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7 hrs ago
Current Damn! Men have different genitals than women!
3 days ago
So I just spent four hours playing D&D in VR Chat... WORTH IT!
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3 days ago
I GET IT...........I don't get it.
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3 days ago
"You can't hang up on the undead!"
4 days ago
Yo but where the bulge lovers at, amirite?


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I was DMing a game where a player rolled a critical fail on his attack, fumbled and dropped his weapon, then the enemy also rolled a crit fail, fumbled and dropped his weapon. And they just sort of stood there, awkwardly staring at each other in quiet mutual embarrassment.

@Lamb Of Goth Not at all. Like I said, you do you, fam.
But seriously, not judging. You do you, fam.
But why the Sanic tho?
Genetically Engineered Catgirls for Domestic Ownership when?
@ScarletRose Likewise =D
Underrated: The Overlord Games. They're just good dumb fun.

Overrated: Any war game published by Activision after 2010
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