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Hey, I'm interested in and RP are there any of your pairings you crave to do more than others?

Plots: TBD
Hoping to find
Welcome scriddles glad you have chosen to join our community
I have got 2 cats, a dog , some tropical fish and a turtle! So I have a few.
Welcome to the guild! Glad you are with us.
Hey guys/girls, I am back to this site to start doing some more roleplay. I thought I should post in here to try get some interest in roleplaying with me.

First things first a bit about me, I'm a guy which decent experience with RP. I play mainly male characters but I can play female as well. I have no limits in mature based stuff apart from Rape, incest and most things under that banner.

I prefer fantasy based roleplay but I do enjoy high school (animeish) stuff I'm pretty open in what plots and like people's input on them I personally feel that to enjoy a roleplay both members should enjoy the plot.

Types of characters I normally like to play;

- Vampire
- Demon
- Male teen
- Female teen
- Werewolf
- Ghost
- Soldiers (M+F)
- Doctors

I don't know if that's a bit vague but it's a while since I have done this. I like romance RPs they can have such good plot twists.

Any questions feel free to PM me!
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