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Shooting you a PM, yesterday was a very busy day for me so I didn't see this until this morning. :)
Took all of my ideas I'd had out of this, in retrospect, they must not have been very good. PM me if y'all wanna RP something.
Bump, anyone want to give me a shot? I'm still pretty capable, just write a little differently. People tell me I write the same but I guess maybe I just don't like my own writing.

I... well. I am a mess. But ignoring that, I suppose.... well, I'd like to try an RP again. It's funny that I say again because even though I remember having done it many, many, many times in the past... I have never 'done it'. And I'll explain that very shortly here: I had a car accident two years ago and I got a massive head injury that took away all my memories and then they came back - sort of mostly... but things haven't been the same ever since then. It's all sort of like... it's sort of like I have a puzzle full of memories but there's also a lot of parts mixed in from a puzzle that looks similar, but it's not the same one. I have these memories of events, but since I've never 'done them' (RPing for example), it feels like I never did them. These include tons of things like going to K-12, and college, I feel like those events never happened even though I know they did. I did RP, for many years... but since the accident, I haven't.
I'm not saying all this for "I'm sorry to hear about your accident" kind of sympathetic comments, I'd just sort of like you all to understand where I'm coming from here. I have done RPing for... wow. for... hmm. Around ten years? A long time. But not the last two years, so I don't actually have the physical experience of having done it. So the way I do it now could end up massively different from the way I /did it/... So if you all saw or RPed in the past, well, I could be entirely different now.
I do have a few vague glimmers of ideas that I'd maybe like to see eventually, but if there's no takers for them, that's totally cool, I'll pick up whatever gets suggested at me more than likely, as long as it's not like, medieval war RP in Ancient Japan, or something I totally don't know about. ^_^;; I do know a lot of things, but if it'll take me a long time to research it to learn it... it might be kind of hard to RP about it.
I'm actually really pretty flexible about RPs, as long as they're not really educational or serious. I mean, apocalyptic is fun, but if I need to spend three weeks researching military battle strategies, well... that's not a ton of fun. I'm open to all genders, all relationship types, orientations, ect... I'm open to most genres and ideas, but my favorites are fantasy, modern young adult with some unusual twists, things like that. I'm a huge fan of fanfiction, so fanfic RPs would be great... but... well. That's an odd subject. I used to watch TONS of TV, play tons of games, read tons of books, and all of the such... but these days, I don't really follow those kinds of things. I do like anime, though, so you could suggest ones you like to me and I can confirm if I like them or not, confirm if I even think I could RP the ones I like that you mention... like One Punch Man is (I'm sorry everyone) now one of my favorites, despite me saying before the accident I'd never like it or EVER watch it, but I can't even begin to imagine how I'd do a OPM RP. Other than some kind of... Saitama / Genos thing (And I don't like Genos, really. :( ) or a Saitama / Sonic thing... I just don't know. I don't know how a person would OPM RP. I also like american cartoons, within reason, like I really like Star VS. There are some american cartoons I can't even pretend I like, such as South Park, American Dad, Family Guy, and Rick and Morty... I used to like some of them quite a bit, but as I grew up, I realized they weren't my game anymore. I do say 18+ not for any 'funny' reasons, just because I'm 26 right now, and some less than 18's are kind of like... well. I'm not saying anything bad about them, but sometimes you can really tell a person's age. I'm not against the 'funny' stuff mentioned, but obviously, I'd like you to be 18+ for that kind of RP content.

I have tons of ideas in my 'original' writing folder that I can just tell that they'll never be anything to me privately. I just don't know about laying out all the cards here. I'm sure y'all are tired of reading by now. If y'all want to come up with something with me, message me and we'll get some stuff lined out. If you have an idea that you want to see if I'm into, message me. I apparently used to have tons of ideas. I can still write, but I'm not great at crafting a story together from nothing anymore, so I don't know if I could cobble something together from nothing, but who knows, maybe we could try it and we'd see how it went. I'm cool with about everything.
Hi there. Um, my name is Tiffany, I'm 25 years old. I used to be really good at RPs but... I got into a bad car accident at the end of June. Now I don't know, well... really anything. ^_^;; I'd still like to roleplay though. My ability to write feels like it was hurt a little bit (or maybe a lot, I can't tell) by the car accident, but I'll still do my best. If you want to RP, shoot me a message and I'll respond as soon as I see it. Just let me know what you're interested in, and I'll learn about that so we can try an RP. So if we roleplayed before, and you see this, sorry, just go ahead and assume that I don't really know you. ^_^;; I don't even know who I am, so feel free to assume I don't know you too. I used to be able to go to the advanced level but I'm not sure that I'm that good anymore. Casual might be the upper limits of my current abilities. I'll just have to see after we start. I hope you're wanting to give me a shot. :) Let me know.
B is for Beginning Again

Bone Marrow?
Lydia bristled and then suddenly relaxed, the tension falling from her shoulders. "Oh- geez. I thought you were going to pull your lone wolf act. I was all prepared for- you said any MORE," she shook her head, looking amused. "No you certainly don't need anymore... sounds like everyone here rather dislikes us. Very loved... Honestly though, I don't care a bit. I just wondered what YOU thought... And of course I'll deny all of this tomorrow." Lydia looked away from him. "People just get in my way. If I thought, even once, you were standing between me and success, I'd probably hate you too. No one else in this shithole gets it. I'm not here to make friends. ,,, Although maybe there's something to that. Because I know if you weren't here, I wouldn't be here. At the top, I mean... Geez, listen to me. I sound pathetic." A tone more like her usual one drifted in towards the end.
Lydia tilted her head, thinking. “... Yeah… you did…” She was silent a moment, ignoring the buzzing of the people around them. “Hey, it’s hotter than the flames of hell in here…” she fanned herself. “Let’s step outside, and continue this?” She grabbed his wrist and dragged him towards the door, thinking about what he had said. She glanced over and saw Willow talking with Era, and she pointed. “I can’t forget that I need to take care of that.” She said, grimly, pushing the door open and exiting the room, dragging Adrian behind her. “I haven’t beat her ass recently.”

Once outside, she took a deep breath and walked over to the railing, leaning against it, soaking in the cool air. “... I’m glad that you don’t think we’re weird. I didn’t either but I guess the other students think something of us…” She rested her elbow on the rail, thinking to herself. "But yeah, you’re right… there’s nothing wrong with us… I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t been there.” She said, glumly. “Dillon saved me physically. You saved me emotionally…”

Lydia was lost in thought, reflecting on her partnership with her enemy. He’s always there for me if I want him to be or not. We fight but then we forget about it… Geez, he’s more like a best friend than my enemy.

“What the hell kind of enemy are you anyway,” Lydia muttered. “I can’t even dislike you.”
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