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Hi there! Please feel free to call me Ren. I'm 23, and live in Texas. I've been RPing since I was ten or eleven, and I consider myself somewhere around casual or advanced level.

If you'd like to RP with me, whether or not I currently have a current interest check, please PM me! I love meeting new RP partners. If you think I'd be interested in your group RP, please send me a link and I'll definitely check it out.

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As I mentioned in the Discord, I've decided to take on house Tarly. Here is the mostly finished sheet, with more character sheets for POV characters forthcoming.

@RenegadeRunaway Looking good so far bud, minor correction, Jon's wife would be Val. Dalla died in childbirth when Stannis attacked Mance Rayder.

Right, thanks for pointing that out! I had it right on the family tree and all, I'm not sure where that mistake came from.
Yeah I was very upset haha.

So, last night I had a long ass post written. It saved on the site as a draft, or so I thought, but I opened my browser just now, the window refreshed, and now the post is gone. FML.

I'll rewrite and get it up asap.
Me, too. I really hope he comes back, but I’d rather not wait and see this die.
AndyC, do you have a more specific timeline for the events happening prior to the start of the roleplay? Just to get an idea of exactly how long the League has been around, when Batman and Superman first made their appearances, etc.
I'm working on my WW proposal right now.
Okay! So! We've been a little dormant, but I'm ready to kick things back up again if y'all are! How about we have a timeskip of a few days, to get them out of the immediate chaos of the incident. Kindred, if you could do a post kind of updating us on where Caty is and what she's doing, I could follow that up with Petra contacting her? And then maybe, after that, Crimson and Kindred can have a scene where their twins start developing their web blasters, or something? Y'all could even do a collab post, to expedite things a bit.
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