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Bump! Still open!
Long hiatus is over!
Video game OST from [Flower]( Great for writing as background music!
Only one or two, as best as I can recall, but those were privately held 1x1s in different placed So far, zero here - every one I've started has either been abandoned (often without warning via my partner simply vanishing off the face of the earth, or with warning but no definite 'yes we're done'), put on a hiatus (that may as well be permanent), or moved to another forum during the last round of crashiness/debugging. Of all the roleplays I've begun here, a whopping two are still active (and one is slow and possibly heading for another abandonment as my partner is busy looking for work and hasn't replied in some time). But, before I come off as all doom and gloom, let me add that the one that's still active and is going well is actually going great. Really and truly - my partner and I work great together, are friendly in OOC and handle planning well, and are both very satisfied with the story's progression, and I met them here, so. I guess the best way to think of it is you've got to pan a whooooole lot of sand to find that gold, but believe me, it's well worth it when you do! So for those of you who are still struggling to find a good partner here, have faith - you may have to start with and be abandoned by many other players here, but when you do find a few who are committed to you and your story, it's extremely satisfying and enjoyable. I don't begrudge the ones who've jumped ship, either, it just makes me more grateful for the ones that've stayed.
It was an ordinary spring afternoon, well into the afternoon at that - the sun was already tracking towards the horizon, early as was typical for these still-chilly days. In the cramped kitchenette of a shared dorm room, a fae was blearily fixing a pot of coffee. The reason for such a late 'morning' was simple: hir roommate-slash-friend-slash-partner-in-crime had been up with hir into the deep hours of the night, drinking and watching cartoons. Consequently, neither had gotten up on time for their morning - or afternoon - classes. In fact, sie was only finally awake because hir favorite reality show would be on in an hour: Charm Contest, where anyone with a knack for magic could take a shot at fame. Of course it was mostly fun to watch because the challengers were dropped one by one each continuing week, and the challenges likewise increased in difficulty, which meant there was plenty of schadenfreude to go around.

The first whiffs off coffee were just starting to drift out from the pot - arabica with licorice and willow bark extract - when someone knocked. This was terribly, terribly annoying, mainly because it meant sie had to answer the door. Padding over to the door while tightening the belt on hir bathrobe, sie opened it only to find the last creature sie wanted to see standing there. Specifically, it was one of the school enforcers and the head prefect over the girl's dorms. Which was a somewhat inaccurate title - anyone who identified as a girl was able to apply for a dorm there, and sometimes non-female students were put there too. For example, fae. Which aggravated certain creatures - like this one - immensely. Not that sie cared - making Nirina angry was one of hir favorite pass-times, especially when just existing did so just fine. The naga was easy to irritate anyway, so the temptation was then doubly impossible to resist. "You need something, or just come to harass me because you like me so much?" sie asked, looking dully at the snake-woman on the other side of the door.

"Actually, no. I've come to deliver a notice."

There was something about her, a haughty confidence that surpassed even her usual demeanor, and it actually was worrisome. "A notice," sie repeated, a bit lower this time. "What's that?"

Barely suppressing a grin, the naga drew out a scroll of paper from her side-satchel. "By order of the dean, you - both of you - are expelled from Pharien College, due to poor academic performance, excessive absenteeism, and overall unacceptable behavior as students of this fine establishment. As non-students, you no longer have the benefit of the very generous rent agreement of the dorms, and are hereby ordered to remove yourselves and your belongings from the premises. You may contest your expulsion or re-apply in two semesters' time, but regardless.." Rolling it up, and gave a too-wide smile, her fangs on display. "This is your first and only warning to get out. Or we'll get security. Be out by curfew tomorrow or else." Handing over the message, she then slithered off, head held high.

Looking down at the scroll now in hir hands, sie sighed quietly and shut the door. "Well, shit."
Three days later found the pair in a cheap motel room on the outskirts of the city of Briarbridge, sharing a six pack of bottom-shelf beer. Most of their stuff, what they'd wanted to take, was piled in one corner, and at the moment sie was idly messaging some of hir relatives on an old but well-enchanted phone. It could mimic some of the features of newer devices, albeit not always very well, but it was enough. So far, no luck. In the background, some serial tv show was on, cutting away to commercials where a handsome psychic offered genuine readings of your future, if you just called and paid up two-fifty a minute. To be fair, it was legitimate - and a lot of non-magic users of every species were known to make use of services like that. Hell, sie had even had a summer job in a coffee shop where a potion-brewing wizard added shots of espresso and Charisma or Intellect on demand to lattes. There was very little distinction between those who could use magic and those who couldn't, and it was largely considered a useful skill, like being able to code, or make clothing, or pick locks.

A little chime indicated a new message - a drearily straight-forward 'Sorry, but I really can't take in any guests', from hir parent's sibling. "Looks like nobody wants a witch and fairy," sighed the fae, stopping to put away the phone and then downing the last of hir beer. Since being kicked out of the school and their dorm, they'd ended up in this crappy little place, trying to plot their next move. Looking over to the witch seated on the end of the bed, sie asked hopefully, "Any of your relatives say we can stay a while?"

On the tv, the commercials came to an end, and the tv show started up again, some mid-season episode of a show neither of them had ever seen before, but it was popular enough on campus. Supposedly it was about a brilliant thief and con-artist who used both his wits and occasional spells to get everything he wanted and escape from any trouble. Admittedly, that was all sie'd gleaned from listening to the show while texting for the last half-hour, and of course listening to other students gab about it after every weekly premiere. For now it was just background noise, something to have on while thinking. They had a lot of thinking to do - though semester funds had been dispensed not too long ago, and they got the remainder of their rent payment back, it wouldn't last long, and a fae with a quarter-finished degree in sociology wasn't exactly a great job candidate. So they needed to do something, fast, even if it was just finding someone friendly and willing to let them crash on their floor or couch for a few weeks.
Well, here we go! Sorry it's a bit delayed getting started - work, Guild maintenance, and of course stubborn old writer's block are a terrible combo.
Well, I mean, I sincerely hope you're able, but I wouldn't hold it against you if you do have to drop it. Sure, I'd be disappointed but things happen, right?.. I know the stopping and starting has been partially my fault, even if neither of us are to blame for the stability issues of the site.. So, yeah. If you're able to pick back up, awesome, if not.. well.. That's just life.
Guild is back, success! Let's get going! :D
Mhm.. Well. One of my partners has already come out and asked point blank if I can be convinced to move to another roleplay site. I told him yes, with one condition: if the site hasn't improved enough for his taste by January 7th (enough time for Mahz, and most of the players, to get back from holiday stuff, so we can see if the improvement was simply due to a decrease in traffic because of holiday stuff), then I'll move.

Now, even if that happens, I'm staying here until every single one of my roleplays is finished (either completed, ideally, or abandoned) or every single one of my partners has switched to a different method of communication (different site, messenger application, email, etc). So, no worries; I'm not going anywhere. Might be splitting my attention some, but as I say in my 1x1 seeking thread, roleplays are for finishing.

On that note, however, if you'd like to discuss moving to a different forum or changing to email, that's fine by me; he's wanting us to move to Iwaku (popular enough choice) so if you're favorable towards it, I'll happily extend you the same offer.

I guess my reason for not just jumping ship immediately is I've been here just long enough to have a good handful of roleplays together (five active, one about to begin), and so I'm not as gung-ho about moving along. That or I'm just a sucker for an underdog story haha. Either way. If you're willing to bunker down and wait things out here, I'll be in that trench with you; if you want to move elsewhere, we'll move together.
Well for sure. I think the issue is getting resolved though - personally I've been seeing a lot better uptime during the day and even evenings, though less so in evenings, understandably.

*crosses fingers* I know Mahz is doing his best, so I'm more than willing to bunker down and wait.

Good to hear as well! I've got another story where my partner is AFK for a Christmas vacation so, believe me, I'm doing my best to keep in the right headspace to pick back up as soon as they return.
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