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Just a heads up. Sheet is in progress, taking it a step at a time on this go around. I normally have a habit of grinding out a character overnight and shipping it out as soon as I've finished them. Not something I'm willing to do this go around. I'm really trying to exercise some writing muscles, and push out a character that we'll all be satisfied with.
Sorry that I'm coming into this a little late but I just saw this in my feed and freaked out! I've been looking for a Bloodborne RP for a very long time and was curious if I could still throw my hat into the ring?
Great to see things spinning up! I wanted to feel out the direction of everyone sheets before I really jumped into mine. I already had an idea for one before hand but seeing as how we have two females already I'm now hesitant to throw in a third.
I'm interested, but what is the overall plot? Is it going to be primarily up to us as the participants to drive the narrative or do you have something going on behind the scenes? Not that it really matters either way I'm just being nosy.
On it so long as a character living in the outskirts is still acceptable.
I'd be on board with a discord.

So I was thinking about having a character that lived on the outskirts of town in their families home. Although there are plans of there being some sort of mystery behind her families disappearance that relates to the mystery of the town itself. Was just wondering if a character that lived in the outskirts would be accepted?
I would be interested as well.

Totally understand. I'll have something submitted to you by your deadline.
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