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Lillith Sophia Aeterna

300 || Middle East || Female



Lilly has a form she disguises herself in, standing confidently at 5’5”, weighing about 110lbs with an even gait supporting her acrobatic skill set and lean features. Her black thick hair is a distinct signature of where she comes from. This form had been her birth form many years ago before her father passed. Upon her father passing, the power of transformation with Kaloagathia transferred onto her. This power when evoked even slightly can bring an entirely new appearance due to the change in concentrated Ki from with Lilly. The pigmentation of her skin will glow giving it a pale blue color like that of a blue flame. Her hair will swiftly flow from black to a dusty white, and her eyes shifting from hazel brown to an ocean blue. Lilly wears a hooded cape combo for most of her travels. Underneath reveals an armor set passed down from generation in her Geradamasian lineage. The armor set has its own unique qualities, each symbolic to her family’s story of origin.


Lilly is a Geradamas, and the daughter of Vitalis Aeterna; son of Jeno Aeterna; daughter of Sophia, who is the Aeon of Wisdom and partner to Dunamis; the Aeon of Power. The Geradamas believe they are spiritual entities trapped within a material existence of illusions and shadows. Born out of the Divine Seed dropped by Sophia, to be impregnated by Dunamis, is the origin story of the Geradamas. The fall was Sophia’s first born; the Creator, a flawed being by which Dunamis had no role in creating, it was Sophia’s own creation and without Dunamis it was a broken one. This creation without understanding itself began twisting the spiritual and material planes together as it saw fit. To stop the Creator from its ignorance, Sophia told Dunamis of what she had done and what the creator was aspiring. Dunamis chose to leave Sophia and the Divine Seeds behind as a consequence to her misdeed. The loss of Dunamis enraged the Creator and it trapped its mother and the Divine Seeds into forms, binding them to the material world. Sophia's spirit broken by her first born had pieces scattered throughout the Creator’s mess. The responsibility now lies on the Divine Seeds to piece Sophia back together in hopes of finding the Wisdom and Power to break the Creator’s illusion. It is an attempt to free the world of its suffering.

Lillith is a descendant of the original Divine Seeds, it is in her story told by her father, she is the heir to the Geradamas, the path of a Nomad


Kaloagathia & Kapap
[indent]Kaloagathia or Kalos and Agathia are personified versions of Lilly’s concentrated Ki. Kalos is Lilly’s personal modifier and protector, while Agathia affects the mind of her opponent environmentally and assaults where there is opportunity. The two Ki together present a range of flexible combinations for Lilly to tear her opponent down psychologically, exposing vulnerabilities more frequently. In addition, Lilly has practiced Kapap under two teachers during the time her father still lived. It is a close quarter battle system of defensive tactics, hand-to-hand combat, and self-defense.


■ [Kalos | Physical Form | Ki Magnet (Debuff)]
Kalos begins to drain the defense of his opponent when in close proximity to them.

■ [Kalos | Physical Form | Fatigue (Debuff)]
The area Kalos strikes will begin to experience skeletal muscle fatigue, impeding the opponent’s physical capabilities temporarily.

■ [Kalos | Physical Form | Ability Block]
[indent]Kalos can void out an opponent’s special attack with his own Ki. It not only voids their special but the residual Ki left behind will be absorbed. Due to the significant amount of concentration this will delay his ability to use any other specials. This does not eliminate the move, only the immediate special attack.[indent]

■ [Kalos | Djinn | Warrior & Scout (Buff)]
Kalos increases the strength and speed of Lilly.

■ [Kalos | Djinn | Physical Resistance (Buff)]
Kalos increases Lilly’s pain tolerance and physical resistance necessary for sustaining damage or persistent onslaughts before breaking ground.

■ [Kalos | Djinn | Ki Resistance (Buff)]
Kalos increases Lilly’s resistance to moves requiring the use of Ki, they are not as effective when hits are successful.

■ [Agathia | Physical Form | No Surface Too Smooth]
Agathia is not limited to her environment; she can traverse where she wishes like a spider on the wall.

■ [Agathia | Physical Form | Pop, Lock, ‘n Drop It]
[indent]Agathia releases a cord strung from her own Ki, which attempts to impale or wrap around the desired target for control, suffocation, or pull maneuver. [indent]

■ [Agathia | Physical Form | Ghost]
Agathia cloaks herself requiring a small substance of Ki to be used for sustaining this state. This state breaks when she engages in large movements.

■ [Agathia | Djinn | Speak No Evil]
Agathia casts a blade generated by Ki for Lilly to wield. If the blade makes contact with the flesh or body of its target, an unnerving fear will begin to invade their perception.

■ [Agathia | Djinn | Mirror Image]
Agathia creates 3 additional images reflecting Lilly’s own. All 3 mirror Lilly’s movements until an object penetrates their image. Once all 3 images are compromised or Lilly is struck with a physical attack, there will require a refocus of energy to perform this special again.

■ [Agathia | Djinn | Dream]
Agathia casts a 30-yard sphere around Lilly. If her opponent decides to enter or is caught in the sphere, their perception of the environment shifts. The sphere will start closing in immediately after being cast with each passing second.


■ [Kaloagathia | Complete Form | Access to Djinn Powers]
The transformation from Lilly to Kaloagathia grants Lilly the ability to use her Ki without channeling. Unfortunately, she no longer can wield her Ki independently from one another. She now uses one body to wield her abilities from one location. All her abilities are less strenuous on her Ki and more intuitive in nature. Kalos and Agathia’s physical form specials are voided.

■ [Kaloagathia | Complete Form | Polarity]
Upon touching a target(s) or object(s), Kaloagathia may choose to affect them by a delicate motion of her hands. The target(s) or object(s) will experience being lifted off the ground as if in Zero G, then she will motion her hands once more to forcefully send them to the ground faster than they were lifted from it.

■ [Aeterna | Summon | Nightmare]
Kaloagathia requiring an intense amount of Ki summons Aeterna. This super can be performed only once before needing a significant amount of time to recover. Kaloagathia opens a gate from the ethereal plane into the physical one, when Aeterna enters the battlefield she is gifted with djinn specials, additionally she is consistently surrounded by a small 30ft sphere that induces severe psychosis and dysregulation, significantly reducing the chance of being hit. The length of stay in this sphere of influence determines the lasting effects once outside the sphere.

+ Lilly has no flashy moves for dealing damage forcing her to rely on indirect affects to maintain the balance of battle in her favor.

+ Lilly will feel the damage done to Kalos or Agathia when in Djinn form.

[indent]+ Lilly when transformed into Kaloagathia will have no access to Kalos or Agathia’s physical form specials. Only djinn form specials are accessible.
Kage Tatsuya – No Honor Among the Dead: First Blood pt 2

One. Two. Three. Four. Kage stabbed and slashed his way through what felt like a countless number of undead who appeared more as mindless fodder than actual resistance. He kept pace with his breath as to not exhaust his physical body or put strain on his mental state. The breathing kept his central nervous system, rhythm, and pulse all in a homeostasis. His body followed the speed of his head, and if he were to guess, the living were winning. It may have been a bias assumption but it was one that kept the spirits high above the battlefield where clarity existed, while the dark woods of blood and bodies convoluted much of one's senses in the thick of it.

An undead sword plunged deep into the man next to Kage, his attention curled to the left and side kicked the undead's knee, buckling it backwards. Gritting teeth he flipped his hilt toward the upward position, blade down, and with the undead collapsing to the ground, he shunned his blade to the left forcing steel to penetrate the undead's trapezius. Kage pulled his blade out and shoved the butt of his Chang Dao into the jawline of an undead who just filled the space in front of him. The bones of the undead who was just struck cracked sending the head up from focusing on Kage. Kage followed through with the strike by stopping his momentum at the peak right above his shoulder and sent the tip of the blade back down to stab right through the chest of his recent target. The two undead now folding in their own filth gave the living more ground to step into, but as they did the high screeching took root in everyones ears.

Kage dropped to his knee as his senses were thrown into a disorienting frenzy. His Chang Dao lost in the confusion, "What the fuck!" He yelled out as the screeching surrendered back into the background of able fighting bodies. Two allies around him were caught by surprise, one was gutted by an undead blade, while the other had their neck gouged from the teeth of a ravage unresting. Kage spotted the mobile Nagri who he assumed were the cause of his immediate disorientation. They stood out adorned with more armor and moved akin to a human. While on his knees he sunk both hands into the mud and grabbed some sludge to shove into his ears.

As the mud settled the noise of the battlefield became muffled, nearly silent with few sound waves reaching Kage's cerebellum. He zoned in on his new objective, 'I have no time for the screams of undead children, throwing tantrums because they are losing, pitiful.'

An undead sword came thundering down on his lowered position, Kage's attention reset on the field, he tucked his left shoulder forward and under while grabbing with his right hand around his left sheathed Dansu Raito. Rolling forward and unsheathing Dansu Raito he came to a crouch while cutting horizontally severing the unresting's back knee sweeping it right off the ground and landing on its back. Kage followed the line of his strike from left to right and came back from right to left but on a 45 degree angle to meet the undead as it landed on it's back. Kage's Dansu Raito pierced the gut. He stood up with his blade smoothly following out of the undead's stomach. The smell of death filled Kage's nostrils as he stepped over the deceased, he looked to a Nagri with a fire in his eyes.

He noticed the living were losing some ground on his side and then he spotted his target, 'Nagri...' he thought.

Kage noticed it was gazing at a formation which appeared to be protecting their archers. He would set his line of attack to intercept it's intention. The Nagri found it's moment as Kage started his approach, it ripped through a few minor skirmishes without much resistance from the living. Men and women alike were thrown off position as unresting followed the Nagri's destructive wake. It made incredible ground and at about 30 yards from encroaching on the formation of archers, Kage lowered his shoulder to hit the Nagri from the side slowing its movement and sending it to the ground for a second. Kage quickly slew an undead following the Nagri before the Nagri got back to its feet and attacked Kage, the Nagri's blade came from Kage's left in a crescent cut across his body. He instinctively twisted his right shoulder back, dipping his left shoulder, and using his hips to generate power in his maneuver pivoting the right foot to spin and cut. Upon spinning his right foot slipped in the mud causing him to fall to the floor right underneath the Nagri. The Nagri's blade came mere inches from his nose during the fall. Kage quickly recovering by switching the Dansu Raito to his left hand and rolling onto his right forearm allowing him to stab his sacred weapon upward at the Nagri. The Nagri side stepping the stab it used it's momentum from the cut to change direction back at Kage which was aimed at the rib cage. Kage was able to sit up from the energy produced in his stab and face the Nagri's blade, slipping his support leg back in the mud while leaning his lead knee forward to drop his height, Dansu Raito glanced the Nagri's horizontal cut. Springing from the back foot shifting weight to the front knee Kage pulled up and followed with a stab to the Nagri's skull.

After making the kill Kage scanned the battlefield quickly to reorient himself, turning his back to his allies formation, and focusing on the next Nagri to take out before the screams continued to effect the living.
Kage Tatsuya – No Honor Among the Dead: First Blood pt 1

I stand before the dying meet.
I feel the angel’s cry and weep.
I wish away my own defeat.
For one more breath I ask to keep.
I close my eyes, I lie in wait, until its time to strike with fate.
This is for you, sign the deceased.

For my fathers…
For my mothers...
For my daughters...
And my sons..
For my people...

“I pray.”

Kage knelt in the mud, his beads draped over either side of his hands as he clasped them together with his head down. Extraordinary visions of those he loved, and those who he would love passed through his consciousness box. He concluded with a deep breath exhaling any last regrets. It was ritual for him to release all that has tailed itself to his being every once awhile, to center himself in the objective spanning throughout generations leading to this moment. A moment that the living would never forget, the attack on Karaju was just the beginning of a campaign that would demand great effort to be undertaken by those who still believe there is life left worth fighting for.

The loud snap of what sounded like thunder roared overhead.

'It was time...'

Kage lifted himself from the earthy floor as remnants of muddy substance clung to the kimono near his knees. His tongue slid across his top lip sensing the water which continued to cascade from his forehead to his jawline. The rain's intensity would create for a more difficult battlefield to traverse but it was expected to thicken the plot of the story about to unfold. The doors to Karaju were broken and the undead began raging out in mass. Kage took a deep breath looking up toward the sky as rain split across his skin.

"May those who fall be blessed in eternity, and those who live find solace in their lifetime." Another deep breath to calm the spirit of his mind and body. His eyes casting back down to the battlefield where the first line of steel made contact with the enemy. The orderly living soldiers found their match in the chaotic formations of the dead. Kage reached around with his right arm over his right shoulder to grasp the wooden hilt wrapped in red cloth, raising his arm upward he unsheathed his Chang Dao. It was a beautiful blade with a straight edge used stabbing and for eliminating the small tokens in the undead army like the unresting and nagri.

Kage bent his knees planted his feet and sprung toward the living's front lines which were currently being supported by fierce warriors who each had their reason for participating in this dance of sparks and steel. Kage's bare feet found the soft mud a bit difficult to gain speed in, his eyes focusing in on his first target, as always the uncertainty spawned butterflies in his stomach, but once he hit that first contact...instinct would override and he'd simply be both the painter and the painting, neither directing the picture, but simply experiencing the happening.

His approach was not impeded, the first thrust forward with the Chang Dao slipped right below the chin of an unresting. It was previously engaged in defending their position against an ally of the living but was not prepared to defend it's right flank. Kage's blade had entered horizontally it's blade facing right. When Kage pulled his Chang Dao from it's target, his left foot was in front with his right foot as support. Kage's left shoulder remained lower than his right because his right arm was fully extended for a piercing blow. Following up this attack, he twisted his torso and hips to the right so that his blade cut through the left part of his target's throat. Kage's blade cut the air dividing rain drops before slicing into another undead from the side.

Two fell with two actions and a small window for a few more living soldiers to wedge into was established. The undead's formation losing some of its ground crashed in harder from the sides trying to close the newly founded gap. Kage and others maintained their maneuvering to continue pushing forward. Kage dancing gracefully in the midst of it all while allies ground away at the never ending corpses.

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Lillith Sophia Aeterna

300 || Geradamasian || Female



Introverted, Thinker, Perceiving, Intuitive, Fearful, Strategist, Creative, Determined, Faithful.

Lilly is a Geradamas, and the daughter of Vitalis Aeterna; son of Jeno Aeterna; daughter of Sophia, who is the Aeon of Wisdom and partner to Dunamis; the Aeon of Power. The Geradamas believe they are spiritual entities trapped within a material existence of illusions and shadows. Born out of the Divine Seed dropped by Sophia, to be impregnated by Dunamis, is the origin story of the Geradamas. The fall was Sophia’s first born; the Creator, a flawed being by which Dunamis had no role in creating, it was Sophia’s own creation and without Dunamis it was a broken one. This creation without understanding itself began twisting the spiritual and material planes together as it saw fit. To stop the Creator from its ignorance, told Dunamis of what she had done and what the creator was doing. Dunamis instead of helping left Sophia and the Divine Seeds behind as a consequence to her actions without him. The loss of Dunamis enraged the Creator and it trapped its mother and the Divine Seeds into forms, binding them to the material world. Sophia's spirit broken by her first born is said to have left traces of Wisdom behind for her children to find and bring her back together once more for the redemption of falling from Dunamis' grace. The Creator does not wish the return of Dunamis and wishes to continue trapping its mother while attempting to possess the material forms of spirits by deceiving them of their true essence. It is the Geradamas who must bring to light the Wisdom of Sophia for the material beings to see their true essence which is their true potential in the spiritual plane.

Lillith travels the world in search of Sophia as her kin have done for centuries, accumulating knowledge and power through finding Wisdom. It is in this journey Lillith finds herself with the burden of restoring her people to their true essence, breaking the bonds of the Creator and redeeming their kind in the eyes of Dunamis. The Creator is the cause of all suffering and Lillith as a descendant of Sophia bears the responsibility of this suffering.


Kaloagathia or Beautiful Virtue – It is the combined names of Kalos and Agathia, both who are the transcendental spiritual manifestations of Lilly’s ki or energy. These manifestations have developed their own personalities overtime while working with and through Lilly’s Self. Lilly uses these two ki entities as a conduit and channel from which she pulls, reserves, and releases ki in various aptitudes. Kalos acts as the Shield or Defensive Skill Set while Agathia acts as the Sword or Offensive Skill Set. In their Idle modes, they can be seen as simply orbs that navigate the electric magnetic field around Lilly’s physical form.


■ [Kalos Orb Form: Burst Fire ]
Lilly will present one arm forward and Kalos’ Orb will form just a few inches away from the palm, she will then rotate her wrist to initiate a series of fireballs bursting toward her opponent.

■ [Kalos Orb Form: Reign of Fire]
[Lilly will present one arm forward and bring her other to the back of the first hand, pull back, and direct it forward making contact with her back hand which intiates the Orb to fire with a gravity affect. When the orb reaches the desired position, she closes the first hand into a fist which forces the orb to release a rain of fire from above with splash damage effect.]

■ [Kalos Orb Form: Flare]
Kalos can flare himself into a bright light to blind his opponent from seeing a potential attack.

■ [Summon Kalos as Man (All orb moves are accessible faster, without access to Agathia’s orb moves.)]
Kalos can be summoned as a man who fights in place of Lilly. Agathia will equip herself in the hands of Lilly for defensive measure, and Lilly will act as a second pair of eyes for Kalos.

■ [Summon Kalos as Djinn]
Kalos tranforms into the spiritual embodiment of his ki, he has no weight in the physical plane, but can directly act as a conduit and channel for Lilly to power herself.

■ [Summon Kalos as Protection]
Kalos may transform himself into the desired protection of Lilly and her situation.

■ [Agathia Orb Form: Shadow Tentacles]
Lilly raises her arm with the palm facing down and fingers hanging. The orb appears below the palm a inch from the finger tips. At the moment Lilly balls her hand into a fist over the orb and rotates her hand. Immediately at the moment she flexes her fingers out to reveal the orb, palm facing up, the orb releases 5 tentacles which now Lilly’s fingers puppeteer.

■ [Agathia Orb Form: Cloak]
[Lilly can raise Agathia’s orb above her head and use her alignment with the darkness to create a cloak over Lilly’s physical body for a limited time.]

■ [Agathia Orb Form: Formless]
Agathia with limited time can transform Lilly into a shadow to get out of a hairy situation, or Agathia can alter a location on Lilly to act as a shadow element for attacks that could have landed as a deadly blow versus a near-miss.

■ [Summon Agathia as Woman]
Agathia can use all of the orb moves while in hand-to-hand combat. Kalos will equip himself with Lilly for defensive measures and Lilly will act as Agathia’s second pair of eyes.

■ [Summon Agathia as Djinn]
Agathia tranforms into the spiritual embodiment of her ki, she has no weight in the physical plane, but can directly act as a conduit and channel for Lilly to power herself.

■ [Summon Agathia as Weapon]
Agathia may transform herself into the desired weapon that Lilly needs in her given situation.


■ [The Puppeteer]
[Lilly takes full control of the two spiritual embodied ki entities called Kalos and Agathia as their Djinn forms. She conducts their actions like a conductor of an orchestra. Lilly uses one hand for each being and plays the subtle game of puppeteers.]

■ [Transmutation of Kaloagathia]
[Lilly can bring forth both energies of Kalos and Agathia, Kalos positioned in the heart, Agathia positioned in the mind, and Lilly positioned in the body. The three become one entity; Kaloagathia, ]

■ [Kaloagathia’s evolution to Aeterna]
[Kaloagathia taps into the essence of all three interplaying powers within oneself, and in this fusion of all three, none take control or are controlled, simply all three powers surrender themselves over to the new form of self – Aeterna; or Eternity, a form with its own abilities and potential far from Kalos, Agathia, or Lilly.]

Lilly is not strong, agile, fast, or a master of the martial arts. Lilly will not perform extraordinary feats of physical ability or even wow you with her average aim. Lilly has no other protection other than what can be done through Kalos and Agathia.

Name of Nation: Nucaal

Government: Monarchy

Species: Geradamas (Sorcerers), Nucaal (Humans), and Nahaki (Repitilian)

Geradamas Order : Gear

Nucaal Military


Land Area: 2 (+2) 4
Land Fertility: 12
Development: 18 (+2) 20
Land Power: 12 (-2) 10
Naval Power: 15 (-3) 12
Economy: 11
Magical Reserves: 3 (+7) 10
Magical Sophistication: 19 (+1) 20
Population (Determined by other rolls): 12 (-2) 10


Sea Devils, Sky Angels

The Nucaali society has thrived off fishing and deep diving on the coastal edges working their way inland to a more agrarian culture without ever losing its thread to the water. Surrounded on all sides, the Nucaali have always trained and explored the water from when they are young to when they die. It is such apart of their culture that when a baby is born, the ceremony of birth is held in water, and when a Nucaali dies, they are dropped into the sea.

Pros: Fearless under, in, or on water, great swimmers, navigators, and excellent divers. Their stamina, physical capability, and endurance is top notch for per their usual practice in the sink. Those who excel over already great swimmers, are selected to be Sea Devils (see Sea Devils in military section.)

Nucaali Pride

A Caal is invested emotionally in their culture and society. Traditions pervade their Self practice, Cultural practice, and Societal expectations/roles/responsibilities. It is difficult to critique a Caal of his own traditions unless it comes from another Caal. They are accepting of others, will treat others equally, but they will immediately shun these traits if disrespect is perceived by the person about their heritage.

Pros: Collective mindset, high morale can sustain itself for long periods of time, sense of belonging (increased happiness).

Cons: Easily upset by perceived remarks, relationships can easily be destroyed and difficult to mend, decisions of the future can be hard to make without push back.

Augmentation Technology

Gear created by the Nucaali are typically modified to present a space to house a crystal for augmenting the gear with magical capabilities.

Pros: The gear can have certain effects in combat or other realms of society where significant impact can be had in more effective ways.

Cons: If the stone is overused, it can explode and have a negative impact on the wielder.

Artifice Becoming

The Geradamas explore unknown and known territory regardless of the laws or prohibitions. Their purpose is to seek artifacts that bring them closer to their ultimate goal. This means their ability to innovate, construct, and connect new concepts with current technology is always pushing current limits. The knowledge they hold is quite powerful, but also dangerous.

Pros: Accelerated technological, developmental, and magic sophistication upgrades.

Cons: Target for espionage, waving trust among the Nucaali, and opportunities for internal corruption.

Foreign Relations:


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