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Fairview began to do something epic, it wasen't apparent at the start though. These epic plans were briefly put on hold when the "holo-fax" came in from Israel. Some dust pot in the middle of allah-nuke town, apparently some big-bagged corporate boys from robot labs decided to buy a shit ton of stocks. For reasons YET unknown, Mr. Fairview was awoken and brought via his hover-wheel chair to the board room as the old executives packed up their papers, lunch boxes and other things.

"It has been a good run sir." Mr. Jack Killstock said, an all american executive now .1% holder of the company since a corporation bought all the stocks. The other executives all left the room and the U.S. flag was folded up in exchange for the Israeli flag for some reason, Mr. Fairview was really sad and it's even said he cried one tear but it was unconfirmed. With these aliens now controlling Fairview (The All American Juggernaut) their future was uncertain.

One this was certain was, helpbot was NOT HELPING here.

Corporation Slogan: "TRUE AMERICAN QUALITY"
CEO Name & Age:Mr. Raymond Fairview-Clearweather, 60
Headquarters: Dallas, Texas
Minor Industries: WEAPONS, ENERGY
Starting Trait:- Genius Inventor: One Minor Industry Research cost is decreased by 10%

- Brief History & Description:

FAIRVIEW-CLEARWEATHER MANUFACTURING is a mega-corporation based out of Dallas, Texas USA. The owner Mr. Raymond Fairview-Clearweather started the company as just a small factory that focused on making basic commodites for a every out-sourced market. With mega-corporation growing at alarming rates in the 21st century and the increased cheap labor such as the Chinese Xiang-pao Corp (an international competitor to FCM) Fairview quickly entered the American manufacturing mainly making products for other companies. They have thrived off expanding into mass weapon production which they sell across the world. Usually third world countries like African nations or terror groups.

Recently they have broken into the game of Mining, looking into South America, Africa and the Middle East. Fairview hopes to thrive in the near future with it's various operations.
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