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@Prizrak Happy to have you! You are still in the discord?

Yes I am.
I honestly thought I put my hat in the ring for this when it originally came out. Oh well at least I found it again. If you'd take me I'm still certainly interested in partaking in this.
I had intended on my character being pro-emotion but only because they feel like their entire life subsists on it.

You’ve certainly made this sound a lot more appealing to me

I guess it depends on how you want to run this. Is it going to be like a traditional Dnd campaign or just an RP about a party clearing dungeons, because I think we would all have to build different characters for either one. Well at least I know that I would.

I was hoping for the tank if that's okay? I have some interesting concepts for a tank that I've been itching to try out.
@KarmaCorps So it's looking like tank and melee DPS are open correct?
@GrayPayday Oh great! I'll get started on one right now, thank you!

Do you still have room for one more? This style of RP is a little out of my comfort zone but I'm eager to give it a go.
I'd be down to take part in this if you'll have me.
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