she started to shake off the burdening crust of sleep she felt a huge relief, as if an enormous weight was lifted off of her. Wiping the crud from her eyes Eliza sat up in the bed allowing the bed sheet to collapse off of her, exposing her bare frame.

Stretching her tense muscles with a pleasurable shiver Elia felt as if she had molted in her sleep. She felt great, much better than she could remember feeling in a long time. Except she wasn’t entirely sure of what had happened the night before. Obviously she crashed hard, but her body and mind needed it.

Still exposed Eliza crawled to the edge of the bed, dangling her legs off the side. Her wound had healed but as she continued to gather herself she could start to feel the dull ache of the injury. Undeterred by the pain Eliza stretched her legs, it felt like she was working cobwebs out of her joints but the pain was not nearly as severe as she anticipated. Cautiously she stood up from the bed still unsure of her condition. Her legs shook as they struggled to reacquaint themselves with supporting the weight of her body. Although with a few cracks and pops Eliza was on her feet once more.

Her immediate thoughts were of Shelby. She couldn’t wait to find her, after all she could stand on her own two feet again. She could walk! Even if it was with a limp, and even if she was unsure of how long she could walk. It didn’t matter she was recovering nonetheless. Eliza wasn’t sure if she should be accrediting the start of her recovery to her resilience or the treatment she had received. Although she wasn’t entirely sure of what had happened the day before, or the day before that, in all honesty the past few months were a blur. She couldn’t even remember how she got shot.

“How long was I out?” Still standing Eliza wiped the drool from the corner of her mouth as she stumbled towards the window, parting the curtains she reacted herself against the window the cold glass sending shivers through her body. “Somebody must’ve given me something. Was it Shelby? This is her place, I remember seeing her...but when? Was it here?” Eliza needed to sit down and gather her thoughts. Her head was a mess right now and while everything seemed familiar it also seemed so foreign to her. She’d hoped that this wasn’t all just a dream but with how she was feeling she couldn’t be too sure that it wasn’t. Sitting down on the windowsill Eliza gazed out the window, the town was so peaceful in the morning. This must be her home, it has to be because no other place would make her feel like this.
I’m still on discord even though I’m not in the chat anymore. So you can get ahold of me through a PM on there, as well as on here. I would’ve reached out and said something but during these last two weeks it was honestly the last thing on my mind.
I’ve been trying my best to maintain the plots I have in place. Sorry that I’m not posting with the regularity desired but I’ve recently gone from shipping in 4 months to shipping in 3 weeks, so needless to say my focus has been elsewhere. I’ve been working on a post for Eliza but due to my hectic schedule and total mental drain as of late my posts are taking a lot longer to get out than I’d like them to.
Sara Weaver
Sandy Coves Inn, Salem, Massachusetts, night to morning

As Celeste collapsed onto Sara her face immediately turned beat red. She was obviously surprised, but her embarrassment stemmed from the fact that she enjoyed Celeste's awkward pawing. Although with Celeste quickly falling asleep in her bed Sara wasn't sure how to proceed. She wanted to act on her feelings, at least touch Celeste for a brief moment, but she was too afraid.

Sara thought it best to take a few moments to gather herself so she got up from her bed and made her way into the bathroom. Once inside the cool tile room Sara closed the toilet seat and sat down, head clasped in her hands as she trembled ever so slightly from her anxiety. Her head was racing with so many possibilities, ways she could proceed and their inevitable outcomes. She doubted herself, her chances of success with Celeste. Sara was generally a very confident woman, sure of herself in nearly every aspect of her life. Except now her confidence had withered away, and she quickly started to doubt herself. “I'm not attractive enough. She likes someone else. I'm not the right person for her….” All of these thoughts played havoc on Sara's confidence.

She really liked Celeste, she made her feel emotions that she'd either never felt before, or hadn't felt for a very long time. As much as Sara doubted herself she wanted to try, but she still feared the rejection. She didn't open herself up to anyone, and the fear of getting hurt was part of the reason why. Still no closer to an answer Sara got up from her seat and headed back into the main room. Celeste must have fallen asleep by now, but the site of her laying in Sara's bed brought a warm, relaxing sensation throughout her body. Sara didn't want to do anything else but crawl in alongside Celeste and fall asleep with her warmth so close to her.

Deciding what she was going to do next Sara headed over to her dresser, opening a drawer and fetching a pair of men's boxers. She peeked over her shoulder to make sure Celeste was definitely asleep, and then shut the door into her room. Keeping her eyes trained on Celeste in case she woke up, Sara unbuttoned her pants and dropped them down around her ankles, before kicking them off. Sara noticed that the excitement of this whole thing was getting to her again and with Celeste so close she felt even more embarrassed now than she did earlier.

Regardless with her parents removed she slid on the boxers and unbuttoned her flannel, hanging it on the doorknob, and that was it, she was ready for bed. Men's boxers and a tank top was all she needed considering she normally got too hot if she slept in anything else, although she was afraid of there being an accident considering how she never wore a bra, and her top might shift during the night, plus her boxers were worn out and had a tendency to slip.

Sara tried to work those thoughts out of her head and started to clean up the mess from a few minutes ago. Placing the plate of chicken and Celeste's jar of moonshine on top of the dresser. In the process Sara cracked the lid and finished it off with a large swig, elated by the fact that Celeste drank from it just a few minutes ago. It was that feeling and the potency of the alcohol that caused her whole body to tingle. It was a familiar sensation but Sara hadn't drank a sip since she found out she was pregnant with Eli. Which felt like forever ago, back then Sara could drink anyone under the table but now she wasn't sure so sure of herself so she left her jar alone, placing it on the dresser as well.

Satisfied with the cleanliness of the room Sara nervously crawled into her bed, her heart started racing as she felt Celeste's warmth radiating off of her. With the sheets pulled over them Sara tried to settle in but she was far too anxious to get comfortable. For years now she would cuddle a pillow to help herself fall asleep, accrediting it to the sensation of loneliness she felt every time she was alone, and especially when she was in bed. Sara was ashamed to do it now though. She thought it was childish in the presence of Celeste. After all she cuddled a pillow like a child cuddled a stuffed animal, but Sara was too afraid to cuddle with Celeste. She thought about doing it and blaming the alcohol but she didn't want the sentiment to be lost. As scared as she was of losing Celeste she still wanted her to know how she felt.

Unable to work up the courage Sara clasped her pillow and pulled it close to her chest. She buried her face into it as tears started to run down her face and pool onto the pillow. Sara cried herself to sleep with the thoughts of Celeste still racing through her head, and the guilt of not having the courage to do anything about them.
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