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Red eyes flashed, wisps of Chaos flowing as the sheath clashed with the dome. Upon contact the Chaos rushed into the dome, merging with it and spreading it's influence to the barrier. In response the barrier would be rapidly devoured by the Primordial Force, much like the gust of wind earlier expelled by Gruzen. Then in one swift motion he kicked back off of the ground when the sphere of energy was tossed, flying away from the opponent. As it made way toward him he drew his katana once more, delivering a downward slash. Once again a blade of Chaos shot forth form the weapon with the speed of lightning. It tore through the air, leaving a vacuum in it's wake. The Primordial edge would tear through the spirit energy, splitting the sphere in two. Though as it did such it would dissipate before reaching Gruzen.

However, Matthew was far from done. He landed on his feet, sliding back from the momentum gained from the flight. The Nephalem leaned forward, before breaking into a dash. He slid under the halves of the sphere, tilting his upper body back while his knees kicked up dust. When he was safely past the attack he would spin on his knees, by redirecting his body weight as his upper body rose back up. In a rotation of three hundred and sixty degrees Matthew would violently slash through the air, firing off a barrage of Chaos blades toward Gruzen. They merged together in a series of X formations, threatening the split the Wind Elemental into pieces.
A sigh escaped the Hybrid as the male spoke. And when Gruzen inhaled the oxygen the Chaos around the Nephalem flared, only intensifying at the presence of spiritual energy. With his inhuman speed Matthew drew the katana from the sheath, slashing the air within the same motion. A blade of Chaos was shot from the Rift Stone blade, molding into the Spiritual Wind exhaled by the opponent. It would rapidly consume the spiritual essence and nullify the wind before dissipating. The movement caused Matthew to slide his right foot back, his upper body leaning forward.

Then Gruzen charged. Pivoting on his right foot the Hunter swung the sheath up from his lower back, using it to parry the incoming katana. The sheath would knock the katana away and leave an opportune moment. Matthew planted his left foot firm on the ground, spinning the weapon into an underhanded grasp. He was quick to sheath the weapon, jerking his arm back while using his right hand on the pommel of the hilt to propel the sheath with added force. The end of the sheath was directed for Gruzen's gut. The power the Nephalem was putting behind the strike would be enough to wind the Wind Elemental, possibly leaving him gasping for air.
A sigh escaped the Hunter as he heard the shouting far off in the distance. It wasn't hard for him to pick up, due to his heightened senses. His gaze shifted over toward the direction of the second male, before bending his knees slightly. The simple motion built up enough power for the Hybrid to launch off the ground in a blur, speeding across the grassy terrain. In mere moments the Nephalem would arrive before the elemental, shifting his body weight and sliding to a halt. With his left hand Matthew held the katana sheath, sizing up the challeneger. His thumb slowly ran along the stone carapace of the sheath, pressing against the circular hilt guard. There was no presence of any Angelic or Demonic aura, nor any hints of the male before him being of any supernatural descent. A Hunter would pick up on such traits after all.

" Do you need to be so loud?" Asked the Hunter in Red as his composure became more relaxed, resting the sheath horizontally along his lower back. Red eyes focused on the male, watching for any sudden movements. It was evident from the look on his face that he didn't want to harm a Human unless it was absolutely necessary. He took notice of the katana the Human held within his grasp. Locking eyes with the Elemental the Hybrid began to emit a disorderly aura, red wisps of a Primordial Force flowing about him. Matthew hopped back a few feet to give himself some room from the armed male.

"I'll give you one chance to walk away," spoke the Nephalem.
A calm breeze swept across the vast open plains, causing the blades of grass to slowly sway along. There was a tranquil silence to the secluded area, as there wasn't even a hint of local wildlife or Human activity. Pair that with the beautiful blue sky overhead and one could surely lose themselves staring upward at the passing clouds. And Matthew Redglade had done exactly that. His eyes were shut as he dozed quietly with his head propped up on his forearms. The male's attire wasn't exactly orthadox; as he donned a hooded, red, trench coat that ran down to his ankles. Underneath the male wore a dark gray top without any sleeves. Fastened around his waist was a dark brown belt with a silver, ornate, buckle. It was looped through the black combat pants he wore on his lower body, with the cuffs tucked into the combat boots at his feet.

Red eyes snapped open before he sat up, running a gloved hand through his brown hair. Matthew rose to his feet with a yawn. The young male, young for his species anyway, gave off a mixed aura; a perfect blend of Angelic and Demonic essence. Though a faint presence of conflict lingered around him it seemed to be mostly dormant. He picked up a pair of custom AMT Hardballers, with a silver colored slide and a red grip. They each had the texture of smooth stone. The Hybrid slipped his hands in his coat and behind his back, holstering the hand cannons at his belt. He held out his right hand, seemingly grasping the air. A red force came into existence, molding the air particles in his "grasp" into a katana sheath. Next the blade itself came into existence, nestled within the stone sheath before the force he conjured faded. It looked to be that all his weapons were made of this material. Rift Stone.

A common material in the Nephalem Rifts that he frequented in search for more answers about his being. Fifty years of travels and he had wound up in the vast empty field, where for once there was nothing but peace and quiet. Matthew walked through the field at a brisk pace, his hair swaying a bit in the wind. His walk brought him to the ocean's edge at the other side of the field; his gaze fixated on the surface. Slowly another being manifested in the form of a reflection on the surface, standing beside him. The other entity had some resemblance to him, except his hair was white and his eyes were electric blue. And a navy blue cloak covered the length of his body. An oddity was that the same figure didn't appear beside Matthew as he had manifested as a part of the Nephalem's psyche; his fallen cousin. Matthew crossed his arms, the sheath nestled in the crook of his elbow.

"What brings you here, cousin?" Asked the visage of the departed Nephalem.

"A chance to collect my thoughts, and I guess you're a part of them now," muttered the red coated male as the reflection of his cousin began to wane in the rippling waters, slowly sinking into the depths of his mind...
Alright then, the shrine it is! Sorry if the reply came a bit late, I was out with some friends yesterday. And I'll be finishing up that character sheet later tonight! Also, didn't know there was a section for arenas. So, my apologies!
I'm fine with fighting a flying opponent. My only character so far is Matthew Redglade. hence the username. He's meant to be a good guy, who has a bit of an attitude.
Whichever character you wanna use is fine with me. But, if it's possible, would you mind posting your stance first? I'll make a character sheet you can view before I post, since my character is meant to be balanced between melee and abilities. I apologize if this is an inconvenience.
Thank you, it may be a bit sloppy since I've only ever really done IRC fighting. I've yet to start my character page, but after the spar I'll get started on it! Hopefully it can be a spar that you have fun with!
I'm a new guy, looking for a casual spar to get into the art of forum roleplay. Preferably melee only, as I've yet to figure out what powers/abilities are suitable for forums.
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