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I'm following this for sure.
Thanks guys I've been working on a character sheet throughout the day and hope to have it completed within the next few days.
I'm coming in way late to this one but If ya'll are interested I'd be more than happy to join. I've been searching for an RP like this for a while and I'm not entirely sure how I missed it in the first place. Regardless this seems to be right up my alley!
I'm interested. So far I'm playing with the concept of a veteran soldier unwillingly plucked from service to guard what remains of humanity on the arks but is battling with the reality that they didn't die fighting.
I'm definitely interested if you're still looking for people. I've been looking to start writing again and this is right up my alley.
This sounds really interesting so you can count me in.
I'd be interested to here some of your ideas, the concept of a Resident Evil RP is really interesting to me.
I’m interested if you’re still planning on doing this RP.
Like what? I'm willing to play along with whatever plans you guys may have for them.
Hey everyone so sorry that I’ve been gone for so long. I just made it to my job school this week so I’m able to actually sit down and have sometime to myself. If you guys are willing to take me back in once I get my laptop in the mail tomorrow I’d be more than happy to jump back into the story.
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