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I am here a lot, but at random times. So yeah, don't be discouraged if you missed me, I will most likely be back in a bit to check again!
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Name: Seihou Wukong

Gender: Ghost. (JK I'm a girl.)

Sexuality: Asexual/Demi-romantic? Hetero-romantic for sure

I'm pretty much a Keyblade wielding Crystal Gem, a ninja turtle fan, superhero, ghost-pretending-to-be-human, who's also a history and science enthusiast. A bookworm and romance nerd who also happens to be the Monkey King that listens to Kpop and is fascinated with Asian cultures and traveling.

I also really like writing, even though I am pretty much a redundant writer who can't think of clever words to use at times. But I love story telling, and that's why I roleplay! To get better at doing things like writing! :D

Please treat my friends kindly! Or else fite me. (ಠ ∩ಠ)

I reeeeally love Isana Yashiro <3

Come talk to me, I like making friends! (´∀`)♡

Stuff I have:

Twitter: @space_queennn

Skype: seihouthekeybladewielder

Discord: @Queen Seihou#6230

Tumblr: I have one, but I forgot what it was. Ask me later.

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The more Benjamin explained what was bothering him, the more Artemis began to worry. "I see.. I am worried for you.." She said with a pout. "It's one thing to have gotten used to this place after so long, but you just got here. This isn't a good place in general..." She looked around at the room, taking a look at the people within it. All of them had their own problems, but a lot of them were just used to everything or were in their own world. Even so, this wasn't the best place to be in. "I don't know how to make you feel more comfortable here, but I can promise you that you won't be alone in this." She said with a shy smile. "I'll be there with you. Maybe not for your evaluation, as much as I would like to stay with you, but I would be there when you come back and make sure that you're not alone in this."
"Exactly why I keep it hidden." Artemis said with a bit of a grin. "It's a dystopian book, and I like sci-fi more than anything else." She explained, then listened to Ben's comments about the book he was reading. "That makes sense. People have unique skills, but just because you're good at one thing doesn't mean you would be good at something that's closely related to what you're skilled at." She said, ultimately agreeing with him.

Artemis watched the nurse as well, mostly just scared that they were being eavesdropped on, but after turning back to Ben, she noticed that he seemed a bit troubled. "You look a bit nervous, what's wrong?" She asked softly, trying not to sound too demanding or curious.
Artemis nodded, agreeing with what Ben was saying about therapy. She then looked at the book again, humming to herself. “Yeah, that doesn’t sound like that good of a book..” She commented, looking back at Ben. “I do hope it does get more exciting.”

With the mention of the other book, Artemis looked at it and cracked a sheepish smile. “Romantic horror story with vampires?” She laughed a bit. “I do like horror, but… romance, and vampires?” She laughed again, thinking to herself. “Actually, I do like this one book that…” Artemis paused abruptly, looking around before leaning closer to Ben. “It’s a good book, but it does have topics that they would probably not like that we read about. Like, escaping facilities?” Artemis smiled. “I should lend you the book, I personally really love it.”
Artemis took another deep breath before speaking once more, timidly. “Th-Thank you for the offer..” She replied. “I really appreciate you letting me do that.” Eventually she stopped rubbing her own arms as she calmed down more. “I would like to try and help myself when I get startled though. I would rather not be startled so badly to loud noises.” She gave Ben a sheepish smile, before turning back to the topic of the book he was reading. “Wh-What was the book that you were reading earlier?”
Artemis gratefully took the seat next to Ben, smiling timidly with his praise. “Th-Thanks..” She replies, and was about to take a look at the book he mentioned when she was startled by the outburst, causing her to instinctively to grip his arm.

“A-Ah!! I’m sorry, I-I didn’t mean to!” Artemis cried out, immediately letting go not a second later. “L-Loud noises really scare me sometimes..” She managed to mutter, her hands holding onto her own arms now, her body visibly shaking slightly from the whole ordeal. She tried to calm herself down by taking deep breaths, which worked a bit, but weirdly enough she was still thoroughly shaken up.
Artemis walked down the hall leading to the living room, her hands shaking slightly and her heart racing due to the leftover anxiety. Once she had arrived at the living room, she quickly saw where Benjamin was and hurriedly went over to him, giving him a small smile.

"I'm back." She managed to say without stuttering. "The a-appointment wasn't that bad, but I hated it either way. It's too much sometimes.."
Upon the psychiatrist's request, Artemis simply nodded, unable to speak at the moment. After she finished speaking, Artemis let out a shaky "N-No ma'am, thank you", before getting up and headed out of the office. As the door closed itself shut, Artemis let out a shaky sigh, heading to the living room to meet up with Ben again. She felt a bit relieved that she didn't have to be there anymore, but she was still shaken up a bit.
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