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The elf pouted slightly as she was lectured about her supposed 'soft-shelled' home, but gasped at the captians final words. "T-taste good!?" That just sounded barbaric to the elfenkind - she honestly looked slightly traumatized as she returned to the woods and thankfully found herself quickly distracted by the other new wildlife.

Sprinklestar was fascinated by the biology, making use of her headset to take various pictures of their surroundings. The girl did want to talk to a couple of smaller bits of wildlife, but them seemed nervous at her approach. She could try calming them with magic first, but the elves generally disliked forcing action upon any behavior.

Her slight sadness was the discovery of another ship! More friends? The elf seemed excited as she said, "I'll do it!" She tapped the device near her ear and quickly a picture was taken - the ship would be able to pull the picture from her archives if they chose to. "Maybe more friends? How exciting! I'd love to meet them ..."

Normally Sprinklestar may have started considering that the inhabitants were perhaps dead, but she found herself quickly distracted by some adorable monkey like creatures behind them. Without waiting for permission, the elf took a step forward and spoke to them with words of magic. "Elfen heart can see, Elfen heart can be, Elfen heart with me!" The incantation finished, the elf leaned forward and extended her hands. "Hello, friends! How are you feeling?"

Sprinklestar was fairly sure the Captain wanted her to get down to business, but that would be rude.
Amen had actually started to get a little bit worried there as the bruiser seemed ready to crush him. The first source of his worry came to an end as the new crew member played dirty and struck the man from the back. The bruiser lowered to one knee, and Amen now fought on the offensive to keep the man occupied while hopefully his companion would finish the man off from the back - he couldn't look two ways at once, after all.

The second source of worry built up as he looked at the fight around them - Rys had caught those archers by surprise, and despite what would normally be overwhelming odds against them the group was finding themselves victorious.

But why were there so many guards in the first place? Weren't there just supposed to be pots on board? Fine pottery, sure. But still pottery. "Rys, finish him and regroup with the brothers!" To give the man the opening, the captain slammed his foot into the shield and then swung at his left - the man blocked his strike successfully, but due to his exhaustion and pain Rys would find an easy opening.
Sprinklestar frowned as Kiri mentioned taking it as a hunting trophy - it could be friendly, or have it's own brand of wisdom! The elf was curious and wanted to talk to it, truthfully. At least the human had a sense of humor. "Tucan Dodo" - The explorer couldn't help but let out a small giggle as she heard that.

The captain proceeded to say no one else would do the talking - the elf let out a small pout. Wasn't her title to be called friendmaker? Sprinklestar was about to protest, but went silent as she didn't want to risk causing another calamity. As the captain suggested making sure the bird didn't stop them the elf blinked a couple of times.

A second later a string of excited words left her mouth. "Do you want me to talk to it? I can talk to it! Maybe it can tell us what is around!" The elf then remembered she needed to be more 'repectful'. The elf's natural excitement died off. "Uhm ... Captian. B-But it seemed to be unintelligent so does that mean I should speak to it? I'd hate to see it hurt ..."
Dazzlefalls remained where she was standing as the other elf nodded before heading over to her quarters - less than a day on the ship and they were already active! Sprinklestar headed towards the crew quarters, slipping W.I.N.G. technology on along with the rest of the technobaubles the other two species had provided her. Nervously she lifted the gun she had been supplied - something similar to an older human submachinegun (One of the last models produced). It still shot 'bullets' which they had since moved past, but with her possibly using magitech on the suit they couldn't afford to split the power supply between the two functions. Just for safekeeping, the elf also packed a small oxygen mask - it wouldn't be comfortable and was more of a temporary measure, but she didn't want some toxic volcano to poison her.

Sprinklestar walked to where they were waiting before they landed, looking towards the captian and Helmheim as they headed down. This would be fun!
The elves let out a collective scream - Heartcheer in his natural excitement that seemed to replace all other emotions as the saw left his hand and hit the examination table. Was it broken? He hoped so. A nearly maniacal laugh hit his lungs as his light form was flung across the room.

Sprinkledust and Dazzlefalls were far more concerned - as the two small elves were flung across the garden the pots flew from their hands - shattering on the ground. The two elves screamed in emergency as they looked at eachother before rushing over to heal their comrades.

"No! Not like this!?" Why had the ship lunged forward so suddenly? What had caused this madness? Sprinklestar felt a few tears run down her eyes as the green eyed biologist grabbed one of the plants and began to plant it, extending her hands and chanting healing words to help the plant take a firm room. Sprinklestar ran over with her own pot, joining her fellow elf in the chanting. The plant glowed slightly, then paused and stopped as it was fully healed.

The pair turned to look at the other plants that had been so disregarded and had fallen out of the cart. The two elves began the dutiful work of saving their comrades.

The pair of them spent the next two hours collecting the other plants and tending to them, making sure to separate them elegantly but efficiently into various subgroups, being sure to use barriers to keep plants from the three planets separate. The insects had initially been concerned about bringing a couple of their larger plants aboard, but a small glass enclosure and periodic discussion with them was all that was needed to calm them down.

Finally the pair sat down and relaxed, only heading up to the bridge as they were told to. Having just woken up from a nap, both Dazzlefalls and Sprinklestar found themselves exhausted. Heartcheer strangely did not arrive.

The two elves yawned as they looked down at the planet, making similar observations to the others. The planet had to be hot, though based only the foresty biology it seemed similar to home. Dazzlefalls observed the surface, taking complicated notes while Sprinklestar simply stared on with wonder - a tired wonder, but wonder nonetheless. "Oh I can't wait to see it up close! I'll tell you all about it, Dazzles!"

Dazzlefalls let out a wide grin, glad to let the younger and more energetic of the group take on the elven responsibility.
The three elves left the room quickly, a little confused about how the ship was supposed to in the air an hour ago. Weren't they heading into a vacuum? After a brief conversation among themselves about this, they decided to let the subject drop. The ant didn't seem to mind this thought.

Sprinklestar and Dazzlefalls seemed to be content with watering the plants. The two of them discussed the first imrpessions of the captain, and worried about how the captain *completely ignored* the flowers that they handed out. Was the calamity still to fresh on her mind to be making friends? The two of them agreed that perhaps the flowers weren't pretty enough - or maybe there was something else they needed to give.

They agreed that before the first mission they would decorate the ships interiors

Sir Heartcheer - the elf did like the sound of that, but then again one annoyed human doctor had called him a 'hippie motherfucker' and he didn't seem to mind that either. The human doctor tried to explain the strengths of his own inferior medicine. Grabbing an example of this, the elfenkind lifted up a saw and observed it - the blades were very sharp and automated in order to permit a clean amputation. To Heartcheer, the very *idea* of an amputation seemed awfully rude, and at least a little painful. The humans lauded their cybernetic capabilities, but such things seemed ugly and unnatural to the elf.

One of the tables had a straps to hold down and prevent an injured patient from injuring themselves further. The 'doctor' found his thoughts going back and forth on the subject, but decided in a case with multiple critical patients it could be useful.

What the humans completely lacked was an understanding about the use of natural cures and herbal remedies, the true path to healing. Sure, magic was useful. But it could be tiring. Modern medicine from the humans always had side effects, although it could be strong. But herbal remedies were the *true* way for a patient to recover - using natural cures to whatever their ailments are.
The archers were surprised as a sudden assailant jumped onto them, eviscerating them rapidly as they began to draw their blades - those who did found the extremely close quarters difficult to navigate as the knife fighter began to cut through them. Soon two archers lie bleeding out on the deck and one laying in the water trying desperately to get back on board.

The other pirates took advantage of the opportunity, Neriad quickly scaling the ship and fighting off two guards wielding shortswords who had been looking to jump on Ryssa now that their friends were no longer in the way. Amen and the brothers soon followed afterwards, with the leading pirate's gold jewelry shining as he engaged in a duel with a well armored opponent - wearing a set of grieves on his lower legs and ring mail going over his chest. His shield deflected one of the captains attempted strikes. The brothers ran over to another group of archers who had drawn their side arms before they joined the fray.
Dazzlefalls seemed a little saddened by the exchange with the elf - though perked up when the ant-man mentioned planting them in the garden later. What a wonderful gesture! The clumsy elven biologist smiled just slightly before walking away. That had been a positive interaction, right? No need to risk anything!

As the captain entered though - and completely ignored the flowers placed on the podium - the elves began to look slightly more nervous. Well, all the elves except for the eternally cheerful Dr. Heartcheer. But he was strange. The fey creatures relaxed slightly as it was explained that this vessel wasn't meant to be highly military and some of the sillier procedures would be ignored.

As the captain continued though, the elves looked among each other. Questions? Nope, each one of them had pretty much been told that was what was going to happen.
The galley finally ended up alongside the opposing ship. There was a moment of tension as the pirates waited to see if the businessmen would have some sense and surrender. But the opposing ship was quiet aside from the hardworking grunts of their oarsmen. One ... Two ... Three ...

An offer of surrender should have come in by now. Amen frowned and turned to the rest of his crew. "Looks like they need some convincing! Lets get at them!" A couple of the oarsmen threw their grapples onto the other ship, hooking the side. A smile crossed some of the priate's faces until a couple archers popped up at the top - in full Phonecian armor with their bows as well.

He hadn't been expecting trained troops. The rumors had said nothing about that.

"Go! Now!" The pirate climbed the rope as the archers shot down at the smaller but faster galley. A few oarsmen died easily, but those attacking would find the very ship they were assailing providing them with a small amount of cover.

Being a smaller and lighter figure, it was entirely possible Rys would make it onto the ship first if she chose.
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