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G.A.I.A incident report #666

Project Manager: James Jefferson

An apt day and apt incident number for today's events. While testing the quantum stabilizer for field testing a breach was made. As to where this 'gate' for lack of a better word goes, if anywhere, is a mystery. Sadly two of the interns where devoured when this... mishap occurred. Human resources has been notified and a gift basket will be sent to their families along with my condolences. Furthermore, Mr.Cufiler has requested, demanded even, that we continue on schedule.


G.A.I.A project {Redacted} audio report
Security Clearnce Omega required

Date: 31/12/66
Project Manager: James Jefferson

Truly astonishing, for the last 4 months of testing this anomaly has grown increasingly stable. There has been several accidents with the staff and one that almost cost me my life. However I feel we are getting close towards a brighter future for all mankind to share in. The only unsettling thing is it will open on its own and deposit what seems like random objects. Per the Directors orders, no one but me knows what this thing is doing. If I'm being honest, slight dread fills me with every day observing this despite my best efforts. I have also put in my transfer request to be moved to a dif- {Data corrupted}


The explosion that devoured the rest site left a black orb that gave off an eerie light. This incident that devoured the world of all other light save the soft blue haze that lingered for but a moment. What followed could only be described as hell. Fathers, mother's, friends, siblings, and co-workers alike changed into beings once thought to be fantasy. Dragons, Griffin, werebeasts, and creatures of the sea. They could shift from this form to a more human one, save for defining features like ears. Many also held unique powers akin to magic.

Shorty after these "shifters ", as governments and media outlets were calling them, emerged the crime rate skyrocketed. From petty theft to murder and violent take overs of countries. Humanity formed together against these "shifters" in the organization now called the Hunters Society. These elite soldiers slowly began to fight back. Pushing the shifters in their new place. Below Humanity. However these hunters began to experiment with the corpses of the shifters and found they could gain power from their blood. Of course none of this is public knowledge.

Now, fifty years later, the Hunters Society is the ruling body in many countries. The stigma against shifters is getting worse as they commit crimes many times, just to stay alive. None dare openly use many forms of magic, and even less chose to be in their new natural forms. However this isn't the only fracture in the world. Within humanities darkness there is hope. Some countries opened prisons to house shifters who commit crimes and surrender peacefully. And so with countries so to with man. There are those within that believe they can gain enough power from those who chose to die. So they take the others in. Then the rest believe in a pure humanity again and seek to eliminate all shifters
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In an incident known as the "Black Sun" explosion, a gateway was opened that forever changed the world. 40% of the world's population suddenly turned into otherworldly beings. Things better left in fantasy books. These creatures were given the name Shifters. Humanoid in appearance when they want to be minus several animalistic features, they hold the power to shift into creatures of myth. Dragons, werewolves, Griffin, and many many more. Many incidents followed where these shifters used their powers for malevolent reasons and in response the Humans formed a group to hunt down and kill these offenders.

That was 50 years ago. Since then the Hunters have gained power and reach all across the world, and the shifters are seen as pests, beasts no better the chaff to the wind. Sadly with such conditions so to shall a rebellion be whispered about.
The shifters grow restless with their opressiom. The hunters are fractured between two schools of thought. Slaughter and co-existence. Which side will be victorious?
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Name: Jack O' Lancaster
Age: 754 years old

History: Jack was born during a ritual preformed by unknown individuals at the cost of his mother's life. His entire childhood was spent in the slums, scrounging for scraps, stealing to survive. At the age of 10 he was snatched up by the thieves guild where he learned things better left in the dsrk and his silver tongue. By age 15 Jack had taken up drinking and before long disappeared into the country side drowning away his nightmares with the burning liquid. This self destructive path was followed until his death on a night much like when he was born. The cold moonlight, the cloaks, and then the eternal darkness.

Familiar type: Dark/ Mind

A pale blue light wafted through boarded up windows of the small, decrepit stone and wood shack. It casted everything in an eerie tone as the pained screams of a woman pierced the silence. The cries went on for hours till they grew hoarse, a silent wish upon lips that could no longer form words from the hosts hoarse throat. And come morning all the villagers would find is the poor medicine maker dead, covered in cuts, runes, and blood, with an infant in her arms. The child would be named Jack in honor of the woman's late Husband.


Once more, what will become known as the Pale blood moon, blue light cascaded from the heavens. Heavy footfalls echoed in the old stone alleyways as robed figures chased after the intoxicated Jack. Risking a glance behind him, Jack's cold blue eyes locked onto one of the figures before he tripped over some rubbish, faceplanting into a decayed wooden crib of sorts. The cloaks that his Jacks attackers seemed to swallow up the unnatural glow, Jack noted solemnly to himself as they gathered around his fallen body. A soft chant that danced on the wind took up all of Jack's thoughts. Again, all that would be found is a battered and broken drunkard who got into a brawl and died, unfortunately.

"The veil between worlds is weakening. The deceiver shall be free of his chains soon and the entire world will suffer." The king had thought it to be made legend, passed down from elder to youngest for as long as the story has been around. No one knows this Familiar and yet the vivid prophecy stayed in the old, gaunt king. His head resting in his bony hands as his court filled with his most trusted of nobles.
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