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Current Sometimes I wake up in the morning thinking: "It's 6AM and I have already failed at life. Another day goes by and I'm still not rich."
4 mos ago
Knowing this site most people would have what, 1~2 pictures?
4 mos ago
Life has been hard and rough lately. I can still roam the site with a phone, but posting is seriously out of question. I will see ya'll when things get better.
4 mos ago
I SAID HEY... What's going on?
4 mos ago
When you turn eighteen, your taste buds automatically evolve to appreciate beer.



🔔𝕒𝕓𝕠𝕦𝕥 𝕞𝕖🔔
Well, alright. First things first: Boy, I'm a cool guy. No really, I may sound like an ass saying this about myself, but come on. First, I've came from that part of the world which is an internet meme itself: Brazil, that puts me two steps behind everyone else on the internet, so I gotta compensate somehow, aye?

I jest. Honestly, there is nothing I can say about myself that won't sound boring or forced, thing is, I hate talking about myself. I don't really think we can judge or describe ourselves because more often than not, whatever we think of ourselves is nothing similar to what other people think, which means it' pointless. Why am I ranting on my about me section? Oh right, because I hate talking about me.

Anyway, since I gotta do this SOMEHOW... Well, I'm 20 years old, brazilian as I've said. I'm 5'7" tall and I know I'm rather short, thanks.
I weigh 154lbs and I'm quite lean. I've tried being one of the 'do you even lift bro?' guys but I wasn't born for that kind of physical exposition. I'm a thinker rather than a brawler, see? ... I'm actually just really lazy, yeah.

I'm very fond of tattoos, I absolutely love them. I got my left arm nearly covered in tattoo and just began tattooing my right arm. I might get some pictures up sometime around because I'm the kind of person who loves to show off this stuff, BEAR with me, pretty please?
👷𝕒𝕓𝕠𝕦𝕥 𝕣𝕠𝕝𝕖𝕡𝕝𝕒𝕪👷
Roleplaying has been a hobby for a few years now. I've started with fourteen years, to be precise. That's six years ago but I've had my on and offs, yea. My first and most lasting experience were with World of Warcraft RPing. I've had many characters, the first was admittedly shitty but I like to believe I improved a lot over the years. I've learned how to portray different personas, to get into the mindset of who I'm writing with, to understand how the world can affect and change the character - yeah, that sort of thing everyone does here.

Given I've begun back at WoW, my favorite genre up to this day is still fantasy, but I prefer more medieval settings opposed to the steampunkish complicated thing WoW is. I love romance, but I think many people roleplay with romance being the focus of the story, I prefer it to be something aside, not a must. It happens if it should happen, not because the writers are trying to force it every time into the story - apologies if this sounds harsh.

But in all honesty, I think I enjoy writing in any enviroment or genre. The favorite part of writing is creating a character to me, is seeing your creation being slowly modified as the story develops and your character interacts with the world and other characters. This is priceless, in my opinion. I especially enjoy stories where the characters start off as weak, powerless individuals and slowly develop into that they desire. Powerful mages, renowed knights, coorporation leader - what have you.

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@Project Hi. How are you doing?

Hey. A little rough on the edges but still soft on the inside.

By that, I mean that a few harsh events have been taking over my life, but things are prone to get better. ($$$$ problems)

So, have I missed much? I might work on a post, see if I can get back on this in a good way.
Suddenly, Gilgamesh.
@PlatinumSkink The sky?

On a serious note, sorry for the time I'm taking with the posts. I've been busy and a bit sluggish as of late, feeling terribly uncreative with my posts.

I will try to increase my activity here and post frequently again.
@Project I think you may want to reread what Kurin said. Because he was saying that Kiku and Shizuka stole their scrolls.

I mixed up the description info with the dialogue one. Sorry about that.
Sorry I've been making short/bad posts. Time has been scarce.

Anyway, has anything been decided for battles? I'd love to know if there is anything I can do to make things easier and fluid.

Usagi Orihara

It would be a surprise if this team managed to keep itself together - yet, it managed to. A big, wonderful surprise that had kept Usagi firmly suspicious of both Sakana and Tsukiko. Kamui seemed... manipulable, not a manipulator - a strange sensation that kept being a focus for Usagi. Even when they moved, following after Kamui - their sensor-nin - who guided them towards a group of enemies which had apparently separated from one another. Eventually, Tsukiko used a technique that made her entirely invisible to the naked eye. Usagi had no means of tracking her down that way and thus, she felt slightly... unsafe. What if Tsukiko attacked one of them instead of their foe?

Nah. She couldn't possibly be that honorless. Apparently, they were getting close, which prompted Usagi to unsheathe her sword. They had a sensor-nin as well which already knew that they were coming, so it was highly possible that they would run into something... unwanted. Sakana increased his pace and Usagi did the same - she'd land roughly a second after him, as the natural utilization of Wind Step to propel her forward faster gave her a considerable boost in speed. Especially when traveling.

Finally, they meet their opposition. Sakana was blunt - a quick, uncaring statement that they would need their scrolls. Reasonable. The other nin, however, wasn't extremely smart. After brief, useless petty talk, he stated both of their scrolls were stolen by their own teammates and that that his partner was fleeing already. A lie? Or he was just trying to distract them? Either way, Usagi was quick to move ahead of her team, holding her katana in a reverse grip. Her chakra flowed into the sword, increasing it's potency and range - she held it in a reverse grip with her right hand. The left, formed a half fist - with her index and middle finger curled slightly, the thumb open, and the ring and pinkie finger closed. By her stance, a shinobi should tell that she was no stranger to kenjutsu - neither taijutsu.

"How can we possibly know you speak the truth? You better prove it, since as you can see, there is three of us.
And we need the scrolls." Usagi said three because she wasn't entirely sure if Tsukiko was around or not - at any rate, she was already moving straight in Kurin's direction - least she was stopped by one of her teammates.

Does anyone have any idea where @Achronum and @Project are?

Around. Sorry for not posting yet, I've been quite busy as of late.

My girlfriend is moving to my house and I've been helping her with that as well as organizing stuff in my house. So, yeah.
Do I have to post yet? Heh.
Well in all honesty I don't really care about what happens ICly as long as it's a good read and something enjoyable.

So just tell me what it will be and I will roll with it.

On another matter, if someone wants an encounter with Yuu - who by all means is entirely alone and moving without any effort of hiding his presence - I kindly ask to contact me. It'd feel rather boring to go through yet another part of the exam unscathed due to lack of opportunity.
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