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I follow you quietly, my voice you'll never hear. At your side come morning and evening, but at noon I disappear. Who am I?
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Wanna mildly sass me? K, you can die.
2 mos ago
Seriously starting to think the day I don't have something going medically wrong with me is the day I die.
2 mos ago
Heading off for a, ugh...gastroscopy, to find out just how bad this stomach bleed is. Wish me luck peeps.


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An epic space adventure with an erotic twist.

The 15th Planet Rush

The United Galactic Confederacy is a centralised interplanetary government that controls most of the known galaxy. Every two hundred years, the UGC activates a series of warp gates, an Ausar invention, to unexplored space, allowing the UGC to expand its power and influence throughout the galaxy. When this unexplored part of the galaxy opens, what follows is an great Planet Rush as government representatives, mega-corporations, intrepid colonists, and independent adventurers, all hurry to stake their claim on the fresh resources and adventures of a wild and untamed space frontier.

The last Planet Rush, the fourteenth of its kind, took place two hundred years ago, and now a new frontier has just opened signaling the begining of the Fifteenth Planet Rush. In the last Planet Rush, countless heroes and villains found fame and fortune. Among these legends was the great Captain Steele, heir of the founder of the mega-corp Steele Tech Industries, Victor Steele. Having since passed away, Captain Steele left behind a legacy of adventure that has inspired countless others to join the current Planet Rush, wishing to find their own place in history.

  • 18+ only. This is an absolute must.
  • Contact me through PMs. Posts onto this thread may go unnoticed.
  • IC & OOC will be split into separate PMs.
  • IC posts should be of high casual quality. 2-3 paragraphs with correct spelling and grammar.
  • That means proofreading your posts.
  • Try to keep up an average post frequency of at least one post every 24-48 hours.
  • RP in past tense and third person is preferred.
  • Use the Character Sheet provided below to write up your character.
  • Let me know if you would like to take a break or stop altogether.
  • Have fun!

Note: Occupation is set to Bounty Hunter as default for story reasons. However this can be discussed in PMs.
Note note: Thanks to Tsukune for providing an excellent guide thread that inspired much of the design of this Interest Check and the Character Sheet.
Got blind drunk at a Halloween Party last night, now the house is full of young screaming cousins here for a family lunch.

Hey guildies,

Rabid's back. I had some medical problems to deal with that took up a lot of my time and energy and sadly my guild activity suffered pretty badly. While I wouldn't say I'm completely out of the woods, I'm close enough to see the sunlight through the trees, if you'll forgive the analogy.

Consequently I'll be returning to active duty here on the frontlines of the guild, at least in a somewhat limited capacity.
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