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Current I'm getting all lewdy and fired up.
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"I was told to swallow my pride, so I did. And spat it right back at their face."
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So, I got a tattoo on my right hand. It's swollen and hurting like hell, meaning that typing has became quite the chore. Seeya'll in a few days.
23 days ago
I've been playing Mount and Blade lately. This has me excited for 'warbands'/'adventurer's band RPs.
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RPG is absolutely cruel: "Your friends:" "You have no friends" Alright then. Thanks.



Whelp, hello and welcome! My name's Project. Not really, that's just my nickname, but it's what you may refer to me anyway! So, I wonder why you're looking at my profile right now, hmm... O-Oh! I know! You want to know more about this beautiful thing on this beautiful site! A-ye, captain!

... I really hope so. Eh...

Jokes aside, I'm a twenty years old male roleplayer from Brazil. You know this country? The one country where everyone dances to samba and we're basically the internet meme of things? Well, that's what most foreigners think of us, hah. As for myself, I know nothing of samba or brazilian cultural things to be honest. I prefer listening to rap music or something like two steps from hell, yes. I work full time, in a Coca Cola factory here in my city, controlling the stock of vehicle parts. Who'd thought, eh?

Roleplaying has been a hobbie since I was fourteen years old. I used to do a lot of combat-based storytelling in WoW and for that matter, combat is my favorite aspect of roleplay... as long as there is some story behind it all - a need to actually get to this point. I'm a very heartless guy, so romantic roleplays tend to bore me, but I'm not against it at all.

My characters tend to vary greatly between each RP. I've played frail, weak cowardly squires to brave, courageous soldiers, men and women, children and elder characters and I can't pinpoint which one is my favorite. In RPG, I often browse the already settled characters in a story and make something I feel like it will compliment nice to it.

Anyway, I think this is becoming too long of a bio, so. Let's get back to RP, aye, captain?!

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@Pirouette@Project Thanks! ... But lookie here. Seems like I'll have computer + internet come evening. Maybe it won't feel like I'm totally gone, after all. I might not focus too much on posting, per say, but I'll peek in. Haha.

@Project That was fast, again. Won't be responding as quickly, this time. Haha. Alright, you're playing it like that. Gotcha. That'll most certainly do. Nicely posted. Now I'll need to consider something.

That's great! At least we can still poke you around with random conversation, eh?!

Heh, that's all good! I tend to only peek in RPG during weekends because that's when I go socially wild. I mean, what sort of full time worker doesn't go wild on their weekends? XD

And yeah, you're having me all curious here. At least I was 50% right about the pokéball being either Sneasel or Duskull. Now, if that's a Sneasel in the egg, you have yourself my heart, given and prettied up. Weavile is one of my top favorites.

Oh, a matter of curiosity that just randomly popped on my head, can already active players create second characters? I ask mostly out of curiosity, but that might be an idea in the far future, heh.
So. I really got to vanish within the half-hour now, but I checked if I could get quick post in because I respond well to enthusiasm.

@Project Yepp. You've got something here. And... yeah. I have an explanation for that, which I just happened to include in the rest she said. ... XD

I respond with more enthusiasm, of course!

Well, seems you're going away for a while, soooo! Take care and have LOTS of fun!
Eᖇᘔᗩ TᕼOᗰᑭᔕOᑎ

Erza made no objections. So, the woman took four items from the expansive list of Erza's newly found belongings. That was... unexpected, he still got to keep the largest section and the most interesting variety, in his eyes. Since the woman wasn't keen on taking anything else, the boy neatly placed those items in his backpack. He'd find an use for them, later. For now, he focused on the pokémon - which he was apparently keeping for himself, too. The pokédex gave him information, a pure ghost type - a good break from the all normal types the boy had caught until now. Not only that, but this one apparently knew a move it wouldn't naturally learn: Pain Split. It was breeded!

Grand and marvelous, Erza seemed to be in the perfect spot today. His journey had just started and such opportunity certainly sky-rocketed him above the average, putting him in a good position when it came to confidence. Surely it was a hand out, but it was one that Erza appreciated with much delight. Who would deny so many great gifts? Maybe he'd go ahead and teach this pokémon Payback. Now now, he was anxious as ever to move ahead and start collecting MORE pokémon. What was that some time ago, about Growlithes in Route 01? Yeah!

No, wait. The woman. She was still talking with Erza and actually said some very interesting things. That man, the one with the fancy attire who had given Erza a dream worth of items, was actually a Team Virtue admin... Well that explains why all this things that seemed like everything to Erza meant so little to him. He was probably tough - as tough as it gets.

"He didn't startle me at all, I mean.. He looks quite shady, but he just approached me and gave all this stuff like it was nothing. It left me confused, to say the least," The boy nervously giggled, his eyes moving up to the Duskull floating above him. "Well, so it seems you're my newest buddy. I don't have a name for you, yet, but we'll find something fitting later, right? And it will be Extraordinary-" There was a gasp that made Erza's eyes fill with an intense light. "... OOOOI! Your name is Extraordinary!" Whenever the pokémon liked it or not, was hard to tell. It's expression didn't seem to change much - it was almost as if she didn't exactly care. Well. Erza returned the Duskull - or rather, Extraordinary to it's pokéball, smiling grandly.

"... I don't think theres any other help I could get, except... What are the wild pokémon here at the trainer school? And, am I allowed to catch them?" If the species are interesting and Erza's allowed to catch them, the boy would proceed, otherwise, he'd ask one last thing and then make his way to the pokémart and refill his potion and pokéballs stock.

"And.. this pokémon egg," In his arms, the egg is the only thing left from the previous item-pile given to him. The rest was in his backpack. "... Do you have any idea of what's inside? And how I should take care of it?"

@Project Okay, now that I'm actually reading this a bit more clearly. At the end there, is he only feeling like opening it or is he actually opening it? My immediate instincts imply the former, but I feel I should ask, just in case.

He opens it. I added a line to clarify that because it was vague! Sorry about that.

Also, I literally just woke up, leeeeet's go to work!
@Joshua Tamashii Awww. I must make amends to make Loli like me again. ... ... ... Later. XD

@Pirouette Oy! I am not rolling for EVERYTHING! Just general luck. I have considered why this man had all these things, and I believe it makes sense in my mind! I don't ever really roll for WHAT appears. Just... a little something to inspire me. The contents of the Pokéball and that egg is certainly not random! Haha.

@Project And... gosh, you posted fast. Nicely posted. Unfortunately, I am falling asleep and can't have her answer you that fast. Sorry. PlatinumSkink, collapsing! --- *capoof*

Don't collapse! But get yourself some rest, you deserve it! *nod*

<Snipped quote by Project>

Hmm... Those are rather good guesses. Maybe one in the egg and the other in the Pokeball? But yes, Platinum seems to be rolling for results which means it could be any Pokemon.

Oh, that's true. If it's something like that, I've just spent all my luck in this one event - I doubt the Dice Gods will bless me again XD

That was a super fast of a post. I'm glad though because I want to see what is in the Pokeball, too. o.O

Being excited and happy makes me efficient! XD I'm still wondering what it might be. Duskull, maybe? Sneasel? I'm assuming these because of the evolutionary items Erza also got. Buuuuuut it could be something completely different.
@Project *snicker* Yupp. I would have been surprised if you had expected that.

So, will he let the Pokémon out? If so, I suppose I could edit in the description of the Pokémon. But it will be under my control until he officially decides to keep it, if he decides to do so. Hah.

Edit: ... Or, that depends on how quickly he takes it out. Does he do so immediately? If the answer is anything else than "yes", you're gonna have to be dying for a bit longer. Hahaha.

You can tell how absurdly curious I am by the fact I already posted?

It's not yes :( But almost, he takes it out after questioning the woman (who I hope is still there lol) about all that.

inb4 she goes: "No I was wrong, give me all here" XD

friendly edit: by the way, if any of you feel like adding item sprites to your inventories, feel free to grab 'em from mine... I took it all from bulbapedia XD
Eᖇᘔᗩ TᕼOᗰᑭᔕOᑎ

‘If facing an opponent stronger than yourself, try inflicting status-problems from a distance and see how it goes!’
‘The world isn’t flat. Always look around for things you can take advantage of in the wild. Don’t be afraid to go off the path. You never know what you might find!’
‘Escape Rope, check! Potions, check! Repels, check! … Walking into dangerous areas unprepared is a bad idea, so stock up!’
‘Hm, they say a great beast of fire used to run across the plains that once stood here. But now, Pureplain City takes up pretty much all of the plain. Wonder what happened to the beast?’
‘Daisy is soooooooo pretty! She’s our own little star! She’s surely going to be a real Elite Four one day, or perhaps the Isson Champion! I’m sure of it!’
‘Maple was so strong… She just appeared, melted everything and then went her own way. Where did she even find all those Fire-types? I know there are Growlithes on Route 1, but yikes!’
‘I-I-I… I thought Penelope was just an idol… G-guess she’s also a trainer, she floored us… Hahaha… Guess she’s staying to try to become our Champion for a while… Maybe I can get her autograph…?’
‘Evolutionary stones? Oh, yeah! You want to Raremine Town, and the Desert Mines! They get all kinds of stones from in there! It’s way east of here. Look it up! Otherwise, look near the right element. Thunder Stones just seem to show up around power plants, Leaf Stones in forests, Fire Stones in volcanoes, and so on!’

So much interesting information came to Erza all at once. The boy even felt a little disappointed that he didn't bring something to write them down so he wouldn't lose them. But, no matter what, there were two pieces of information that the boy wouldn't let pass in the slightest: First, Growlithes in Route 01. Erza knew that pokémon, a fire-type, strong, loyal and it evolves to Arcanine when exposed to a fire stone - which could be found in Raremine Town or the Desert Mines! Not only that, he could find some other stones in appropriate locations. Maybe there are some leaf stones where I found those flying grass types! Thought the trainer, obviously remembering the event where he encountered a bunch of Tropius together.

There were more information: Daisy was probably a good prodigy trainer. Penelope, possibly a talented one. But, did that really matter to Erza? He wasn't going to stick around for all that long. No, he just wanted to ask some stuff, get the information and then leave - of course, he could get some action and fun here, but...

It was frightening. Those kids, they knew too much and they probably had practical use for their knowledge, too. Their faces itself already screamed 'I'M A GOOD TRAINER!' alone. Not that Erza wasn't confident in his own abilities - but a fact is a fact: He might've caught three pokémon, but he's still a beginner and has a very long way to go. And this corridor seemed quite long...

... And haunted! Erza noticed something floating around and without doubt, used his pokédex to confirm his thoughts.

Pokédex Entry #353 – Shuppet, the Puppet Pokémon. It senses the emotions of others, and feeds on dark emotions like jealousy, malice, anger and sadness through its horn. They’re very active at night, and search cities for the houses of vengeful people. They like to gather under eaves.

The pokédex provided even more information that Erza didn't expect at first: It was wild! And Erza was all grinning and getting ready to catch it despite the fact that it seemed really out of place given the time and place - when he remembered that literally none of his pokémon could touch a ghost type. He frowned, swallowing up the slight frustration that temporarily washed over him as he moved forward. He overheard a conversation - which made him come to a halt. Curiosity, maybe?

... More than curiosity, it was perhaps Erza's destiny to be there. As the man moved out of the door and spotted Erza, he handed all of the stuff he carried to the beginner trainer - who was in disbelief
Erza obtained Pretty Flowers!
Erza obtained Poké Doll (Pikachu)!
Erza obtained Everstone!
Erza obtained Star Piece!
Erza obtained Razor Claw!
Erza obtained Rage Candy Bar!
Erza obtained Lunar Wing!
Erza obtained Pokémon Egg!
Erza obtained Strange Souvenir!
Erza obtained TM66, Payback!
Erza obtained Lumiose Galette!
Erza obtained Reaper Cloth!
Erza obtained Pokéball!
There were so many things in there! Flowers, a cloth that radiated some form of energy, a feather wing that seemed to emanate inexplicable power, an egg?! Erza could barely believe his eyes - and arms - that all of this had just been randomly given to him. He might've been put into some sort of illusion, for sure?

After a few seconds the man disappeared and all the Shuppets seemed to have followed him. Erza swallowed, still keeping all of the stuff in his arms. Well, asking wouldn't hurt, but if he could keep this all... his journey would become increasingly interesting. The boy stepped into the room where he overheard the conversation before, there was woman here, right?

"O-Oi, wait a second?" The boy began, gesturing his newly given... items. "Th-There was this really imposing man, with a fancy - but extremely stylish - black attire! He handed me all this, I don't think.. I think - erm, should I really keep it? They were your gifts, right?" Finally, the boy took a deep breath - a hand struggled to catch, from all this stuff, the lone pokéball in the middle of it all. Could he tell it wasn't an empty pokéball? The weight, maybe? The way it looked, perhaps? No matter how, the boy felt like opening it and seeing himself it there was anything inside. The man did give him a pokémon egg, anyway - so a pokéball with a pokémon already in it wasn't too unbelievable.... And then, of course, Erza finally decides to open the pokéball and finish his doubts for once and for all! Well.. there was still the many doubts regarding the items and the egg, but this one would at least be eliminated.

Made it.

@Project ... I'll have you know. I roll a die to figure out how "lucky" a random event is. It's a virtual die with many, many sides. ... I had to pause for a moment after rolling that one. Hahahaha.


Alsooo! I'm dying of curiosity, which pokémon is that? Oh boy I need to sit and think over how Erza will react. xD

EDIT of happiness: Lunar Wing? Oh Cresselia, sweet Cresseliaaaaaaaaaa
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