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Current delet this
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I wish I had something relevant to say, but I don't. Because I'm not relevant ayyyyyye XD
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/just now realizing that the whole reason I do art is to forget how boring my actual life is
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I wait for death. The death of my enemies, that is.
2 mos ago
Just letting everyone who's stalking my Art Forge know that I should be able to start drawing this week - sorry for the delay


That's me. I also go by Anvil.

Art Ordering: Closed [for now. Check back here in a couple months ^^]
You can order art from me heeeere --->

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Commission for CAS1006

Commission for Overlord Thraka
Update: I have both an art blog and art portfolio, if anyone's interested. You can find me at and at .
Actually, three to six paragraphs sounds like heaven for casual roleplayers, hell to free roleplayers, and pocket change to advanced roleplayers.
That about sums up roleplayerguild, you're welcome XD

Me? I'm a not-roleplayer. I roleplay with a select few friends on Discord who I've been friends with since middle school, and basically my only purpose on this site is to make art.

for no other reason than to satisfy my boredom.

So yeah.

A quickie before bed. To everyone who's still waiting; Yes, I am still doing yours.
>When your ma calls you to do chores and you pretend you no longer exist
Hi, Bored, I'm Anvil. I'm a sleep deprived college student and it's past my bedtime okay leave me alone
@Majoras End Please do ~ ^^
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