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5 yrs ago
Current Well, I am back for the city life. Which means that I have to get caught up with my roleplays and respond to private messages.
5 yrs ago
I am going to be gone for the weekend. So, I will not be able to respond to roleplays and private messages.

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Should I make my character Hungarian (Milán Lea), Australian (Scarlett Chapman), or American (Jacqueline Humphrey)?
So, do I need to change my character to a male now that FiroIV's character is a male or do I keep my character female?
Alright, I have to get a post out soon.
Alright, what do you have in mind.
Alright, I have posted. Sorry for the delay.
The beaches were full with people as they had fun on another sunny day in the city of Los Angeles. The docks were full with people as they were either going to the countless stores or to the sandy beaches. Today was going to be especially busy as a meteor shower was expected in the Los Angeles area, according to NASA. There were going to be a lot of people, who wanted to see the shower happening, at the beaches today and later in the day. Hopefully, the weather was going to be good enough to see the shower.

A cigarette fell to the wooden boardwalk and then crushing the cigarette before it could get the wood on fire. After crushing it, Linda Coffey kept walking around the beaches of Los Angeles for the day. She didn't know what to do next since she moved all of her things into a small apartment. Los Angeles was different from her hometown in Vermont, but she loved it for warmer weather and the clear skies. She left Vermont as soon as the age of twenty and had enough money to travel to Los Angeles and got a place to stay.

As Linda stopped to look at the people on the sandy beach, she saw the ocean and decided to take a picture of it. She grabbed her phone for her purse and went to the camera option on her smartphone. The phone got the perfect shot and the flash of it made such that it was the perfect shot. The picture would make for a good gift for her family back home in Vermont.
I have read the interested check and I am able to be a female.

I don't watch the show, however. If that's a issue for you, then I will understand if you don't want me. However, there are clips of it on YouTube that I can watch to get an idea of what the show is about.
Sorry for not posting here. I have been so busy that I just forgot about this.

I am still here, if you want me here.
An I am busy with too many roleplays again.
Got it.
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