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24 year-old Uni Student from Bonn, Germany
(High) Casual - Advanced
been RPing for about 10 years now
Always open for new ideas :)

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I'm Rhapsody, or Rhap(s) for short if you'd like. I'm 24, a university student with a reasonable amount of time on my hands and currently craving a good RP-partner.
I'm capable of anything from Casual to Advanced, although at the moment I would be leaning more towards Casual, simply because I feel like the reply-rate is higher with shorter posts.
I am not looking for anything specific, I'm very open for all kinds of ideas.
Below, I will list a few ideas that have come to mind, regarding Pairings or Settings.
I play both MxF and MxM, and either in a romantic setting. Which, come to speak of it, I'm fine with keeping 18+, although I will not say no to anyone who would prefer to have it fade to black.
Violence, Gore, Sex or not, I like to use PM threads, simply because I personally prefer it.
I like to talk to my partners and not just about everything regarding our RP. Apart from discussing our plotlines and characters, I would love to get to know you a bit, as much as you're comfortable with.
As mentioned above, I like to work the RP out with my partner, discuss plotlines and twists and whatnot. It just doesn't do if one of us isn't happy with one aspect or another, so, obviously, talking helps.


(With some supernatural/fantasy elements strewn in here and there)
Also: Craving / Taken
  • Historical
    • Pirate x Royal Navy (MxM)
    • Thief x Noble
    • Witch/Wizard x Knight
  • Modern
    • Detective x Suspect
    • Spy x Thief
    • Writer x Detective (Castle-ish)
    • Simple Slice of Life
    • PA x Boss (MxM)
  • School (fairly cliché stuff)
    • Newcomer x BadBoy
    • Famous Person x Top Student
    • Witch/Wizard x Normal Student/Shapeshifter/Supernatural Creature
  • Fandom (World/Plot, not characters)
    • Supernatural
    • The Chronicles of Narnia
    • Grimm
    • Firefly
    • Charmed
    • Mission Impossible
    • Marvel Cinematic Universe
    • X-Men (Movies)
    • Shadowhunters (TV Series, I'm still working on the books)
  • Murder Mystery (I'm thinking one half of the pairing here is alway a detective or private investigator)
    • Death of a Friend
    • Death of a Date
    • crossed with other genres (Fantasy, School, anything really)

If you have any ideas that would fit in here, or just ones you think I'd like, feel free to bring those up!
I will add stuff as I come up with it.
I'm open to mixing these up if the genres/plots fit together in some plausible way.


...or something like that.
-Be over the Age of 18, I'm 24 and like to add romance, so let's not make it weird or, you know, illegal.
-When doing MxM pairings, I don't like having a clearly defined dom/sub or top/bottom dynamic, as this is often used as a method of characterization, and I view it more as a matter of personal preference (for the character). Both relationships and people are rarely that clear-cut, so I find that characters who are versatile in these matters tend to be more believable.
-Have proper Grammar. I'm not super strict about this, since English is not my first language, but we'll get nowhere if I can't make sense of your post.
-Post (at least) an average two or three paragraphs, conversation is the exception, of course.
-Try to get two or three replies in every week, I'd be happy to get at least one in every day, but I'm generally patient with that, so less is fine if you don't have the time.
-Life (School, Family, Work, Health, etc.) is more important. Just give me a little heads up if you can, I'll do the same in return. If you have reason to believe I'm taking too long, I don't mind if you give me a little nudge in form of a quick PM to ask how I'm doing.
-I prefer to RP in PM threads!
Hey there! :)
I'm interested in a few of your ideas, but I'm really loving the idea of a PiratexCommoner Pairing right now!
I'll PM you?
PMed you :)
PMed you too :)
I'd be really, very interested, especially in the firefly verse setting.
So, I guess, PM me when you're back online? Or answer and I'll PM, however you prefer it ;)
Okay, so it looks like there's a lot of interest, but I thought I'd give it a shot ^.^
I like your plot idea, I'm a pretty good roleplayer and I'm online a lot, we'd just have to manage the time zone difference that always seems to get ion the way a bit.
So, if you´re still looking, give me a shout :)
Ditto :)
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