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Current Asking questions = "attack". Having opinions = "attack". Starin' at my sandals = "a paddlin".
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Honestly this is one of the most poorly-run sites of this size I've ever come across. And I used to go to AnimeLeague. LOL.
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This is a good Festivus.
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"Wasting staff's time. Banned."


It's like I always say: "Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke."

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While we're here, maybe you could finally give me the real super double-secret official reason why I was banned from the Discord. Is it still because I posted a Simpsons meme? Or is it because I defended comedians being able to make rape jokes? Or was it because I said mean things off-site four months after my original ban? It's just that, well, it's awfully difficult to "bury the hatchet" when you don't even know what the hatchet even looks like! Ha ha ha HA!
I've killed about a baker's dozen different Narutos IC.
My group and I have gone in and invaded threads without any real knowledge of the fandom or what have you. It's totally doable (and pretty fun, usually). Of course, that's always been in the context of broad multiversal-style setups. Well, not always, but most of the time. Also, there's always been a combative element to our antics. A mix of the RP fighting side and the straight storytelling. That might be one of the major reasons we've lasted so long. RP fighters are stubborn fucks. Wanting to compete and win really does tend to drive things forward.
The RP that I've been doing with a core group of friends (with various other players coming and going over the years) started as a Shinra Inc (Final Fantasy VII) clan back in the early 2000's. At that time, it was centered around a combination of RP fighting and a continuation of the FFVII story (this predated Advent Children by several years). We eventually ended up incorporating elements from other games that we liked, most notably Xenogears, which eventually took over as the main overarching plot, with the FFVII element essentially becoming a mere "chapter" within that broader universe (which we have since added and expanded upon in our own ways - and in fact, one of the primary architects hasn't even played Xenogears yet, lol).

After a couple of years, we got bored of being Shinra, so we staged a big IC event where the company got destroyed from the inside and we took our characters and formed a new group - the Yggdrasil Space Pirates - which went on to jump from forum to forum joining in on various interconnected RPs while still maintaining our own core narrative and intermittently staging our own major plot threads whenever we felt like it. Again, allowing random newcomers to join up as we went along. People were free to come and go with original characters or fandom-based characters as long as it didn't directly contradict or otherwise interfere with the main story that we had going on.

We're still at it, though it's slowed down due to adult responsibilities obviously taking priority. Point is, it doesn't matter if it's "original" or "fandom" or some combination of both. What matters is that you enjoy it enough to stick with it. And if you're actually doing a good job, other people will want to get in on the action too, even if only for a chapter or two.
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