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One day all the forces of the Universe came together and said. "What's the single worst thing we can come up with?"

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This has piqued my interest! I'd like the give it a go!
"Hrmm yes that IS a problem, isn't it?" Rasteva, in all honesty, had no idea what to expect from this supposed 'job'. Rexxa seemed confident enough that she'd be able to learn what was required quickly enough. That would hopefully alleviate some of the attention on her. Once she was unsupervised, she could do as she pleased.

But the Daemon's greatest fear was running into other Daemons. If the woman's assumptions were at all correct, that meant that more of Rasteva's kind were sure to be lurking around. And not all of them were guaranteed to be pleasant. They would most assuredly be stronger than Rasteva was at this point, and so combat was out of the question. "Well, most of the time my kind would leave each other be. Until very recently that is. And loathe as I am to say it, my weakness may be a blessing right now. As it stands I pose no threat and have no real power to offer anyone. Provided that we don't draw unwanted attention to ourselves, we may survive the coming day."

It made sense for the most part. At least Rasteva could recall never bothering with their kin until one of them made a nuisance of themselves. Ultimately their survival depended on they and Rexxa keeping themselves out of trouble.

"Though I am afraid I cannot help you with not looking odd to other Humans. Truth be told I doubt we'll have much to talk about tomorrow, save for anything of noted importance. So long as you don't draw attention to yourself when we speak, no one else may even notice."
'Relax' was not a word that Rasteva was familiar with, though they could recall being told to do so more than once. The need to rest their body was also foreign to them as well. It stemmed partly from not having one, to begin with, but was mostly due to not having any biological functions at all. As such, Rexxa's insistence that they would begin their work the next day after she'd gotten some rest was met with some degree of irritation.

"Fine then. Rest your tiny flesh body if you must. There's no way around it, and you'd be no good lurching around half conscious." Their words were as harsh as ever, though they seemed to lack the previous bite they had when the two had first met. Rasteva surmised that this was in part due to them finding some level of comfort in the woman's home. It was far better in here than being left in the cold and wind outside. They WERE grateful, even if the Daemon would be dammned to show it. They were still curious however, Rexxa seemed to at least know something that Rasteva did not know and pressed her for further information.

"Tell me of this job you spoke of. You think they may have what I am looking for, how? I would think if they had anything it would be well hidden." As they spoke the small cloud continued to look around the room Rasteva would pause their exploration to settle their form in one object or another, almost testing them in some manner. Thus far nothing had proven to be a better vessel than Rexxa's necklace, but they continued to look around aimlessly. They hoped that whoever they ran into tomorrow wouldn't respond to Rasteva's presence violently. Daemons did not reveal themselves blatantly for no reason at all, and if they wanted to maintain their secrecy at all they'd leave Rexxa and Rasteva be. It was a slim hope, but it was all that the Daemon had for the time being.
They continued drifting around the room as Rexxa described the purpose of the items in her abode. As they'd expected, a good deal of it was functional and important to the woman's daily life. But a great deal of it also seemed to be ornamental in nature. Rasteva could not understand the human's need to keep things that weren't useful to her around.

"Well, she took YOU, didn't she?" The thought was sudden and Rasteva felt a pang of self-disgust wrack their form. The Human's innate need to keep worthless items may have indeed saved Rasteva's life, but considering it was still too much for them. They tried to shake off their new bout of depression by drifting closer to Rexxa to inspect the glass in her hand. The deep red liquid she called 'Wine' didn't look particularly appealing to them. Certainly not appealing enough to die for, as she so stated. But the concept was interesting in some manner. "And this? You consume this to gain strength?" They asked. Rasteva was vaguely aware that Human's needed to eat and drink certain things to gain strength, but they weren't sure how it worked. It couldn't have been like the Daemon's method of consuming their own kin to steal their power, otherwise, Humans would be immeasurably strong.

It wasn't something Rasteva liked to think about.

They settled for floating directly over Rexxa's head as she spoke, taking note of her urging to make her abode their home as well. Rasteva could not be sure if they would ever find as much comfort in the place as Rexxa did, but they silently admitted that it was far better than being left outside, defenseless against the elements.

"Where do we start looking?" The Daemon mulled over the Human's question for a moment. The realm that I hail from isn't like yours, and yet it is almost a mirror image in some way." The cloud broke itself apart into several layers some distance from each other, lowering to meld into one another to demonstrate. "It overlays yours. All the things that you hold in your world do not exist in mine, but this location; your home is a point in existence beyond your world." Rasteva fell silent again for a moment before continuing. "If I recall correctly there are a few Daemons somewhere in this vicinity. But where I am not sure. I can sense their power, but only when we are close. Though if I were to grow stronger I could find them from farther away."

The little cloud drifted lazily over the woman's head as it spoke. "Daemons are usually subtle. Very good at keeping themselves hidden. But Humans are...less so. Tell me, have you met anyone that struck you as odd around here? Or at least odd in a manner that you aren't familliar with? That may lead us to where we need to go."
Rexxa and Rasteva were proving to be more alike than the Daemon had initially thought. She knew well the feeling of separation from one's own kind. But where Rasteva had tried (and bitterly failed) to eradicate his kind from existence, Rexxa seemed quite fine with her situation. If indeed she planned on turning on the rest of humanity once she'd gained her wish, the woman did a good time of not showing her ill intent. Rasteva couldn't wholly blame Rexxa if that was her plan. Humans seemed to be as much trouble for her as they were for the Daemon. But they planned to be as far away from her as they possibly could should her interests take a darker turn.

Her question caught the Daemon off guard momentarily and they fumbled for an answer. She could not know Rasteva's true motives, not yet. But she HAD been helpful and so they felt she at least deserved an answer. "Hrmm. Humans are somewhat fearful. It only struck me as odd that you would be so willing to assist me. Though given what you've told me, I suppose that makes sense." It was true, if not the whole truth. Rasteva was resigned that they would have to be more attentive to the habits of Humans in the future. Rexxa seemed to be an oddity but watching her would certainly be insightful.

Their opportunity came when they both arrived at what Rasteva could only assume was the woman's home. Rasteva had never been inside a Human's dwelling before, and the proud Daemon could not stop their curiosity. They drifted from the woman's pendant once they were safely inside, here there was no breeze to assault them. Rasteva watched idly as Rexxa bustled around the dwelling before drifting around the room to inspect it. Humans certainly collected all manner of odd things and the Daemon could not help asking about them. "What is all of this? What are any of these things for?"

Rasteva honestly could have done without the dancing, and Rexxa seemed to be in slight agreement though for different reasons. It was true that the Daemon found the behavior of Humans as a whole to be absolutely puzzling, but they were starting to suspect that even she was an oddity among her own kind. Her flippant remarks on the matter certainly seemed to indicate that and Rasteva wondered as to how isolated she really was.

They honestly couldn't say that the thought saddened them. Rasteva had hated his own kind to no end, had purposefully sequestered themselves as far from them as possible. But they could not help musing on how they and Rexxa were alike in that regard. She didn't seem to particularly mind being alone, however. All of her excitement pointed solely on uncovering the unknown. Why Rasteva could not fathom and so they sought answers. "Rexxa I must ask. WHY are you so interested in finding Daemons? We have existed for a very long time, but the vast majority of Humans don't seem to care enough to seek us out."

The Daemon didn't think the woman's interests held any nefarious intent. Despite her overly exuberant manner, Rexxa seemed merely curious about everything around her. This Rasteva could accept in some fashion. Seeking knowledge and further understanding the Universe around you was a noble endeavor. But the woman's interests were clearly outside what had to be the norm for Humans. And if her statements about where she worked were any indication, she wasn't the only one. The Daemon felt nervous at the thought. Rexxa didn't seem particularly dangerous, but Rasteva had no way of knowing if the people she spoke of weren't. An air of nervousness settled over the Daemon as the woman strode to her vehicle, and Rastvea prayed that any run-ins with these other people would be short lived.
"Rexxa...That seems odd for a Human name, but I cannot be sure." Rasteva would not consider themselves an expert on Humans in any capacity, but the woman's name was more akin to a Daemon's than a Human's. They mused over it for a moment longer, trying to get used to the sound before they were satisfied. It would not do for Rasteva to forget the name of the person assisting them, loathe as they were to do so.

They couldn't say it was a pleasure to meet Rexxa in turn, though if they were being honest Rasteva could not recall EVER being pleased to meet someone. The Daemon, however at least TRIED to be pleasant. "It is....not entirely awful to meet you as well, Rexxa." She still seemed very pleased, though Rasteva could not pin down why. Normally the presence of a Daemon in a Human's life heralded misfortune at best, and utter doom at worst. At first, they'd assumed that she simply did not know about Daemons. But her excitement and curiosity said otherwise.

Rasteva could not stop the scoffing noise escaping them at the woman's string of questioning. "If I told you everything, we'd be here until the stars burned out. EVERYTHING started long before your kind first drew breath on this miserable rock of a planet." The Daemon paused to grumble softly. "But everything didn't change until you did. Like many of my kin, I come from somewhere just outside what you call reality. I cannot explain it better than that, I'm afraid. And I am here-" They paused then, not sure how much the woman should know. Rasteva's mission was surely one that she'd not wholly agree with in most aspects, and the Daemon did not want to scare her off so soon after gaining her help. "I am here, to get back something that was taken from me."

It wasn't a complete lie. The Daemon's power lay scattered everywhere and gathering their full strength was sure to take a great deal of work. No doubt the Daemons that had stolen it were in hiding and weeding them out was sure to be a monumental task. They only hoped that Rexxa would be up to the task.
Rasteva could not halt the stream of grumbles leaving them as the Human teased them."Hrmmph! Rude." The breeze worsened and Rasteva let out a string of curses but halted completely when the woman used her body to shield them. The Daemon was admittedly taken aback by the gesture of supposed kindness, but there was a tinge of bitterness to the feeling.

"How weak I am, that I cannot even defend myself from the breeze."

The proud Daemon did not like the thought of depending on a HUMAN of all things to take care of their well being. But it was slightly worsened by how eager the woman seemed willing to help. It was utterly nonsensical. Humans were greedy, self-serving and power hungry. At least they'd always seemed that way as far as rasteva had bothered to recall. The Daemon studied the woman carefully, but couldn't make sense of her mood or thoughts. She still seemed excited, that much was obvious. But her inner thoughts were still a complete mystery to Rasteva.

Her teasing certainly didn't help matters. Rasteva had always been a rather humorless individual and so they had difficulty sorting the truth from mockery when the woman spoke. "What a headache." The Daemon could not stop the intrusive thought, though it was pushed aside when the Human revealed a pendant. This too was a concept alien to the Daemon. Sentimentality. Only Humans would bother to keep useless objects on their person for no reason than it made them happy. But it was indeed what Rasteva had asked for, wasn't it? And they supposed that it was better they take a vessel that the woman cared for rather than one she had no interest in keeping safe.

There was no more time to waste and so the small cloud zipped forward and dissipated wholly into the necklace the woman held. Despite being so small, the feel of metal did calm Rasteva somewhat. It was simple and easy to understand, far preferable to the strange and all consuming world they'd been thrust into.

Rasteva wasn't sure how they felt about Roses, however.

She'd done as they asked, without question. Though the woman was still staring at them with that curious and expectant gaze. Ah, that was right. Nothing came free, of course. Rasteva emitted a small 'hurrumph' and an even smaller 'Thank you' to the woman as they settled into their new form. "This is...fine. Human." They studied her in silence for a moment before continuning hesitantly. "Though I suppose that is not your name, is it? You do have one, yes? Well, while we're on the matter I am called Rasteva." The Daemon sighed gently, knowing that somehow they were in for a somewhat exhausting evening. But they'd chosen this. "And you have questions. I can tell by looking at you. Speak then, what is it you wish to know?"
Rasteva drew back as the woman's hands came forward, practically hissing at the near contact. "Do not TOUCH me, Human! I have no idea where your idiot hands have been!" Rasteva's irritation returned full force and they began to wonder if they'd made a mistake. The woman was SMILING of all things, seeming amused by a joke that the Daemon wasn't in on.

It was preferable to her sprinting away screaming in terror. The conversation would have been cute woefully short then, but she didn't have to smile either. The woman could have at least had the decency to be slightly afraid of Rasteva. "Are all your ilk so insufferably rude?" The angry little cloud attempted to drift away from the woman's curious hands, grumbling loudly. Her words stuck out to them and the Daemon could not resist scoffing. "Then everyone was either lying to you or a complete fool. I'd gladly bet on the latter."

Her behavior was strange, not that Rasteva was an expert on the subject. As far as they knew everything Humans did and said was strange. Her delight was certainly odd given her assertation that Humans did not believe that Daemons even existed. "Strange that you would say that. My kind have had dealings with Humans for as long as you've existed on this miserable rock. I cannot count how many of them had a direct hand in what you'd call notable events." Rasteva paused to let out an irritable grumble. "It's all quite annoying, really."

Another breeze struck the Daemon, and their smokelike form curled in on itself as Rasteva struggled to keep themselves whole. It was infuriating to be so weak in the presence of a Human but there was nothing to be done. The woman's questions were even more irritating, but they at least took Rasteva's mind off of their current predicament.

"Hrmm...You really don't know much, do you? I am a Daemon. One of many, though I am truly of a higher caliber than the rest." It had been true at one point, but it was less so now. The woman did not have to know that, however. "And I am NOT lost! Merely....slightly confused." That was a lie too, Rasteva was hopelessly lost. But that wasn't the woman's business either. "I do not require your help, Human. But you may yet be of use to me."

The breeze was beginning to pick up and the cloud wavered dangerously thin. "I need...A body. A vessel, anything will do. But you must hurry before I fall apart completely. Do this, and I will tell you anything you wish to know."
The surging wind irritated Rasteva more than words could ever hope to express and the Daemon grew more an more desperate with each gust. They were rapidly fading, and new that they could wait no longer. They had to act, and soon if they wanted to survive.


Rasteva set their gaze on a Human standing nearby, certain that she was looking at them. Had they been spotted? The Daemon was sure that they hadn't. Countless Humans had passed the Daemon by without even sparing them a glance, something that only served to infuriate Ratsteva as they thought about it. The Daemon pushed aside their irritation and slithered across the ground towards the woman, their irritation giving way to curiosity. The woman seemed to be alone, a good sign. Rasteva wasn't sure if they wanted their presence revealed so openly yet, and so latching onto a lone human was their safest option.

The Daemon stalled however when the human spoke. At first, Rasteva presumed that she was talking to herself, or worse yet a person that they hadn't noticed earlier but a quick glance around proved that to be false.

"Just show yourself... show me. I wont hurt you."

Rasteva felt another surge of irritation pass through them as her words struck them. Hurt THEM? The woman should have been afraid of Rasteva hurting HER. "I fear nothing." The Daemon thought. "Nothing and no one." And with that in mind the small cloud drew closer to the woman, so that the Daemon could inspect her. She had to have seen Rasteva by now, and the Daemon felt an odd sense of trepidation, but something urged them forward.

Rasteva was not sure what to make of the Human, never having observed one up close. She was odd looking, but the Daemon was of the opinion that ALL Humans looked strange. They could sense no power coming from her either, so Rasteva was safe under the assumption that she'd not come across any other Daemons. This was good, thus far. In their present state, Rasteva could not afford to clash with another of their kind. Especially after what had happened.

The Daemon felt a surge of rage at the thought. Their power had been torn from them, unrightfully so. And now it rested in hands that didn't deserve it, scattered all over the planet. Rasteva was not sure HOW they would go about locating even the smallest fraction of it. But the Daemon would not rest until they'd regained their former strength and glory.

But how to go about wrenching it from the unworthy?

The Daemon regarded the Human again, mulling over every available option laid before them.

The Human. She was the key. She would be the one to uplift the Daemon.

There was only the small matter of convincing her.

Another small breeze gusted down the street, causing the smoke cloud to waver dangerously. They would have to be quick about their business with the woman, as each passing moment saw them closer and closer to dissipating altogether.

A booming voice echoed from within the inky cloud, as it drifted closer to the woman's eye level. There was no going back now, and Rasteva hoped that the Human was worth the effort of speaking. "You saw me hrmm? Very well then I shall spare any pretense. What do you want, Human?"
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