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This interests me. I have a Quirk in mind and would like to flesh it and a character out.
I'd be interested
I'm gonna have to bow out before this gets rolling. Too much going on in the near future and I see this looks closer to ready than I foresee being anytime soon.
Orzhov, please. I'll have a CS going when I return to college.
I would be interested.
"Good. Then we just need the one test in the event our return trip goes to hell. We blow that, he's probably not coming back anyway. We'll only have that info as a reminder if someone panics too soon rather than as something to remember as we're trying to actually do our job. I suppose this concludes the pre-game pep talk. If there's nothing else to discuss, I'll see you tonight." Eric took up his rifle and started to walk for the exit from Deadpool's apartment.

Finally gonna get some fresh air outside this sulfur pit...
"Great. So, that's settled. You'll trigger the alarm and get out of there. From what I hear about you, you'd be better at escaping whoever comes looking that than I would be. Hopefully, it doesn't spook Mr. Franco too bad he changes our variables too much. If they don't see either of us, they shouldn't be so scared of a phantom threat. Shouldn't be. I have no idea how paranoid these people are and I would rather not look into the depths of their depravity."
"Excellent. I think this would be a good time to make final arrangements before we go and install our bug. There may just be one more thing to consider, and it could affect our timing. Do you have any information on what happens when they trigger a panic alarm? It may be prudent to test the panic response reaction if we don't know. Stir up a fake emergency we can slip out of or just trip the alarm from a safe spot. We might want to bring something along where we can hit the panic button from a safe location. Though, then they would have the thing we used and could trace it...maybe we just hit the button on the way out once we get our plant in and have a safe, quick escape route."
Death by water bucket
Granted. You're dealing with a rules lawyer genie who makes each major component of a combination wish its own wish. Therefore, in his view, your first wish is for a second wish, which is granted. Your second wish is that the second wish cannot be crushed, which is granted only because it is self-contained. The third wish is that the second wish not incite a subsequent wish by someone else. That one has to be crushed because the thread must continue. You're just gonna have to be happy with two out of three.

I wish I had a ticket to attend an Arsenal FC match. I live State-side, so there's a rather large barrier to seeing them live.
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