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25 days ago
Current 1x1 is where it's at
27 days ago
I want tea
28 days ago
what are friends lmao
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30 days ago
Made an official banner for character art pricing if anyone cares, includes prices for low budgets XD
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1 mo ago
is it just a me problem where you own all the art/office supplies in your house so you basically become the pencil cartel


That's me. I also go by Anvil.

Art Ordering: Open [by availability only. I have a life too yanno]
DM me for availability and detaillss
You can order art from me heeeere --->

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Word of advice. As a roleplayer of a good 13ish years - find a few good roleplayers you connect with, and stick with them. I've found it can be really difficult roleplaying with strangers, it's so much better when you have your own little "family". I don't even roleplay on this site any more because I found that family and we all started roleplaying on Discord together instead. These days I just try to make some money doing character art for all these nerds XD
But, that's just my advice, you can take it however you want or don't want.
@Hellion That's because it's not a big social media, and that's how I like it. x'D
I have a headache.
Not on Guild.
I have chocolate flavored tea.
I just want tea.
I do not. XD
My favorite color is also green. Azura knows why I picked a red theme for my username.
I didn't watch children's shows. By the time I was six, we were *just* getting our first ever TV, I was only allowed to watch it on weekends, and it was usually the sci-fi channel.
when I was six, I loved barney the dinosaur.

When I was six, I was playing Age of Empires.
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