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Haven't seen a cyberpunk adventure in a bit, it's almost like uncharted or something


Lol good one.

Intrested btw lmao!
Semms everyone intrested... trolled...
Reading glasses required
Nah im out im sure your book will sell
truly tragic, tenative intrest....
Mobile Users Need Not Apply
>:) bring this back bro
<Snipped quote by Ratattack>

You can switch, but not to Fusan. Their numbers have already been generated. I did not say Tehmig would be a waste of time.

I'l be the conservatives in fusan
Can i switch to fusan cus u said tehmig is a waste of time... :3?

Nation: Republic of Fusan

Party: Veterans Party

Alignment: Moderate Right
Nation Name: The Citizen's Republic of Tehmig

Cultural Identity: Tehmig like from the terrible war rp.

Location: Serranthia
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