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I am here a lot, but at random times. So yeah, don't be discouraged if you missed me, I will most likely be back in a bit to check again!
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Name: Seihou Wukong

Gender: Ghost. (JK I'm a girl.)

Sexuality: Asexual/Demi-romantic? Hetero-romantic for sure

I'm pretty much a Keyblade wielding Crystal Gem, a ninja turtle fan, superhero, ghost-pretending-to-be-human, who's also a history and science enthusiast. A bookworm and romance nerd who also happens to be the Monkey King that listens to Kpop and is fascinated with Asian cultures and traveling.

I also really like writing, even though I am pretty much a redundant writer who can't think of clever words to use at times. But I love story telling, and that's why I roleplay! To get better at doing things like writing! :D

Please treat my friends kindly! Or else fite me. (ಠ ∩ಠ)

I reeeeally love Isana Yashiro <3

Come talk to me, I like making friends! (´∀`)♡

Stuff I have:

Twitter: @space_queennn

Skype: seihouthekeybladewielder

Discord: @Queen Seihou#6230

Tumblr: I have one, but I forgot what it was. Ask me later.

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I want to change my username to QueenSei please! Already checked the list, no one has this!
Alicia was hidden in her small room, writing as always. Usually, she would write about real world stuff, about the horrors and lies that the government were exposing and not exposing. The ridiculous propaganda that they give to the civilians which were filled to the brim with lies. Normally, she'd write many articles about it, written with each new piece of information that she can get her hands on.

But not now. Right now, she decided to write something different. She wrote a story, about a kid, who had the power to control the weather. But, that was still in the making. Alicia didn't have much to material to write about, since there isn't anything written that's different from the world right now so she could use as reference. She specialized in non-fiction, and unfortunately, fiction is a lot harder to come by these days.

Sighing heavily, Alicia crumpled up a piece of paper that she had been writing on, not liking the results of her fictional story far. She threw the piece of paper onto the floor,where the rest of her failed attempts of writing lay. "I'd have to sweep all these up and burn them soon..." Alicia mumbled to herself, getting up and stretched.

Her room was filled with littered paper, some blank while others scribbled on all over. There was various types of writing tools all over the room, neatly tucked away in hidden places only visible to those who look closely. There was a rickety old desk with a chair to match, with a few books stacked here and there. Alicia knew that before she decided to head outside that she would need to clean up and hide every single thing that gave away that she was a writer. Sighing to herself, she leaned back and popped her back, before starting to collect all the papers she's been scribbling on all day. Once she placed them in a pile, she went to her books and hid them underneath the floorboards near her bed. Once that was done, she looked around to make sure everything looked like a normal room, before taking the papers and went to the "patio", which was the small space in the back of her room outside, which was really the downstairs neighbors' roof. Looking at the metal trash bin, she huffed and threw all the papers inside, before getting a match and lit it on fire.

"Time to go get food." Alicia sighed, walking back in.
Sorry if it's too short, I'm brain fried and bleh.
Some time had passed after Abigail sent her text to Roman, but she was quickly pulled into an intense game of hide and seek. She hid and ran with the rest of the kids from Jordan, who ended up being the seeker. After an hour of playing and running around, everyone decided to stop and take a break.

Sitting criss-crossed on the floor, Abigail got her phone that had been on the table when she saw a message. Unlocking her phone, she smiled slightly when she saw who it was from. Being able to see her smile, Jordan ran over to Abigail and sat down, leaning in to see what she was smiling about.

"Who are you texting?" He questioned. "Is it your hero?! Your Spiderman?? What did he say?! Are you going on another date?!"

"Ah! Get off me!" Abigail laughed while she pushed him off of her. "Chill out, jeez! I haven't even opened the message yet, calm down!" She laughed. "I'll tell you in a bit, gosh."

Abigail let out a sigh before opening up her message:

Got to work just fine. Also, no problem at all! Happy to treat a pretty lady like you ;)

Abigail started to smile before Jordan spoke excitedly. "Holy crap, he is DEFINITELY flirting with you!!" Jordan laughed while slapping her arm.

"Quit it, Jordan! We literally met yesterday, chill!" Abigail whined, before texting back:

Haha, thanks. Maybe next time I should treat you to something.

Thinking about it after sending that, Abigail sighed a bit before texting again:

Well, I don't want to bother you anymore. You must be busy at work. Sorry! ><

Putting her phone in her pocket while Jordan fangirled a bit more, Abigail sighed loudly as she fell on her back, laying on the floor. "I'm exhausted. I think I'm gonna go straight home." Abigail groaned, throwing her forearm against her eyes.

Jordan looked over her and tsked. "I mean, Abby, you were at work when a problem started up with that guy who was flirting with you, then you were about to be mugged shortly after you started to go home,before getting saved by your Spiderman guy who also took you on an unexpected date. If I were you, I'd be hella exhausted, at least mentally." Abigail groaned again, loudly this time, knowing her had a point.

Another hour later, Jordan dropped off Abigail at her apartment, and the girl trudged up to her bed before jumping onto it. She sighed tiredly, turning over to her back. "Good thing I don't work for the next two days..." Abigail said to herself tiredly. "I'm too exhausted..."
That's totally fine. You enjoy yourself! :D
Okay, I'll wait for your reply then!
Yay! Hopefully it does! :D
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