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That feeling when you're so stuffed from dinner, but you just HAVE TO BLOODY DRINK THAT MILKSHAKE. BECAUSE MILKSHAKE.
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Remember back in the days when you didn't care if your rp posts were shit because you were just having fun? And no it's like NO EDIT THAT LOOK AT THESE TYPOS GODS IT'S SHORT WHAT IS THIS SHIT
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That feeling when you simply don't give a damn about Valentine's Day.
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Finally got a good start on making a new soundtrack, after shitting around for the last day and half trying to get inspiration, gods...
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So how did we ever derive 'Germany' out of 'Deutschland'?


The difference between your idea of common sense, and my idea of common sense, is that when your anti-gun laws pass, and someone breaks into my house again, I am going to die, because my right to defend my own home was effectively taken away [which is unconstitutional, btw] and criminals have no qualms killing anyone who gets in their way if they're already breaking the law by invading my home and threatening me and the people I love.

I am The Black Hand, Black Hand, Handie, Hand, Handy Spare, Handy Spare Hand, Squeejole, Squee, Nazgul, Morzan, Armageddon, Noble One, Noble Blackie, Blackie, Machine Gun, Joe, Joey, Bats, Batty, Blackjack, Jack, Jack of All Trades, The Only One With Brains, The Questionmark of Doom, Rascal, Lucien, Luc, Mr. Secretive, First Poster of the Century, Long John Silver, Plotting Machine, You Come In Handie, Fin, Fin the Impossible, Sharpie, Expressionmaster, The Grammar Nazi, Kee, Sharie, You Are Awesome, O Powerful Ominous One, Anvil, Redthorn, Thorne, Sexy Turtle, The Piano Minion, Eminence, Rilian, Kylo, Blackatron, Keeper of the Forest, KOF, Blackburn, The Powerful One, Bob, The Leader, The Mighty One, The English Nightmare, The Grammar Nightmare, That Weird 'Mortal' Guy, Mysterious Artist, Blackand, He Who Must Be Nicknamed, Phantom Hand, Master Handie, Master of the Guard, Sephy, Seph, The Grazi, Grazi, Gr'azi, Mindy, and several more which don't come to mind at present. If you'd rather not add to my list of names, then call me Lucien.

Art Ordering:

Do you wanna contribute to making a game for the members of the Guild? Interested in script-writing, story-plotting, music, or voice acting?: Make a Game!

If you managed to get through that mess, congratulations. Aside from the obvious, my other hobbies include drawing, gaming, and reading. I typically like to design characters, so if you're in need of some character art for a roleplay or something, let me know, because I get bored when I have nothing to do. Typically takes me one whole day to produce a finished product as long as I stay focused and if I'm not busy with other things. If it takes me longer, I'll let you know. Styles include manga [although I'm a bit out of practice, so it may take me a little longer than usual], western cartoon, or semi-realism. Semi-realism are sketches only, not colored. Semi-realism is so named because I find it a bit more difficult, and so it is still stylized in my own manner, therefore not photoreal. That is beyond my skill. It's still more realistic than either forms of cartoon, though.

And if you don't care what style I use, then I will simply use whatever style I think fits best with the character. If you want me to draw any characters, I need a full description. Full-body portraits take much longer to complete than facial portraits, so keep that in mind.

I also draw compilation images with multiple characters in one image. That will take me probably two days if conditions are ideal. I still have a life, ya know XP

No payment or reparations needed. I just like drawing. If I can make someone else happy in the process, then great! If your interested, I'm more than happy to show you my work before you decide.

I will pretty much draw just about any kind of character. The more detail you put in the description, the better it will turn out. You can also have full say over the image, so if you want me to change it even after I finish, just tell me what you want. I'll even re-draw the whole thing for you if you want.

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Vicente seemed to disregard her previous comment. "A marksman indeed," he replied, with another of those smiles that seemed to be laughing at her. "Then you should have no problem whatsoever, with this contract. An easy target with an easy goal. You may kill him in any manner you see fit. You can read the details for yourself." He nimbly plucked a sheet of paper from the short stack and handed it to her.
"You're going after a street vendor. Long story short, other street vendors nearby are complaining about the volume of his voice. One of them decided to ask us to deal with the problem. Granted, it's a little benign, but it shouldn't be terribly difficult, I think."
Vicente was reading, of course, through what appeared to be a short stack of papers--suspiciously very much like letters. By the time Venasa walked into the training room, he'd finished reading about half of the letters. He didn't look up until she was nearby. When he did, the glint of amusement was again in his eye.
"If you've come here for training, Venasa, I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you." He paused, as though to see her reaction. He continued.
"But not to worry. I cannot train you because you don't need it. Already you have the lithe qualities fit for a stalker; your body betrays you. What I have here are some contracts that fulfilling. I'm deciding now which to test you on."



The shadowed man lowered his eyes as a faint smile touched his lips, as if Venasa's arrival was a joke of some peculiar kind. It didn't help much to warm his otherwise cold appearance. His face was thin and his skin pale--too pale. His long hair of a dark brown shade was tinged with silver streaks at his temples and was pulled back into a neat ponytail. With his eyes now lowered, it was still difficult to determine their color. Another shade of brown, perhaps. He had the appearance of someone who was both wise and clever, and when he spoke, his voice was smooth and low. "The day that someone apart from the Brotherhood should enter this hall will be a dangerous day indeed."

It was then that his partner turned to get a look at Venasa. She was an argonian, and though she regarded Venasa with a neutral calm, it was clear by her reptilian eyes that she was not fond of the idea of letting someone who'd just killed a Brotherhood informant work for her. "Yes, Venasa, your name is known to us. I am Ocheeva, the mistress here while Lucien is away. Which is... often..." She shook herself. "But, never mind. The circumstances of your presence here are strange--and I'm afraid you may find a difficult time settling in, but if you do well for us, you will be always welcome here as a Sister. You seem to have good timing, however. Vicente here trains all the newest members and provides them work. When he thinks you are ready, he will send you to me." She paused for a moment.

"Right then. Training rooms are down the right hall, and all the living quarters are on the left. You'll also find a bath and the dining hall there. We don't really assign rooms. Just find one that looks uninhabited, and it's yours. When you are ready to begin your training, you can usually find Vicente in a training room if he chooses to wait for you there, or he'll be down there." She gestured towards the dark hallway. "He prefers not to mingle with the rest of us, ordinarily." Another pause, and then she turned to her companion. "Why did you want to speak to me, anyway?"

The man's smirk hadn't dissolved. "It isn't important now, Ocheeva. Excuse me." He turned and glided away from the other two, towards the training hall, as Ocheeva has suggested.
With the grating of stone against dirt and stone, the heavy portal slowly swung inward to admit Venasa. There were grooves in the stone floor to mark the age and wear and the many times this door had been used in the past. It revealed to Venasa an oddly spacious hall, comfortably furnished with large rugs on the floor and tapestries lining the walls to keep in as much warmth as possible. There was an area for reading in one corner, lit with several candles to ease strain on the eyes, and in the center of the room was a wide, circular firepit which was raised slightly off the ground and kept neat by a wall of brick enclosing it, the fire was a low crackle, so it might send heat and wan light to all corners of the room but without making the entire hall too warm. In the far corner of the room, natural light seeped in from what appeared to be some kind of shaft, and a rope ladder could be seen just hanging in the interior. From this one large room, three hallways branched away from it, two of which were lit by sconces on the walls, and the third remained dark. There were scarce few people present in the room, one of whom was reading a book, and two others, one of whom was an argonian, but the other figure was shrouded in darkness. Whoever he was, he seemed to emanate a darkness more intense than Lucien, perhaps one even tainted by evil. This figure stood so still, he might have been a statue. Despite the fact that he seemed preoccupied, he seemed to be casting his shadowed gaze on Venasa.

The thick door swung shut behind Venasa with a whisper.
"Welcome home."

Lucien was tired, hungry, and irritable by the time he and Shadowmere returned to Cheydinhal. Slinking along the eastern wall, he didn't stop until the well was in sight, then slipped inside after a street patrol had passed.
The moment he was inside, he shrugged off the robe which was not yet dry from the rain he'd suffered through, dumped it in a nearby chair, then wordlessly made his way to the dining hall where he knew supper would still be out at this hour, thanks to Ocheeva, who always seemed to be prepared whenever he should chance to show up. He had quite a bit to thank her and Vicente for.
He was not unaware of the sudden silence that fell over the remaining dinner party as he entered the room, but he paid them no heed. As of this moment, his main focus was food. He sat down and immediately dug into the food on his plate.
It was after a few minutes that Ocheeva finally rose from her seat and sat again in a chair near the Speaker. She spoke to him quietly.
"What news, Lucien?"
"The offender is coming here."
"I was told to give her the choice to live."
And that seemed to be the end of that. Ocheeva paused a moment longer, contemplating the new turn of events.
"How long until she gets here?"
"Unless she steals one, she's coming on foot. She's not rich enough to buy a horse, that's for certain. Can't even afford decent room and board..." he snorted. He tapped one finger. "Keep an eye on her, Ocheeva. There was something in her eyes..."
When he was done eating, he pushed away his plate and left the room as suddenly as he'd entered it, but not without giving Ocheeva's shoulder an almost familiar touch. He went down, to the dark hallway that was always unlit for lack of traffic. There was only one person who stayed down here, and most of the others avoided it. He knocked on the heavy door at the end of the hall, then entered. The room was lit by one candle, which meant that Vicente was probably reading.
"Good evening, Lucien." Came the voice of the reclusive man.
"Evening, Vicente." Lucien shut the door behind him, then slumped in the chair opposite his mentor and friend.
The two of them talked quietly for some time, until it was quite late and Lucien could hardly keep his eyes open. He excused himself then, and retired to a bed in the living quarters.
Ocheeva's expression slowly turned into a frown as she caught the connection Laandrin was making.
"I hope not, brother. For all our sakes. If he--or she--has finally begun making moves against the Brotherhood, much damage could be done before we actually find out who it is."

Since everyone else who was likely to join the dinner table was present, Ocheeva sat and bade everyone to begin. She herself was feeling now too uneasy to eat more than a few bites due to the idea that Laandrin proposed, and she resolved to ask Lucien about it the next time she saw him. She hoped that he might be able to alleviate that suspicion.
Ocheeva shook her head slightly.
"No, brother. But from... What I know about situations like these, however, I suspect Lucien has been given instructions on how to deal with the problem. I'm sure we'll know more when he gets back. More than likely, though, Lucien will kill the the offender." Ocheeva walked with Laandrin to the living quarters--she knew Vicente would not be joining them, and she often wondered if Loses-Her-Tail cared at all, or even understood common speech. She had to feel a little bad about mocking one of her own kind, but there were very few Argonians that acted as primitive as Loses seemed to be... How the woman had even been recruited, she knew not.
The robed assassin made his way back through the city more carefully than he had entered, for it wasn't likely that the gate guard he'd encountered had ended his shift yet, and would probably recognize him if he attempted to pass through that gate. Fortunately, as with most cities, there were other gates for him to choose from. He left by the eastward gate instead, and when his dark horse appeared from behind a nearby tree to greet him, he frowned at her.
"I told you to stay put."
The animal snorted, showing no sign of concern or that she even cared what her master thought about it.
"Yes, yes all right. Let's get home quickly--I despise Leyawiin's weather..." He mounted, and the two of them rode off.

Back in Cheydinhal, the argonian woman, whose name was Ocheeva, was rounding everyone up for dinner. Some assassins had their own homes to live in, but for many, the Sanctuary was the home. It provided a safe place to sleep and recover, a place to get work, and a place to eat. Some larger Sanctuaries even had their own libraries for the avid reader. But in most cases, Sanctuaries were small places, providing the most basic comforts of living. Because the Sanctuary was so small, the group that lived in them became somewhat like a family--and was often called such--and there were never any secrets. If there were, well, it wasn't one for long. Of course, as the Sanctuary's mistress, Ocheeva did of course have her favorites among the assassins, though would hardly be kind or appropriate of her to say as such. One of these assassins she rather liked was Laandrin--a redguard fellow whom she found to be rather amusing. She approached this man.
"Brother, I'm calling the family in to dinner. Are you joining us?"
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