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Just trying to gauge the current scene and then I'll have a post up.
I’m still in. Currently trying to work something up with Bork. I don’t really have an ETA yet but I can try and have something out by Monday.
@The Bork Lazer

Nice! I’ll have a response up as soon as I can.

Just with Taryn's injury putting her down momentarily I was waiting for Bork to respond so I could build off of it.

Taryn was sort of left out of most of the posts which isn’t the end of the world it just doesn’t give me a whole lot to build off of. I’ll try and work something up if I have to though.
@Lady Selune

What is it that you're trying to go for so we all have a better sense of what you're looking for and what types of characters would fit?
I plan on having a sheet up by the weekend.
Bloodborne and Darkest Dungeon? Color me intrigued.
Taryn Weaver

Crashing into cover as shards of metal and concrete dusted the air around Mack and herself Taryn hit the ground with a blazing hot pain in her leg, writing it off as her knee she drew her revolver and switched off it’s safety. Mack’s volley of rounds didn’t seem to do much to deter their attackers but Taryn could tell that their volley of rounds were meant to hold them into position not outright kill them. They needed to come out of cover to have any chance of hitting their targets but that also came with the definite risk of catching returning fire.

While she attempted to stand herself up along the concrete pylon she was using as cover Taryn’s leg came out from under her sending her back down to the ground collapsing under the weight of herself. β€œThis fucking knee really knows when to act up!” Still sheltered in cover Taryn forced herself into a kneeling stance so she could steady her shot. Catching their assailants at the end of their fusillade Taryn sent her response downrange with a thunderous crack striking one of the Knights a few inches off of dead center, the impact of the round spun his body around causing him to smack face first onto the cement floor of the station. A pool of dark red blood began to pool beneath him and apart from the spasms of death he didn’t make any attempts to get back up. The Towa Type-12 proved to Taryn yet again why it should be trusted as her go to for self defense her shot was crisp without much noticeable recoil but she still felt a sharp pain in her leg. Before she could turn her attention to it the Knights returned fire sending Taryn flat against her cover, chunks of concrete rocketing from the pylon flew throughout the station, and Taryn was covered by the dust that came with them.

In the chaos she had almost forgotten that Mack was within reaching distance even though it was because of him that she was in cover. Seeing that he had taken a hit she called out to him, wanting to make sure that he was still good to fight. β€œHey Mack you good!?” Taryn called over the orchestra of gunshots. Mack responded with a gesture telling her that he was still put together enough to fight. So as before Taryn took a knee and lined up a shot from her position behind the pylon, as she lined up another Knight in her sights and squeezed the trigger she felt a shot rip through her abdomen. Wincing from the impact Taryn let off another shot, except this one flew wildly across the station impacting somewhere off in the distance. Taryn let out an agonizing scream as she recoiled back behind the pylon just as her wound started to seep blood. Once in cover she realized that the pain in her leg was a gunshot as well, and that she had been kneeling in a pool of her own blood. A round had torn thorough her leg, explaining why she couldn’t support herself on it. Now bleeding from two injuries Taryn tore a sizable scrap from the bottom of her shirt and applied pressure to the bullet hole in her stomach, sopping it with blood.

Gritting her teeth from the pain Taryn drug herself over to Mackwell hand clenched over one wound, and revolver placed on her lap while she moved herself with the other. Having made it to Mack with a trail of blood following behind her Taryn tried her best to keep her focus on the fight they were currently engaged in but her thoughts were starting to escape her. Sitting up alongside Mack she tried to get up to return fire but her leg was completely useless. β€œMack these guys die before anything else, got it?” Taryn flicked the safety on her revolver before handing it over to her comrade. β€œThis should do the trick.” Slouched against their cover drenched in her own blood Taryn just hoped that Mackwell would listen to her instead of pulling away from the fight to get her help.
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