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Is everyone's character aether-touched?
I'm planning to probably play a seasoned sellsword.
interested :D
I imagine this kind of RP can also be applied to the Arena section of the forum . Besides that, I'm also interested
This roleplay is set in the Crows X Worst Universe, a pretty rad delinquent/Yankee manga series by Hiroshi Takahashi so if you have not read it and you're a fan of action manga, I urge you to go read it :D

It's recommended that you read at least the manga "Worst" if not you'll probably be super confused

Welcome to Toarushi

Five generations have passed since the time of The Four Princes which included Suzuran's Tsukishima Hana, Rindow High's Hisashi Amachi, Housen's Tsukimoto Mitsumasa and Armament's Murata Shougo. Despite delinquency being on the decline nationally, the town of Taorushi is still as exciting as ever.

To the north lies Housen Academy, currently ruled by third-year student, Tanaka Riku. Despite his effeminate appearance he is known to be both cunning and evasive fighting style

To the south there is Suzuran High, the most notorious delinquent school in Japan, So popular there are even a few foreigners from all over the world. Currently, there are three prominent factions. The Kaito-gumi, a small rag-tag team of second years. A guy from Korea named Jung Woo controls the rest of the second years and the third year is ruled by a guy named Saito Subaru

In the eastern region of Taorushi lie a newly created entity called The Ito Empire, consisting of delinquents from all the other schools, from Kawada 2nd High to Hadani Commerce, run by a weird fellow who calls himself 'Oda' and claims to unite all the schools under one banner. To be an organisation that could challenge The Manji Empire themselves

Last but not least we have the Armament, the strongest biker gang in Taorushi, led by the charismatic Tora

As per custom for each generation, there are people called monsters, individuals whose strength seems almost mythical but do not care for power or gang politic. this generation monster is Minamoto Keizou, also known as the ghoul of Aida High. His strength does not come from his punches or kick but rather his zombie-like durability and persistence hence his nickname

You guys are outsiders coming from another town, attending Suzuran High as first years and your arrival and its impact will be felt as the new generation of delinquents emerge to take center stage!

This is my first time GM-ing so yeah xD.
1:35 PM
Karl Ainsworth stood in front of the mirror, inspecting himself. He wore a white shirt underneath a layer of waistcoat and sack coat. Resting on his head was a peaked flat cap, the only memoir he has of his old life- well that and the sheathed rondel dagger strapped to the back of his waist, concealed by his sack coat.

For the past two days after settling down in his dorm he has been intensely training. In between the intense physical conditioning he did with his power active to the light drills and form practice done waiting for his power to be available again. Of course, the conditioning done in the two days would barely yield any immediate results but practicing his dagger form and their techniques did help to scrap off some of the rust he had accumulated while in prison.

Well, today would be the first time he properly left the room to go somewhere. For the past three days, he only left his room to grab his meal or to use the communal bath. In those brief escapade (Note the sarcasm), he would keep to himself. Normally Karl is a friendly enough bloke, but the death of his parents and the disappearance of his siblings weigh heavily on his mind.

Checking his attire once more, the Birmingham-born man would leave his dormitory to head for the common room.

After a quick trip from the second to first floor, he found himself in the common room, alone. Well not exactly but he might as well be. The guy stood as still, not even acknowledging Karl’s presence. Karl could not really pinpoint his ethnicity. To Karl, the guy probably hailed from India. Though by no means common, the ex-gangster had seen men who looked like the turban-wearing man down at the factories, “Men from British India” one of his older brothers would proclaim

He spent the next 20 minutes just standing around, waiting for the meeting to begin. This forced Karl to begin to reflect on his current predicament. Something he wanted to and did avoid for the past few days. He was deep in contemplation

“Where is Johnny and Cullen?”
“Who killed Mom and Pops?

This was not the first time he asked himself these questions and it certainly will not be the last time he did.

Eventually,he snapped back to reality when the man suddenly began talking, noting how filled the common room is. As the man spoke, Karl’s eyebrows knitted together in confusion. He lift his hands looking at it then at the man’s hands everthen at everybody else.
I planning to have a character which uses stances or modes like Shulk in smash or Udyr in Leauge


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