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Current They're not systems, they're sections. And I'm pretty sure they do a bloody good job in separating those who write a single line from those who put work into descriptive posts well enough.
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@Altered Tundra It's the Minato effect. He's so cool it makes others cool.
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You see those warriors from Hammerfell? They’ve got curved swords. Curved. Swords.
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Greatest feeling ever when you play AP Shaco and people rage at you for falling into your traps and mindgames. xD
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I once bought an AC/DC T-Shirt but I had to take it off because a gang of fedora wearing folk threatened me claiming I wasn't worthy.



🔔𝕒𝕓𝕠𝕦𝕥 𝕞𝕖🔔
Well, alright. First things first: Boy, I'm a cool guy. No really, I may sound like an ass saying this about myself, but come on. First, I've came from that part of the world which is an internet meme itself: Brazil, that puts me two steps behind everyone else on the internet, so I gotta compensate somehow, aye?

I jest. Honestly, there is nothing I can say about myself that won't sound boring or forced, thing is, I hate talking about myself. I don't really think we can judge or describe ourselves because more often than not, whatever we think of ourselves is nothing similar to what other people think, which means it' pointless. Why am I ranting on my about me section? Oh right, because I hate talking about me.

Anyway, since I gotta do this SOMEHOW... Well, I'm 20 years old, brazilian as I've said. I'm 5'7" tall and I know I'm rather short, thanks.
I weigh 154lbs and I'm quite lean. I've tried being one of the 'do you even lift bro?' guys but I wasn't born for that kind of physical exposition. I'm a thinker rather than a brawler, see? ... I'm actually just really lazy, yeah.

I'm very fond of tattoos, I absolutely love them. I got my left arm nearly covered in tattoo and just began tattooing my right arm. I might get some pictures up sometime around because I'm the kind of person who loves to show off this stuff, BEAR with me, pretty please?
👷𝕒𝕓𝕠𝕦𝕥 𝕣𝕠𝕝𝕖𝕡𝕝𝕒𝕪👷
Roleplaying has been a hobby for a few years now. I've started with fourteen years, to be precise. That's six years ago but I've had my on and offs, yea. My first and most lasting experience were with World of Warcraft RPing. I've had many characters, the first was admittedly shitty but I like to believe I improved a lot over the years. I've learned how to portray different personas, to get into the mindset of who I'm writing with, to understand how the world can affect and change the character - yeah, that sort of thing everyone does here.

Given I've begun back at WoW, my favorite genre up to this day is still fantasy, but I prefer more medieval settings opposed to the steampunkish complicated thing WoW is. I love romance, but I think many people roleplay with romance being the focus of the story, I prefer it to be something aside, not a must. It happens if it should happen, not because the writers are trying to force it every time into the story - apologies if this sounds harsh.

But in all honesty, I think I enjoy writing in any enviroment or genre. The favorite part of writing is creating a character to me, is seeing your creation being slowly modified as the story develops and your character interacts with the world and other characters. This is priceless, in my opinion. I especially enjoy stories where the characters start off as weak, powerless individuals and slowly develop into that they desire. Powerful mages, renowed knights, coorporation leader - what have you.

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So I just go "Due to the lack of interest in the fight test and for having no opponent, you have been automatically advanced to the second phase, congrats" *teleports*?

Just making sure I make no mistake here. ;P @Odin @Syn @Reflection
<Snipped quote by Project>

So not enough wanted to do PVP arena, so you can just skip to stage 2 with a scroll and fight others there. Sorry.

You can get shinko to appear in front of you. Oro

Erm, so which one should I do? I will just wait a new update on the PvP fights and follow it, I suppose. xD
So, things are wrapping up and Yuu is just kind of hanging at the arena and waiting, still. Anyone feel like giving me a nudge or something to do with him? e.e
+1 Vrozz.

Usagi Orihara

Usagi examined the surroundings - the forest of death, no doubt. Then, she examined the scrolls she had obtained, her mind wondering why a piece of parchment was important this one was. Tieing it to her waist, Usagi had nothing else to do rather than place her hands together behind her back and wait, cautiously observing the three other participants with trained eyes. In the depth of her mind, she knew that she might have to face one of them in this exam - it wasn't over just yet, after all. Out of all three... Usagi's gaze moved onto Tsukiko. That one was the only she wasn't keen on fighting - she seemed crude, brutal and methodic in her own way. And even now, something about her screamed violence, of unrestrained force and strength.

Kamui was strange - as strange as his given name. He was an Uzumaki, right? Which means he had an innate powerful life force and chakra reserves. An opponent which Usagi had to give credit where it was due, but he seemed dull and weak. For some reason.

Then, Sakana. This one would go as far as fate took him, according to himself - which meant that he'd stop as soon as he encountered something that kept him from going further ahead. He'd give up easily - at least, that was how lowly Usagi thought of him. He might be a powerful shinobi, but shinobi often had to defy fate and do things that no one could think they would.

... The hokage's assistant disguised as the hokage appeared and began speaking, which prompted Usagi to stiffen her posture, eyes sharpening in an instant. The first few words already prompted her to reach a hand on the hilt of the peaceful rabbit, her eyes noticing how Tsukiko was slowly and sneakily approaching Kamui. Should she act? No, Tsukiko understood that this second test was a fight between themselves since the very beginning. Usagi noticed this too, but she was a bit slower. The test was explained and just as the person disappeared, Tsukiko attacked and apparently got hold of a scroll. Usagi was still reluctant but Tsukiko's bold move instantly made Usagi remember that if she wasn't similarly bold, she'd fail easily.

Quickly, she released her sword and instead moved her hands together to form some handseals and then moved a hand next to her mouth. Usagi wasn't keen on killing them, but she wasn't bothered if they had to be hurt if it meant her personal success. From her mouth, several blasts of wind chakra were released with unseen precision and speed - having enough force to puncture through their flesh if they were hit. Three blasts were aimed up at Tsukiko's legs - once done, she unsheathed her sword and became ready to attack Kamui or Sakana, should they also retaliate.

Location: Genesis City's Inn. Interaction: @Ithradine And Everyone.

Apparently Aura's sneak and hide abilities were next to none. She thought she could slip off like an unseen ghost, but Reylan's well-trained eyes caught her without leaving a chance to escape. She noticed him moving in her direction out of the corner of her eye and while she moved further away, she slowed down so he could catch up - even calling out her name in the process. Her eyes met his briefly, then she focused her gaze on the distance, not looking at anything in particular - it was more avoiding looking directly at him. She felt at unease, somehow.

At his question, Aura's eyes once again moved from the nothingness which she stared blankly at onto Reylan's face, her gaze lingering for a moment. Finally, her lips slowly parted as if she would speak - but they shut just as quickly. Aura seemed to think her words carefully, but finally, she spoke; "I'm not just leaving, I was hoping to explore some of this wonderful world on my own, for a little while." Her gaze remained to see his reaction, but she'd look away again soon enough. This time, she spoke without looking at him directly.

"... Why do you bother, though? There's a large, safe group just behind us and you'd still risk yourself coming with me?" Aura was almost flustered by his words. For some strange reason, he seemed to care - and that was beyond Aura's understanding. She'd turn her head to look at him once again, her arms crossing just below her chest. She smiled; "Is our hair color the reason behind your... rash actions?" Once again pausing and giving him room to react as well to observe his reactions, Aura continued briefly after, her expression becoming rather serious at this point.

".. Very well, then. We're still a group and we're still together in this. Let's go back in there and ensure this group survives as a whole, right?" With that, she'd just wait Reylan before moving back into the inn. What was she thinking? Ditching a group because she doubted it's success even before the group had made it's first move. No, that wasn't Aura! That was fear taking over her and she was afraid to see any of them hurt or even worse. She was a lancer, so she had to be fierce as a spear and deadly as it's tip - meaning that she was one of those fellas who would be taking the direst situaction, placed between the danger and their allies.

Once she re-entered the inn, her gaze - now cold and serious as it should be - scanned around once more. This time, she analyzed cautiously each and every face in here, she tried to remember the imputs given before, but she wasn't entirely sure of all the suggestions made up to this point. Finally, Aura cleared her throat audibly and voiced her opinion for all to hear.

"Often in a game, reward is measured by risk - as our friend here just said," Aura's eyes briefly lingered over Aliesa. "And with that, I couldn't agree any less. We have a large and resourceful group here, taking many professions and classes together - which might be the recipe for success. I, for one, am a lancer - and I will likely stand at the very face of danger, in the frontlines. I can't speak for all of you, but I'm ready to risk my life if it means the success of this group. If a dungeon is where we might find the experience, items and resources we need, we should tackle it and see. By all means if something goes terribly wrong, we still have the option to flee, right?" Finally, Aura relaxed her stance. Her thoughts on the smaller group she was with before. Dubstepp was a bit flicke, one to avoid danger and do things his own way. Karma seemed to be the type which goes 'where the wind takes him' - Reylan was brave. Brave and reckless, not particularly great traits for an archer, but certainly great traits for a person. If they were with Aura, the three of them, she would feel much safer to tackle any danger they could find.
You really seem to like one punch man's characters.

What is the view of characters who detach from the larger group? Are they still getting GMed and will they also advance with the rest of the plot, or will it feel left out?

Our hair color matches so we also got that going on for us!

Heh, perfect. White-haired pair.
Wish I could do that but I need a meat shield lol

Let's Duo Queue and climb into the ranks.
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