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yea parka just was invaded why'd you leave
July 1st, 1905 - month of Cadian

Soldiers on Cadia-Helrox Border

Soldiers were moved to the Cadia-Helrox border July 1st , the reasons why at the moment were unknown but King Roy Carl ordered that these units now commit war games to train them for a possible conflict. With the tyro-helrox war going on people were on edge because they didn't know if Helrox would pull a Vigentino and fuck up the world for the worst. Howevever, Cadia was ready! There was a reason the army existed anyway, it was to kill foriegn invaders. Yes there was a influx of .... Cadian cash but that would soon be burned in the fires of war and the gold the Cadians would get would fix the inflation.

The Harald car was getting ready to be sold this month - the ACT 10 would be sold around the countries even in Itherae who refused to sell artillery guns to Camreon Graham but King Roy Carl was benevolent and his people were kinda of poor. In January 1905, Cadian ladyboys were ranked #1 for sofest lips, with the pride of having the sofest lips King Roy Carl had to keep up the Cadian spirit in some fashion. The fashion in this sense would be reclaiming land taken from Helrox, in one of the old wars in the 19th century. A messenger was sent to Helrox early July - Graham was spared a possible firing squad this time as if he was sent the Kaiser would probably murder him!

This time - Graham was going to Tyria though the neutral country of Cydernia - why??? So he could propose something really fucking good, something that would change the world and make Cadia more than just the Junkyard country. The dumping grounds, the prominent whore house nation. Cadia would truly be Cadian, sorry minorities but this time the war is going to side with the underdog and Helrox, they might catch a case of savagery from us!

The Helrox Empire was given 14 days from the date on the letter to reply.

(+1 all orders)

1st Infantry, 1st platoon in a picture

Now at the border of Melgaria stood a army, a army corp. Army corp hungryman, thirty thousand troops stood by the border and on the other side of the Melgarian border? Probably pathetic looking Melgarian soldiers or border guardsmen, the town of Gradius was a border town on the side of Cadia and thats where the boys stood there. Why was the army dispatched there? I was unclear to the public, maybe it was because they were unaware of King Roy Carl's epic plan. They also aren't mobilized but are soldiers who are now stationed on the town of Gradius, so people shoulden't freak out.

Graham now back in full health after Vigentinos bloody torture and is sent to Itherae because Itherae is known to be the friendlist nation in the known world as of now. So Graham was sent out with orders, orders to fufill. Should Itherae capture him, they might meet the same fate on a cross not to far from their captial too. However, Graham was smart and not a bad person so things like this shoulden't happen to him but in the known world that's ever changing things just seem to happen by luck.

A cross was constructed on the Cadia side of the border, a mock doll of the pope was crucified to it.

"A sign of what's to come" the sign nearby it read, after the sign was erected soldiers on duty returned to playing cards.

(+2 for the automobile order!!)

May 13th, 1905

Today was the return of Graham, Camereon Graham the foriegn affairs minister of Cadia. He took a knee when he saw King Roy Carl, the man looked roughed and a bit fucked up. Perhaps Vigentino fuckery with his minister, he spoke hoarsly to the King. "Sah... The Vigentinos captured me for going to Julia and they held me.. Held me for a while." King Roy Carl was red like a cherry at the moment, not only was the trade agreement now corpsed but so was his foriegn minister. He screamed for a messenger "Messenger!!!!!" a young man about age 20 appeared and the King spoke to him briefly before he left, where to? Cogoli the captial of Vigentino, things were about to escalate.

Graham was tended too by the medics on site at the palace, he was tired and a bit hungry since he was not fed high quality wine or food but bread and water. Meanwhile in Markus where that library was being built the first plank was placed down today, the foundation would be worked on later aswell a sign of what's to come. King Roy Carl was seriously pissed with Vigentino, if they didn't aheed to the demands now being sent to them they could face a new war... From a stronger enemy.

Undocumented Photo......


Peace is among us!

A picture April 1905 1st brigade - 1st Infantry 'Drexler's Dumbest' doing another sprinting exercise.

It was at the table that Hans Eberstark began to speak to the board of directors. "Hello gentlemen, we are here today to plan the new library going into Markus our great captial." He said the man aging and some wet behind the ears eagelry nodded and murmured around themselves. "Yes the libary." one of them said, it was said almost two million Cadian would be spent on this 'world wonder'. Their train of thought was unfortunatly interupted by a loud crowd outside the meeting hall in Markus.

An Itherae national was being beaten by a crowd of twenty, the reason apparently unknown Cadian constables stood by until the beating ended before dispering the crowd. The crowd dispersed, jeers of "You scum don't belong here" were the general response. The Itherian unfortunately perished due to critical wounds, hours later morgue staff removed the beaten body from the streets.

(+1 all)
I'm way too tired to do orders rn, I'll have them in tomorrow night.

Picture of Cadian Workers ready to work on a new railroad line!

The news reached Aliban Geoff in the early days of April that the deal between Cydernia and Cadia has been accepted by the king. Geoff the Minister of Transportation once again had work to do, he usually managed the transporation within Cadia and worked along All Cadian transport along with CEO Wilbur Marot. Geoff slipped on his clothes and cheap pair of brown leather shoes and left his dingy apartment. Not all ministers get the VIP treatment as seen in the cadian newspaper... He made his way to the train station where he got aboard the ever dilligent and aging machine that was the Wilmus 4-4-2. Hours later he's in the Captial - Markus a ever growing and ugly looking city, The King's city.

He walked through the dusted streets towards the All Cadian Transport headquarters, which was quite large just like a small mansion of sorts. After going through reception, he met with Wilbur Marot in his office - as he was expected. Wilbur was full of fat, gluttony at it's finest. A fine steak half eaten on his desk and a Cadian Rat Cigar in his mouth "So do we have it!?" He snaps, a puff of smoke emitting from his mouth. Geoff rolls his eyes "Yes, but we're covering 75% of the costs essentially. We're not sure if you'll even get to be CEO in this government company in Cydernia."

Marot puts out the cigar on his ash tray, he gets up and waddles over taking the papers from the ministers hands before shoving them back. "Fuck... Fuck!" He says, after going to his desk to take out another cigar, lighting it up. "Well.. It's a win but not the one I wanted." Geoff shrugs at him as he goes to pull up a chair by the desk "So we get this done what do you think we should do next, I think we could do with a better and bigger train." Marot laughs at the minister "Hell fucking no I want to build a railroad across this continent, from the Hokkan to Tara!."

"Sir Tara isn't on the same..." Geoff cuts himself off "Yes, sounds excellent we'll work something out and I'll pass it to Graham."
I'll send my orders in tomorrow.

The dignitary arrived from Cydernia to speak with King Carl, as his foreign affairs minister had left the country to go speak with Cydernia's minister formally. The King sat down along with his Chief of Staff Finley Marshall and explained to the dignitary about the situation. "We have mobilized our army because we have reasonable and probable grounds that Vigentino may invade Julia in the coming months, it's our job under our signed treaty to protect them should they be invaded. We have no reason to attack our neighbours, as it was untimely both Cadia and Tyrian did drills but Cadia's intrests are of peace and not war, we will demoblize once the Julia situation ends."

Later on the high command of Cadia was found to be left to their devices in the meeting room, Chiefv of Staff Finley Marshall ordered them to draw up plans. It was their job to keep the nation secure and make sure contingences were in place to continue to ensure that. Meanwhile Camereon Graham had arrived at Cydernia this time with orders and a plan in hand. Fingers crossed he returned to negotiate about railroads and the sorts once again, hopefully the moblization scare didn't rattle Cydernia too much.

(+2 Order #1)
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